Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

"Looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall, who in this land is the fairest of all?"

Did You See That?!
OK, I'm just going to start off talking about the elephant in the room so I can get it out of the way and move on to this great episode's recap. Shit, I have too! LOST fans know what I'm talking about here. The only things missing in this episode was a Flash Whoosh/Flash Sideways Rumble sound effect, a few DHARMA symbols and a deep emotional Michael Giacchino score. {No disrespect meant at all to ONCE's composer. Loving your work!}
What is this all about?! It is clear that the writer's of ONCE are doing something special with giving us all the connections to LOST; a story they know we are all very passionate and protective of. But really, what the fuck do I know?

You have to ask why they would weave such obvious Golden LOST Threads into the tapestry of this new fairy tale. Do you think of these LOST easter eggs simply as fun easter eggs and that it's just the writer's way of sending us some LOST love? It may very well be all there is to it. Over the past weeks I can see that most LOST fans are very, very happy to have these loving nods tossed our way. But I've also seen that the connecting nods seem to upset or even piss off a few LOST fans; because they seem to feel ONCE is trying to ride on the coat-tails of our beloved LOST. Whether you embrace or reject the LOST connections, one thing's for sure- it seems to have caused some confusion with some LOST fans. I feel the connections are there as loving LOST reminders and to make you pay close attention to this story. I totally love ONCE Upon A Time and I do love that there are undeniable connections to LOST. I am very excited to see where the path leads us.

Since the very first episode, the LOST easter eggs weren't hidden easter eggs for you to hunt and find- they were placed front and center, right out in the open. Nobody had to hunt for anything.

This is another trip down into the rabbit hole, my friends. The people in both stories are "lost". There was a quest to fulfill in this episode. Luckily there are guides helping the Lost in their quest.

Something I found very curious is when Graham has flashes before his eyes when he kisses/touches Emma and the wolf, he says- "Did you see that?!" as if Emma should have been able to see it too. This line was heard in LOST, especially in season six when the castaways have their light bulb moments of truly feeling something (love) and remembering. Locke says it to Jack in The End.
There's a Line 
Or is there? Where is the line between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest/Fairy Tale Land?  Maybe, just maybe, there isn't one. The realms are blurred together. 
Regina knows what is going on in all of the lands but so does Henry. Who else knows the truth about what is going on here?

* Why does Henry's bedroom have so many clocks? Is he obsessed with time? Hell- maybe he's the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
* When you notice that the residents of Storybrooke are stuck in a bloody snow globe, you also must notice that the items of the neighborhood, although old-fashioned and quaint, are a hodge podge of items from different decades.
Example: Rotary phones, old fashioned computers, old fashioned first aid kit, gas that cost 15 cents, old fashioned fire truck and yet more modern vehicles.

Heart of the Matter
"Raised by wolves" would indicate one who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age; example being in cases of abuse or abandonment by their own parents.  So far we see Prince Charming/David and Graham, Emma and even Henry having been connected with the idea of being abandoned and even adoption.
The residents of Storybrooke suffer from some of these emotions: Fear, Guilt, Rejection, Rage, Grief/Abandoned, Deepest sorrow and Hate.

The Queen can see things in her looking glass but never really sees total truth. Why would the Queen pick the Huntsman for the murderous job when she observed him totally not having murder in his heart? He has a good and noble heart. But then again the Huntsman claims for a moment to be someone he is not; this is so he can provide (the wolves) protection.

What is Regina's true motive for all of this heart vaulting?  She is constantly seeking comfort in the wrong things and trying to fill a void. Remember when Maleficent and Henry (The Queen's father) warned of a void in her soul that she could never fill.

In this episode Snow White (and The Queen) are mourning the death of Snow's father. Is Snow White as pure as we think she is? What did she do with the secret told to her by the Queen?  Let's note that Snow White is pretty ballzy; later we see that she fights back and even steals.

There is no doubt this episode illustrates how broken hearted these people really are.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
* There is another story unrelated to the Grimm fairy tale called Snow White and Rose Red: about two sisters
* Who is Henry- really?! The kid knows it all. He knows about the lands and who people really are and how everything connects. Mary Margaret gave Henry the fairy tale story book, but where did she get it and who is its true author?
* Even though Emma proves Graham has a beating heart, he refuses to believe it and still blames the curse 
* Eyes
* Dreams- dreams feeling real.  Sleep. Head/Haberdashery. Memory
* What is real and what is not
* Wake up.
* Life/birth. Death
* Who does the "cage" castle really belong to- The Evil Queen's or Snow White and her father?
* Does Mr. Gold have some sort of advisory/guiding role in Storybrooke?
* Honor. Noble. Compassion
* Mirror
* Wolves. Sheep.
* Guiding.
* Chasing yourself, your past, your pain
* Protection. Armor. Cradle- Putting up walls, fences to keep out pain- caged in, lock things up in a vault. Armor although used for protection can also be constricting.  
* Mills. Windmill
* Just like on the "Island" I think we'll see Graham/Huntsman again. 
* Metaphor

Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
   Boone was the first major exit off the beach camp.
   Desmond- Flashes. Claire, Charlie- dream/memory recall.  Season 6- Locke, Kate, etc..memory recall. 
   Eyes- Eye color. In Raised By Another- Claire's dream, Locke appears with one white eye, one black.
  Locke looks into a broken piece of glass in Abandoned and Shannon sees missing Walt
   Hunter. Warrior. Noble. Compassion
   Black. White. Red
   Flashes- memory
   Another life. From another "land"
★   Sydney
★   Henry and Walt- 10 years old
  With Graham seeing the wolf I am reminded of Kate in What Kate Did, seeing her horse on the "Island".  And let's not forget about Jack seeing Christian, etc.. Plus the arrival on the "Island" of people like Anthony Cooper/Sawyer and Walt.

★  In the episode Lighthouse, Kate tells Jack "I hope you find what you're looking for".

**All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
Opening- is what appears to be a very real deer in a forest and then it's revealed on the pullback Graham is at the diner tossing back a few shots and shooting red darts at a dart board that has a forest photo image of a deer.   He's a great shot.  Sydney is sitting solo in a booth drinking and bets the chief 20 bucks he can't make that shot again. Graham downs a shot he takes off of Ruby's tray and throws a dart that hits the deer right in the face. He tells Ruby "Next round's on him." {Dartboard has a rope motif decoration around it.}
Emma enters and Ruby asks if there's anything she can get her, but Emma just says "Nothing".   As Emma is opening the door to exit, Graham, who seems to have a bit of anger toward Emma, throws a dart that lands eye level and inches away from her- stuck in the door frame.  Emma was never in any danger from the dart, as Graham never misses.  Graham feels that she's been avoiding him since she saw him leaving the Mayor's mansion last night.  Emma's not avoiding him; she just has no interest in having that conversation. "It's your life. I really don't care."  Emma leaves.

Outside Graham asks Emma "If you don't care then why are you so upset?" He feels if that were true then she'd be at the bar with him having a drink with him and not running away. {The diner is equally a bar-that's interesting.} Emma just feels none of it is her business.
Graham is keeping after Emma wanting to talk about it because he needs her to understand, "I don't know...maybe so I...I can understand."
Emma- "If you need analysis go talk to Archie!"
But Graham doesn't want to talk to Archie, he wants to talk to her.
Emma- "Well, your bad judgment is your problem- not mine."   He's actually chasing after her.
Graham- "You don't know what it's like with her! I don't feel anything! Can't you understand that?!"
Emma understands bad relationships; she just doesn't want to talk about his.
Graham- "I know you and Regina have your own issues and I should have told you about that before you took the job."
Emma- "Yeah! Why the secrecy? We're all adults. You can do whatever you want."
Upset Graham says it's because he didn't want her to look at him the way she is looking at him now.  Emma wonders why he would care how he looks at her.
Graham looks deep into her eyes- "Because..."  He holds her face and kisses her.
During the kiss he gets Flashes of a jumbled and blurry forest trees and a light/gray fur wolf with two different color eyes. Freaked out, he pulls away from her he asks "Did you see that?!"
Emma asks how much he had been drinking, "That was way over the line!"
Upset Graham tells her "I need to feel something."
Emma is pissed- "You were drunk and full of regret, I get it. But whatever it was that you were needing to feel you're not getting it with me.  She walks away from empty feeling Graham.
Buzzed and confused Graham shows up at Regina's house in a bit of a frenzy.  He asks if Henry's asleep; Henry is indeed asleep.  Graham and Regina make out like two crazed teenagers.  As they kiss...
...the camera brings us deep into Regina's left eye right through to another realm where we brought into an odd looking palace; it is made of steel, metal and stone and looks more like a space ship or a giant bullet.
The Queen/Regina looks sad.
Snow White, dressed in all black, is grieving and in mourning, places a white rose on top of white coffin that already has red rose petals on it.
Snow White is crying; she is deeply in pain.  "Goodbye, father."  The Queen tells Snow how sorry she is, but all Snow could do was cry "I loved him so much".  The two women cry in each other's arms; as they both loved him.
The Queen, with tears in her eyes, tells Snow- "The loss I feel for my husband must be nothing compared to the loss you feel for your father. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I may only be your mother through marriage, but I'm here for you, dear...truly and forever.
Grateful Snow hugs her stepmother.
The Queen is escorted to her room by her guards. Mirror congratulates her revenge is almost complete.  
The Queen- "1 down- 1 to go."
Snow has no idea that The Queen is responsible for his passing.  The Queen is sickened by Snow seeking comfort with her "I could have ended her miserable existence right there. Believe me, it was tempting."
Mirror- "It would have saved your soul." {WTF does that mean?!}
The Queen knows the Kingdom is still loyal to Snow; but they would turn on the Queen.
"They don't know the wretchedness inside her as I do. They don't know what she did to  me. We must be delicate in this next phase.  Her demise must be handled with care."
Mirror suggests one of the Queen's knights. But she feels she needs someone adept at murder.
Mirror- "Someone with no heart."  In that case, Mirror suggests she needs a Huntsmen.
The Huntsmen/Graham kills a deer with his black and white feathered arrow/bow.  He kneels over his kill and cries. "You have died so that I may live. Forgive me. Your sacrifice is honorable. I thank you."
A gray wolf with two different color eyes approached the caring Huntsmen; he assures the wolf that he too won't go hungry tonight. As the Huntsmen pulls the arrow out of the deer...
...Graham's eyes open!  Confused Graham tells Regina he just had the most intense dream. "I was in the woods- hunting and I killed a deer... there was a wolf...."
Regina looks like she realizes he's remembering something.  "A wolf?"
Graham- "Its was blood red and the other was black as night. Funny thing is.. I think I've seen the wolf before."
Regina comforts him, telling him to go back to sleep "It was only a dream"
Graham- "It didn't feel like a dream...It felt like a memory."  He dresses to leave; he needs some air and needs to think; clear his head.  He left his car at Granny's.
Regina looks troubled. She wants him to come back to bed; it's late, he's tired and probably still drunk. Graham- "Since when do you want me to stay anyway?"
Regina- "You're not well."   Graham feels he's fine and leaves.

It appears that Regina's mansion is awfully close to Granny's diner.  Graham drops his keys by his car. {Black and white sheriff car is #02}  The gray wolf walks right up to him. Graham is startled.
The gray wolf heads down an alley {Note the wheel}
In Storybrooke
Emma comes down the steps in Mary Margaret's house to see the flowers on the table and throws them in the trash.  Mary Margaret sees this wondering what she's doing.  Emma assumes the flowers are from David, but they're from Dr. Whale; whom she had a one night stand with.  Emma feels this is good as she may be getting over David.  Mary regrets calling Dr. Whale. Emma feels "That is definitely not a one night stand."
Mary- "Oh, OK, I'm still learning. I've never had one before. I felt guilty."
Emma feels there's nothing wrong with one night stands " as far as I ever go."
Mary- ".....because you're..."  She goes on to explain to Emma "You're just protecting yourself...with that wall you put up".   The floral abuse indicates Emma can get emotional over men.  Mary tells her it's obvious to everyone but Emma that Emma has feelings for Graham, which Emma doesn't admit to. Mary says it's because of Emma's wall. Although her wall may keep out pain, it also may keep out love.
Graham is running through the forest chasing what he thinks is the wolf and he comes upon Mr. Gold, who emerges from the rustling brush; bearing a shovel and his cane. {The shoveling can be heard.}
Gold- "Good morning Sheriff. Sorry if I startled you."
Graham- "Right- sorry, I, I  thought you were a wolf."
Gold- "Did I forget to shave?"  He claims to be out there early for a spot of gardening and wonders what Graham is doing. Graham reveals he's looking for a wolf.
Mr. Gold, who is beginning to catch on, tells Graham, "To the best of my knowledge, sheriff, there are no wolves in Storybrooke- not the literal kind, anyway. Why are you looking?"
Graham, who thinks Mr. Gold may think him crazy, admits he saw one in his dreams..."and then I saw one for real. Just a few hours ago. Did you see anything unusual out there?"
As Mr. Gold is looking over his shovel he replies "Afraid not."  He smiles a slight smile and wishes he could be more helpful.
Mr. Gold- "You know, Sheriff...they say that dreams are memories. Memories of another life.
Graham- "What do you believe?"
Mr.Gold never rules out anything.  He wishes the sheriff good luck, "I do hope you find what you're looking for."
Graham continues his search.  {Some sheriff Graham is- he doesn't find it more strange that Mr. Gold is out there with a shovel doing some "gardening" in the early day in the middle of the forest.}

The gray wolf and the Huntsmen end up in a tavern, where he is made fun of by the patrons. They feel "this isn't a slaughter house".  They make mock him; rumor is he was raised by wolves and he's teased for his being known to cry over his kills. Bartholomew asks the Huntsmen-"...What kind of a man cries over an animal?"
The Huntsmen- "An honorable one."
Bartholomew- "What do you know about honor?"
Huntsmen- "I have it. They have it. You don't."   Animals have it as they are pure of heart; not selfish or self serving like people.  The wolf gets protective of the Huntsman and threatens Bartholomew.
Bartholomew prepares to defend himself against the "pet" who threatened him, "...hang him on my wall".  The Huntsman stabs Bartholomew, claiming the wolf is not a pet.  A fight ensues. The Huntsman throws a man into a wall mirror, shattering it.  He uses a piece of the mirror as a weapon against another man but decides to put the broken looking glass down...
...To which we're brought seamlessly into the Queen's magic mirror, as she watches him, claiming "He's perfect. Bring him to me"...
...To which we're seamlessly brought to Sheriff Graham frantically running through the forest; appearing to be following the howls of the wolf.  He meets up with the special wolf and he asks "What do you want?!"   The wolf starts to walk away but is called back by Graham.  The wolf walks over to him, and when Graham touches the wolf's head Graham gets Flashes.
When Graham opens his eyes, the wolf is gone and he is left confused and still searching.

Confused Graham shows up at Mary Margaret's classroom. {4:00. Note Volcanoes/science projects.} He's there to tell her that they know each other, but not from Storybrooke, "Another life".  This confuses Mary Margaret.
In the Cage Castle
The Huntsmen is brought in to the seductress Queen.
The Queen- "Do you have a name, or should I just call you, The Huntsmen?"
He doesn't answer.  The Queens notes he's a tortured one. "Is this because your parents abandoned you to the wolves?"
The Huntsman- "Those weren't my parents. All they did was give birth to me. The wolves are my family."
The Queen's always felt that there were two kinds of people "Wolves and sheep. Those who kill and those who get killed".  She feels the Huntsman is most certainly a wolf.
The Huntsman- "Why am I here?"
The Queen wants him to kill for her, but the Huntsman admits he only kills for himself.  The Queen offers him a place in her court with the title of her official Huntsman; wanting for nothing.  The Huntsman isn't interested in being a pet, "This place is a cage".  Besides, she already has an army.   The insulted Queen feels her prey is beloved by all the Kingdom and she needs someone who won't be blinded by that. "Someone without compassion. Someone...who'll have no qualms...carving a heart out...and bringing it back for my collection."
The Huntsmen- "That's me."
She wonders what he wants as payment. The Huntsman wants the hunted wolves protected. The cunning Queen feels that's simple enough.
The Huntsman- "So, who do you want me to kill?"

Confused Mary Margaret and Graham continue their puzzling conversation. They try to recall how long they know each other and when they met each other or anyone else. But neither can pull that information from their memories. Mary Margaret tosses the strange amnesia off as "...just life. Things get hazy."
Graham- "Have I ever hurt you?"
Mary Margaret says no, of course not.
Graham- "Do you believe in other lives?"
Mary- "You mean like heaven?"
Graham- "I mean like- past lives."
Amused Mary Margaret assumes he's been talking to Henry, to which he hasn't.
Mary Margaret shares that Henry has this book of stories and how he's been going on about how they're all characters from another land.  "We've forgotten who we really are. Which of course makes no sense."
Graham agrees it makes no sense, yet it seems to have struck a chord. Mary notices that Graham is ill and running a fever. She tells him to go home and get some rest and he'll feel much better after he's had some sleep. He agrees.
In The Enchanted Forest
Snow White tells the Queen's official Huntsman that when she was a little girl the summer palace was her favorite place; that the mountains surrounding it felt like a cradle, making her feel safe. She looks forward to returning to it. She asks the newly armored uncomfortable Huntsman if it's stuffy in there; referring to his new skin. She offers him one to two red apples; he says "No."
Snow realizes he's not a knight. "Without fail every one of my father's men has offered me condolences. Except you."
He offers his condolences.  She notes that the men also know how to wear armor. Snow also realizes he is there to kill her on the Queen's behalf.
The Huntsman- "You have good instincts."
Snow- "And you have too much armor."  As the uncomfortable Huntsman reaches for his dagger Snow hits him with a stick and runs away. 
Emma is in the sheriff's office. She throws a red dart at the dartboard but misses.  Regina enters.  Emma tells her she assumes Graham took a sick day- with Regina. Regina is not bothered by Emma being aware of her and Graham.  She's also aware of Emma's relationship with Graham.  Emma says there's nothing going on; while Regina reminds her she has eyes everywhere.  Emma tells her nothing that "meant anything" happened.
Regina- "Well, of course not. Because you're incapable of feeling anything for anyone. There's a reason you're alone, isn't there?"
Emma- "All due respect...the way I live my life is my business."
Regina- "It is until it infringes on my life.  Stay away from Graham. You may think you're doing nothing- But you're putting thoughts in his head- thoughts that are not in his best interest.  You are leading him on a path to self destruction. Stay away."

Graham shows up at the Mayor's house to talk to Henry about his story book. Graham asks "Am I in it?"

In The Enchanted Forest
The Huntsman comes upon Snow White who has stopped to compose a letter. Snow reveals she doesn't know these woods and as a skilled hunter he would be able to find her. "No matter what I do I know how this ends."   She asks him to deliver her letter to the Queen after he kills her.
The Huntsman- "Your tricks won't work on me."
Teary Snow says it's not a trick,  "Tell her I mean every word."   He takes the note and is moved to tears as he reads it.  He decides not to kill her; instead he gives her a whistle to aid/lead to her safety. He tells her to run.
In Henry's bedroom of many clocks, Henry asks Graham when his Flashes began and what did he see.  Graham reveals "After I kissed Emma." This kind of bugs Henry out.  Graham shares he saw a wolf and he had a knife in his hand and he was with Mary Margaret.
Henry- "Were you about to hurt her?"
Graham- "Yes! How do you know that?"
As Henry turns the pages in his book he reveals that Mary Margaret is Snow White- which makes Graham, the Huntsman.  Graham questions "So, you really think that I could be another person?"
Henry feels this makes total sense.  After all Graham was raised by wolves, that's why he keeps seeing one; it's his friend, his guide trying to help him.  Confused Graham wonders how kissing his mother, Emma, caused him to remember things.  Henry feels it's because they have a special connection and owes him her life; because Snow White's her mother and if the Huntsman hadn't spared her, Emma wouldn't have been born.  He also reveals that after Snow White was spared the Queen took his heart. "She ripped it out. It's kinda her thing. She never wants you to be able to feel again."
Graham turns the page and comes upon and image he recalled in his Flash; the wolf was howling at it.  Henry knows it's her vault. "That's where she put your heart."  Graham realizes the wolf wants him to find it. He thanks Henry.
Emma waited for Graham outside of the house. She heard he was having a rough day and suggests he go home and get some rest. He's obviously not fine as he just went to see a 10 year old for help.  Fevered Graham feels Henry's the only one making any sense. Concerned Emma wants to know what's really going on.
Graham- "It's my heart, Emma. I need to find it."  He's going to do that by following the wolf from his dreams.
Compassionate Emma- "I'm sorry...I thought we were talking in a metaphor here. You really think you don't have a heart."
Graham feels it's the only thing that makes sense and why he doesn't feel anything. Emma can prove to him that he has a heart.  She puts her hand on his heart, "See...its beating. It's real."  Then she puts his hand on his chest to feel the beating of his heart.
Graham- "No! It's the curse."
Just then Emma sees the gray wolf over Graham's shoulder.  They take off after it into an old cemetery.  Graham's guiding friend, the wolf,  runs past a mausoleum and disappears, leading/leaving the duo in front of the mausoleum.  They look at it and Emma asks "What is it?"
Graham- "It's my heart. It's in there."   He turns on his flashlight, heading in to look inside for the heart he believes in inside there.  Emma is the one that kicks the door open.
The Huntsmen is brought to the Evil Queen's dark room.  She is dressed in black; he takes it as she's still in mourning.  The time for mourning is over for her; black just happens to suit her.  She asks if Snow is dead.  The bag he carries appears to contain the heart the Queen requested.  But first he reads aloud the letter written by Snow addressed to the smug Queen.
"Dearest Step Mother,
By the time you read this I will be dead. I understand that you will never have love in your life because of me, so it's only fitting that I'll be denied that same joy as well. For the sake of the Kingdom I hope my death satisfies your need for revenge, allowing you to rule my father's subjects as they deserve- with compassion and a gentle hand.  I know what you think you're doing is vengeance. I prefer to think of it as sacrifice for the good of all. With that in mind I welcome the end. I want you to take my last message to heart. I'm sorry and I forgive you."

The enraged Queen takes the note and throws it into the fire and yells, "Don't tell me you're becoming a sheep."  The Huntsman says that Snow put others before herself and yet she hates her. "What did she do to you?"
The Evil Queen- "I shared a secret with her...and she couldn't keep it. And that betrayal cost me dearly."  {Ooh, aahhh}
Demanding for him to show her Snow's heart, he hands her the bag.  She breaks through her double doors and puts the heart into a small box, and then walks over to her special wall, waiting for the heart to open a box size chamber, but no door opens.  She realizes this is not Snow's heart or even a human heart.  "What did you do?"

Inside the mausoleum Graham literally searches for his heart. He feels there has to be a hidden door or lever. He tries to open an urn but it doesn't budge. Emma doesn't think there's anything in there and tells him it's going to be OK.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" It's Regina standing outside.  She turns her head away from the light of Graham's flash light. Regina is there to bring white flowers to her father's grave; just like she does every Wednesday.  Graham doesn't want Regina to blame Emma as it is he who wanted to look in there.  Regina wants to know what he was looking for.  Graham just says "it was nothing".  Regina tells her Dear that he doesn't look well. She grabs and pulls him to take him home.  Graham doesn't want to go home; not with her.
Regina- "But you'll go with her."
Emma insists this is between Regina and Graham.  Graham agrees "And things have to change."  And contrary to what Regina might believe this isn't about Emma, it's because he doesn't feel anything when he's with her and he knows it's (because of) her.  Regina hears/believes what she wants to hear "So you're leaving me for her."
Graham- "I'm leaving you for me."
Regina thinks Graham isn't thinking straight.  But for the first time Graham is thinking straight. He'd rather have nothing than settle for less. "Nothing is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina. And the only way to do that is to give myself a chance."  Emma seems proud of him.  Graham tells Regina that it's over.  Hurt/upset Regina wonders what she ever did to Miss Swan to deserve this, "To have you keep coming after everything I hold dear!"  Feeling none of this happened until Emma got there.  Emma tells Regina the problem isn't with her, but with Regina, "Henry came and found me. Graham...kissed me. Both were miserable. Maybe Madam Mayor... you need to take a good hard look  in the mirror and ask yourself why that is. Why is everyone running away from you?"  Regina hits Emma and the girls have a full on fist fight.  Graham breaks them up and Emma walks away feeling it's not worth it.  Graham walks away too.

In the Sheriff's office Graham puts an icepack on Emma's cut over her left eye. He apologizes. He doesn't know what came over him; he lost his mind.  Emma feels he was tired and feverish and heartbroken.  Evidently he let himself get caught up with her (Regina) because it was easy and safe.
Emma- "Not feeling anything's an attractive option when what you feel sex."  Graham treats her cut as Emma winces (in pain) she felt from the peroxide.

Pissed off Regina heads into the mausoleum {MILLS- Henry Mills Beloved Father.} and puts the white flowers on top of the coffin.  Strong Regina pushes the coffin to reveal a hidden staircase underneath it. She heads down below...
... The Evil Queen asks The Huntsman if he thought she could be fooled with the heart of a stag.  She traps him in the room.  The Huntsman feels "She doesn't deserve to die."  But that's not up to him. The Queen wanted a heart and a heart she shall have!  She plunges her hand into his chest and rips out his heart.  At her special wall, his heart opens one of the chambers and to store his heart away; this is his new cage.   Now he is her pet.  She warns him that he will do whatever she says and if he ever tries to run away...all she has to do is squeeze (his heart).  She demonstrates and he falls to the ground in agony.  His life is now in her hands- forever. She orders her guards to take him to her bed chamber. 

In her underground crypt is Regina's special wall from Fairy Tale Land. She opens the appropriate chamber and removes the box with the Huntsman's beating heart.

In the Sheriff's office Graham tells Emma- "All better."   Emma is obviously moved; feeling something.  She kisses Graham.  Graham has Flashes of - Killing a deer, arrow, the wolf, the man in the tavern, the Evil Queen in red, his dagger, Snow White, apples, and her note, whistle, the Queen's heart chamber...

... Regina holds The Huntsman's heart in her hand...

... Graham remembers!...He's happy, cries and thanks Emma.  As he goes in for another kiss he falls/keels angry Regina is shown squeezing her hand so hard- dirt pours out.
Emma shakes and rubs the chest of unresponsive Graham; she is crying.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Shepherd

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein
This week's episode was absolutely wonderful!  Is destiny fate or chance?
Although we see struggle, sacrifice and heartbreak, it also gives us a glimmer of hope that one's path ultimately leads to where one is supposed to go and meet the people one is supposed to meet along the way.  All of life's bizarre and troubling, as well as the wonderful occurrences and interactions are connected in a chain of events that, although one might not realize it, is the universe putting certain challenges, goals and rewards in our grasp. You just have to pay attention to the signs to see clearly.  

In this episode we see that the shepherd has to make choices and sacrifices, and he does so out of his good heart and not wanting to see others (his mother and the people of the Kingdom) suffer.  He is noble.  But alas he does also have the right to be happy and have true love. 

Are You Lost?
Well, you better hope you find what you're looking for.

The questions asked within this story keep coming back to- "Who am I?" and "Where do I belong?"  These questions are surrounding John Doe aka David Nolan aka Prince Charming James aka the shepherd.
Are you wondering if there is still two brothers involved here?  I found David's statement about- "Whoever married Kathryn is not me" very telling.  Is this him just explaining that his heart wasn't really into marrying Abigail/Kathryn?  Playing this new role he knew his marrying her is to be for the greater good of everyone else, but what about the real him and what is in his heart and good for him?

Currently John Doe is still John Doe "having memories" of David- while the shepherd is playing the part of Prince James.  All of this pretending to be someone/something he is not is not living who he truly is.

John Doe and the residents of Storybrooke are learning to become the people they should be and living the life they should be via tests and choices.

Example: although the new shepherd Prince didn't think himself a dragon slayer he proved he was wrong and was very brave and passed the test; as it is he who indeed slays the mighty dragon.  He is a warrior.

Choice along the Path
Some roads may seem quicker, but is that really the right way to travel?  There are obstacles on the path, but one must face them head on; even when one doesn't understand why it is there and where and whom the delay and/or detour lead to.  One must stay on the path, deciding to go left or right, and make the choices needed at the time, hoping they're the right choices; and believing that the path will ultimately lead to where they need to go.
The people one meets along the path, no matter how strangely the paths cross, just may be the way it is supposed to be.
The shepherd, or knave as some might see it, takes on a huge task to save his mother, their farm and the poor Kingdom.  But he told his mother "As poor as we are love is the one thing I can afford. I will find a way to save this farm. But I won't do it for marrying for riches. When I marry I want it to be because I choose to spend the rest of my life with someone I love."  But his situation changed and he had to take a new road based on the new events on his path, causing him to alter choices he may have entertained previously.  In other words sometimes circumstances change, plans change, and cause us to take a different road, sometimes making us go against the grain of who we really are.  In that case we need to find our way back on our path.

We also see John Doe/David trying to make "the right" choices in Storybrooke. But are these choices based on what is truly in his heart or are they decisions based on loyalty, honor, habit, or simply doing the right thing for other people?

In Storybrooke John Doe/David literally uses a map to try and find his way to the TrOLL BRIDGE and Mary Margaret.  But he needs some shepherding along the way, some help- which he does get. 

Rumpelstiltskin lays out the dragon slaying ruse but is sure that the young shepherd twin knows he has a choice in the matter.  Although the young shepherd makes his choice it becomes a sacrifice and he must live with those consequences- After all- there's always consequences.
But, it is still by those events and choices and passing the "beheading the dragon test" that his path does indeed cross with his true love...Snow White.  Let us not ignore that it is Mr. Gold who shepherd's John Doe/David to the TrOLL BRIDGE to meet with Mary Margaret.

Confused John Doe/David chooses to be with Kathryn but admits to not knowing if he really loves her. Let me tell you something mister! If he really and truly loves her- he'd fuckin' know it!  Why doesn't he remember that deep emotion; the very emotion that would be important to him. Is it locked up somewhere?

Mary Margaret feels her choices are really her punishing herself for things. She is the one who put that idea in her own head; no one else did that.

How can one align their heart and mind and stay true to who they are? Should you only follow your heart or your mind?  There must be a way to unite both...maybe with a key.

The Key
What or whom is the bridge between both realms?  Henry's explanation of what is going on in Storybrooke is amazing.
Does Regina know?  Who else is putting some of the pieces together?  There seems to be some shepherding going on in this story. That would mean someone holds the key.  

It is important to learn the difference between the things one is attached to isn't notions just put into one's head by others; be sure they're things that really belong in your heart.

I guess we'll have to wait and see who holds the key to David's heart and the door back to...

Ask yourself these questions:
What is more important to you, love or wealth?  What are you willing to sacrifice to save your family and your home?  Are you willing to live without all of the material comforts for only the comfort of love and family?  What are you placing more value in?

Everyone has to realize you can't have everything...or can you?  Do you dare to dream big?  Well you should!  But we also must learn to keep things in balance and in perspective.  Midas has wealth but also knows family is the greater treasure.  He sees his snooty daughter as having more value than any material things and Ruth loves her son so much that she is willing to let him go and do what he must.
The value of family and the love shared by each other is indeed more valuable than material things.  But unfortunately in our real lives we can't live without cold hard cash; and lots of it.  Our society can't live a simple life. Our society places more value on money, wealth and riches.

Anyway, the goal return home.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
  • Everyone there has fake stories preventing them from remembering who they really are.  Henry says- "Which is preventing the curse from replacing his fairy tale story with fake memories."  Is this a literal statement to this story or strictly a metaphor?  How are their identities and memories erased for the purpose of this journey?
  • Amnesia. Memory
  • Twins. 
  • Time
  • Two sides.
  • Sleeping. Wake Up
  • Hearts and minds
  • Dead. Alive. Resurrection
  • I only recall Kathryn wearing a diamond engagement ring and not a wedding ring- yet David now wears a gold wedding band, and Mary wears the Periodot  "ring of true love" that belonged to Ruth
  • King Midas in Greek mythology- has the ability to turn everything he touches into gold.  Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and King Midas both turn things into gold
  • Mary wears a gold key around her neck
  • What is Graham's story and how is he in cahoots with Regina? Why can't Henry know about the two? 
  • Does David remember "enough" or "everything"?  He still seems confused to me
  • They like their liquor in Storybrooke
    Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale  
     ★  In LOST there was a need to protect the "Island" to ensure its survival- In ONCE it feels like we have to do the same for the Kingdom
    ★  Shepherd- Jack and Christian Shephard. There was indeed shepherding going on the LOST story
    ★  MacCutcheon Whiskey- Is a special whiskey that was drunk by Charles Widmore, Anthony Cooper,  Desmond Hume, Charlie Pace and Hurley. It was stashed away by Sawyer
         *  Antonio B. MacCutcheon is also mentioned on the Ajira Airlines website
    ★  When Mr. Gold asks David if he's sure about the windmill belonging to him it reminded me of Richard Alpert asking child John Locke in Cabin Fever, which of the things on the table belongs to him...already/really.
    ★ Amnesia- Claire had amnesia
    ★ When King George whispers into "James'" ear- "If you say anything else but yes.. you will be solely responsible for the destruction of everyone and everything in our Kingdom"- this reminds me of Flashes Before Your Eyes, when Eloise Hawking tells a very similar thing to Desmond about going to the "Island", pushing the button/turning the failsafe key  "...and if you don't do those things, Desmond David Hume, every single one of us is dead. So give me that sodding ring."
    ★  I'm not saying it is the dartboard from The Swan Hatch, but I put it here for you to decide what you see
    **All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
    Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
    Kathryn Nolan stands at the front of the home she says she shares with her husband David Nolan; who is there with her. They are there for a WELCOME HOME DAVID party with neighbors and friends whom are there to help jog his memory.   David just stands with Kathryn looking at the house from the outside.
    Kathryn- "You know you had that same look on your face before we bought it too. You couldn't see past the ugly windmill on the lawn and said you'd never buy an old ladies house. Do you remember what made you change your mind?"
    David notices that the windmill is gone. Kathryn hurries him along as everyone is waiting.
    David asks "Who's everyone?"

    Inside David is greeted and introduced to 'friends and neighbors' he can't recall. {Gene, Ellen, Frank} Dr. Whale tells David this is good for him "The smallest things can trigger your memories. Just try and have fun".   David will do his best.

    Sitting quietly away from the group is Emma and Henry.
    Henry- "You know why he doesn't remember? The curse isn't working on him yet."
    Emma- "Henry, David has amnesia."
    Henry- "Which is preventing the curse from replacing his fairy tale story with fake memories."
    Emma- "Right- Because everyone here has fake stories that prevent them from remembering who they really are."
    Henry- "Right. And now's our chance to help him. We just have to get him to remember that he's..."
    Emma- "He's Prince Charming."
    Henry- "We have to jog his memory by getting him and Miss Blanchard together."
    Emma- "Didn't we just try that?"
    Henry- "And it woke him up."

    David approaches the two whom saved his life; and the only two people he knows at the party.  Emma welcomes him to hide with them.  David poles a snack with a toothpick and curious Henry asks if he ever used a sword. David  knows Emma lives with Mary Margaret and asks if she will attend, to which Emma mentions Mary couldn't make it tonight.  David looks disappointed.

    Nervous Kathryn and Mayor Regina are in the kitchen. Regina encourages Kathryn to go out there "Go. Be with your husband."  Kathryn feels she's lost him once and now she has him back but "'s like I still don't have him back. You have no idea how that feels".   Actually Regina does. Seemingly compassionate Regina reveals that she too lost someone once. "But the love I lost- there's no bringing him back."   She goes on to tell Kathryn "You have a chance here. Go to him."   Realizing Regina is right, she thanks her for being such a good friend.  "It's been so lonely. I'm not used to having one."  Neither is Regina.
    Kathryn smiles- "Well, like it or have one now."  She returns to the party leaving Regina in the kitchen to think.
    In the living room Kathryn asks Emma, Henry and Dr. Whale if they've seen David. They have not.

    David appears at Mary Margaret's white picket fence. She is attempting to hang up a birdhouse.  David asks her "Did you not get the invite?"   He hops the fence and 'gallantly helps her.  He heard she resigned from the hospital and realizes it's because he told her how he felt.  But that is not one sided; but she knows he's married.  Knowing he's married Mary feels it should be 'no sided'.
    David- "What should be doesn't matter. Whoever married Kathryn it's not me. I didn't choose her. I'm choosing you. Now I know you feel it- I can tell."
    Mary feels it but is obviously fighting it. "I know you think that we have this connection but's because I happen to be the person who saved your life? So. Why don't we leave it at that."   Although they continually look deeply into each other's eyes, Mary Margaret walks away from him.

    In The Enchanted Forest
    The Prince is engaged in an intense sword fight with a monster sized man {Behemoth}! The Behemoth knocks the Prince off of his feet and the Prince plays dead.  The Prince manages to stab the Behemoth in the heart and says "Next time...make sure I'm really dead."  The two Kings and their audience are pleased.
    King Midas- "Well done!"
    King George- "Well Done? There's an understatement. You see what my son did to that brute? He just killed the un-killable."
    King Midas feels it's a gallant feat "But it is still just a man. Can he do the same with a dragon?"
    King George- "Do Fairies sprinkle dust? Do Trolls live under bridges?"
    The Prince assures the two Kings that he can kill whatever beast they set after him.  King Midas shares that his Kingdom is plagued with a dragon like nothing he's ever faced before; he has killed every warrior that's ever tried to slay him.
    The confident Prince feels the dragon's has yet to face him. King Midas needs this threat vanquished and King George's Kingdom needs gold. The royal men are sure they can reach an accord.
    King Midas has his protective metal glove removed, being sure to warn the knight removing it what happened to Fredrick.  Midas touches the Prince's sword with his golden hand- turning it to a gold sword. "Consider it a down payment. You'll get the rest when you deliver the dragon's head to me."
    The Prince-"It's a deal."
    Of course the Prince doesn't "shake" on it (as he would be turned into gold).  The Kings leave to work out the details. The Knights want to toast their fearless Prince but he stops them, as there is no celebrating today.
    The Prince- "This was but a simple test. The task before us is too big. Too important to make light of.  Just because I was easily able to kill this brute doesn't mean..."
    The Prince is stabbed from behind- right through the heart! The Brute woke up and kills the Prince! {And those damn knights never saw the huge brute make a move?! WTF?!}
    King George cries over his son's dead body "Goodbye my son".  The knight informs him there's no time for grieving, "If Midas learns he his dead he will find another warrior to slay his dragon...and we will never see an ounce of his gold."  The King agrees and knows the Kingdom must survive.  He has asked for help and it will be there soon.  From behind, Rumpelstiltskin claims "Oh, it's here!"
    The King commands the knights to "move" so the two can speak privately. {The visual here reminds me of two kings and pawns on a chess board that are being moved.}

    Rumpelstiltskin- "So- this is how you treat my gifts. You really must be more careful."
    The teary eyed King states "He was not a gift! He was my son."
    This son was given to the King by Rumpelstiltskin in a deal they made.  Rumpelstiltskin feels he did him a favor as the King and the Queen couldn't conceive a child on their own.  Rumpelstiltskin's price for that was a pittance and now that she's gone he assumes conceiving another heir is out of the question "Let alone a dragon slayer".  The King suggests they do another deal, "Bring him back. I need my son to do this. I'll give you anything".
    Rumpelstiltskin desires a magic wand. "It belongs to a certain...Fairy Godmother who's patron to your family. I wanna know her whereabouts."
    King George- "Done. Now tell me how I bring my son back to slay the dragon."
    Rumpelstiltskin can't bring him back "That's out of the question, he's dead. Magic can do much but not that!"
    Although Rumpelstiltskin agreed to help he never said anything about resurrection. The King fears his Kingdom is lost and he is all alone. Man of his word Rumpelstiltskin did say that he can have his son slay the dragon. The King's son is gone forever- but his twin brother is not.
    Sly Rumpelstiltskin- "Did I not mention there was another? Hahaha"
    Reveal- the "Other brother"...
    In Storybrooke
    Emma remarks to focused Mary Margaret that her scrubbing so hard may cause the Brillo pad to press charges.  Mary claims the dishes were piling up. {Time appx 9:10}.  Emma guesses this has something to do with the "sulking" David she saw leave Mary as she pulled up. Mary says David made a petty compelling case to her but she still did the right thing; because David is still a married man. Mary wonders what she should do, so Emma suggests she stop cleaning and have a drink. But not just any drink, my friends...MacCutcheon Whiskey!
    Emma pours two generous glasses- "Here's the thing...I don't know a lot about relationships other than having many that failed...But generally speaking, if you think something you wanna do is is. So, you gotta stay strong and he has to figure out his life. Cheers."  They toast.
    David is going through the box of photos. Kathryn mentions "You look different. Your hair. It's longer. You used to always have a buzz cut. You used to complain that long hair was itchy and hard to take care of."   David, who is wearing a wedding ring, says his hair must have grown while he was in there.
    {Note the duplicate photo}
    Kathryn touches his head and asks him if he wants to join her; she's going to be.  David just wants to sit and talk some more. She kisses him and he pulls away and says "This isn't right."

    In The Enchanted Forest
    The twin shepherd man playfully chases a goat and he corrals it. "You didn't see that comin' did ya?"
    Mother, Ruth, has returned from her interesting market trip; she usually comes back cursing the prices, which is still the case.  This time she had an interesting talk with the grain merchant.  He has a daughter who is ready for marriage and thinks the two kids would make a great couple.  Mother hates herself for even bringing it up, but they are running out of money and the girl has a dowry that will save the farm. They are running out of options.
    Son- "As poor as we are love is the one thing I can afford. I will find a way to save this farm. But I won't do it for marrying for riches. When I marry I want it to be because I choose to spend the rest of my life with someone I love."
    Mother- "When are you going to learn?...You can't have everything."
    "Oh, perhaps he can" says happy Rumpelstiltskin.
    Mother admits to her son she gave his twin brother to that man; Rumpelstiltskin, who happens to be imbibing from a silver flask. "We were poor, barely surviving- Then he came along with an offer, one of you for the farm."  The deal forbade them from ever speaking of it and father regretted the decision the minute that man took his brother. "He carried the guilt with him to his grave."
    Although Rumpelstiltskin hates to interrupt that tender moment, he will, "Time is of the essence."  Mother waits in the house while her son deals with this.
    Rumpelstiltskin informs him that it's the King who is in need; needing a Prince to slay the dragon.  The young man admits to not being a dragon slayer {not a Prince} and Rumpelstiltskin informs him his brother was.  Rumpelstiltskin- "This new found kinship...will be your salvation. Simply play the part. The King's knights will take care of everything else.  All you must deliver the dragon's head to Midas!"
    The young man wonders what's in it for Rumpelstiltskin, but Rumpelstiltskin says that's his business;  instead the young man should ask him "...what's in it for you?! You do this...your poor mother...well the King is gonna make sure she never wants for anything ever again. Your farm will be saved. And you... should you survive- you shall come home the conquering hero! Now don't tell me you don't want that?"
    The young man believes he doesn't have a choice.
    Rumpelstiltskin- "Oh everyone has a choice, Deary! Just make sure it's the right one."
    Mary Margaret is having coffee and reading the newspaper.  Dr. Whale comes in and takes credit for John Doe waking up. "No way he wakes up on someone else's watch."  He also hears that Mary resigned from the hospital and hope it wasn't because of him.  Mary wonders why it would be because of him.  He thinks it's because he never called her after their date; he apologizes for his un-classy move. If she could find a way to get over it she knows where to find him. {Mary wears a gold key around her neck}
    As Dr. Whale exits Regina walks right in to have a word with Miss Blanchard.  Regina wants to talk to her about her friend, Kathryn. "More specifically I want to talk to you about her husband David. You don't belong together.  He's not yours, he's taken- find somebody else."
    Mary hasn't done anything and isn't aware that David just up and left his wife on a whim.  Regina warns her to stay away because he's in a fragile state, "He doesn't know who he is or what he's doing and you're this close to wrecking multiple lives.  So before you do something that can't be undone...let him remember who he was."  Regina just up and walks out.
    The shepherd Prince looks at his reflection in a shiny shield; it's as if he's looking at an invisible scar or something on the right side of his face.  Excited Midas approaches him and announces him as the savior; the man who is going to tear the dragon limb from limb.  As the shepherd takes his gold sword Midas tells him that if he does this, he will be a legend.  As the shepherd Prince readies himself for the fight a knight comes over and fastens his armor and takes away the sword.  The shepherd asks "How will I fight? How will I protect myself?"
    The Knight - "You won't! You will stay outside the cave while we kill the dragon. If you don't come out of this alive Midas won't give our Kingdom any gold. You might have the title of hero... but not the job."
    A loud ferocious roar is heard coming from the mountain!
    The shepherd Prince and the accompanying knights pass by burned bodies and wheels as they make their way to the dragon's lair. The lead knight tells the shepherd Prince to stay there while they go and kill the dragon.  They draw their swords and head into the lair.
    While waiting, the shepherd asks the knight guarding him if he knew his brother well. The guard reveals he did know him, "He was the bravest man I ever met".
    As screams, roars and fire pour out of the liar the goodhearted shepherd is motivated to help the men in need.  He is stopped by the guard who informs him "We stay here! Our orders are clear!"  The guards restrain him as he fights to help the others.
    The shepherd-"People are dying!"  He manages to break free and run toward the lair. {Look at all the wheels!}  He pulls a burning knight out of the smoky chaos. The knight tries to cut into the passing by flying dragon, but to no avail.  As the shepherd asks the knight were his sword is, the flying dragon flies over the area burning the two guards to death.  The shepherd grabs for one of the crispy guards hot sword and burns his right hand.
    The dragon takes after the shepherd. The shepherd sees he has a plan- a place to run and that will protect him from the pissed off dragon.  He grabs the gold sword and makes way for the narrowing rock formation.  The dragon chases and blows his fire at him and then tries to push his way through the narrow opening to get at the shepherd. Knowing he has the winning move the shepherd says to the dragon "Didn't see that comin' did ya?"  And now in a perfect position, the shepherd cuts off the dragons head.

    In Storybrooke
    In the classroom- Mary Margaret slices open an envelope as David pays her a surprise visit. 
    Mary-"You can't be here."   But he needed to see her. 
    Mary- "Tell me you didn't leave your wife because of me. I do not want to destroy your marriage."   David insists that she's not.  He admits it's him and doesn't want to hurt her/Kathryn either. "But the most hurtful thing to Kathryn would be me pretending. She needs someone to feel about her...the way I feel about you."
    Frustrated Mary is trying really hard to stay away from him and to do the right thing, "Because you already have a life."
    David- "With someone I didn't choose. The man who chose that life- whoever married gone. The man here wants someone else."
    Mary shoves him out the classroom "You really have to leave me alone."
    David asks if that's what she truly wants and tells her to meet him tonight, "I'll be at the bridge where you found me at 8:00 and think about it until then. And you decide if you don't show- I'll know, I'll never bother you again. But if you choose this...if you choose us...You know where I'll be."

    Emma sits reading a file in the sheriff's office. Graham enters bearing donuts. {Note the dartboard behind him and the Fire Escape door}.  Graham brought the donuts in an effort to pay Emma for having to work that night; even though the position said she wouldn't have to work nights.  He tells her a story about his volunteering at an animal hospital and the supervisor being sick and someone needs to feed the dogs. Emma will do it- evidently she can be bought with a "bear claw" pastry.

    Mary hurries in to talk to Emma, so Graham leaves to patrol his {glass} office.  Mary is excited when sharing the news of David leaving his wife and that he did it for her.  She goes on to tell about the suggested night time meeting between the two.
    Mary- "I mean- I'm trying so hard to be strong but he just keeps coming! I mean... how do I stop it? You know- how do I let him down? What would you I do?"
    Emma says she would go; after all he left her.  David didn't just say he wants Mary; he actually made a choice.  Knowing Kathryn is friends with Regina, Regina wouldn't be happy. But that point would actually give Emma motivation to do it.
    Mary thinks- "Good Lord, is this really happening?"
    Emma smiles-"You tell me."
    David has taken a room at Granny's. He looks at himself in the mirror and primps his hair, then takes a look out the window at the library clock tower. It is 7:45 pm.  David feels the wedding ring around his finger.
    King George is proud that his son did everything Midas asked for and more. He battled the dragon and prevailed.  Midas instructs his golden knights to bring the gold dragon head to the palace.  King George whispers to the shepherd Prince "We did it! We pulled it off."  All the shepherd Prince wants to know is how much longer until he can return home.  The King refuses to discuss it now.
    Midas proclaims "From this day forth may that beast's head be a reminder to us of the valiant warrior who killed it.  The bravest most noble prince I have ever met.  You have earned my utmost respect."
    King George- "We treasure that respect, King Midas, just as we respect your treasure."
    Of course Midas will give them the gold he promised "But I did not get to where I am by thinking small.  I stand before you now because I dared to dream big. I was not just looking for a dragon slayer- I was looking for the strongest warrior in all the land- a hero...Someone who could unite the Kingdoms. Someone I would be proud to call family."
    He orders his guards to "bring her". {Snooty Abigail/Kathryn.}   Midas feels it is she, his daughter, who he values more than gold or anything else.  He promised her that he'd only give her hand in marriage when he found a companion worthy of her, and now he has.  Abigail gives him a slight glance and guesses he'll do.  Midas offers Prince James his daughter's hand in marriage.  The humbled shepherd "Prince James" is about to decline when his father tells Midas "Done!" and then whispers into "James'" ear "If you say anything else but yes.. you will be solely responsible for the destruction of {everyone on this Island, uh....I mean} everyone and everything in our Kingdom.  You will marry this girl... or I will kill you. I will kill your mother.  I will turn that farm to ash. Do you understand me? I'll take your silence for wisdom. Follow it...I know you'll make the right decision."
    Obviously lost David is trying to follow a map; he even gets turned around.  Regina just happens by as she was heading home from work and saw him; she didn't mean to startle him.  "Are you lost?" asks Regina.  Admittedly lost David is trying to find the TrOLL BRIDGE.
    Regina- "Ah, where you were found. Trying to jog your memory?"
    David- "No- I'm meeting someone."
    Regina- "So you made your choice."
    He looks her right in the eyes and says "Yes".
    Regina can't change his mind and she can't change how he feels.  Regina guides him to walk down the street to Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop "You'll find a fork in the road- go left, that'll take you to a hiking trail that leads directly to the bridge.  David thanks her for understanding.
    Regina- "Good luck, David. I hope you find what you're looking for."
    Motivated David hurries off.

    Happy Mary is already there waiting at the TrOLL BRIDGE. She anxiously checks her watch and looks up at the full moon.

    David arrives at Mr. Gold's Shop, but doesn't find a trail- only an ally parking lot.  He heads into Mr. Gold's shop and seems interested in all of the goods {Some items of interest to me- the two shrunken people, genie lamp, tea set, ship wheel w/bell, bicycle, scale, and overturned hanging row boat, bird cages}
    David seems drawn to the unicorn mobile.
    Mr. Gold- "Charming."  He is standing behind the counter.  Gold feels the mobile is charming, exquisitely designed and masterfully crafted; he can get it down if David wants.  David just wants directions to the TrOLL BRIDGE. "The Mayor said there was a fork in the road by your shop but..."
    Mr. Gold- "It seems Miss Miller has led you astray."
    David- "Huh, yeah...You'd think the Mayor would know her own town."
    Mr. Gold- "One would think. Out of the door turn right...two blocks you'll find a trail- can't miss it."
    As David is leaving he is stopped by seeing a small windmill. Gold wonders if David saw something he likes.  He says that old thing has been gathering dust...forever.  Drawn in David spins the paddles of the small windmill {Like you would if it was the Wheel of Destiny game}.  Looking like he's hypnotized, David thinks this belonged to him.
    Mr. Gold-"Really? Are you sure?"
    David stares- "Yes...I remember."
    Mr. Gold gives a very slight smile.

    The Enchanted Forest
    The shepherd returns home on his white horse. Mother Ruth is very happy for his return and that he's alive. She is living a much more elegant life on the farm. She's impressed on how much he looks like a Prince. Mother is happy that "The King has already started taking care of us."
    The disappointed shepherd shares the news about Midas wanting to unite the Kingdoms by marrying him to his daughter. This makes the grain merchant's dowry look like sheep dog. Mother feels it's right of him to turn down that offer as he should turn down Midas's offer too.
    Every day since he's been gone mother has felt shameful, she respects his freedom to choose. She offers to give up the farm, but the shepherd shares because of their ruse Midas can never know who he really is.
    Mother understands with this news "We can't ever see each other again."  She tells him not to do "Run away."  The shepherd Prince can't because they will kill her.
    Mother- "I lose you either way. At least I'll know you'll be happy."
    But the new Prince has already accepted Midas's offer. "I didn't come here for advice, mother...I came here to say goodbye."  He feels he can't let the Kingdom suffer on his account and he can't let them hurt his mother. He knows his mother is right about one thing...You can't have everything.
    Mother offers him her ring to take to give to his wife to be.
    The shepherd Prince- "I don't love her, I don't even know her. I can't take this."
    Mother feels just because he doesn't know her doesn't mean he won't grow to love her. "True love follows this ring where ever it goes, my son. I had it with your father- well, I've had it as your mother. Now you will have it."  She literally puts the ring in his hands "And I'll know even if I never see you again...I know you'll find love. I'll know you'll be happy." They cry and hug.

    Mary Margaret twists the (Ruth's) ring around on her finger as she awaits David's arrival.  {She's wearing it on the middle finger of her right hand} David runs over to her, surprised (and a bit disappointed) to see she's there.   As they both stand on the rocks under the TrOLL BRIDGE David blurts out "I remember....everything."
    Mary- "And you love her?"
    David-"I don't know. But I know I did. I remember how I felt...and I think I have to honor that."  {Oh come one! If he really loved Kathryn he'd know! He sounds confused.} Everything he said to Mary Margaret is true, he does have intense feelings for her; feelings he doesn't understand.  He's going back to her because it's the right thing to do.  Upset Mary feels the right thing to do was to not lead her on. He knows this.
    David's made his choice and he's really sorry.
    Mary- "It's OK. I guess it just wasn't meant to be."  Sad and hurt Mary walks away.

    Emma is patrolling in the black and white sheriff's car as she sees a man climbing out of a upper story window of a house.  She sneaks up on the person and hits him with the nightstick/billy club/baton.  It's Graham. Emma wonders "This is volunteering?"  Graham says "Plans changed. Regina needed me too."
    Emma-"To sleep with her?"
    Graham- "No."
    He sneaked out the window because Regina didn't want Henry know as he is sleeping.  This stuns Emma, "Oh my god, I wish I was Henry right now. This is disgusting."
    Graham says he really does work in an animal shelter.  Emma tosses him the keys "I'm done working nights."

    David rings the doorbell to the Nolan house. Kathryn opens the door. David tells her she was right "I  did hate that windmill out front."
    Kathryn- "How much do you remember?"
    David- "Enough. I know we weren't in a good place when I left. I know you thought I was leaving you but I wasn't. I wanted to work things out, I just...needed some time.  And I had my accident and got
    much more time than I expected. I'm sorry."
    She's sorry too.
    David- "I know we have work to do. Let's see what happens."
    He holds out his hand for her to take...

    The Enchanted Forest
    ...holding out his hand for her to take.  The Prince and Abigail stand in front of their royal fathers.
    Midas- "Let this mark the beginning of a new era. Of a new Kingdom, united and strong."
    King George- "An era of mutual prosperity."
    Midas will work out the particulars of their new land with King George, he tells the couple to go to their new home in his palace and later "The celebration will be beyond your dreams."  Abigail trust that her daddy knows best.
    King George takes his "son" to the side "I'm glad you made the right decision" and holds his hand out to shake.  His "son" shakes, "Thank you...father."  Although you can plainly see the Prince is reserved.
    Abigail retrieves her man as she's tired of waiting.
    The Prince- "Then our journey shall begin. I thought we might take the scenic route."
    Snooty and annoyed Abigail walks away. King George tells his son to smile, "You're on the road to true love." 
    The Prince touches the pouch that contains the "ring of true love".

    The white carriage transports Abigail and the Prince through the scenic route.  Snow White is camouflaged in the tree as she anticipates the approaching coach.  Abigail complains about how they should have taken the TROLL BRIDGE as it would have been quicker, but the Prince isn't listening; he's looking out the window at the beautiful day.
    A guard- "Halt- There is something in the road!"

    In Storybrooke
    Mary Margaret sits at the diner counter crying over a drink and twirling her ring around her finger. Dr. Whale sits next to her; noting she must be having a rough day. Mary doesn't feel like talking. He feels it may be easier to talk to someone when you don't give a crap what they think.
    Mary confesses- "You ever walk into a situation where you know exactly what's going to happen? And then you go into it anyway...and then what you're afraid of kick yourself because you should've known better. But then it's just who you are. It's like you're punishing yourself."
    Dr. Whale- "No."
    Curious Mary wants to know how he does that. His secret is- by never doing what's expected, "Keeps life interesting."  He offers to buy her a drink. Mary says he can buy her two.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    That Still Small Voice

    "What are conscience! I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today..."- Jiminy Cricket, Disney's Pinocchio

    Shed Some Light on It
    Conscience is known as the "voice within" you,  but is also known as the "inner light".  We all have both, yet most of us become puppets on strings and just go through the redundant motions of life without really learning how to live in our own "happy place".   We are products of our upbringing, environment and circumstances, and sometimes one can lose their clear decision making skills between what is right and wrong, or just lose ourselves while not wanting to disappoint others and their expectations of you. And although we adapt to surviving with some of those learned behaviors or habits there is still someone and something else deep inside of us that desires to be free.  We all want to be free to be who we really want to be.
    It is true we should always let our conscience be our guide, to find our true north, but sadly somewhere along our lives some lose touch and drown out their own small voice.

    Everything's Going to Change
    Emma's presence in Storybrooke is changing things; she's weakening the curse.  We seem to be witnessing the transformation of Emma and the residents of Storybrooke. 

    As life goes on many people lock up things, feeling and emotions or bury them deep down inside, causing them to lose their happy place.  But at some point one desires to get back to where they know they are supposed to be.  They can get so lost that they wonder "How did I get to 'this place'?"  and desperately try to remember their happy place.  One must slay the fearsome dragon or monster or try turning the wheel- each of these types of actions lead to progress and eventual victory.

    People end up wearing a mask.  Jiminy knows he's an honest man, but alas is an inadvertent victim of his loyalty to his unmoral parents.  Even though he was adamant about going down into the mine with Henry, it is the challenge he faces with Henry in the mine that enables him to realize the thing he is missing and where his issue and insecurity may stem from.  He isn't the man he wants to be, but now remembers and realizes he does indeed have the power to become the man he knows he should and can be.
    Jiminy/Archie are inching their way to being free.  But this may not have happened without the help of little Henry.

    Real- Not Real
    A few times during this episode we're given a hint to people wondering the "realness" of where they are in their lives.   Everyone feels Henry is delusional, yet in a way...they all are.
    At this moment David/Prince Charming likes the unreal environment better than reality. That is true escapism!  Is this really a world constructed by Henry's imagination or by someone else? Something feels familiar to me here with wondering what is real and what isn't.
    I asked the following question while watching LOST over the years... Are these people in some sort of therapy/rehabilitation situation?

    Things Don't Stay Buried For Long
    Pave over the mine to cover it up, never to reveal what may be deep down inside.  To LOST fans- This reminds me when Sayid and Jack explore under the Swan station in Everybody Hates Hugo and when Locke says it to Paulo in Expose
    Archie has to uncover the person he wants to be.  Regina is hiding something that she has hidden away; Buried deep underground- Snow White's glass coffin.

    We  know the residents have forgotten- but who among them is remembering?

    Things to note...Questions to ask...
    • Jiminy Cricket is the Walt Disney version of "The Talking Cricket"- a fictional character created by Carlo Collodi for his children's book Pinocchio
    • Crickets are not grasshoppers. Crickets are nocturnal, cold blooded and only male crickets chirp.  Both crickets and grasshoppers have antenna
    • Who is Graham? The Big Bad Wolf? The Queen's Huntsmen? The damn Sheriff of Nottingham? Who?!
    • There are children living in stuck Storybrooke
    • They have rotary phones in Storybrooke
    • The Sheriff badge illustrates a tree in the center of the star
    • Jiminy's con artist parents conned him and pulled the ol' switch-a-roo- Some parents, huh?!
    • The parents claim to be "helping" their child
    • Plague could require quarantine
    • In Storybrooke it is Regina who suggests the idea of being a tiny shrunken little creature (to Archie) - Yet in The Enchanted Forest it's a spell brought by Rumpelstiltskin and Martin and Myrna.
    • I feel that the LOST quote/line "Whatever you think I am, I'm not" fits very well with this episode. 
    • Wake up 
    • Test
    • Wheel 
    • Puppets/Marionettes
    • Game
    • Down/Below. Dig deep
    • Cobra {Which is mentioned in LOST- Expose}
    • They sure do love their sweets in Storybrooke!
    • I see some affinity for imbibing in this story as well 
    • Rumpelstiltskin seems to holding/collecting the "treasures" of the residents; maybe the items that can trigger memory 
    By the way, on a personal note- I cried the entire time while watching this episode.
      Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

      Again I'll state that this beautiful fairy tale mash-up stands completely on its own and I am absorbed into this world created by the gifted writers, yet I can't help but feel it is a relative of LOST.
      I feel as if we're waking up in this adventurous heartfelt journey in the "strange land" fairy tale environment/universe instead of the "Island" Adventure, Excavation Ruins, Australian Walkabout, Polar Adventures, or Swimming with the Sharks.  Would I be surprised if an Oceanic or even an Ajira Airlines advertisement popped up in an episode indicating we can take an adventure in The Enchanted Forest/Storybrooke? No, I would not be. 
      Even if ONCE is not a direct relative of LOST, the story is indicating that everything in the universe is connected- and that's an important point in of itself.

      Addition to some things mentioned above:
      ★  Apollo bars were shown three times.  That is not an easter egg- that is a connection that is put right out there for you to pay attention to.  If you're a long time reader of my Karen's LOST Notebook you know my idea on what role the Apollo Bar may have; it may act as an aid to keep it's consumer in an altered state of consciousness or a dream state.  So ask yourself if the "things" we see in ONCE are coincidence or FATE.
      I expected to see Charlie's hand come out of the ground like in The Moth or Desmond to be looking up to the top of the hatch/air shaft.
      The mine shaft gives us connections to the Hatch/Hatches/DHARMA Stations and also reminds me of the drilling going on at the Swan site and blowing up a bomb there.
      Vincent-like looking dog, Ajax
      Plague- Infection- Quarantine 
      "What's done is done" - "Whatever happened, happened"
      ★  Magic-Tricks-Illusion-Delusion-Fantasy- Imagination
      ★  Down/Below. Dig deep
      Puppets/Marionettes- We get this hint in connection with The DHARMA Initiative in Mysteries of the Universe  
      ★  Remember- Hurley and Ben shared an Apollo Bar in Cabin Fever.

      **All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
      Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap!  Enjoy!
      "I wish, I wish, but nothing changes. I wish I was better at wishing" says the girl marionette.  There is a fair in the village and a puppet show is being performed.  A red haired young boy is robbing from the oblivious audience as they are engrossed in the show.  The marionette is asking who will slay this fearsome dragon and win her heart.  A knight in shining armor marionette claims he will; or die trying.  The girl marionette- "Goodbye dear Prince! It was nice knowing you."  She exits and the dragon marionette enters.
      "Who dares disturb my sleep?!" says the fearsome dragon marionette. {Voiced by Mother Myrna}
      The Prince- "He went that way" and points to his left.
      The Dragon- "...I'll go that way!" he points to his right.
      After the show the redhead boy/Jiminy and his trickster illusionist parents count the stolen golden coins. Jiminy pulls out a small wood birdcage containing a live cricket.  Mother feels they are troublesome noisy little bugs.  Jiminy envy's their freedom.
      Mother- "You're free."
      Martin- "To do what we want."
      Mother-"To be who you are."
      Father-"And you are who you are."
      Jiminy- "Well maybe I wanna be something else. Maybe I don't wanna steal. Maybe I wanna be good"
      He got all that from a cricket.
      Father feels "Good is another word for weak"
      Mother- "Let us do the thinking for you"
      Father- "That's what parents are for."
      Mother- "To help you."
      Father- "You are who you are and there's no changing it, Jiminy."
      Jiminy reluctantly agrees with his father.  Father makes the cricket disappear with his slide of hand magic. "Problem solved."

      In Storybrooke
      Archie is writing in a book in his office.  Henry's been looking at Archie and says "You weren't always a cricket"  Archie asks why Henry thinks that.  Henry feels it is who he is. {I love the glass half full-empty on the table}
      Archie-"And who am I?"
      Henry informs him he's a conscience "You help people see right from wrong."  Archie wonders if all the crickets in Storybrooke were once people too.  Henry goes to the window to listen and prove to Archie there are no crickets; as there are no crickets chirping.  Archie thinks it's because it isn't light enough. {Crickets chirp at dusk/night}
      Henry thinks that is helping his case about there being a curse; but he's looking for more.  Archie revisits a question he's asked Henry previously, "Why do you think it's so important that this is real?"
      Henry- "'s just is."
      Archie tells him to keep on thinking about that answer because he thinks there's something buried there.
      Emma refuses to wear the deputy uniform (with the tie).  She feels the sheriff doesn't need to dress a woman as a man to get authority; so she'll continue to wear her red coat.  Graham tells her she has to wear the badge and make it official if she wants to be part of the community.  The moment she places the badge on her hip the Earth shakes. The phones ring off the hook in the office- something big has happened!

      The town people gather round a crater in the ground.  Apparently an old mine has opened up.  The Mayor arrives demanding a perimeter be set up as she informs Miss Swan that this is official town business and she is free to go.  The sheriff reveals that Miss Swan is his new deputy; it's in his budget.
      Regina- "They say the Mayor's always the last to know." {Really?! I never heard that before.} Regina wants the deputy to make herself useful with crowd control.
      Regina makes a statement to the crowd- "People of Storybrooke don't be alarmed. We've always known this area is honeycombed with old mining tunnels. But fear not- I'm going to undertake a project to make this area safe, to rehabilitate it.  We will bulldoze it, collapse it, pave it..."
      Henry emerges from the crowd, "Pave it?! What if there's something down there?"  Henry whispers to her "What's down there?"  
      Regina- "Nothing"  She demands he and everyone step back.  Regina picks up something she seems to recognize off the ground and pockets it.  Henry's see this and asks Emma "What was that?"
      Regina pulls him to the side informing him this is a safety issue and has him wait in the car.  Emma and Graham are instructed to cordon off the area.
      Henry covertly calls over Archie and Emma behind the black and white sheriff car. "This requires all of Operation Cobra- Both of you."   Archie didn't realize he was in Operation Cobra.
      Henry- "Of course you are, you know everything. We can't let her do this. What if there's something down there?"   He feels the tunnels collapsing right after Emma got there isn't a coincidence. "You're changing things. You're weakening the curse."   He believes this to be true and asks her if she did anything different today; something made this happen.  Emma touches her badge.  Agitated Regina sends Henry back to the car, Emma to do her job and chats with Dr. Hopper.  She wants a new treatment plan for Henry; everything she does Henry thinks is part of some horrible plot. "I can't cover up a safety hazard without him thinking I'm hiding somethingHow am I hiding something terrible in an old mine?! How is any of this logical to him?!"
      Archie- "He's got an amazing imagination."
      Regina- "Yes! That you let run ramped!"
      Archie- "Why- I think would be wrong to rip away the world he's constructed- or rather use it to try..."
      Regina- "Sometimes I think you've forgotten! You work for me! You're an employee... and I can fire you. This is my town.  You will lose your office, lose your house- I can cut you down to size until you're a tiny shrunken little creature- and this (his umbrella) will be the only roof over your damn head!"
      Archie- "What would you have me do?"
      Regina- "You take that delusion out of my son's head and you crush it."
      Regina storms off and Archie is left to think about things.

      The Enchanted Forest
      Grown Jiminy and his parents arrive in a village to set up for the fair.  Jiminy seems happy that the sun is coming out from behind the clouds.
      Myrna remembers this place, "Looks like it's been a good year."  Martin says you can tell that by all the fat people.  Myrna whispers to Martin that they really need to run the Elf Tonic Scam.  Tired of their shenanigans Archie asks "Can't we just put on the show? We make enough money from the ticket sales. Do we have to steal too?"
      Martin feels they don't have too, but it's nice.  As he make a coin appear and disappear he says "We steal from them and they steal from someone else. It's called an economy.  Jiminy wants to quit!  His parents manipulate him into staying with them until they die; using the excuse that they're getting old.
      Martin-"Be a good boy and set up."   Thunder rolls overhead and unenthusiastic Jiminy gets to work.

      Obedient Jiminy continues the set up for the show in the rain.  A young boy is impressed by Jiminy's puppet job; although Jiminy is not because it's the same redundant show, same fairs, every year.
      The clever boy asks "Then why don't you do something else?"
      Caged Jiminy replies- "This is just who I am."
      The boy didn't come out there to watch them set up, he's there to listen to the crickets.  Jiminy admits to not listening to the crickets for a while.
      Compassionate Jiminy suggests the boy go home as to not catch a cold, but the kind hearted young boy gives Jiminy his umbrella to protect him from the rain; as he doesn't live far.  The happy boy can't wait to see the show.

      In Storybrooke
      Archie sits in thought in his office.  Marco/Geppetto enters to meet Archie as they had a lunch date; which Archie forgot.  He's got another patient so they'll do lunch another time.  Henry arrives for his session.   Henry wonders if Archie is recruiting Marco/Geppetto for Operation Cobra.  After all Geppetto is Jiminy Cricket's best friend and Marco is Archies'.
      Henry tells Archie he knows where he can get proof.  In Henry's backpack: flashlight and candy bars. But not just any candy bar...they're Apollo Bars.
      Realizing what he's up to; he doesn't want Henry to go down there.  Henry feels since Emma is there stuff is happening and he has go look at it.  Archie gets wound up telling delusional Henry to stop; that there's no proof.  "All of this! All of a delusion! Do you know what a delusion is? {Henry thinks so} It's something that's not real..and...and not healthy.  And I thought that you'd out grow this but Henry you know- now it's turned into a psychosis.  Do you know what psychosis is? That's when you can no longer tell what is real, and if that continues...then I have to lock you away.  Henry, look, this has to stop for your own good, you gotta wake up! This nonsense must end."
      This upsets Henry and he leaves without a word.  Archie is left teary eyed.
      In the hospital room Mary Margaret and David/Prince play hangman- where the answer is her name.  Mary didn't even realize the puzzle was her name.  {Mary Margaret wears the ring we saw Prince have in the last episode.}  David assures her he wouldn't let her hang.  He doesn't remember if this is a game he played a lot before losing his memory/or in his other life.
      Mary assures him "It'll come back. They're sending you home in a week, they have to think you're progressing, don't they?"   He feels he is progressing physically.
      Mary- "Well, you're making new memories just fine."
      David- "Maybe I'll like these better."  They share a moment. Mary asks if he wants to play again
      Just then Mrs. Nolan enters bearing a box of old photos she hopes will jog his memory.  Since it's noon, Mary excuses herself.  David watches Mary leave.
      Mrs. Nolan presents David with a photo of their old dog Ajax {hmm...gotta clean up a mess with Ajax? lol} She asks if he remembers and he says "Yeah...Ajax"   Mary is listening from outside the room.
      Mary Margaret is making Smores.  She's telling Emma she feels like she's the worst person in the world; as for her feeling for nice Katherine Nolan.  Emma advises smart Mary Margaret not to get involved with a married guy; it's not worth the heartache.  A knock on the door reveals crying Henry.

      Archie is having a stiff drink in his office. Pongo is by his side. The pounding on the door is Emma.  She barges in "What did you do?! You told me not to take the fantasy away from him. You told me it would devastate him!"   He feels if the therapy stops working you just adjust it.   Emma assumes this has something to do with a threat from Regina. "What can be strong enough to drown out your own conscience?!"    He feels he doesn't need to defend his professional decisions to her.  On cue Emma's phone rings; it's Regina.  Regina asks if Emma's with Henry, not Dr. Hopper- Emma tells her she left her fingerprints all over him.... But it's not Dr. Hopper she's looking for, it's Henry.  Emma dropped Henry at Regina's office an hour ago.  Well, he's not at Regina's black and white office.
      Archie knows where he is.

      Determined Henry crosses the yellow taped Sheriff's Line Do No Cross into the mine.
      In his dark room Rumpelstiltskin spins his wheel; turning thread into gold.  Jiminy enters; this pleases Rumpelstiltskin who thanks him; He is awaiting "the names. To whom did these treasures belong?"
      Rumpelstiltskin cuts a section of gold thread and gives it to Jiminy for his thievery and dismisses him... but the all knowing imp knows Jiminy wants something else.  He swirls a gold thread into a silver bowl and pours a liquid over it which transforms it.  He knows Jiminy wants something with magic. Jiminy confesses his years stuck in the damn wagon and that he wants to be free. "I want to be somebody else. Something keeps holding me back."
      Rumpelstiltskin- "Some 'thing' or someone?"   The transformed potion is now transformed into a bottle with the potion.
      Jiminy-"It's my parents."
      Rumpelstiltskin has exactly what he needs. He insists that potion will set him free.  Of course he also knows Jiminy has nothing more to give to him. He decides his fee will be: all Jiminy has to do is let the magic do its work and he'll go and collect them.  Jiminy wonders what will become of them.
      Rumpelstiltskin assures him not to worry, "They'll be in safe hands. And you'll be free."   Jiminy takes the tiny bottle with him.
      Emma and Archie call out for Henry at the mine site. Pongo finds the Apollo Bar on the ground; indicating Henry is indeed there.

      In the mine, Henry uses his flashlight to look around. {There's a track} He discovers a piece of glass.
      All of a sudden the rumbling starts and the mine starts to collapse again.  Above on the rumbling ground Archie and his umbrella run in to help Henry.
      Archie is trapped inside!
      He only has the light of a match to light his way.  He calls out for Henry and excited Henry appears shining the light right into Archie's eye; causing him to shield his eyes.  Henry thinks Archie is there to help him, but Archie just wants them to get out of there.  Henry feels Archie is against him.  Archie knows there's no time for that, so Henry runs away claiming "You don't believe me?! You'll see! You'll see!"

      The Enchanted Forest
      Jiminy and his parents approach the house of their next con.  Jiminy pleads with them to skip it tonight as they don't need the money.  Mother and father feel it's not about the money, it's about the principle and a commitment to excellence. {Uh, wait...they have no principles!} Dad presents a tiny bottle to enhance the impending con, "Now go ahead and take the Elf Tonic, Jiminy."
      They knock on the door and the con begins...
      Jiminy says to the young couple "Pardon me. Do you have a place at your hearth for an honest man and his...elderly parents?"
      Of course the kind hearted couple invites them in.  Myrna and Martin make no secret they envy the couples belonging.  The couple is drawn in to the story created by the con-family about a "plague" that they are immune from. They just so happen to have a Elf Tonic in a tiny bottle that will save them from dying. The generous couple is willing to pay/trade for the tonic.   Myrna and Martin take the grateful couple for just about all of their belongings as Jiminy gives them the tiny bottle of tonic.

      Outside Jiminy is upset at what they did to those good people.  Mom and Dad feel it's better to be the kind of people that "take" instead of those who get taken from.  Jiminy takes his little potion bottle out and apologizes to his parents for leaving him no other choice- he throws the contents of the bottle on them.  Nothing happens!
      Myrna- "How frail do you think we are son?"
      Dad's great at slide of hand- he changed the bottles around; theirs is filled with rainwater.   Jiminy realizes if this is the Elf Tonic then the couple has the "other bottle".  Jiminy runs back into the house to discover the good people have now been turned into...
      Jiminy is horrified!  Myrna and Martin enter amused at the "new puppets" for the act.
      A little boy enters looking for his mama and papa, "Who are you?" and sees what has happened.  This is the kind little boy who gave Jiminy the umbrella.  He turns right to Jiminy and asks "What did you do to them?!"

      Archie and his umbrella continue his search for Henry in the dark mine.  He comes upon Henry, whom is looking through a small open at something shiny.
      Archie- "You gotta slow down!"
      Archie is visibly frightened for Henry's safety.  Henry is focused on the distant shiny object, he asks "Because you think I'm crazy?"
      Archie- "No! No. Because we are trapped underground in an abandoned mine, Henry. And there is no way out."

      Above ground Pongo is barking (while being held on the leash by Ruby).  Marco knows smart Archie will keep the boy safe until they get to them.
      The ground rumbles and shakes again.  Regina yells "Stop! Stop! You're making it worse!"
      Emma claims she's trying to make it better.  She goes on to tell Regina Henry went in there because Regina made him feel like he had something to prove.  Regina wants to know who's encouraging him with this task; implying Emma.
      Regina-"Oh please! Lecture me until his oxygen runs out!"

      As they walk the inside of the mine Archie hears Pongo's barking so they follow the noise.

      Above ground Emma tells Regina they need to stop the arguing; it won't accomplishing anything. Regina agrees.
      Emma-"What do you want me to do?"
      Regina-"Help me."

      Archie follows the noise and discovers an old elevator.

      Emotional Regina tells Emma they need to find a way to punch through the ground; something big like...
      Marco-"Explosives."  {Call John Locke- he seems to always find some. lol}

      In the mine- Archie and Henry decide to give the ol' elevator the workers used to get to the top, a shot.

      Above ground the explosives are ready to go.

      In the mine- Archie and Henry work hard together to turn the wheel and get it lifted off the ground.
      Above ground the explosives are blown! This causes Archie and Henry's elevator to crash back down as more of the mine caves in.

      Above ground Regina and the rest see the explosives didn't work; it didn't open.
      Graham asks "Then what did it do?"

      David runs into Mary Margaret in the hospital rec-room.  She's on her way home.  David isn't resting; as a matter of fact Dr. Whale wants him to start physical therapy. "I'm supposed to walk 30 minutes a day on a treadmill or outside with an escort.  But they're kind a short on personal 'cause of that thing that happened at the mine."   So, volunteer Mary Margaret is willing to help.

      Outside of the hospital door {which looks very, very Enchanted Forest-like}
      David- "I'm trying to remember this place. It's like...It's like  I woke up in some strange land."
      Mary- "Is there anything coming back?"   Nope. Nothing.  Even when David was with Katherine he lied about remembering the dog, Ajax.  The Mrs. is just so loving and he didn't want to disappoint her.
      David- "But none of it feels right. You know, a dog named Ajax. Who'd name a dog that? None of it make sense. None of it...none of it feels real."   Mary feels that sounds lonely.  David knows it's crazy but the only thing that feels real and right in this whole place to David is Mary.  As they connect Katherine appears; even though it's outside of visiting hours.  She needed to see him; she made him some cranberry muffins. "They used to be your favorite."
      As Mary excuses herself James makes sure he'll see her tomorrow.

      Above ground Regina is freaking out. Marco suggests that if they knew where they were they could drill down to them.  Pongo gets Emma's attention and she lets him out of the fire truck to track Archie. Pongo finds a hatch...uh, I mean air shaft. This is where they must be.
      In the elevator Henry shines his flashlight straight up; while rubble rains down.  Henry tells Archie (now sporting a cut on the right side of his forehead) that he's really, really, really sorry; he just wanted to find proof.  Archie feels it's really alright and he's sorry too.  He doesn't think Henry is crazy "...I just think that you've got a very strong mother...whose got a...clear idea of a path that she wants you to be on and when you step off that she...she gets scared.  And you know, it's natural.'s also natural for you to be free to... think the things that you wanna think..So...anyway I didn't mean those things I said and I never should have said them."
      Archie feels he said those things because he's not a very good person. "I'm not the man I wanna be."  The elevator shakes!

      Above ground Emma directs the removal of the grate.  They look down into the grate and Regina asks "So. What's next?"
      In the mine- Confident Henry says to Archie- "I think you can be him. I think you can be a good person. I're Jiminy Cricket."
      Archie explains that Jiminy was a cricket and a conscience and he hardly thinks that's him.
      Henry- "But before that he was a guy who took a long time to figure out... the right thing to do. (Archie thinks it sounds like him) Now it's harder for you... because of the curse...To hear the voice inside of you- to be...who you wanna be."
      The elevator shakes!  Archie's wheels are turning.

      Marco tells the little group they need to lower someone straight down.  Graham and Regina step up, but it's Emma who is more fit to do this task.
      Regina- "He's my son."
      Emma- "He's my son too. You've been sitting behind a desk for 10 years-I can do this."
      Teary Regina inches closer to Emma, looks deep into her eyes and begs Emma to bring him to her.
      Archie again asks Henry why he thinks his fairy tale theory is true.  As Henry hands Archie and Apollo bar from his backpack he replies "Because...this can't be all there is."   Archie understands.
      Henry thought he could find proof...but feels he didn't find anything.   Archie tells him that's not true.  They share the Apollo Bar.  {Remember Hurley and Ben did this in Cabin Fever.}
      "I was lost and you found me."  Henry gets excited hoping Archie "remembers", but he doesn't.  He does however remember the kind of person he wants to be "...I just gotta listen harder."   Rubble rains down and they see something in the light above.  Archie knows it's rescue; it's Emma.
      Emma makes her way on the line down into the air shaft and rescues Henry.  The rickety elevator crashes down with Archie still inside- leaving Archie to have to save himself!  Miraculously he used his umbrella to catch hold of the harness hook while the elevator fell down around him.
      Everybody is happy when the trapped victims are liberated from the mine!

      Relieved Regina rips Henry away from Regina. Archie and Marco hug.  When Emma goes to Henry to see if he's OK, Regina pushes her away and tells her to clear the crowd.
      Grateful Regina thanks Dr. Hopper, but he has something to say to her.  "I'm gonna continue to treat Henry...and I'm gonna do it my way."
      Regina tells the Dr. that her relief at Henry's safety hasn't changed a thing. "You will do as I say or you will be..."
      Archie- "Or what? You'll ruin my life? You'll do your worst? Because I will always do my best."
      Regina- "Don't test me."
      Archie doesn't need to because he knows she will now leave him alone to do his work in peace, "Because someday, Madam Mayor, you may find yourself in a custody battle. And you know how the court determines who is a fit parent?  They consult an expert...Particularly one who has treated the child. So- I suggest that you think about that...and you allow me to do my work.  And let me do it the way my conscience tells me to."
      Regina is left standing there.

      In The Enchanted Forest
      Jiminy closes his eyes and wishes on a bright star. "I wish...(he turns around-eyes still closed) I wish..."
      Just then the Blue Fairy appears. "I hear your wish. You don't need to wish it so loudly. But it is not possible. I cannot bring back the boy's parents."
      Jiminy feels it's his fault and he has to make it right and would trade his life to make it happen.
      Blue Fairy- "What's done is done. There may be another way."   She explains the little boy will grow up to face may challenges, "Do you want to help him?"
      Jiminy feels "I can't get away from these people. They're my parents...they're who I am."
      Blue Fairy- "But if you didn't want to be that...what would you like to be?"
      Jiminy thinks about it and without saying a word the Blue Fairy tells him "I hear your wish".   And with her magic wand she turns Jiminy into a chirping cricket.
      He feels FREE!
      She tells him to find the boy "You will live as many years as you need to help him. Just find him!"  Jiminy asks how will he know- he doesn't even know his name.
      Blue Fairy- "His name is Geppetto."

      In Storybrooke
      At the mine Henry and Emma watch as Archie tells his Marco about his adventurous day. Emma wonders if that's Archie's father; Henry tells her they're just old friends.
      Emma takes Henry's hand "You really scared me."  Henry's sorry.
      Henry tells his friends to listen...Archie hears the crickets!
      Henry- "They're back. Things are changing."  {Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!}

      We see the two puppet people in Mr. Gold's shop as he exits. Not for nothing- but he kind of looks perturbed.

      Mary Margaret leaves an envelope containing her letter of resignation in a mail cubby- from volunteering at Storybrooke General Hospital.

      The gang is still at the mine site drinking in celebration.  Regina takes the glass piece she found earlier and throws it back down into the air shaft- where it lands on Snow White's Enchanted Forest glass coffin.