LOST Connections

I note many detailed LOST connections within each ONCE episode. But here you'll see a list of some examples of LOST connections that show up in ONCE Upon A Time, so check out each ONCE Upon A Time episode for many more.

The residents of Storybrooke are lost and are on a journey trying to get to the heart of the matter- to heal their broken selves, learn to let go of a painful past, to find out who they truly are- allow themselves to love, and to find their way home.  Keep in mind that family is deeply valued and Hope is something to hold on to.
Swan: This is a photo of me with my "Swan" necklaces- 1 from ONCE Upon A Time, and 1 from LOST.  Both have been seen in key-chain form as well. The "Swan" is a key theme in both stories.

  • Eyes opening 
  • Close up of eye
  • Being watched
  • Blind
  • See. (Seer) 
Airline: Oceanic Airlines and Ajira Airways have been featured on ONCE Upon A Time. Both play a major role on LOST.
 Time and Space:
    • Destination
    • Portals. Realms.Worlds.
    • Boundaries. Borders.
    • Freeing your mind 
    • Fly 
    Time Travel and wanting to change the past.
    Past: Also, reliving the past and past mistakes/choices- living in the past.

    • Rules. Broken rules
    • Puzzle 
    • Riddle
    • Loophole 
    • Deals 
    • Video games
    • Levels
    • Island
    • Jungle
    • Oceanic Airlines
    • Ajira Airways
    • 8:15
    • 108
    • 316
    • The Numbers- 4 8 15 16 23 42
    • 7:15- is the time on Jack's pager when he stalks his wife in A Tale of Two Cities
    • Flashes
    • Apollo Bars
    • MacCutheon Whiskey
    • Geronimo Jackson 
    • Phuket 
    • If you leave (the Island) bad things happen- this is also the case early on in Storybrooke
    • Sydney (Australia)- Sidney the magic mirror/Genie/Jinn (Jin)
    • Dr. Bae (in Sundown)-   Rumpelstiltskin's son is Bae/Baelfire
    • Wish. "I Wish" 
    • Operation Cobra- Expose
    • Key. Failsafe 
    • Tied to a tree
    • Part of a design
    • Mental health  
    • "Who are you?" 
    • There's no place like home 
    • Transform 
    • Garden. Planting. Harvest. Nurture
    • Push. Need a little push.
    • Shepherd. Sheep. 
    • Stuck. Trapped. Frozen 
    • Mr. Clucks Chicken (Fast food joint owned by Hurley)
    • Starla; the name of the girl Hurley had a crush in the episode "Everybody Hates Hugo"
    Drugs: Hallucinogens. Mushrooms. Alcohol
    Ring. Circle
    Lamp post
    Alive. Birth. Born
    Dead. LATE. Dead and not really being dead
    Coma. Unconscious. Sleep. Dream. Travel. Transcend
    Wake up
    Teach. Learn. School.
    Task. Quest
    Guides. Nun/Sister
    Scale. Balance
    Orange juice
    No Identity- no i.d.
    Lighthouse. Light. Sun/son
    Black Smoke
    Mug shots
    Cuffed. Jailed. Imprisoned. Incarcerated
    Hooded. Veiled. Masked
    Caught in a net
    Water. Well
    Hunting Party
    Snow globe
    White Rabbit
    Is it just me, or do you see it too?
    • Black
    • White
    • Red
     Repeat actors:
    • Regina Mills:                  Lana Parrilla             Greta
    • King George:                  Alan Dale                 Charles Widmore
    • Belle:                              Emilie de Ravin        Claire Littleton
    • Tiny/Anton:                    Jorge Garcia              Hurley Hugo Reyes
    • Voice Overs:                    Damon Lindelof 
    • Voice Overs:                    Carlton Cuse 
    • Zelena/Wicked Witch     Rebecca Mader         Charlotte Staples Lewis
    • Prince Leopold               Eric Lang                   Stuart Radzinsky
    • Black Beard                    Charles Mesure          Bryan (Shannon's boyfriend)
    • Snow Queen                   Elizabeth Mitchell     Juliet Burke
    • Bo Peep                          Robin Weigert            Rachel; Juliet's cancer patient sister- she helps to get pregnant
    • (Author/peddler)             Patrick Fischler          Phil; Security for The DHARMA Initiative under James LaFleur/James Ford/Sawyer   
    • Mr. Clucks Intercom      Daniel Dae Kim         Jin-Soo Kwon    
    • Jafar (Wonderland)         Naveen Andrews       Said Jarah
    • Amara  (Wonderland)     Zuleikha Robinson    Ilana Verdansky
    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    • Through the Looking Glass
    • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    And then there's this fun video from San Diego Comic Con 2014, featuring the ONCE Upon A Time writers, Carlton Cuse and LOST Island hints throughout!

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