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In the Name of the Brother

"See you in another life, Brotha." - Desmond Hume, LOST
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It's the source, the heart of the island

I loved this wonderful episode.  Who wouldn't want to bring back a loved one from the dead?  I for one would love to have my brother back.  As broken as my own heart is over his passing, and it is broken, and the wounds still feel fresh, I understand that we walked the path together for as long as we were supposed to. The hard part is letting him go, but he'll never leave my heart.
Now back to the matter at hand. This episode is about more than just what we read in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, and it's more than the idea that Victor wants to literally bring his brother back, it's about bringing life back to the "dead."  Yes, metaphorically, we're talking about... rebirth.

Black, White and Red

Trying to find balance in an unbalanced world is hard- but not impossible. Hopefully the residents will learn this along their journey.  In addition to the black and white motif of balance, we're also shown that the drab depressed colorless world Victor lives in needs some color injected back into it. Alphonse is the benefactor in Victor's work but neglects him emotionally. This makes victor feel abandoned.  All Victor wants is for someone, his father, to believe in him, but he also needs to believe in himself.  He's living in his own hell. His cross to bear is that he's attached himself emotionally to "that place."  There is truth to Rumple's statement of there being "Problems with how much the heart can withstand."  Hearts are fragile and must be handled with care.

We're seeing lots of evidence of the residents of Storybrooke being broken. They are tied up, chained down, boxed in and being held prisoner to past people, situations, choices, and emotions that have deeply hurt them. They are giving power to these things. They're all attached to emotional places and need to be free of the prison they created for themselves. Yes, I understand they are cursed- but they're cursed! That's the point. Yet in some strange way they have been given a chance to start over, and they can, once each wakes up to the fact it's okay to remember the past, but to let it go and move forward... together.  Things must come full circle for them because these people want their warm beautiful light back, they want to feel their heart beat again- they want to feel alive again. And yes, they want to go home.

Now, don't get me wrong, Rumpelstiltskin is in pain too, but he has all of these pawns, uh, people, in play. All of them are part of a plan he initiated a long time ago to get back to his son.  A long con, if you will. He created a long chain of events that are a means to an end.

It doesn't matter who we were, it matter who we are.  In life shit happens, you can't go back and change it or even erase that it happened. Shit will happen, but no experience is ever wasted and we must learn from all experiences. But be warned that holding on to the pain and anger of an unpleasant experience is exactly what is perpetuating your pain. Experience makes you who you are. It can trap you. It can break you. It can change you. It can open your eyes. It can empower you. It can enlighten you.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Sad Regina shut herself away in a hidden secret room she created in the depths of the family vault; under her father Henry's coffin. You can lock up parts of your hurt self-up all you want, thinking you're protecting yourself (your heart), but at some point you must be willing to let the pain go so you can open up the doors and break down the walls and let your beautiful light back in and let love flow. But I am concerned about a few of our characters like Rumple, Cora and Regina. Their egos are so damn gigantic and it may take them a long while to get with the program.

Can you really bring someone back from the dark side? Um, yeah, Anakin.
Is Cora genuine in her opening up to Regina?  Did Cora take 28 years stuck in a bloody snow globe to see the evil of her ways and realize she pushed her daughter to the dark side?  Does Cora really want to make amends or is she just trying to win Regina back so the two women can team up and become a more aggressive fighting force? 
Note:  Cora sniffs Regina's clothes and tracks her to the family vault. Is she a wolf too? And I find it interesting that Cora sees herself as a little bird.

Building a Mystery

Who is this stranger, this outsider, this interloper, Greg?  Who is this person "Honey" he talks to on his cell phone? What exactly did he see?  Does Cora know where Bae is, did she hide him somewhere?  How many different worlds, stories and characters are in the fairy tale book and/or Storybrooke?  How is Frankenstein not in Henry's book yet resides in Storybrooke?  While where at it- where the hell is August W. Booth?

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

๑ It just so happens that Hook Colin O'Donoghue's band in real life is called The Enemies. Love that!
๑ Belle loses her memory. (See LOST notes below)
๑  "Sheriff Swan, actually" (See LOST notes below)
๑ The Rabbit Hole
The Doctor
๑ "I hurt his heart- Belle is just where he keeps it."
๑ Medical Doctor. Scientist
๑ Magician
๑ Life- Death- Rebirth
๑ Watch. Time
๑ Fire and Water
๑ Emma uses her star key chain- "Hard Disk Recovery Utility" to get into Greg's phone. used in the Pilot episode
๑ Color line on the hospital floor- line at Storybrooke border
๑ I don't have the theme for Star Wars as a ring-tone on my phone but I have The Imperial March for the ring-tone on my phone for the guys in my family. All my other ring-tones are LOST related.
๑ Igor = Eyegor
๑ Fix
๑ Electricity. Power
๑ Communication
๑ Memory. Remember. Forget
๑ The German word for "here" is her
๑ See translation of the commission gifted to Victor. If you have any corrections or information please let me know so I can correct this...
NOTE the following translation from my friend Steve Kups. Thank you for your help with this, I really appreciate it.

("Ich diene" under the logo/crest/emblem/coat of arms to the right means "I serve")

Dear Doctor Frankenstein,

By virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Federal Chancellor and by the Emperor's commission I appoint you to ARMY DOCTOR.

(Clever play on words there. "Army". Like in "arm". Also "FELDARZT" would normally be just one word. Also, looking at the wording as well as the diploma, this might be another little nod to our dear Wizard of Oz:

You are hereby instructed to fulfill (or discharge) the duty of an ARMY DOCTOR painstakingly and diligently and to serve as an example to lower ranking officers and soldiers.

("Offiziersränge" is usually one word, but written as two here.) 

We ask you to heed these commands, to uphold order and discipline, and to follow further instructions. (Sounds like something Dr. Chang would say. This sentence could also be translated as "We urge you to carry out said orders to preserve order and discipline, and to execute future orders.")

(The word "fordern" (from "auffordern", meaning "to request", "to ask", "to challenge", "to prompt", "to invite") seems to have been misspelled as "fodern" to the modern eye, but this is actually reflecting the correct usage and spelling of this term back in the olden days. Whoever wrote this diploma does not only speak/write fluent German, but also is quite well versed in not-quite-so-modern variations of the language. An error was made, however, by writing "besagte Befehle zu folgen", since it should say "besagten Befehlen zu folgen" or "besagte Befehle zu befolgen" to make it grammatically correct.) 

Written by me in Armen, Metz, and sealed on the third of March.
By the virtue of power invested in me by the Emperor's order.

T. Herman
Captain T. Herman - 34. Division
Klagenfurt, Kärnten (Carinthia)
Klagenfurt - Land, District in the name of the Prime Minister of the Empire of Austria

(An Emperor, a Federal Chancellor and a Prime Minister are usually three offices you would not see during one and the same time period/regime or in the same region. Also, there is no "Armen, Metz", as a real place, but there is Metz, which is located between the "arms" of two rivers:
Vocabulary and Research...

๑  The German origins of the name Henry mean "The ruler of the house."
Gregor Johann Mendel: the father of modern genetics. Studied traits in pea plants.
The Memorial Cross (French: Croix du Souvenir), often known as the Silver Cross, is a Canadian medal awarded to the next of kin of any member of the Canadian Forces who loses his/her life in active service, including peacekeeping, and other such international operations
Purchased Commissions: Sale of commissions was common practice among European Armies where wealthy and noble officers purchased their rank.
In the Name of the Brothers: a multi-player Online video game. The setting is WWII
Gerhardt: as a boy's name is a variant of Garrard (Old English) and Gerard (Old English), and the meaning of Gerhardt is "spear-hard; spear-brave; spear brave"
Gerhard Richter (born 9 February 1932) is a German visual artist. He also served as source of inspiration for writers and musicians. Sonic Youth used a painting of his for the cover art for their album Daydream Nation in 1988
Dieter (Felix) Gerhardt: a Cold War spy; aka codename Felix
Paul Gerhardt (12 March 1607 – 27 May 1676) was a German hymn writer
๑ C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems: Lab supplies
๑  215,  267, 412, 484, 570, 610, 717, 724, 814, 878 Pennsylvania area codes
Master: Rank or status
- Male head of a household
- Owner of slaves or animals; a person with the ability to use control
- One skilled at something: Chess master
- Teacher
Sealed with a Kiss:
is a song by Peter Udell and Gary Geld. First recorded by The Four Voices in 1960. Also recorded by Bobby Vinton and Jason Donovan.
- 2001 Title of the album by The Eyeliners
 ✔ Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

✈ Doctor Arzt
✈ Claire was taken by Ethan and the Other's and loses her memory for a while.
✈ Charles Widmore is a Philanthropist and Industrialist who sponsors the International Open Ocean Racing Association's solo sailing Competition/race around the world that Desmond wants to enter- this leads him to the Island. Live Together, Die Alone.  "With enough money and determination you can find anyone" - Penny and Desmond also in Catch 22 
✈  ...In Translation: Locke gives Shannon a pep-talk about everyone being given the chance to start over on the island and that she should take it.  And then Shannon tells Sayid "Everyone gets a new life on this island. I'd like to start now."
✈ "It's Dr. Linus, actually." - Ben in Dr. Linus
✈ German (people and language, etc.) is brought up a few times, including the episode, The Other 48 Days and The Economist
✈ Eye
✈ Lab
✈ Patch
✈ Candidate
✈ Code. Computer. Accounts. Travel.
✈ Cheat
✈ Truce
✈ Heart. Light (Candle)
✈ Time. Clock. Watch
✈ Memory. Remember. Forget
✈ Communication
✈ Electricity. Power
✈ Fix
✈ Jack was the camp physician that was struggling with an alcohol/drug problem
✈ Juliet (the researcher) tries to help women birth babies on the island, but the women always die.
Through the Looking Glass Jack tries to kill himself by jumping off a bridge but is pulled away from that by the car crash happens behind him.
The Lie Sawyer says to Daniel Faraday "Welcome back Doctor Wizard" and then Miles corrects him "I think it's Mister Wizard."
✈  Life- Death- Rebirth
Hearts and Minds
Fire + Water
Stranger in a Strange Land
Man of Science, Man of Faith
The Watch: Mobisode #1 Jack is given a family heirloom watch by his father on his wedding day.
Abandoned   "I need you to believe in me"- Shannon
✈ Personal Effects:
Whatever the Case May Be- Kate
The Incident P2- Hugo
Happily Ever After- Charlie

 Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!
Belle is frantic asking "Who are you?! What's going on?"  Her left shoulder is causing her pain, so Mr. Gold/Rumple magically heals her. This freaks her out. "Go away. What are you?" Mr. Gold/Rumple assures her its nothing to be afraid of.  Hook is on the side of the road injured.
Emma and David arrive in the sheriff's car; Emma calls for backup "I'm at the Town Line- Two people are down, maybe three. There's a car, pretty banged up with Pennsylvania plates..."
David and Mary Margaret come to Belle's aide as Rumple informs them "She crossed over the line. She doesn't remember."

Emma looks over injured Hook and determines he broke a couple of ribs.  Hook asks her "Did you see his face?! His one true love gone in an instant! Just like Milah, Crocodile... when you took her from me!"   Gold/Rumple,  "But you took her first!"  He starts choking the already broken Hook with his cane.  Emma tries to get Gold/Rumple off of Hook, "Are you insane?!
Gold/Rumple- "Yes, I am."
David and Emma try to reason with Gold/Rumple.
Emma- "You can't let her see you do this."
Gold/Rumple feels he's a stranger to her/Belle; Emma advises that murder is a bad first impression.
David- "What would Belle want you to do?"
Just then the ambulance arrives and Emma directs the EMT's to the person in the crashed car; Hook can wait.
Emma- "There's someone in there!"
Emma, Mary Margaret and David don't know this guy. The unconscious man drove into town from the outside.
Emma- "Looks like the world just came to Storybrooke."
Dr. Whale is paged to report to the E.R., but he's sitting alone in a treatment room/office drinking. {PA: O.R. Staff stand by. E.T.A. 1 minute} We hear the voices of people outside the room calling out for the Doctor; asking if anyone's seen the Doctor.   Dr. Whale hears the calls but doesn't respond.
A toast to the Frankenstein's! The three men are celebrating the New Year.
The young men's father, Alphonse, is a decorated Military man.
Alphonse's attention is centered round his obvious pride for son Gerhardt and his Silver Cross.  The attention it gets embarrasses Gerhardt; to which Victor supposes it's his cross to bear. Father presents each son with a small package, a gift for the holiday.
Gerhardt is proudly presented the family heirloom watch; originally a gift from Alphonse's wife (her father's watch) on their wedding day.  Victor says he remembers.
Victor then opens his, a formal commission purchased by his father to join the mobile 34th as their camp physician, "It's an honor."  Victor thinks his father is joking his work is far too important to leave now.  Gerhardt stands up for his brother and the important scientific work he's doing.  Alphonse understands "But how will he do his work without my financial support?!"  He already allows Victor the use of the family summer home for his foolish purposes. "Isn't that enough?!"  It's true Victor relies on his father's money and he's made great progress and feels "The name Frankenstein is going to stand for life. Life everlasting here on Earth."
There's chaos in the Storybrooke Hospital, people don't know what's going on, injured Hook is wheeled in on a stretcher, as is the crash victim. Dr. Whale is still being paged to report to the E.R., Emma tells a nurse to "find a room and hide him!"
Gold enters asking "Belle. What's going on?"  But David demands he get out of there and a bit of shoving begins.  Dr. Whale strolls in telling everybody to calm down, and assures Mr. Gold that everything will be fine, "She's in good hands here. I promise."
Gerhardt runs after Victor in the rainstorm to give him the watch. After all Victor is the eldest and "she wanted it for you."  Victor turns down his brother's offer, "I'll find another way."
We see in this black and white world, colored red is Rumpelstiltskin, watching the brothers from the sidelines.

Mr. Gold watches over sleeping Belle in her hospital bed. {Hooked up to monitor} He kisses her and she does indeed wake up, except upon waking and seeing him she screams in panic. Two orderlies come to her aide while upset Gold leaves apologizing.
Emma sits on Hook's hospital bed watching over him as he starts to wake up. Hook, wears a white robe, is cuffed to the bed and wired to a beeping monitor.
Emma doesn't hesitate is asking where Cora is. Hook, although in pain, flits with Emma. Emma won't stand for that and threatens "You have all sorts of sore places I can make you hurt."  Hook doesn't have any idea where Cora is, as she has her own agenda. He asks Emma for his hook back. "Or is there another attachment you prefer."  Emma feels he's chipper for a guy who just failed to kill his enemy and got hit by a car.  Hook's ribs may be broken, but everything else is intact. He knows he did some quality damage to his foe. He hurt Belle- "I hurt his heart. Belle's just where he keeps it. He killed my love. I know the feeling."
Emma- "Keep smiling, Buddy. You're chained down, he's on his feet, immortal, has magic, and you hurt his girl. If I were to pick dead guy of the year... I'd pick you."

Mary Margaret is trying to hack into the Outsider's cell phone. She feels you can't guess at a pass code because there must be a million possible combinations; Ruby thinks 10,000. David asks Leroy if he can hack it. Leroy informs David there's a difference between computer hacking and pickax hacking are different.  Emma tells them "I have a thing..." She can get into the phone; plus there was stuff in Greg Mendell's car- Rental agreement, maps and receipts.  She scrolls through the hacked phone for clues.
Emma sees Phone calls: Area codes for Pennsylvania, (tourist) photos of him alone, a LinkedIn account and he tweets pictures of his food. Emma will keep looking but feels they have a well-documented real-life ordinary Joe- or Greg.
Whatever's kept random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for the last 28 years is gone. David's instincts are telling him that anyone being able to drive in is a bad thing.  Leroy fears outsiders discovering something magical and studying it to death, as they've done in the past; giving examples of movies: E.T. and Splash.  Greg's friends and family are going to come looking for him soon. Emma doesn't want them to overreact, yet notes the questionable motives of newly arrived Cora and the potential visits from outsiders coming in isn't going to be good for anyone.  They need to find Regina and tell her she was framed. Ruby's been trying to track Regina but no luck; she's gone underground.  Mary Margaret is very concerned if Cora finds Regina first, and the damage those two can do together, "This could not have come at a worse time."
Emma - "It's okay. The guy's being patched up right now, he'll probably be on his way by morning."
Dr. Whale interjects that "He's bleeding into his chest cavity. It's not a full flood, you know. But pretty soon he'll be drowning in his own blood."
Emma- "So, make it stop. Aren't you a doctor?"
Dr. Whale doesn't answer her question, he walks away to talk to Mr. Gold. "You fixed me, now fix him. It will take you seconds and cost you nothing."   Gold won't do it and doesn't owe Whale or anyone else anything. "And some of you owe me. So, yeah...just, no. Oh, and point of interest... the driver, saw me throwing some magic, so instead of trying to get him out of here, you better be hoping he dies- because if he doesn't, he's gonna be driving tour buses up and down Main Street. So glad I don't give a damn." {Note: color line/lines in hospital}
Whale tells the group that letting him die is easy and he can do that, if that's what they decide. Emma whispers, suggesting they take this somewhere private.
Whale leads them into a supply room {R2D2} to further discuss the fate of the outsider. They have to choose between their lives or his. David suggests they worry about Storybrooke after they save a life. He tells Dr. Whale to prep for surgery. Without a word, Whale just does as he's told. Everyone did notice the doctor is drunk off his ass.
Just then Greg's cell phone rings the Theme from Star Wars. {Emma holds the phone.}
Emma determines "Someone's looking for Greg. How long before they come here?"

Victor and his assistant are packing up his colorless lab when he is visited by "Rumpel Von shtiltskin"
Victor- "How did you get in here? Who are you?"  Victor determines Rumple is a foreigner.
Rumple- "What tipped you off, my rosy complexion? Yes, I've seen nothing of your drab little land yet, but, I am interested in your work."
Victor informs him he's a little late as he's been shut down. "And I can't bring back dead loved ones, anyway, if that's what you're after."  Amused Rumple feels his deceased are best kept where they are. His interest is how Victor does what he does. "You see, where I come from we do things differently. Your land has witchcraft, but it's feeble neglected stuff. Where I live it's strong and hearty, but it cannot restore life. If you can do this... Well, I'll wanna know more and I'm willing to pay." He pours what seems like an endless stream of gold coins from a small pouch.
Victor is stunned by this feat and wonders how he did that. Rumple feels he's missing the point. Victor asks if he's a Philanthropist. Rumple's been called worse, but stays on point telling Victor the money's his but there's a cost- Victor's knowledge. "You teach me to wield... whatever it is you wield. That is the deal."  Victor happily agrees to the deal. As Victor's about to reveal the tremendous news to Igor he sees Rumple has disappeared. Igor is amazed to see the gold coins in front of his Master and wonder what's happened. Re-energized Victor instructs his assistant to bring back the equipment, "We're staying. And we're going to need a body."
Mr. Gold takes out the chipped teacup he keeps in the glass display case in his shop, and takes a look at it.  Interrupted by the door bells jingle, he puts the cup back. He puzzled by a new carrying case that appears in the store and then Cora magically appears as well. Cora has brought him a gift, a sort of peace offering. Rumple thought she was dead and notes that disappointment is part of life.
Cora- "Aw, the crocodile snaps at the little bird."
Rumple asks her if she brought the antidote to her little gift, but what Cora wants is her daughter.
Cora- "You were so clever to get her to lay the curse so you could come hereyou don't need her anymore. Let me try and get her back and let us live."
And for his troubles Cora says he gets his son.
Rumple opens her gift and reveals a special globe that will find him, "If this one truly is it."  Cora assures him she has no reason to cheat him (anymore).  She wants him to find the one person in this universe who might still love him. "After all I'm doing the same thing."
Rumple- "Do you have any spells to return memories?
Cora- "I only know what you taught me, Master. So, will you accept my offer of a truce?"
Rumple seems torn but is cautious. He agrees to the truce and they shake hands on it- Actually, at Cora's request, they seal it with a kiss.
Over at Storybrooke Hospital we hear over the PA- "Treatment Care Coordinator Dial the I.C.U. Nurses Station" while Dr. Whale stares at a wrist watch.
David asks him what that is and Whale shares it's the guy's personal effects and jokes "I get the best watches this way. Too bad it's cracked."
It seems that Dr. Whale is stalling to go into surgery. David asks if his arm is okay. Whale tells David he's not drunk; David just wants to save this guy. "I don't care what he saw. We don't let go of people."  Whale replies a bit sarcastically, "Right. Of course not." {He looks down at the watch again.}
At the (Military) Cememtary:
Victor is busy digging (up) a grave on a stormy night when Gerhardt arrives. Igor told him he'd find his brother there. He shares his disbelief "I thought you worked with cells and in petrie dishes..."
Victor informs him that his work has progressed and he thought his brother supported him.
Gerhardt- "No like this."
A voice yells in the distance for them to "Halt!" Victor yells back for him not to shoot "We have orders! He's in uniform!"  Shots are fired anyway. The brother's take off to the safety of the coach.
Victor takes a drink from his flask, "You shouldn't have come looking for me. I thought you supported..."  Unfortunately Gerhardt is shot.
The translation for the German word "her" is "here.
Emma and the gang are nervous as the see the same person is again {HER} trying to find Greg the outsider.  They can't answer it even if it's just to let her know he's okay- but he's not okay.
Ruby- "He's alive. Let her know he's alive."
The police can trace it here instantly and or activate the find your phone thing without them picking it up at all.
They learn via an Orderly that the doctor never went in to surgery and Emma demands he be paged. David says he wasn't looking so good earlier.  When the Orderly places the page they all hear the pager beeps go off.  They think "He's here"
Emma digs through dirty linens and finds Whale's discarded white coat and pager.  "No. But his pager is. He's gone."
Ruby gets a boozy scent off of Dr. Whale's white coat so she can track him. They'll watch Hook and if they can't find Whale maybe another option for the surgery is that Doc can do it, which makes Leroy laugh.  Mary Margaret suggests maybe Whale didn't run, maybe Cora grabbed him for some reason, but David disagrees. "He's been in a rough place since he brought Regina's fiancée back to life." And that he had his arm ripped off and put back on. Leroy thinks that's cool.
Mary Margaret- "Wait, Daniel came back?"
Emma- "Like some kind of Frankenstein?"
David- "That's Whale. The Doctor. And Daniel was his..."
Mary Margaret asks what went on there while they were gone, David just groans. Emma just tells Ruby to get going and bring back Dr. Frankenstein. "We're gonna send this guy back with bolts in his neck." They're sure he'll be found but wonder what kind of state he'll be in.

We see that Dr. Whale is indeed running through the streets of Storybrooke.

"I will bring you back, my brother, I promise you."  Victor turns on the machine and sends electricity through his brother's body- but it doesn't revive him. So Victor reopens the already poorly stitched up wound and removes the burned heart from his chest. Igor sees it's burned like coal.
Victor has Igor "Cover him" as the sheet will serve as his shroud.  Alphonse enters wanting Victor to explain himself because he was seen carrying a body into the house. Alphonse sees his dear son, Gerhardt, lying on the table. Victor shares there was an accident, but Alphonse sees Victor as the cause. Alphonse yells "The things you do... You cut into your brother!  You put your foul magician's work into your brother!"  Upset Victor yells that it can work! He did this for his father because he wanted him to have two sons again.
Alphonse- "And now I have none."  This leaves Victor sad.
Henry's room has many clocks.
Cora snoops around Regina's house, getting a feel for Regina's life in Storybrooke and for some possible tracking. She also looks around Henry's room; checking out a photo of Regina and Henry and a handmade craft of a hand print- FOR MOMMY.
Regina's secret room has many mirrors.
Henry heads through the graveyard over to look for Regina at the MILLS family vault.  He pushes the heavy coffin with white lilies on top aside and heads down below to the corridors. Henry calls out "Mom?" And we see Regina looking in a mirror can hear him. Regina can magically see via a one of the mirrors that Henry is looking for her.
Henry- "Mom?  You in there? Can I come in?"
Regina's heart misses him, so she opens the secret wall and lets him in. They hug.
Regina- "Henry, I'm so glad you're here. I missed you so much when... I have to let you know I had nothing to do with Archie."
Henry always knew- she was framed.  He knew because... Henry magically transforms into Cora and admits "Because I did it."  Regina is shocked to see her mother standing in front of her.
Victor diligently works in his lab trying to find a way to bring his brother back when he is visited by the magically appearing Rumpelstiltskin. {Note: magnifying glass and microscope.}
Rumpelstiltskin- "Did it work? Nope?"
Victor- "There was a little problem with what the heart could withstand."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Ah! Problems of the heart, isn't that always the way?"
Victor- "Could you get out of my light?! Please."
Rumpelstiltskin- "You know... where I come from there are hearts that withstand anything because of magic."
Victor- "You have hearts?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "I'll tell you what... I'm gonna bring you a friend- a master of the hat. He shall take you to a young woman who has exactly what you need. You put on a little show for her, and you'll walk away with all your prayers answered- A heart- for your brother."
Victor- "And who is this woman?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "Her name is Regina."
Cora tells her shocked daughter that she wasn't stopped and "got through" by determination. "I had to see you. I needed to tell you that I know why you sent me through the looking glass. And I know why you tried to have me killed. And it's... it's alright."  Both women are teary eyed. Regina doesn't think it's alright.
Cora- "I love you. I just ... I've always shown it in all the wrong ways. And I never should have made you marry the King. I'm so sorry. When you cried over my coffin... it all changed."
Regina- "You framed me... for the cricket."
Cora- "Temporarily. So you could see what these people really think of you."
Regina- "You made an airtight case, anyone would believe it."
Cora- "I didn't want you to reject me- Not again."
Regina- "You wanted me broken."
Cora- "Receptive."
Regina (laughs)- "You are the most manipulative... No. I won't even argue. Come with me. We're going to town."
Cora- "It's the middle of the night."
Regina- "I don't care. We'll wake them up.- Emma and Henry and the two idiots and you can tell them how you lied. You owe me that."
Cora- "And then you'll let us start over."
Regina- "I don't see that happening, mother. But I am... I was trying so hard to be worthy of Henry. And I deserve the same thing from you."
Cora- "You're right. For you, Sweetheart- anything."
Ruby sees that Dr. Whale is staring at the watch and standing on the edge looking as if he's about to jump into the water. He warns Ruby "Don't come near me!" He tosses the watch into the water and takes a leap forward but is stopped by Ruby.

Thunder and lightning blankets the Frankenstein castle while Victor works. As a stitched up hand reaches out from underneath the white sheet he claims Rumple was right "The new heart worked. Welcome back, brother."  Igor feels "It's magic, Dr. Frankenstein." But the good "Doctor" feels it's not magic- it's science.

Victor tells grieving Alphonse that it's true "I brought him back."  Victor walks in the obviously different and changed Gerhardt, letting his father know he's still recovering. "It's a slow process, so don't expect him to..."  Alphonse cuts him off, happy, "You did it."  He asks Gerhardt "It's really you?"  When Alphonse uses a candle for light see his son better, Gerhardt grunts away in fear. The mute son knocks the candle from his father and cowers on the floor.  Victor assures father "It's an adjustment."  But Alphonse turns on Victor, he's unhappy because for a moment he believed Victor did it, but sees Gerhardt as a monster. He claims both young men are not his son.  He degrades Victor, pushing him and calling him a ghoul, a grave digger, a fool and a witch doctor-  a disgrace to the family. Gerhardt literally fights for his brother's honor, killing their father.

Dr. Whale tells Ruby "I wanted my name to stand for life... but everyone just thinks its the name of a monster. I guess they're right about that. Rumpelstiltskin says that magic has a price, but from where I'm sitting it seems that science does too. Every time I try to save a life, someone else dies."  Ruby notes he's Frankenstein and she's the werewolf; she ate her boyfriend. "Regina thought she was punishing us for erasing who we were, but I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget. But... we can't let it stop us. She gave us a chance to start over and I wanna take it. I think you should too."  Whale feels he wasn't such a bad guy "I wanted to bring life back. But he never got over our mother. If I could've just brought her back..."  Ruby insists that someone keeps calling for that guy in the hospital (a woman), "Maybe there's still some stuff you can fix."

Regina drives into town while Cora rides shotgun.  Cora's not nervous about owning up to what she's done.  Cora claims something's irritating her. She pulls out the handcrafted FOR MOMMY gift, "Oh, that used to be you."  Cora lies about being in Regina's house, yet obviously has because that was in her house.  That happens to be Regina's most treasured possessions.  Cora remarks that while taking Cora to the town to be pilloried might gain Regina some points but as long as Emma and her parents are here, "he's not really yours. Not like he was when he made things for his one and only mommy. You've been too bad for too long, and now they see you as a... snake. You don't want their love at all. What do you want?"  With tears in her eyes Regina replies "My son back."  Cora wants her daughter back. She says she meant everything she said earlier "I am so sorry. I can do better. I won't push you away again. Let me into your heart. Together, we can get him back again."  Emotional and desperate Regina folds and the women hug.  Cora has a few thoughts on how they can accomplish this task.
Re-energized and motivated Dr. Whale arrives back at the hospital (after stretching his legs) to go do this thing; perform the surgery.

Back at the stormy castle Victor visits his imprisoned monster brother. "I was trying to bring you back. Are you here? Gerhardt? Gerhardt?"  Victor tenderly touches his brother but Gerhardt growls and attacks Victor, choking him- But Gerhardt realizes, seeing, this is Victor.
Victor- "Yes. Yes, it's me."
Gerhardt scurries away, staring at his hands in disbelief.  Victor knows he must kill him and points a gun at the back of crouched down Gerhardt's head. Gerhardt sees that Victor can't do it, so he pulls the gun to where his third eye would be on his forehead, urging Victor to pull the trigger. Victor won't do it, "I will still save you. Father is wrong. I will find a way.

Dr. Whale informs Ruby that the stranger, the outsider, will live.  Whale thanks her, "Monster to monster."   He informs the group that the guy has some recuperating ahead of him, a few weeks maybe, but yes, he's going to live.  Leroy feels this will come in "no good."  The Outsider is waking up now; Whale waited a couple of hours in case he keeled over. Emma would like to talk to him. She goes in alone as she's the sheriff and doesn't need her parents going in there with her; that wouldn't look normal, as they're trying to make this place look normal.

Mr. Gold/Rumple is visiting patient Belle and trying to get her to hold the special chipped cup that he's enchanted to help her remember.  Since Belle doesn't remember anything she thinks this pushy and strange of this man. Rumple warns her to be careful with it. Belle holds the important cup which she sees as nothing more than a damaged cup.  Rumple wants her to look at it, focus, it's her talisman. He shares she dropped it in his castle and was afraid she's angered him; he's charmed it. Belle thinks the man crazy, tries to put the cup back into his hand and tells him to go. Rumple assures her if she focuses it will work. "It's magic."  This gets Belle upset. She wants him to go away, take the cup and stop talking about magic. Frustrated by Rumple's persistence Belle throws the cup, shattering it into many pieces. Heartsick Rumple apologizes and leaves.
Sheriff Swan chats with the Outsider, Greg..  He's hooked up to monitors, IV and blood drip.
Greg- "Nurse."
Emma- "Sheriff Swan, actually."  Emma gives the thirsty patient water and puts his personal effects on the table next to him.  The concerned man asked if he hit someone in the accident and Emma assures him not to worry about him as the damage was pretty minor.
Emma- "But I do need you to state what happened in your own words, what you did, what you saw."  {Although Emma is kind of already indicating that she thinks he saw something.}
Greg says he didn't see anything because he was texting while driving; which he knows isn't legal in the State of Maine. Emma's glad that he is honest with her and so she won't press charges and she let him go with a "warning" this time.  Greg thanks her and asks when can he head home.
Emma- "As soon as the Doctor clears you. We don't wanna keep you." She smiles and heads downstairs to tell the gang the news. He didn't see anything "Free and clear."
David feels that maybe things can calm down for 10 minutes so they can catch their breath.
Mr. Gold/Rumple brings the special globe into the back room of his shop. He purposely pricks his finger on the needle on top of the axis and drips his blood onto the globe. This brings the globe to life and it zeros in on a State on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. He is pleased, "Bae."

In the apartment, Henry runs down the stairs asking where they've been, as they've been out all night and Granny wouldn't tell him anything. "Did I miss it all?" As they prep some cereal Mary Margaret mentions Captain Hook and Rumple had a fight and someone got hurt- and Emma adds that Dr. Frankenstein fixed him. Henry realizes that's Dr. Whale.
Emma- "Yeah, but without the neck bolts."
Henry- "The monster had the bolts not the Doctor."  He grabs the fairy tale book to prove Frankenstein isn't in there "It's not even a fairy tale. That means it comes from another land with different stories. (Emma urges him to eat 'cause she really wants to go to bed.) If the curse went to places with other stories, then who knows who else is in this town."
A knock at the door reveals Mr. Gold (letting himself in) wanting to cash in the favor Emma owes him. "You do honor your agreements, don't you? I need to find someone, so we're leaving today. Pack a bag."   He adds to find his son, "It has to be today because every minute that I'm here, is a minute closer to me killing Hook. So it's really best for all concerned if I leave, and you're gonna come with me. Oh, and, um, (pointing to all of them) we have a long history, so know this, and know it to be true... If any harm comes to Belle while I'm gone... I'm killing all of you. {Looking at Henry} I'll see you {Emma} at noon."

Greg hurries to take his cell phone out of the plastic bag to make a call to "Honey."  He tells her to listen, that he was in an accident but he's okay and "Honey... you're not gonna believe what I saw."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tick Tock

It's about time I post a bit about Zero Hour, a new show that premieres Thursday, February 14th at 8|7c on ABC.

You know how much I love a great mystery and how I get excited at the thought of solving puzzles, learning and uncovering the truth and Zero Hour seems to cover those bases.  But in all honesty, it's when they posted a few classic Modern Skeptic magazine covers that really perked me up.  The covers hint to a few familiar myths, things not being what one may assume and that there's more (or less) going on than meets the eye; things that require further investigation and have yet to be explained. The covers incorporate various unique ABC TV shows as the topic of interest, which is very clever and cool, but one cover they included connects us to our beloved LOST and the "Island" - a show that's been off the air since May 23, 2010.  And of course I totally love the fantastic ONCE Upon A Time cover and the questioning of portals. Both LOST and ONCE Upon A Time involve, time, different realities/other worlds, portals and share many more connections.

IMDB lists Ken Leung (LOST's Miles Straume) in a starring role, but he doesn't show up on ABC's cast list from what I've seen.

Needless to say I will give Zero Hour some time and see where it leads.

The premise of Zero Hour
As the publisher of Modern Skeptic magazine, Hank spent his career following clues, debunking myths and solving conspiracies. But when his beautiful young wife is abducted from her store, an antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries of human history, stretching around the world and back centuries. To find his wife, Hank will have to unravel one of the greatest conspiracies of all time. Contained in one of his wife’s clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic.  Hank will race against the clock, to find his wife and save humanity. 

Looking back at a classic cover of Modern Skeptic magazine!
Here's a look at Zero Hour

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The Outsider

"Fear can hold you prisoner- Hope can set you free."  - Red, The Shawshank Redemption

** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

Why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carpet ride

My active imagination and love of adventure, fantasy and escapism can be traced all the way back to my very early childhood, where my refuge from life in Manhattan/N.Y.C. and a tumultuous household was found primarily in books.

In the city there are so many things and people to be afraid of, and my sister, brother and I were warned about every single one of them. Still, I witnessed way too much. So, for a long time I ended up being afraid of just about everything. And as much as I was exposed to the harsh reality of the world, I was overprotected and kept on a very short tether that didn't let me venture outside of the confines of a few yards of the apartment building; except to go to the school that was ten blocks away. Imagine that! Ten whole blocks.

Our apartment in Queens was built over a row of storefronts which included a barber, deli, dry cleaners, bar (my father would call the ginmill), and my favorite, an old candy store on the corner. The candy store was owned by an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Rubin.  The store was very old fashioned, appearing very much like you walked right into a classic black and white 1940's movie. It was small and dark, and it had a long candy counter with round stools so you could sit and have a prepared treat. There was an old phone booth tucked along an even darker side wall. My sister, brother and cousins would buy loose candies stored in small clear bins, and every once in a while, a delicious Egg Cream. My father would buy the newspaper to check sports scores and to see if he won any cash from a horse race he placed a bet on. This little dingy and tired candy store was the hub of a lot of activity.  Most importantly, this is the place I would go to read comic books. I was rarely able to buy one, but the owners would let me sit in the store and read all the comics I wanted to.

All through my life I'd read anything that would let me fly away to another world, where I could imagine I was someone else, someone free to seek adventure, someone special, someone who could do great things, someone who can give to others, someone beautiful and brave, someone who falls in love with the Prince and lives in a beautiful castle... someone whose dreams come true.

Even when I was too young to read looking at the pictures and illustrations in books was enough to send my imagination someplace wonderful. It was amazing and still is. Sure, I can also blame my "issues with reality" on that too. But who would I be if I'd not traveled and explored the universe via magical stories. I'll tell you who I'd be- someone without imagination, creativity, and dreams.

You can find so much in a book- Education, answers, inspiration, adventure, and yes, you may even find yourself. For my very young self the places the tales would take me and the awe and wonder they provided, gave me hope my whole life through. Hope that there is a whole world outside of the confines of my City street and hope that there was something more, something better out there, and that I could be something more than just a dreamer of a magical life- Hope that I could live and share a magical life.

Dream on

Belle was trapped in the library and in the world of books until a little push from Dreamy and her trusty book in tow enabled her to use her knowledge and find strength and freedom to discover other layers of herself; in this episode it's her warrior spirit.  Belle joins the hunting party, becoming a hunter. But her hunt ends up being a sort of search and rescue instead. Later we see Belle become the hunted, when Regina captures and cages her. It is important to note that in this episode we hear a couple of people say "It's not your fight" but Belle got herself involved anyway.

Belle is a very observant girl.  She was calm, perceptive and smart enough to read and translate the SOS by the suffering Yaoguai, and being compassionate to the beast she was able to help free him from the curse that trapped him. We also see Belle's intuition and awareness at work in Storybrooke while looking for Hook's ship by listening carefully to the sounds on the dock, watching the birds land on the imperceptible mast and tossing sand onto the ghost ship- she is able to see the invisible.
Belle also frees Archie from his kidnapping and lovingly let's Rumple go freely to find his boy. She is brave and selfless.

I must inject a note that Henry is quite the architect. So far we've seen him recreate the pages of the fairy tale book when it went missing, and now we see him redesign the apartment with his own hand drawn blueprints. 

Life is an adventure, it's how we learn. We face many things on the path and they show us who we are and who we're not. You may not know who you truly are, or know who lives beyond the mask you yourself wears, or the you you keep locked away, until you're going along an ordinary and comfortable existence and something Earth shattering happens leaving you broken and lost and even angry. For some, this heartbreaking catastrophe will leave them jaded and disenchanted for the rest of their lives, causing them to just give up, giving in to the situation; it's as if, in some weird way they feel they are cursed or "sick/infected."  But for others, it is this very dramatic shift in life that once left them crumbled and hopeless, gives them a chance to face the challenges of these horrible circumstances and fight with everything they have, never giving up, to make change, to do something important or noble for themselves or others, to ultimately rebuild themselves and their life.

There may come a time in your life when you're spun around from your normal and have to face life through a new set of eyes. Will you discover you're not who you thought you were?  Are you courageous and brave? Do you have a warrior spirit? There's only one way to find out... Hitch your wagon to a star and you'll go far!

Love potion number 9

Last week I wrote about not crossing a line, but this week is a bit different. Rumpelstiltskin must cross the border of Storybrooke into a new frontier to journey to find his boy. Rumpelstiltskin loves Bae and is driven by that love to let go of his fear, leave everything including Belle behind, and cross into another new unknown world. The shawl represents hope to Rumple, as it is an anchor that keeps him connected to Bae. All is good as long as it's not Rumple's security blanket as well. Nonetheless, Rumpelstiltskin has a goal, he is fighting hard is to bring his family back together, no matter the cost. He needs to make things right with his boy so they can move forward together.

I was troubled that Rumple uses the entire potion on the shawl. I think he should have saved some for a rainy day.

A pawnbroker offers "secure loans" to people who use their personal items/property as collateral or pawns, if you will.  Do the items in Mr. Gold's shop represent hope for each resident of Storybrooke, and he is the keeper of these items, keeping them safe for them? Are those items triggers for them or are they discarded attachments of the residents? Will all of those items be reclaimed by their rightful owner after a debt is paid? I have so many questions about Mr. Gold's shop.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

๑ David admits to Mary Margaret that he grew up on a farm. Does she know the truth of his identity that he's pretending to be a Prince?
๑ Baelfire.
Fire: around the head of the creature. The burning village. The Fireball 
๑ The shawl is a connection to Bae and Milah
๑  Is it possible Bae doesn't want to be found and Hook is privy to that fact?
๑  The potion enchants an object not people
๑ Pennsylvania
๑ Sleep. Wake up- Awaken
๑ At Archie's funeral Ruby (of course, a wolf) looked Cruella Di Vil-ish in her fur jacket and dark sunglasses.
๑ Prince Philip under a curse cast by Maleficent.
๑ Test. Experiment
๑ Communication- language book translate
๑ Learn, listen observe- be aware
๑ Umbrella
๑ Right- Wrong
๑ Alcohol- wagon
๑ Hunting party- search and rescue
๑ Death. Funeral. Wake.
๑ Not dead
๑ Balance: Scale. Bicycle
๑ Books. Plot. Write. Draw. Charts. Blue prints. Diagram. Directions.
๑ Fresh Start. Redesign. Do over.
๑ Clean up your own mess-make things right.
๑ This world. Real World. Illusion.
๑ Words misspelled/wrong
๑ Who is this new stranger, this outsider?
๑  For fun- There's an adorable place called Storey Brook Bed and Breakfast.
and  there is a Storeybrook Dr. in Newburyport, Maine

Vocabulary and Research...

๑  The Stranger or The Outsider (L’Étranger) is a novel by Albert Camus published in 1942.
๑  The Outsider is a non-fiction book by Colin Wilson-Wilson explores the psyche of the Outsider, his effect on society, and society's effect on him.
๑  Yaoguai: "Yao Guai 妖怪" is simply the Chinese term that means "monster" or "demon".   A reference to T’ien-kou described this creature as a demon that looks like a large dog with a fiery tail.
Yaoguai are mostly malevolent animal spirits or fallen celestial beings that have acquired magical powers through the practice of Taoism. Not all yaojing are actually demons.
 - Video Game
The Chickadee plate is Maine's general issue plate. The first and only slogan "Vacationland" appeared on the plate in 1936.
Off the wagon, Slang . again drinking alcoholic beverages after a period of abstinence.
๑ On the wagon, Slang . abstaining from alcoholic beverages. Also, on the water wagon; British , on the water cart.
The Monkey's Fist can be used as a weapon or even as an anchor in rock climbing. Pirates have also used it to hide stolen precious gems.
D. McLean:
- Don (Donald) McLean. 1971 Album American Pie, contains the song Vincent.  Recorded a song titled (The Pattern is) Broken in 2010.
- Author Russel D. McLean wrote The Good Son and The Lost Sister
Shawshank Prison is the fictional prison in Maine.
The Shawshank Redemption: a movie based on a Stephen King novella "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption that appears in his collection Different Seasons- subtitled Hope Springs Eternal

 ✔ Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

✈ Fun bit of info- Claude is played by Paul Lazenby and on LOST we have a character named Nurse Susie Lazenby in Dave, The Beginning of the End, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Happily Ever After, The New Man in Charge.
✈  4
✈  Armory: The armory in the Swan Hatch was used to hold weapons, drugs/medicine, and prisoners.
✈  Books. Plot. Write. Draw. Charts. Blue prints. Diagram. Directions.
✈  Recruit. Sign up/call to Adventure
✈  Bagua. Octagon
✈  Bore- boar
✈  Ship
✈  Balance: Scale. Bicycle
✈  Listen. Hear. Look. See.
✈ Words misspelled/wrong
✈ Banish.  Exiled
✈ Clean up your own mess-make things right.
✈ Coward:  Desmond. Charlie
✈  What it takes:
-  Jack believed he didn't "have what it takes". We learn a bit about this in White Rabbit.
- Although he didn't have use of his legs, Locke believed he did have what it took. We see this in Walkabout.
✈  Adventure:
Locke- Walkabout and The Substitute
Desmond- Flashes Before Your Eyes
Michael/Kevin- Meet Kevin Johnson
Ajira Airways specialized in adventures
The Hunting Party
Tabula Rasa
Fire + Water 
... In Translation

 Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!
Mr. Gold/Rumple drives out to the line that borders Storybrooke and the outside world.  He's kidnapped Smee to use as a guinea pig to test the potion he's created. Smee doesn't want to be pushed over because if he crosses the line he'll lose his memory.  Of course Smee was willing to bestow this cruel fate upon Belle.  Gold pours the potion on the red "rag" hat that is important to Smee; His grandmother made it for him when he was a boy. "It's always brought me good fortune." 
Gold kicks Smee over the line and energy charges through his body.  The potion works! Smee knows his own name and knows Rumpelstiltskin, The Dark One. "I remember everything!"  The experiment was a success. Rumple pulls Smee across the line back into Storybrooke and sends him on his way.
Rumple says out loud to himself "I have a trip to plan."
Mary Margaret/Snow White speaks at Archie's funeral. They all knew him as a true friend. "And though he may not be gone, he will always live on inside of us, reminding us to be our best selves... to do the right thing, to always fight for what we believe in. So we shouldn't think of today as goodbye- just as a way of saying 'Archie, we'll be listening.'"  Geppetto cries, "I miss you so much, my friend. Well, at least you're in a better place." He places Jiminy's umbrella against the headstone.

On board the ship, prisoner Archie fears Hook, who wants to know where the Dark One's dagger is.  Archie doesn't know anything about a dagger. Hook believes him.  He shares with Archie that it's the Dark One's weakness and asks if he has any others. Archie doesn't say anything. Hook threatens Archie with his desire to always have wanted to dissect a cricket.
Belle meets Gold/Rumple at his shop where he reveals to her "I did it. I can leave."  He shows her the tiny bottle of potion, explaining that when he pours the potion onto the object he holds most dear,  that object becomes a talisman that allows him to cross the town line and still remember who he is and who he is looking for- "My boy."   Belle asks, "What will you enchant?"   Rumple retrieves a shawl from a safe hidden behind a painting. This is all he has left of his Baelfire.  Belle would like to go with him, and although Rumple truly wishes she could, he only has enough of that potion for one object. Rumple locks the shawl back up in the hidden safe.
Rumple- "Hey... this is my journey, Belle. This is my journey. I'm afraid it's something I have to do alone."
Belle hugs him, knowing this true.
Belle is sitting alone reading a book and drinking in the tavern when she overhears a man speak about a fearsome beast that's ravaging a faraway land; whose eyes burn with fire. They call it the Yaoguai and no man has been able to kill it- but they will. There's room on their wagon for more men to join them. {Note her mug is glass bottom.}
Belle seems lost in her own happy thoughts when Dreamy asks her "Looking for an adventure?"  He's there to thank her for the advice she gave him last night. "It worked. Nova and I are running away together."  Belle feels that wonderful, but you can see her attention is also pulled over to the recruits getting ready to leave on their adventure.  Dreamy encourages her to sign up.  Since Belle always dreamed of heroics and adventures she'll stick the safety of her books because they provide her with happy endings.
Dreamy- "Well, maybe this one will have one too."
Belle doubts it. The last time she faced a beast it didn't end well.
Dreamy- "What are you talking about?"
Again Belle is instantly drawn to the newly expanded Team Yaoguai. The leader tells his group "Men, follow me. Yaoguai awaits."
Dreamy nudges her to get on that wagon, "Go. Take a chance." Belle thanks him, packs her book in her bag and heads on an adventure. Dreamy stops her long enough to give her a pouch of Fairy Dust; it may come in handy.  Belle declines his gift because she's seen what magic does to people.
Dreamy- "You've seen what dark magic does. Fairies use this for good. Now go be a hero."
12:05 marks the time on the Storybrooke Free Public Library clock tower. A large blue banner announces the library will opening soon.  Belle gets busy putting books in their proper places when she's interrupted discovering a man reading a book in a dark corner. She recognizes this is the man who broke into her cell at Queen's palace and wanted to kill Rumpelstiltskin. The pirate still wants to kill Rumple, but right now he'll settle for her. Brave Belle pushes over a large book cart that crashes down upon the pirate, giving her a chance to escape into the old elevator.

Once inside the elevator she calls Rumple on his cell from her cell and tries to tell him that she's trapped in there because she's running from a man who broke in and wants to kill her; the man is a pirate missing a hand. Unfortunately the communication between the two crackles and breaks up, by a poor connection/signal- Rumple can hardly hear her.
Adventurer, and now hunter, Belle reads her book while she rides on the back of the hunting party wagon. She is asked by one of the men if she expects to defeat the fiercest creature in the land with a book. Another amused hunter comments that "Maybe she means to bore it to death."  Belle insists the book will tell them how to find the Yaoguai. The book isn't written in scribbles, as the men perceive it to be, it is written in another language; one Belle knows how to translate. Belle teases them with a hint to the whereabouts of the creature. But not caving into their bullying, she sends them in the direction of the lake. With their destination determined, they literally kick Belle off the wagon, tossing her book as well.  "Don't forget your book! Hahaha."
Undaunted, Belle picks herself up and reads aloud from her book- "The Yaoguai prefers mountain habitats to all others. The Yaoguai hybernates by day and hunts by night."
"Please be asleep." Armed with her dagger, Belle makes her way toward the Yaoguai's den, inadvertently stepping on a twig and waking the creature.  Belle runs from the fiery Yaoguai, tripping and falling to the ground, when an arrow is fired at the Yaoguai from a masked person.  {Mulan} The creature runs off.  Belle thanks Mulan for saving her life, but Mulan is annoyed Belle ruined her hunt; as it took her weeks to track the Yaoguai there.  Mulan chalks Belle finding the Yaoguai in a day to good luck, but Belle shows her it wasn't luck, but her book. Armed with her book, Belle could help Mulan find it again. Sadly Mulan demands Belle stay out of her way.

Back in the library elevator, Belle fears the pounding on the other side of the doors. The doors open to reveal Rumple is there to rescue her. He assures her she has nothing to fear "I'm here now."

Henry is sitting alone on the bed when Emma enters asking the kid if he's hungry; she manages to wrangle him up a PopTart. Henry, obviously feeling blue, declines.
Emma tells Mary Margaret "Well, that went well", as she feels awful she's doing all she can to sooth Henry's loss.
Leroy/Grumpy approaches the two ladies "The Dwarfs have been thinking... We have to ask... When do we go back? {Emma asks 'Back? Where?'} The Enchanted Forest- our home."
The ladies question their want to go back. Emma feels "We fought really hard to get here."   The men are concerned about what Regina did to Archie Storybrooke isn't as safe as they thought.  Emma assures them they will find her; there's only so many places she can hide. They've dealt with Regina before, they'll do it again.  But the men's concern isn't just about her. The curse is broken.
Leroy/Grumpy- "There's a whole world full of people beyond the town line that don't know who or what we are. Ever think of what might happen if one of them were to come pay us a visit?"
Ruby feels he's right, and wonders what would an outsider think if they see magic and a girl turning into a wolf. Folks weren't exactly understanding even in their world. Emma doesn't want them to worry about 'what ifs', "No one is here."
Leroy/Grumpy- "Yet. Maybe they come-maybe they don't. That doesn't change the fact while we might enjoy things like penicillin... we're a bit homesick.

Mr. Gold/Rumple and Belle are crossing street when Belle asks him "Where are you going?" Rumple shares that the shop has many wonderful things in there that he can use to make sure that pirate never goes near her again.  Belle doesn't want Rumple to deal with this, feeling they need to report this to the sheriff so they can take care of him.  "You're so close to finding your son, please, please don't let your hatred for this man get in the way of that."  But he tried to harm Belle and she wonders why.  Although Rumple's issue with Hook doesn't concern Belle, he finally reveals the root of their battle. "Many years ago I was married to a woman named Milah... until Hook crossed our paths."
Belle- "She was Baelfire's mother?"
Rumple- "Yeah. And because of that marauding cur- he grew up without her. He took my wife. He took Bae's mother... so I took his hand."  
Belle understands that's why Hook attacked her, but she asks about "her" and what he/Hook did.  Rumple is hesitant to reply, so Belle tenderly takes his hand assuring Rumple he can tell her anything.
Rumple- "She died. That's all that matters."
They enter the shop to find everything in shambles, broken, and the precious shawl he kept locked away in the safe behind the painting is gone. This is why Hook attacked Belle; to get Rumple out of the shop.
Hook watches Rumple's return to the maelstrom of the shop via his looking glass/telescope perched on a rooftop across the street. Mr. Smee arrives to give the Cap'n the stolen shawl and asks what it is.
Hook- "It's the end of the Crocodile's hope. Now he's trapped here."
In a fit of anger, Rumple smashes the miniature ship that sits on the glass counter. Belle calms him, although Rumple is motivated to "retrieve what's mine."  Compassionate Belle wants to help him but Rumple insists "This is my fight!"  Belle feels this is my fault. If Hook had never attacked her then Rumple never would have left the shop. Rumple is fired up. "How do you propose we get the shawl back?! Have you dueled with a Pirate before? How exactly are you gonna help me?!"
Helpless, Belle isn't going to sit there and do nothing. Rumple demands she go back to the library, lock the door and wait for him to dispense with this problem. She wonders if Rumple will cast some sort of spell that gives her "no choice" if she doesn't do what he says.  No, Rumple trusts she'll do as he wishes; as she trusts him to be a better man. "Belle, please. Hook has may be cost me the chance of finding my son, I don't want to lose you too. Here, look. {A gun} I want you to take this just in case Hook is stupid enough to come after you again. Point this. Pull this trigger and the gun will do the rest for ya, alright? Alright?!"  Belle wants him to promise that him going after Hook is just about getting the shawl back. Rumple doesn't reply to her, he only walks out. {Note the scales behind them.}
Belle is retrieving a bucket of (clear) water from the well when one of her fellow Yaoguai hunters hangs her into the well. The Yaoguai wasn't at the lake and perhaps Belle purposely sent them in the wrong direction. Belle states she must have misread that.
Masked/hooded Mulan comes to Belle's rescue and fights off the men; even though it isn't her fight. The men are stunned to discover this tough person behind the mask is a woman.  Belle, who didn't expect to see Mulan again, thanks her.
Mulan has had to put up brutes and fools like that when she served in the Emperor's army. She only wishes she had someone to stand up for her.  Mulan's right leg was cut during the fight, but she knows she'll survive.
Mulan- "The sun should be setting soon. We need to move out."
Mulan was impressed that Belle tracked the Yaoguai in a matter of hours, but it took her weeks. "You track the beast, and I'll kill it." Belle will be honored to help her.
At the library, Belle picks up the books knocked over in her scuffle with Captain Hook. Amongst the pile she discovers what she believes is a sailor's knot. {Although it looks more like a baby's rattle to me. lol}
She investigates her finding in a nautical book; locating the page with instructions to make the Monkey's Fist knot and determines "Hook came here on his ship."
Mr. Smee makes his way past The Rabbit Hole and right into the wake of angry Rumple. "Leaving town, Mr. Smee? I spared your life... this is how you repay me? That object you stole from me- I want it back."  {Rumple magically/telepathically chokes Smee.}
Smee admits giving it to Hook; they met on a rooftop. Hook didn't tell Smee anything because Hook knows exactly what Smee is... a sniveling rat! With that, Rumple magically turns Smee into a rat. Every bit of Smee transforms except for his special red hat.
Belle walks the dock in search of Captain Hook's ship.  Listening carefully, she notes a creaking sound and is drawn to watching the birds land on the invisible mast. Knowing she's onto something, she tosses sand from the sandbox toward the area. "Found you."  Belle walks up and crosses the threshold of the invisible to the visible, she is aboard the ship.

Armed with her gun, she descends down to investigate the ship. Inside one of the rooms she hears a muffled voice call out, "Down here."  Stunned, she finds the voice belongs to kidnapped Archie. Belle uses a sword to free Archie and instructs him to find Mr. Gold and tell him she's here and bring him back to the ship.  They heard sounds above them, but Belle hurries Archie off.
While David and Mary Margaret are cleaning the dishes they note Henry calling someone on the phone. David wonders who he's calling, so curious Mary Margaret picks up the extension to listen in; Henry's called Archie's office to hear his answering machine/voice mail message.  David promises the boy that things will get better, all he has to do is hang in there.
Henry- "Doesn't feel that way."
David knows that. Mary Margaret touches her heart/chest to convey she feels his pain.  Just then the door opens and Pongo runs in.  Mary Margaret wonders "How did he get in here?"  Emma is the culprit. She and Marco had a chat over how much Henry loves this dog and decided Henry should have him. Henry is up for taking care of Pongo; as a matter of fact he'll take Pongo outside and clean him up.

Mary Margaret thinks giving Henry Pongo is a great idea, but four people and a Dalmatian in the loft will get cramped.  Emma agrees but feels they'll get creative.
Mary Margaret suggests "Or... we can get our own place."
Emma and David simultaneously say "You wanna move out?!"
Emma- "After 28 years isn't this what we've all been waiting for- to be together under the same roof?"
Mary Margaret says yes; she just imagined a bigger roof with turrets. "Being here in Storybrooke, we have a chance at a fresh start. Let's take it.
Belle continues her search aboard Hook's ship, coming across a key that opens a box containing gold coins and a bell. She is interrupted by Hook holding the stolen shawl. "Looking for this?" asks Hook. He claims the shawl now belongs to him and gets hold of the gun and points it at her {head-between her eyes}. "My dear Belle, you should have stayed with your books. Real life can get so... messy."
"It's just ahead."  Belle states to Mulan on their quest to find the Yaoguai. Mulan credits Belle's books for serving her well.  The pain in Mulan's leg causes her to voice her discomfort, but wants to press on to save her village. Although Mulan can't even walk, Belle asks her how she's going to kill the Yaoguai. But Mulan confesses she's not going to kill it, Belle is.
Mulan feels that even though Belle isn't a soldier, she has good instincts and has confidence in her smarts on tracking the beast and more. She shares a story about a time when people didn't she had what it took, but she proved them wrong by showing them she had "warrior spirit." Once she found something worth fighting for she fought for it with everything that she had, never giving up. The fate of Mulan's village depends on Belle. Telling Belle not to be afraid, Mulan gives Belle her sword.

"I'm not afraid of you. And I'm not leaving without that." Belle shows bravery in the face of Captain Hook.  In spite of her loyalty Hook feels Belle's fighting a lost cause, "What makes you think his son wants to be found, hmm? I'm doin' that boy a favor."  Belle, feeling Hook has hurt Rumple enough; stealing his wife.  But that's only part of the story. Hook's been hurt too.
Hook- "Tell me Luv, if a woman comes to you {He seductively gets in her face} begs you to take her away... is that theft?"
Belle- "Why would she leave him?"
Hook- "Because he was a coward. And because she loved me. I should have burned this the moment I acquired it."
Belle- "Why didn't you?"
Hook- "Because she made it."
Belle is sorry she died, but vengeance won't bring her back.  Hook exposes the fact that it wasn't an accident she died from. Of course Rumple left out an important detail to Milah's passing- he killed her. "He ripped out her heart and then he crushed it right in front of me."  Rumple will do anything to hold on to his power. Hook feels that's why anyone who has gotten close to Rumple has either run away or been killed and asks Belle what makes her think she's any different, and why would she want to fight for a man like that.
Belle- "Because I still see good in him. And because I believe he's changed. Because his heart is true. And yours... yours is rotten." She manages to knock him down, grab the shawl and get topside. Hook appears in front of her; he knows his ship like the back of his (hand). Rumple makes his appearance on deck.
Hook feels the crocodile looks different in this world, "Like the coward I met so long ago- limp and all."
Rumple- "And yet you still can't kill me."
Hook asks the Dark One what magic he'll hide behind today. Not magic, but good old fashioned ass kicking. Belle gets Rumple to stop by showing him what he came for, what is going to get him back to Bae- the shawl. Hook informs Belle she's wasting her time, as Rumple can't resist "He has to prove that he's not a coward."  Rumple warns Belle to turn away because this isn't going to be pretty.

Belle calls attention to herself to draw the fiery Yaoguai closer to her. Although she is nervous, she pushes forward in her task of destroying the beast. She lures it closer and with her sword she cracks open a water pipe and douses the beast with water, putting out its flames. The suffering Yaoguai writes a message in the mud which Belle translates... "Save me."
Compassionate Belle helps the beast by sprinkling the fairy dust she received from Dreamy onto the beast. This magically breaks the spell cast my Maleficent and transforms the beast back into Prince Phillip. Maleficent is an evil sorceress from his Kingdom determined to do everything in her power to keep him from his love, Aurora. She exiled him to that land and turned him into the monster. He tried to warn the villagers but no one understood what he really was, except Belle.
Belle admits he's not the first beast she's faced. Phillip is forever in her debt. His repayment will be to help get a Doctor for hurt Mulan. It will be Phillip's honor to help bring her back to the village.

Aboard Hook's ship Rumple continues beating up Hook.

{I put this clip in because it was my favorite Rumple moment of the episode. I got a great laugh from his reaction to Hook's mouthing off.}
Belle wants Rumple to stop trying to kill Hook, pleading that there's still good in him. "I see it. I've always seen it. Please, please, show me I'm not wrong." Rumple stops, but warns Hook to take his little ship and sail until you fall off the edge of the world. "I never wanna see you again." Rumple gets in one last slap. Belle and Rumple leave with the shawl in hand.

At Granny's Diner Mary Margaret is excited to look through fliers of houses For Sale in Storybrooke. {Note items of interest on the flier} But David, who grew up on a farm, is distracted by burying their friend that morning. That event makes David realize he doesn't want to die here/in Storybrooke. He wants to return home; to the home Mary Margaret says doesn't exist, where the Ogre's have returned and Cora's in power. David feels that's exactly the reason to go back- to fight, to make things right. But Mary Margaret's tired of fighting and feels they have a chance here, a chance to be together.
David- "But what if we don't belong here. Isn't it worth it to fight for what we really want."
Mary Margaret- "Unless we don't want the same thing."
Henry is busy drawing and coloring blueprints for a redesign of the apartment for if David and Mary Margaret move out. Emma asks the kid if he's plotting his escape from Shawshank. He wants to make Mary Margaret's room an Armory; for weapons and stuff, to protect them from Regina.
Emma assures worried Henry that she won't let Regina hurt him as she hurt Archie.
Henry- "What if she wants to take me back?"
Emma says that's not going to happen.  There's a knock at the door, one that's stirs up Pongo.  Archie has returned and shares it was Cora who kidnapped him.  This makes Emma realize they're wrong about Regina doing it.
Henry- "I knew it. Maybe we should let her know."
Emma- "Yeah. But something tells me either way we're gonna pay the price."
Rumple and Belle drive out to the line/edge/border of Storybrooke.
Rumple- "This (shawl) would've been lost if it wasn't for you, Belle. I would be lost. After everything you've learned about me, after everything I've done, why haven't you given up on me?"
Belle- "I learned a long time ago that when you find something that's worth fighting for... you never give up."

Belle leads Prince Phillip over the ridge to her friend, Mulan {reading Belle's Yaoguai book by campfire light.} Mulan is happy to see Belle alive. Belle has defeated the Yaoguai- with a little help.
Mulan asks the young man "Who are you?"
Prince Phillips- "I was the Yaoguai."
Belle- "He was cursed. So I helped him, so now he's going to help you." She not going with them as she has another beast to face. The ladies exchange weapons; Belle returns Mulan her sword and Mulan returns Belle's book. The brave ladies say goodbye to each other.  Phillip properly introduces himself to Mulan.

Looking out over the Kingdom below, brave and proud of herself, Belle, states aloud "I'm coming back, Rumple."
"Isn't that sweet? Still fighting for true love- even to the bitter end." It's Regina on horseback with a few soldiers.  Belle wonders how Regina found her.
Regina- "You really should be nicer to your traveling companions, right Claude? Take her to the tower!"
Belle is taken and thrown into the Queen's paddy wagon, claiming she can save him; break his curse.
Regina- "You already tried and failed. That monster's beyond saving. I'm sparing you a lifetime of pain and misery."
Belle- "You, you can't keep us apart forever. I'll fight for him. I'll never stop fighting for him!
Rumple pours his potion on the special shawl as Belle holds it for him; he uses the entire bottle and then tosses the empty bottle aside. Belle drapes the shawl over Rumple's shoulders. He's ready. "Here we go."  Rumple let's go of Belle's hand and steps over the orange line, where magical energy flows through him. Belle is nervous waiting to see if Rumple "remembers" from the other side of the line. It worked! The two are able to hold hands across the line.
Belle- "Now you can find your son."
Rumple- "Oh, Belle, I so wish you were coming with me."
Belle- "It doesn't matter."
Rumple- "Why not?"
Belle- "Because you'll find him. And when you do, I'll be here waiting for you when you get back."
As they kiss goodbye across the line, a gunshot is fired causing Belle to fall over the line and into Rumple's arms. {She took experiences magical energy through her body.}  Hook fired the shot.
Rumple is panicked.  "Belle! Belle!"
Belle- "Who's Belle?"
Rumple has blood on his hands from Belle's wound. {I'm not positive but it seems that Belle's feet seem to stay on the line for a time.}
Hook, pointing the gun at Rumple, tells him not to fear, as she'll live. "She'll just have no idea who you are."
Rumple- "What you've done cannot be undone."
Hook- "Well now you finally know how it feels! Well go ahead Crocodile, do your worst!"
Rumple places Belle back over the line into Storybrooke and he's about to unleash a fireball at Hook a car approaches causing Rumple to get out of the way and protecting Belle- but the speeding car hits Hook and crashes, hitting a big rock. Rain pours down.