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Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.” -Aladdin

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The Mirror Strikes Again!
Indeed it does! So, let me start off by saying that this episode connects wonderfully with the episode The Thing You Love Most and a few LOST episodes. 

The Evil Queen/Regina and Genie/Sidney's mirror only reveals the shallow and intangible aspect of their lives. They need a mirror that reveals the truth and depth of their life so they can grow and lead a happier and more beautiful existence.

Genie, who is referred to as a man, didn't hide his attitude about his unhappy and redundant life when freed from the lamp.  He is unimpressed with his gift of granting wishes because he knows they all turn out badly. He gets no happiness from it.

We've yet to see a glimmer of goodness in Regina's heart- she's a snake.  Regina needs her mirror but not for vanity. Clouded Regina doesn't recognize her own selfishness, jealousy, anger and belligerence.  And until she can have clarity and see the truth of who she truly is, she won't be able to guide others along the path.

We understand that the residents of Storybrooke are trapped by "the curse", but their sense of imprisonment really stems from deep emotional issues, pain and feeling lost.  The true essence of who each person is dwells locked away- somewhere deep down inside.  We were under the impression that each resident of Storybrooke has a picture perfect existence in the Enchanted Forest, yet we've witnessed that their life there is anything but.  In addition to experiencing many challenges there they also deal with hurt, abandonment, loneliness, identity insecurities, poor upbringing and good old fashioned back stabbing in that magical land.  They're looking for a way out- to be free of their suffering; on some level in both realms.  In this episode a red locked toolbox contains the fairy tale book and a box contains the deadly gold snake; each box representing "a way out" for someone.

Let's touch on little Henry for a moment as he is the one who "brought" Emma to Storybrooke.  Is Henry a healthy normal boy daydreaming in and out of his own world, fantasizing and imagining he has another mother who can come and save him from his wretched life?  We did hear Archie say in a previous episode -"The word crazy is quite damaging. These stories are his language.  He has no idea how to express complex emotions so he's translating as best he can, this is how he communicates.  He's using this book to help deal with his problems."  Is that statement about Henry or someone else or all of them?
Henry has claimed a few times that "Operation Cobra" isn't about "him and Emma", rather it's about "the curse".  Is this a fantasy that lives exclusively in a child's mind or does Henry represent something in Emma or even all of the residents? 

Have you noticed that the symbol of Storybrooke is a tree?  The Queen's tree grows in the palace garden.  This tree goes everywhere with her, indicating she does continue to nurture it.  A tree represents life, with its branches representing that all life is connected.  Is the Queen/Regina's apple tree representing only poison?  Does it represent the connecting of two realms? Or could it be the tree of knowledge; possibly connecting good and the underworld?  Does the possibility exist that the tree will be the symbol of enlightenment?
The Book of One Thousand and One Nights has a story, 'The Tale of Buluqiya', in which the hero searches for immortality and finds a paradise with jewel-encrusted trees.
The Long Con
Are you going to get fooled again?  We all may be victims of a long con here.  Again I am brought back to the adventures of the "Island".
We went into this new adventurous journey with the premise of fairy tale characters that had been cursed and banished into "our world", yet they aren't really in "our world".  So, that would mean things and people are not what you think they are.  Just as on the "Island" will we find that perception plays a role with this story as well?

A Long Con works by getting someone to ask you to do something 'like it's their idea', but it's not their idea, it's your idea.  The Evil Queen played a long con on the lonely and needing true love, Genie.  She played him like a fiddle and foolish Genie never saw it coming.  Was Regina's father, Henry, in on the con with her or was he just being a protective father trying to help his daughter?  Was there a loophole? The Evil Queen played the con and got someone else, in this case the lovesick Genie, to murder her husband.  I saw that on the "Island" with John Locke using a loophole getting Sawyer to kill his father, Anthony Cooper in The Brig.  In the episode Outlaws Hibbs cons Sawyer into killing Frank Duckett. Also on LOST, Jacob and Man in Black talked about a loophole being a game changer. Other episode mentioning loopholes is Confidence Man.

Regina and Sidney worked together to "sell something" to Emma. I wonder if there's a con within that con too.  Are they doing any of this for the greater good or is it all still self serving? What will it take for them to learn and grow to become better loving and compassionate people, people who can feel and give love.

Mr. Gold keeps reaching out to Emma but she shuns his help. He seems to have knowledge and understanding about things and goings on. We've seen him lead people in the right direction, so, is he trying to guide and help Emma through this journey or is his motivation completely for self serving purposes?

Where does the stranger come in to all of this and where is this elaborate setup going to lead us? I can't wait to find out! It's all so exciting!

Guys... where are we? - Really
Can Henry, the child, or any of the residents of Storybrooke answer that question?  Is it really just the poor kid that can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality or is it everyone?  Is it a metaphoric statement or is there some logical but unique explanation to things?  The realms obviously overlap and blur together. 

How is this fantastical and magical adventure happening?  Did The DHARMA Initiative recruit more people for their anthropology experiments?  Did Octagon Global Recruiters get back in business?!  Just as with LOST I feel a sense of things and people not being what you think they are.  I don't want to sound like a broken record but every time I watch ONCE I feel like I'm watching our very important "Island" journey, except instead of the adventure being lived and worked out on the "Island" it is being experienced in a fairy tale environment.  Maybe you can get away to find yourself!
Fans may find another familiar layer of the LOST story in ONCE, especially with a few similar season 6-like happenings going on in ONCE.  But just as on the "Island" the residents of Storybrooke/Enchanted Forest are not/were not literally dead.  I have a different perception about the experiences I observed throughout the six seasons on LOST.  That doesn't mean my perception is correct.
But if this is a case of ONCE being related to LOST then maybe we should read some of my LOST notes and see what similarities bridge the two stories together and if there is a mutual party involved:
...And Yet We Keep Playing It 
Data and Evidence
Instructing Further

Before you read on let me ask you this...Is it ever OK to do a bad thing even if it's for good?

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ "We won't get fooled again"- A song by The Who; final track from the album Who's Next? And the single B side of it is "I Don't Even Know Myself"
๑ In Storybrooke we have "the curse" and on the "Island" we have "the sickness/infection"
๑ Writers in this episode: The scruffy stranger, The Evil Queen and little boy Henry
๑ The castle playhouse is moved from the beach to the woods
๑ See you in another life
๑ Henry, the father and Henry, the adopted son- what is the connection?
๑ Did Regina do something else to her son?
๑ How does the Queen/Regina end up married to King Leopold? A man knowing he could 'never love her', yet is a man who knows the preciousness of love and family
๑ Did the book end up in the hands of its rightful owner or a thief?
๑ Henry thinks the book is gone and never coming back.
๑ What do the skull keys in Regina's office open?
๑ Things noted as dangerous: The last pages of the book, Regina, Mr. Gold. Viper, The playhouse castle
๑ There is a Genie Lamp and Gold Chess set at Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop
๑ Regina's father, Henry, wears a wedding ring
๑ Emma and Henry have a special place- Mary Margaret and David have a special spot
๑ The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen: 'hiding things under many mattresses'
๑ Snow White loves birds and feathers; they seem to end up in her attire
๑ Henry wears a Pea Coat- (or pilot jacket) usually it's heavy wool, originally worn by sailors of European and later American navies. The U.S. Military Navy issue pea coat is dark blue. A bridge coat is a pea coat that extends to the thighs and is a uniform exclusively for officers and Chief Petty Officers.

Vocabulary and Research...
Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the U.S. used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally; meaning that if the source of the evidence (the "tree") is tainted, then anything gained from it (the "fruit") is as well. The phrase is attributed to Justice Felix Frankfurter
King Leopold- Belgium's King Leopold II is mentioned in the novella The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. This symbolic story is a story within a story or frame narrative. Mr. Kurtz is a central fictional character. He was the direct inspiration for the Kurtz character in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.
The Genie of the Lamp- Jinn or Genies are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind.  The Arabic root ǧ-n-n means 'to hide, conceal'.
The Qur'an mentions that Jinn are made of smokeless flame or "scorching fire". In many modern cultures, a Genie is portrayed as a magical being that grants wishes. The earliest of such Jinn stories in folklore originate in the book of the One Thousand and One Nights. A common theme in many Arabian Nights tales is fate and destiny.
- The word genie in English is derived from Latin genius, which meant a sort of tutelary or guardian spirit thought to be assigned to each person at their birth.

Magister: Master, sir;  a title of the Middle Ages given to a person in authority, or to one having a license from a university to teach philosophy and the liberal arts. In Sweden, Magister historically was the highest degree at the faculties of philosophy and was equivalent to the doctorate used in theology, law and medicine. The degree was abolished in 1863, and replaced with the Doctor of Philosophy. The Magister degrees used in Denmark and Norway most closely resemble this degree.
Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
★ A few {as there are many} episodes connections to this ONCE episode: Expose, The Long Con, Confidence Man, Outlaws and Catch 22
★ 4, 8, 23 and 50: Yes, I noted 50 for a reason. Jack meet Mr. Friendly on day 50 and Christian/Jack is sober 50 days in A Tale of Two Cities.  Plus there's the book club, Jack gets "bailed out" and so much more.
★ Swan- Swan Station/Hatch.  Sidney/Sydney Glass.
★ Identity. No Identity
★ Cranium/Head: Mental health. Psychology/Psychiatry. Sessions
★ Hear-listen.  Look-see
★ Being watched/observe. Communication
★ Bug. Monitor. Record/tape. Walkie-Talkie. Tracking. Flash/thumb drive. Computers
★ Code. Execute. Escape
★ Security system and alarm
★ 1st Place- 2nd Place- Win {A Race or contest- Game} Rules
★ Chess
★ Direction and choices: Start. Stop. Right. Wrong.  
★ Life: Birthday/birth. Departed/death {gone}
★ Mirrors
★ Sleep. Awake
★ Grow. Nurture. Teach. Learn
★ Things written out: Blueprints. Text. Records. Documents. Files.
★ Diary/journal: Claire, Daniel Faraday, Ben Linus and The Black Rock kept journals. Note- Although The Black Rock's journal was up for auction in The Constant, it has LEDGER is written on book spine
★ Burying things- not staying buried for very long
★ Drinking alcohol. Drunk. Bar
★ Bacon is mentioned by Hurley, Charlie, Ana Lucia and Miles
★ Picnics- Charlie/Claire, Hurley/Libby, Sayid/Shannon
★ Queen of the castle- We had King of the castle Mobisode Number 3
★ See you in another life, Brotha- Desmond.  Nadia wrote to Sayid “You’ll find me in the next life, if not in this one” in Solitary
★ Jack says "Forgive me" as he prepares to jump off the bridge in Through the Looking Glass
★ When Genie inquires "And what will you do to him once I have found him?" Brings me back to the question Jack asks Locke "What happens when I catch him?" in White Rabbit
★ In the episodes The Lie and The Little Prince we get specific shots of the silver cell phone just as we do in this ONCE episode
★ In the episode What Kate Did Locke frees Jin of his handcuff, and Mr. Eko spoke to John Locke about the Book of Law and temple in ruins
★ In the episode Dave we learn that Hurley feels responsible for the death of a few people; because the deck that was built to hold 8 was holding 23 and it collapsed, leaving him to feel it was due to his weight.   And Henry Gale's balloon story is confronted and found to be a made up story. {The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad}
★ I gotta say that when we are introduced to The Viper I had thoughts about the spiders in Expose for a moment
Expose also shows up in Ji Yeon {On the TV in Sun's room}, The Man From Tallahassee {Locke's mental health/depression and he watches Expose}, The Lie {David Reyes watches Expose}

Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
Focused  Henry {wearing a helmet} rides his bike right past Emma sitting in her sheriff car. {We get a great shot of both individually in the rear view mirror} He peddles right past Emma.
Henry- "The storm!"  The playhouse castle is in ruins.
Emma assures him they can fix it; she'll call Marco to do it.  But Henry seems more concerned with finding his buried book that he's hid so his mom doesn't find it.  He also ruled out hiding it under his mattress because that would be the first place the Evil Queen would look; the second place she'd look is to Emma. The book is buried in a key locked red toolbox.  Henry shares that his mom doesn't know about the castle because it's his and Emma's secret.
He buries the box again, just as Regina calls out his name; she's been looking everywhere for him.
Henry has a session with Archie this morning.  Regina should have known he was with Emma. She commands him to the car.
Regina looks at the ruined playhouse castle and asks Emma "You let him play here?"
Emma- "The storm hit it hard but we can fix it."
Regina- "Well, can you fix a cracked cranium? 'Cause that's what you'll have on your hands if one of these boards collapses under his weight. You're not thinking about Henry or his safety, just ways around me.  Miss Swan, don't let your feelings cloud your judgment. People can get hurt."   That statement means Emma's the sheriff now and it's time to be responsible.  Regina walks away.

At Granny's Diner annoyed Emma is re-telling the conversation she had with Regina, to Mary Margaret. "Don't let my feelings cloud my judgment? That's all Regina ever does."   Mary Margaret feels Regina's just upset because Emma and Henry have a special place- and she doesn't.  Emma wonders how Regina found out about the castle in the first place.  Mary Margaret informs her Regina, the Mayor, knows everything about this town.  She checks her cell phone and sees there's a message from David Nolan, and hurries out.  But she also lets Emma know she thinks Emma's right because she sees the affect Regina has on Henry.
As soon as Mary Margaret is away from the table Sidney doesn't miss a beat and sits right in the chair across from Emma.  He has been drinking and claims to be able to grant Emma's wish.
Emma backs away from his liquored breath and asks if he wants a side of bacon with that whiskey.  Sidney can help her show the town who the Mayor really is. Emma feels that would be hard to do since Sidney is inside the Mayor's pocket.  Sidney claims he and the Mayor are done. "She got me fired from the paper! She made a fool of me in the election. So, I started working on an Expose on the Mayor's office and I found something she didn't want found."
Emma- "Sidney, you're drunk. Go home, sleep it off. {she takes her keys} Be grateful you don't have to answer to her anymore."
Sidney gives her his business card. "Call me. Storybrooke deserves to know the truth about her." Emma reluctantly takes his card. {Note- the whole scene at Granny's the time on the clock is on 9:00}
Genie is sitting inside his lamp looking at himself in his hand held mirror. He is bored and lonely.  Above/outside the Genie notes a new master. "Here we go." 
At the shore/beach King Leopold rubs the found gold lamp. {With three green gems. Note the sound as he the king touches the lamp} Dark smoke escapes from the lamp and manifests into a Genie. {The Genie wears an earring that looks like a leaf.}
The obviously sick and tired Genie runs down the "three wishes" rules in a redundant fashion to his new master.  "You awakened the Genie of Agrabah!  You are entitled to three wishes, no more, no less. But you must know that magic has its limits.  You cannot wish for life- nor death. You cannot wish for love. You cannot wish for more wishes. And once spoken a wish cannot be undone no matter what the consequences. So...tell me your first wish."
The happy go lucky King is giddy trying to think of a wish, but ultimately can't think of a single thing he desires because he has everything he needs. "I seek nothing more than the happiness of all who set foot in my Kingdom."
The Genie- "Ugh!"  Again Genie is obviously spiritless.  He sits down on some old tree limbs/driftwood. King Leopold notices that although Genie is in his Kingdom he seems unhappy.
Genie- "I have served as Genie of the Lamp for longer than you've been aliveLife as a Genie is not as magical as it may appear.
King Leopold- "So, you wish to be free?"
Genie- "More than anything."
The generous hearted King knows his first wish. "I wish you to be free".  And with a magical Whoosh the gold cuffs that bind the Genie are released.  The excited Genie wonders "Can it be? Am I truly free?"
King Leopold- "You're the Genie, you tell me."
The Genie asks the King what he will do with the remaining two wishes.  For the King's second wish he wishes to give his third and final wish to the Genie and he hands the Genie the lamp.
Genie- "In my time I have granted 1001 wishes...and I've seen them end poorly 1001 timesMaking a wish comes with a price.  And that is why I will never use this wish."   He puts the lamp in his pocket.
The King commends him for being a man of wisdom and asks what he will do with his freedom.  Genie will find the one thing he's always desired, the thing that his prison has kept from him; "True love."  In that case the King invites him to his palace as he is certain he will find it there.  The King wants him to meet his family.

As Genie and the King walk through the garden {with its 8 sided structures} of the Steel/Iron/Glass Palace, Genie compliments him. "Your palace is as lovely as you are kind."  But the King feels it's more than kindness, and introduces his beautiful daughter, Snow {with flowers/Gerber daisies}, and then to his wife, Regina. {Note 1 of the 8 sided structures is not complete and it houses the tree which is surrounded by a fence.} Regina picks an apple off the tree and says hello to Genie. {Genie carries a dagger as part of his attire} The Queen appears lovely and beautiful.

The playground castle is being torn down while Regina stands by overseeing the destruction.  Emma hurries to Henry's side.  His book is no longer on the site where he buried it.  Emma sarcastically congratulates Regina on destroying thing Henry loves.  Concerned mother Regina feels it was a dangerous thing that can only hurt him and others. "You see me as a villain, Miss Swan, but that's just your perception and you're wrongLearn your place in this town or soon enough you won't be in it."  Regina walks away and Emma wastes no time calling Sidney. "Hi. I'm in. I want everyone to know who she really is."

Mary Margaret hurries to the TrOLL Bridge to meet John Doe/David.  She got his text and wonders what is going on.   {David wears his wedding ring}
John Doe/David- "Follow me."
He pulls her and leads covertly.  This makes Mary Margaret scared.  He tells her what's wrong  "You're late".   He presents her with a picnic. "Now the wine's getting warm." {White wine. Gerber daisies}  She kisses him but feels they have to stop doing this.
John Doe/David- "We just started doing this."  They will figure out what they are doing- tomorrow.

Literally right under them- under the TrOLL Bridge {Trolls live under bridges} Emma drives through the tunnel to (covertly) meet Sidney.  Emma is listening and wants to know what he knows about her.  Sidney reveals that $50,000 {grand} out of the budget is missing and Regina's responsible... The money is just the tip of the iceberg. "We figure out what she's doing and it all falls apart. It all crumbles. And we'll finally learn her secretsYou see what she is. I see it.  All we need is a crack in the mirror to show everyone! I'm telling you this is it!"
He feels the plan is to "Tap her phone. G.P.S. her car. Hack into her E-Mail. Dip into your bail bonds person bag of tricks!"
Emma says no, as she's sheriff now and has to be responsible. "I want to do this by the book."
Sidney- "She's gonna know that you're on to her, sooner than later.  Are you prepared for her wrath?" Emma is prepared, while Sidney says he wasn't.   They walk in opposite directions.  Emma stops to ask, "If you thought she was so terrifying... how did you allow yourself to end up in her pocket?"
Sidney seems sincere when replying, "I used to think she was a different person."

King Leopold is celebrating his birthday with friends and family with a feast. The Queen sits alone at the table looking very sad. {Wearing gray-ish color}
The King lovingly makes a speech as he tenderly holds Snow's hand. "No gifts are required to mark this special day.  For they all pale in comparison to the greatest gift of all- My daughter, Snow.  Every day I look upon your face... and I am reminded of your dearly departed mother, who like you truly was the fairest in all the land."
Genie watches the sad and jealous Queen walk out of the room.
The Sad Queen looks up at the moon and Genie joins her.  She is started by his voice behind her. Apparently she's not in a festive mood and no one seems to notice her absence.  But Genie noticed.  He compliments her lovely tree.  {He touches a leaf} The tree is from her childhood garden. The Queen feels she and the tree share something in common; neither of them can leave the palace and neither truly belongs.  She shares her sadness with Genie.  "No matter how hard I try to please the King he will never love me the way he loved his first wife. I'm trapped by the memory of a life they used to share."
Genie knows more than anyone about being trapped.  He gives her his large hand held mirror from his pocket in an effort to lift her spirits. "So you can see yourself the way I see you."  She tearfully asks how he sees her.
Genie-"As the fairest in all the land." They look into each other's eyes.
At Mary Margaret's apartment Emma and Sidney look through files and file boxes for Intel.  She asks if it sounds right that the transfer went through about three weeks ago. Sidney says "Yeah. Why?"  Emma reveals those records are missing.
Mary Margaret barges in to talk to Emma and realizes Sidney is there.  Emma informs Mary Margaret that she and Sidney are doing some work and may have found something on Regina.  Mary Margaret feels that's "Interesting work. Oh, I approve".  Sidney suggests if Emma wants to do this by the book they should get a warrant.  But Emma's concerned that they wouldn't be able to find a judge that Regina doesn't own. "We're screwed."  Or there's Sidney's way; to which Emma reiterates she wants to do this right.
Sidney- "What's right is exposing her.  Sometimes doing a bad thing for a good reason is OK, right?"
Wound up Mary Margaret chimes in. "Yeah. I mean maybe you're doing something wrong but if what's meant to be if its what's right does that really make you a bad person?!"
Sidney laughs "Exactly."
Emma thinks the two are doing a whole lot of rationalizing.
Sidney- "But look what she's done to you. To me. To your son. I mean she's not gonna stop, so whatever you do you gotta do something."
Emma wants to start by talking to Regina.

In the Mayor's black, white and touch of red office Regina asks knit cap wearing Emma and the disgraced {X} ex-reporter what they're accusing her of.  Sidney just stands stoic as Emma does all the talking.  Emma tells her $50,000 was transferred out of the city account by her and public records show they are missing.  As Mayor, Regina's involved in many transactions and she probably checked them out; as her job often requires her to do.  And if the records were checked out three weeks ago "That means they burned- in a fire".  In a fire she recalls got Emma elected sheriffConfident Regina has nothing to hide.  {Well, were they checked out or did they burn in the fire?!}
Emma leans on Regina's desk and looks into Regina's eyes and tells Sidney there's nothing for them to do, so they leave. {Where is that super power Emma has- the one  where she claims she can tell when people are lying?}

Outside, troubled Sidney questions Emma's plan "I thought you were gonna do something?"  Emma did. "I planted a bug. You win, Sidney. Let's do whatever it takes"
We get a shot of the planted bug under the desk, while Regina types away at her laptop.
Genie enters through giant double doors into the King's bedchamber as  the King had called for Genie. {The King looks disappointed} He has reason to believe his wife's heart belongs to another man.  Genie has no reaction and feels the Queen would never stray.  The doubting King shows Genie her diary suggesting otherwise. 
"Last night a man gave me a gift. And though it was but a simple mirror, it awakened feelings in me that I abandoned long agoHope for love and companionship...even though I am trapped in my husband's court."  
Genie silently realizes he is the man she's referencing.  The King notes that sadly the diary doesn't name the man who gave her this mirror. "I am not a fool!  I realize that the Queen is unhappy...and yearns for someone... to love her in a way that I never can.  And yet I never imagined that she would betray me like this."  Genie knows that the Queen will never act on these feelings, but the King feels love makes people do foolish things.  Genie asks why the King called upon him.  The King admits he needs a man with Genie's wits; to learn the identity of the man who has stolen his wife's heart.  Genie inquires "And what will you do to him once I have found him?"   King Leopold feels that is only his concern.  The King presents the mirror to Genie and asks "Now, tell me, Genie... Can you find the man who gave the Queen this mirror- or not?"  Genie looks into the mirror.
Sidney is listening to Regina's scintillating one sided phone conversation via the planted bug under her desk.  Regina's chat- "Miss Ginger, I really don't have time for more complaints about working conditions, the air temperature is not one of my areas."  Sidney tells Emma he found "something better than good" with a call Regina made little over an hour ago. He pushes play on the recorder to playback her dialogue.
Regina- "I'll meet you tonight at access road 23 with the rest of your payment. Yes, it will all be in cash. And I don't need to remind you that no one can know about this. Yes, I know it has to be tonight."
Curious Emma wonders who is on the other end, but there's no way to know that because only the office is bugged and not the phone.  They are excited with the Intel of the impending payoff in the woods with the stolen city funds.  The duo head out to see who Regina's meeting.

In the dark rainy night Emma and Sidney in the sheriff car, follow Regina in her Mercedes to her rendezvous.  Emma hits the breaks and panics because they don't work. "It won't stop!"  They crash right into the sign and get stuck on some rocks!
Emma thinks they're going to miss the hand-off.  Sidney feels Regina is on to them. She must have found the bug Emma planted as someone's been tampering with the breaks.  Emma is pissed off that she was almost killed!  Emma and her flashlight lead Sidney into woods to find out what Regina is doing.  Mr. Gold appears in the woods with a briefcase. {Walking stick}  Apparently Regina met him for a business transaction. Land comes with a price too.  Regina bought Mr. Gold's land; the very land Emma is standing on.  Emma asks what Regina bought it for.  Mr. Gold feels that in business it's best not to ask too  many questions. "Hurts the bottom line. Question is, Emma, why are you standing out here in the middle of the night with Mr. Glass? "
Stoic Sidney states- "You don't know what Regina did to me. You don't know what she did to her son. We can't just sit idly by."   
Mr. Gold {whispers} "Of course you can. Be careful. Emotional entanglements can lead us down very dangerous paths."

In the palace garden Genie cuts an apple off of The Queen's tree, and without turning around says "I was beginning to worry you wouldn't come."  Entering cautiously and suspiciously is Henry, the Queen's father. Henry asks "You were expecting the Queen?"
Concerned Genie asks "Who are you? What have you done with her?"
Upset Henry- "The King's locked her away in her chambers.  My daughter is a prisoner in her own Kingdom!"  He asks Genie to take the box to his daughter. "The palace guards won't allow me into her chambers. They know I'd die for her. But you- the King trusts you.  He doesn't know that you have my daughter's heart. The guards will allow you in. Give her this box."
Genie doesn't understand and wonders about the box.  Henry explains it's the only thing that can free her from this wretched life. "If you truly care for my daughter, I know you'll do whatever it takes to set her free."
Genie checks out the skull key.
Emma and Sidney arrive at City Hall in her VW Beetle.  Emma needs to find out why Regina bought land from Mr. Gold; she bets Regina bought it for personal reasons.  The duo will break into Regina's office and find proof; documents that officially link her to that land.  Sidney's concerned about Regina's locked office with its state of the art security system and alarm.  Emma feels if they don't show this town who Regina really is then who will.
Confident Emma thinks she can crack Regina's code.
Emma breaks the glass setting off the alarm. Since Emma is the "police", the person called when an alarm is tripped, she rationalizes "2 Minutes to get her call from the alarm company, 1 minute for her to get her coat and keys, 3 minutes to drive here- we got maybe 6 minutes!"

In Regina's dark office Emma uses her Flash/thumb drive to retrieve documents from Regina's laptop; overriding the security
Emma's uncovered every file that references the tract of land she bought from Gold.
Emma also uncovers from a drawer in the printer copier stand, a ring of skull keys and wonders what the hell they open.  Sidney doesn't know.
Emma continues searching the office for Henry's book.
Sidney- "We didn't come here for Henry we came here for files..."
Emma- "No, you didn't come here for Henry. Me, that's the only reason I'm here."
Regina runs into her dark office and shields her eyes from Emma's flashlight and disables the alarm.  Emma makes up a story telling the Mayor that some kids broke in; she heard the alarm and she's checking it out because she's the sheriff.  She also adds that she brought Sidney because he saw it on his walk; he's a witness.
Regina- "And what did you see, Sidney?"
Nervous Sidney replies "Some kids...with a ..."   Emma interjects "Rock" and Sidney concurs.
The sheriff doesn't know if the kids took anything; she'd have to do a thorough sweep to find out.  It appears to Regina that it was just a prank.  Regina doesn't want Emma to take the place apart to find out differently.  Regina informs the sheriff that her services are no longer wanted nor needed. Emma's fine with that "Well, you know where to find me" and walks out.  Sidney looks a bit uncomfortable for a moment before he exits.
The sad Queen sits at her vanity table when in walks Genie to deliver the box.
The Queen- "It's you!"  She throws her happy arms around him and the hug tightly.  The Queen's love for Genie grows stronger with every beat of her heart.  She tells him the King has read her diary and found her mirror and soon will discover the truth about the two of them- there's no escape.
Genie assures her there's always an escape. "Your father said what's in this box will would give you your freedom.  The Queen believes it will as well.  Genie hands her the skull key and she opens the box.
The Queen- "The Agrabahn Viper."  {Two}
A snake so deadly it can kill anything with a single bite.  Genie knows all too well of this serpent's poison; it's from his homeland.   The Queen had it brought there because there is no happiness left for her in this life; feeling the one small bite will free her from her prison forever.
The Queen cries- "I'm sorry we couldn't be together, my love. Perhaps in another life we will find each other again."  She slowly and dramatically reaches her hand down toward the snake box and is stopped by Genie because he's thought of another way. "What if the King...didn't live?"   Genie would do anything for her and he'll take care of it.  The grateful Queen hugs him as she doesn't know what she would do without him.
Genie- "You will never have to find out."   He closes the lid on the snake.
At Granny's Diner the scruffy stranger asks Henry what he's working on.  With no time to waste Henry is focused on writing everything down before he forgets. {Blue marker. He includes drawings}
The Stranger- "Yeah I hate it when great ideas slip away from me."
Henry- "But they're not my ideas. They're stories from a book that I lost."
The stranger thinks it must be a hell of a book and asks what it's about.  Henry never lifting his cautious head up replies "Stuff".   The stranger obviously wants to converse.
Henry- "You seem awfully interested in me and my book!"  The stranger is just being neighborly.
Henry- "What are you doing in Storybrooke?"
The Stranger- "I'm a writer."
Henry- "You can write anywhere. What are you really doing here?"
The Stranger whispers in Henry's ear "Stuff".  He wishes Henry good luck with the stories and leaves.

Sidney and Emma are going through Blueprints, bank statements and other documents, wondering what Regina is building out there.  Emma asks "A mansion?"  {A Swan Hatch, a church?}
Sidney feels whatever it is it doesn't matter because the escrow statements have her name all over it.  He tells Emma she was right "Personal use. She's done. We got her."
Emma looks troubled.  Sidney asks "What's wrong? Didn't you hear me?"  Emma feels bad because they stooped to Regina's level; she promised Henry she wouldn't do that.  Sidney's excited that they "got her!"
Emma- "It's the fruit of the poisonous tree. Illegally obtained evidence. It'll get thrown out in court in a heartbeat."
Sidney- "We don't need her to go to jail."
Emma- "Then what are we doing here?"
Sidney- "What you wished for...Get everyone to see who she isWhat she did to Henry she does to everyone. She destroys what people love."  He reluctantly shows Emma a box of photographs of her and Henry.  Regina made Sidney follow Emma and Henry and tell her everything about their secret place weeks ago. "She just waited to destroy it 'til it would hurt you and Henry the most. And it's all my fault. If you don't do this...I have to."
Angry Emma agrees.

Madam Mayor is leading a session of the City Council.  They'll begin by reading the minutes of the last meeting.  Sidney stands up indicating he has something he wants to bring to the council's attention. Regina informs him that this isn't an open forum and no one on the council is interested in hearing the boozy complaints of a disgraced reporter. She demands he sit down. Emma jumps up with something to say.
Regina- "Miss Swan. This meeting is to discuss issues facing Storybrooke."
Emma blurts out that the Mayor is stealing thousands of dollars from the city to build herself a second home.  The attendees are shocked. Mr. Gold watches and listens to the interactions between the two women.
The Mayor demands Emma sit down "Or so help me..."   Emma wonders, or what- Regina will punish or bully her, like everyone else in the town. "No. Not today." 
Emma claims to hold in her hand proof the Mayor stole funds from the city to build herself a lavish home in the woods.  And the reason disgraced reporter Sidney was fired was because he stood up to her; he questioned her.  "We all know what happens to people who question the Mayor. You claim that you act in the best interest of all of us, but that isn't the truth, is it? The truth is that you are a thug that doesn't care about anyone or anything but yourself.  That is who you really are.  And it is time for the people of Storybrooke to know that."
Regina- "You are right, Miss Swan. I am building a house. A Playhouse."  She presents a power point on the new playground she's having built with city funds for Henry and all of the children; so they can have a special place to play...safely.  The sketch was inspired from a drawing from one of Henry's books. "So there you have it Miss Swan. You've exposed me for who I really am. I hope you're satisfied."  {Check out Mr. Gold's reaction}

King Leopold sleeps in alone in his bed. Genie holds the box with the snakes and whispers "Forgive me".   He opens the box with the skull key and commands the gold snake to the sleeping King.  As the snakes slither their way under the blankets the King wakes up to find Genie standing over him.  The King is bit in the neck by the duo snake!  Seeming compassionate Genie holds the King's hand encouraging him that the pain will so pass.  As the King is gasping Genie also confesses he's the man who gave the mirror to the Queen. "I am that man. You gave me my that freedom. You gave me a chance... to find love and for that I am forever in your debt.  But just as you freed me, so must I now free your Queen. Forgive me."
The King grabs Genies hand to tell him he was right. "I never... should have made the wish." The King stops struggling; his eyes open and lifeless.

Outside City Hall Mr. Gold tells Emma and Sidney to look at her "Queen of the Castle"  He commends Emma on trying to bring Regina down but suggests a stronger ally if she really wants to accomplish this.  Emma's still not interested in Mr. Gold's partnership.
Mr. Gold- "Oh, one can wish."
Regina speaks to Emma alone.  Regina doesn't know what Emma was hoping to accomplish in there but she hopes Emma will just go back to her job "Which is upholding the law. Not breaking it."  She knows Emma broke into her office.  Emma doesn't want Regina to pretend she's so innocent; accusing her of messing with the brakes on her car.
Regina- "Your brakes? Are you delusional? Why would I kill you when you just saw I have nothing to hide?"
Until Emma has something more substantial than sustain to throw Regina's way, Emma is to stay away from her and her son; and that's not open for discussion. "You've lost the high ground, sheriff.  If I wanted to there's not a judge in the world that would deny me a restraining order after what you've done. You don't get to see my son...unless I say so. And right now...I don't say so."
Henry {wearing a pea coat} plays at the new playhouse in the woodsEmma watches from her Beetle. They wave to each other.  Henry radios her asking why she's so far away "Come out here".  Emma tells the kid she can't todayImaginative Henry thinks she's undercover for Operation Cobra.  Emma tells him she's not undercover and that his mother doesn't want them seeing each other for a while.  Emma screwed up and does have to listen to Regina right now. "I got mad at your mom about you and the book and everything. We're just going to have to be apart for a while."
Henry doesn't want to be apart and Emma assures him she will find a way back in.  "And hey, if it's out there, Henry...I will find your book."
Henry- "Good luck. It's probably gone and it's probably never coming back."  He watches Emma drive away.
The scruffy stranger breaks into Henry's old red toolbox and retrieves the book. {He has a lot of tools with him!}

Sidney sits at the bar, uh I mean Granny's diner counter drinking a beer. Emma joins him. "Looks like we had the same idea."   Sidney feels if you can't beat her- drink.  Emma is served her beer.
Sidney ponders "How did we not see this?"
Emma- "We did. We saw it all right from the start. Just didn't wanna look. Blinded by our anger.  By everything."
That may be true this time, but since there's a lot of skeletons in Regina's closet Emma's got herself an ally. The two raise their glasses as Emma toasts "We won't get fooled again".

Excited Genie enters The Queen's chambers announcing that it's done. "You are free, my love. We are free to be together at last. Did you not hear me? Our days of imprisonment are over."
The Queen- "You haven't heard the news. The palace guards found the snake. They know it's from your country. They know it was you who killed the King.  It's only a matter of time before they catch you. You will be executed. I'm sorry...but we will never be together.  Come. I've arranged for a boat to provide you safe passage out of the Kingdom. You must leave at once."
Genie is stunned realizing the she chose that particular snake so the murder could be traced back to him. "You fooled me. You never loved me."
The vicious Queen wanted the King killed and Genie killed him and now Genie is no use to her any longer. "Be grateful I'm offering you an escape. Now flee the Kingdom and never turn back!"
The disgraced Genie still can't and won't live without her.  The queen raises her voice so he hears her. "I don't love you! There is no way we will ever be together."
Genie- "There is one way."   He uses the one remaining wish from the gold lamp. "I wish to be with you forever. To look upon your face always to- never leave your side."   And in a Whoosh the Genie trapped himself inside her mirror.  Genie pounds to get out of his new prison. The amused Queen sees he got his wish and he will be with her forever.

Sidney is looking at himself in the mirror in Regina's office.  Regina takes an apple from the bowl and asks him "Well?"  Pleased Sidney plays the tape of his meeting with Emma.
Regina is happy, "She bought it."
Proud Sidney- "All of it."
Regina feels it was a masterful job top to bottom "And cutting the brakes on her car, ha- Inspired."  Now Emma trusts Sidney and now they can have some fun.  She gives him the apple.
Sidney- "Everything she does, everywhere she'll know about it."
Regina touches his thigh and they look into each other's eyes as she tells him she doesn't know what she'd do without him.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

7:15 A.M.

“If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all...” - Anonymous
** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

It's important to remember while we learn about the special people of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest, that their wonderful story and journey is serving a purpose.

First off- Yes indeed, Damon Lindelof made another appearance last night. He was your trusty meteorologist! Again, this is totally LOSTastic! A great constant to LOST and tie to the "Island".

The Box
There sure was a big to-do made about this box. Could there be more to the box? The literal box, which looks more like a suitcase but is called a box, does contain a typewriter, but is that all?  What is that typewriter for? There is no doubt that things are written out for part of this journey and certain people are written into the story, but since Emma is changing things should those new things need to be written into the text?
Plus there was another important box in the episode- it contained a Crown.

The Stranger
Does Emma know this stranger? I found their conversation at Granny's a bit...mysterious/suspicious.
Who is this writer whom is so inspired by Storybrooke?  He seems to know "that place" and likes it enough for inspiration. Is he inspired by the residents' misery and feelings of being lost or the evil goings on with Regina and Mr. Gold?  Maybe he's inspired by its quaint old fashioned facade or Ruby's short shorts.
Has he been there before or has he always been there?  Is he the author of Mary Margaret's and Henry's fairy tale book or not?  Is he there to re-write some text or is he just a big bad wolf?  Maybe he's there to help fix things. Is he there to help Mary Margaret forget about John Doe/David? Does he mean something to Regina and Henry?  Why are Henry and Regina so curious about this man? And is it a coincidence that a storm is coming just as the stranger decides to be seen in Storybrooke? 
I'm noting that Emma was one person we saw preparing for the storm.

John Doe/David is a very confused man because he doesn't know who he is. In Storybrooke he is John Doe/David and in Fairy Tale Land he is the shepherd, who has taken the place of his dead twin brother, James. This guy literally isn't himself and is torn between living two lives. He is not living who he truly is.

Mary Margaret/Snow White and David/Prince Charming will have to find their way to one another and no one ever said it would be easy.  But the two lovebirds must be on the same wavelength because they both show up at the diner at 7:15 AM because each knows the other will be there.  And even when they both decide to let go of their feelings and not see each other, destiny brings them together.

Destiny still may lead Mary/Snow to her Prince Charming, but if it doesn't, she would need to learn how to move on from that lost love so she can be open to a new love.

We are the causes of our own suffering
Mary Margaret/Snow White and Grumpy are seen wallowing in their pain and grief and are trapped by their own inability to let go of it. This is a lesson that needs to be learned. They need to realize they are the ones giving that negative pain power over themselves. Later in the episode we see a very happy and compassionate Grumpy. Was he able to get some clarity and let go of the things that cause his suffering? He must have been given a key.

King George and Rumpelstiltskin have some pretty intense thoughts on Love. They see it as a disease and not a gift.
King Midas sent James a "gift".
Rumpelstiltskin gives Snow a gift- the gift of never knowing the pain that love caused. But it is also takes away the joy of knowing what that love gave you. All of those emotions affect your heart in some way and are important contributors to the person you become. Which brings me back to the "Island"- is that so wrong?

Looping back to the "Island" Tapestry
Erasing feelings and emotions was an issue that was addressed on the "Island". On ONCE the "cloudy water potion" provided by Rumpelstiltskin seems to have same effect as detonating the Hydrogen Bomb Jack wanted to blow up in season 5 of LOST was supposed to have.
In the episode Follow the Leader, Jack wanted to detonate the "Jughead" so the crash never happened and all of them wouldn't have met and gone through those things. He wanted to spare them that pain. But in turn they all wouldn't have met, known, taught and loved each other. Juliet also mentions her pain of loving and losing in the episode The Incident.

All of the things we experience in life- the good and the bad, the pain, struggles and the triumphs, make us who we are, and that's the truth. 
In the episode The Little Prince, John Locke gives Sawyer that pearl of wisdom on their walk through the jungle when they actually get to see an outsider's view (like watching a replay of your life in on a movie screen) of a previous John "Island" event.  Sawyer wonders if Locke could have done those moments over again and spared himself the pain, would he. Locke tells him he needed that pain to get him where he is.

I must mention Charles Widmore/King George, as he is a reoccurring character in both of these stories. On LOST in the episode Live Together, Die Alone, Charles Widmore interfered with Desmond's letters getting to Penny and forced Desmond stay away from her; enabling her to have a new life. In ONCE King George plays a very similar role with the Prince and Snow White's love. Charles Widmore even had a goal to get the "Island" back from Ben Linus; claiming he was its rightful owner. Widmore is also said to have been involved of the staging of the Oceanic plane crash.

For me, another fun bit of LOST in this episode is when Mary Margaret asked "Whose cabin is this?"  How many LOST fans responded with- "Duh, Jacob's, you ass!"  Well, that was my response.
And I kind of got a kick out of Snow White trying to climb out of her cage ala Kate climbing out of the cage in season 3. 

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ How much bigger do they have to make an Apollo Bar before one realizes one's supposed to pay attention to it?
๑ Possible Hanso Foundation- DHARMA Initiative connection. There, I said it.
๑ Wolf in sheep's clothing- Big Bad Wolf
๑ Snow White lost track of a month while in the forest
๑ Red Riding Hood provides food/provisions for Snow while she's on her own in the forest trying to work things out
๑ In The Thing You Loved Most- Evil Queen takes locks of hair from the ones with the darkest souls
๑ 108
๑ 23
๑ 8 became 7
๑ Time
๑ Head/mind
๑ Remember. Forget. Amnesia
๑ Sleep. Wake Up. Sleeping gas.
๑ Crown. Diamond
๑ Arrow. Swan
๑ Pregnancy- potential birth
๑ Death
๑ Cabin
๑ Volcano
๑ Learning. Tests
๑ Reflection. Mirror
๑ Jail. Cell Caged
๑ Birds. Flock. Flying/flight
๑ Sickness. Cure

Vocabulary and Research...
The Mysterious Island (L'Île mystérieuse, 1874) By Jules Verne. Throughout their stay on the island, the group has to overcome bad weather, and eventually adopts and domesticates an orangutan, Jupiter, abbreviated to Jup (or Joop, in Jordan Stump's translation).
Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
★  Widmore
★  Apollo Bar
★  108
★  23
★  8
★  Time
★  Arrow. Swan
★  Head/Mind
★  Remember. Forget. Amnesia
★  Sleep. Wake Up. Sleeping gas.
★  Crown
★  Cabin
★  Volcano
★  Pregnancy- potential birth
★  Death
★  Jail. Cell Caged
★  Learning. Tests
★ A gift is also known as a blessing or boon {Boone}
★  Drinking something that contains "Magic" or "Power"
★  In the episode Par Avion Claire uses the migratory birds to deliver a message/get them off the "Island"
★  In the episode White Rabbit Jack falls over a cliff and hangs on; Locke lends him a helping hand
★  Jack is stalking Sarah in A Tale of Two Cities and the time on his pager is 7:15
★  Jack talks to Sarah about their failing relationship and relief of her not being pregnant in The Hunting Party, and his constant need to fix things
★ In One of Them Ben gives a story that is very similar to that of The Mysterious Island. And The Hanso Foundation has an Orangutan named Joop; The LOST Experience
★  Sickness. Cure
      BY THE WAY...The Island Cures What Ails You! Just Sayin'!
Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!

Storm clouds roll in and thunder is heard. The stranger on the motorcycle is working on his bike right in front of the Mayor's mansion.  A large suitcase/box is strapped to the back of the motorcycle.  Henry walks over and outright asks the man fixing his bike, what he's doing in Storybrooke. {Henry's reflection in the chrome} The stranger says "Just visiting."
Henry also asks "What's that?
The Stranger - "A box."
Henry- "What's inside it?"
The Stranger- "Just something I need to do what I came here for."
Henry thought he was just visiting.
The Stranger- "Doesn't mean I don't have something to do."  He starts up his bike and tells Henry he better get to school. "Looks like a storm's coming."
Regina hurries over to Henry as the stranger drives off asking who that was. Henry just shrugs his shoulders.
Emma has the weather channel on while she has breakfast. The meteorologist, Bill, is reporting that the Doppler shows it's going to be a soggy one.  Mary Margaret is frantic because she overslept and has to be at school by 7:15 because they're having a science fair and she's helping the kids with their project before school; they're making a volcano. Mary Margaret hurries off. Except Mary Margaret isn't running off to school, she ran off to Granny's Diner. She sets herself up at a table, checks her reflection in her spoon and waits.
7:15 on the dot the door opens and John Doe/David enters. Mary Margaret makes like she's casually reading a book; The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.  John Doe/David pays for his two cups of coffee from Ruby while Mary looks longingly at him.  John Doe/David stops by her table to say good morning, but doesn't linger as he doesn't want to be late for work.{At the Animal Shelter.} They joke about the apes not having taken over on his watch.  He leaves and Mary watches him kiss Kathryn on the cheek.
Emma walks in asking Mary Margaret "This is making a volcano?"  Mary Margaret comes clean about coming there every morning at 7:15 to see John Doe/David; getting coffee for him and his wife.
Emma- "So, you're a stalker?"
Mary Margaret confesses that she's not following him; only knows about his morning routine and that he gets home around 5. Oh, and Thursday's they pick up Chinese for dinner.
Mary Margaret - "I can't get him out of my head."
Emma suggests that maybe the first step is not showing up there tomorrow.  Mary feels that "love's the worst" and wishes there was a magic cure.

Snow White, the hunter, is about to spear a turkey when a noise makes it fly away. It's Red Riding Hood. Snow wasn't expecting her for a month, to which Red reveals "It's been a month".  {She lost track of a whole entire month?!}
Red- "You're really taking well to the solitude, aren't ya?"
Snow- "It's fine. It's exactly what I wanted. To be out here- away."
Red agrees. She gives Snow a basket filled with food.  Snow asks " are things back in the world?"  Red prompts her to ask the question she really wants the answer to and shares that the wedding is happening. "Prince James is marrying King Midas' daughter...In two days time."
Snow thought that the longer she was out there it would become easier to forget him; instead all she does is think about him. "I wish there was a way to get him out of my head."  Red has a silent thought and Snow asks what she knows about a way to accomplish this feat.
Snow- "Come on, I helped you when no one else would. What do you know?"
Red- "Well...There are whispers...whispers of a man who can achieve even the most unholy of requests.  A man who can do what you want."
Snow- "Who is this man?"
In the foggy dark night, Snow makes her way to a dock lit by one lantern.  Rumpelstiltskin magically appears in her boat asking "How much for this?"  He's impressed with exquisite craftsmanship. Snow tells him it's not for sale.
Rumpelstiltskin-"Of course it is, Dearie. No one comes to see me without a deal in mind." He's been looking forward to meeting her. He touches her face and says "Wow. You really are the fairest of them all, aren't you? What can I do for you?"
Snow- "I need a cure."
Rumpelstiltskin- "What ails you, doll?"
Snow- "A broken heart."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Ah, the most painful of afflictions."  He informs her that he can't make him/Prince love her. Snow tells him that's not the problem, "We can't be together".
Rumpelstiltskin- "Well, that- I can help you with."  He fills up a little glass vile with the water that becomes cloudy. Snow asks "That'll do it?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "Not yet! No two loves are exactly alike. We must make this...personal."  He pulls strands of hair from her head and appears to put one in the bottle.
Snow- "So, if I drink that I'll no longer love him."
Rumpelstiltskin- "The next time you see the object of your won't even remember who he is."
Snow- "I won't remember him?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "Love is the most powerful magic, the cure must be... extreme."
Snow feels "extreme" sounds like an understatement.
Rumpelstiltskin- "Don't doubt yourself now, Dearie! Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams, destroys our day. Love...has killed more than any disease. This cure is a gift."
Snow- "What's your price?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "These'll do." {The couple of hairs from her head.} Snow wonders what he needs of her hair.
Rumpelstiltskin- "What do you need of it now, it's been plucked from your head? Do we have a deal?"
Snow grabs the bottle from him, sealing their accord. He tells her to drink it in good health and then walks away disappearing into the fog.
Mary Margaret is shopping. She picks up a flashlight, batteries and a Big-Ass Apollo Bar. {Next to Granola} The forecast can be heard about the nasty footage coming in from the Mid-Atlantic.
Mary Margaret and Kathryn literally walk right into each other, causing the ladies goodies to fall out of their baskets. {In front of the Epsom Salts} Of course Regina is right there; with a Fantastic Four comic book!  Mary apologizes, as she clearly wasn't looking.  Kathryn hands Mary her Apollo Bar and Mary hands Kathryn her pregnancy test and wishes her good luck.  Kathryn walks away and Regina takes that opportunity to say to Mary "I trust you'll be discrete. Their lives are their business- not yours."
James stares out into the night from the castle balcony.  The music from the feast in James' honor can be heard.  King George enters bearing a box; a gift from King Midas.  He thought this might rouse James from his chamber.  It is a crown.   James remarks that you could feed the Kingdom for an entire winter with that crown.  King Midas' gift is for James to wear at the wedding.  King George knows once that is done their new prosperity will allow them to feed the Kingdom for all eternity.  James has no enthusiasm about this deal. The wedding's in two days and James has honored his wishes.
King George- "But I want your heart, not just your honor."
James- "My heart shall belong to Abigail."
King George is no fool, as he knows James' heart is held by another woman.  He asks who "she" is.
James- "I met her on a journey. We haven't seen each other since but...she's stayed with me."
King George- "Forget her."
James- "You speak as if it's so easy."
King George- "Nobility was not meant to be easy. All this wealth, the power we hold over other men's lives, do you think that comes at no cost?"
James- "I asked for none of it."
King- "You were chosen to be my son- plucked from poverty, wanting for nothing. Be thankful for that."
James wasn't charity; it was the only way to save the Kingdom.
King- "Watch yourself, Boy. This is a choice you made, a role you have taken, honor it. There is too much at stake. Do whatever it takes to get that woman out of your head. Because nothing's gonna stop this wedding."
James composes a letter to Snow; using a green feather quill pen. He sends the message attached to a carrier pigeon/dove/mourning dove off into the forest and tells it to "Find her".
Mary Margaret is walking through the woods and hears the cooing of a bird.  The bird is trapped in some chicken wire, so she runs it off to the Storybrooke Pet Shelter where John Doe/David just happens to work.
Dr. Thatcher shares the good news about the bird "No broken bones. She was just a little dehydrated but, I got her some fluids, she should be just fine" and the bad news is "This is a North Atlantic Dove it's a migratory species, very unique among American Doves. They tend to form strong monogamous bonds; meaning if she's not returned to her flock she'll be alone forever. Mary would like to try to return the bird, which the doctor thinks is a long shot, the alternative is- "She'll heal but she won't be happy here".  Mary will take her chances.  John Doe/David warns her of the strong storm approaching and she shouldn't go out there.  Mary comments that the storm is coming tomorrow and that if she waits "She could be lost forever. Completely alone. No one deserves that."  David offers to drive her, but she doesn't need his help.
Emma is prepping for the storm. Regina comes by and turns off the radio broadcast about the 50 mph winds and suggestions of your best bet being to stay in the house.  Regina wants Emma to look into something; someone new is in town. Emma's aware of him as she gave him directions to Granny's the other night.  Regina is very curious that Emma talked to him. "What did he say?"
Emma- "He asked for directions. What's the big deal? Who is he?"
Regina doesn't know and no one else seems to know anything. "There's something about him...something familiar."
Emma- "He must be one of the untold millions you cursed."
Regina looks at her like she doesn't know anything about a curse. "What?"
Emma- "Oh, you know...the curse. Henry's whole thing."   {Regina doesn't even acknowledge Henry's fairy tale issue!}  Regina ignores Emma's reply and just wants her to find out who he is, what he wants and what he's doing there. Emma tells her there's no law against visiting Storybrooke.
Regina- "This isn't about the law, Miss Swan...You're gonna do this because I asked you to. And because you'll see it's the right thing to do."  And because he was in front of Regina's house taking particular interest in the one thing both women happen to care about- Henry.  Emma will look into him.

Mary Margaret drives through the woods with her bird in a cage as the storms brews. {That bird looks like a N.Y.C. Pigeon. lol}
Snow White contemplates over her cloudy amnesia inducing potion bottle as a bird lands and is perched on her right hand. Snow reads the message it carried for her.
"Dearest Snow,
I have not heard from you since our meeting and can only assume you found the happiness you so desired. But I must let you know not a day goes by that I have not thought of you. In two days time I am to be married. Come to me before then.  Come to me and show me you feel the same and we can be together forever.  And if you don't I will have my answer.

Mary Margaret approaches a ROAD CLOSED sign and decides the flock can't be much further and they'll just have to beat the storm. "They're waiting for you."  {The birds are waiting for this bird?} Mary Margaret pulls up her hood...

... Snow White pulls up her hood and pretends to be a flower delivery person from the Kingdom of Midas.  Everyone is preparing for King George's journey tomorrow. She's not on the list, but the director of operations directs her to the top if the North East Spire, but take the service stairwell- the guards will toss you over the walls.
She ditches her basket of flowers and hooded cape and makes way with her precious note. She hears a door open, drops the note and hides from James.  Someone covers her mouth and carries her away.
Snow is thrown into a cell although she's claiming to be a Royal Emissary. Of course the guard holding James' note knows she isn't. "The King will decide your fate."  She tries to climb and find a way out of the cage but falls. Whistling Hi Ho- Hi Ho- It's Off To Work We go is Grumpy, residing in the neighboring cell.  He's already tried it all/getting out, "Steal gets stronger as we grow weaker".  Well, determined Snow isn't giving up and carries on her escape quest. He tells her to "Give it time. Grumpy."  Snow replies that she's not grumpy; she's focused.  His name is Grumpy and he's telling her there's no way out.
"Well, I'm Snow and I'm telling and I'll find one."  While she's exploring a way out she goes on to mention "There's someone out there for me. Someone I love very much and will not lose him!"
Grumpy- "Love, huh? Good luck with that."  That's why he's stuck in that hole. He had it bad for one who was a beautiful as a fairy; but he lost her. He was desperate to get her back so he worked the diamond mines and then traded all his wages to the foreman a diamond to propose but he got swindled. "It was a stolen rock and I took the blame. I'm no thief, but they think I am."  He should've known better but he wasn't thinking clearly because of Love. "And now here I am trapped with no way out."  A distant voice claims to know a way out.  Its Stealthy come there stealthing his way to help Grumpy with the keys. "Are you ready to go home?Doc whipped up a sleeping gas knocking everyone out cold; the rest are waiting with transport. Stealthy asks "Who's that?" and thinks Snow White is pretty.
Grumpy- "No one."
Snow White wishes him luck, "I hope you get your love back".
Grumpy seems to have grown a soft spot for her- "Son of a..."  He sets her free.

As the winds continue to kick up Mary Margaret can hear the flock. She puts the cage down and notes the huge obstacle. A thunderclap startles her, causing her to lose her footing and she falls over a cliff. She hangs on for her life!
A hand reaches over the cliff to rescue her- It's John Doe/David.  There was no way he was going to let her go out there alone.  Mary Margaret takes off up the hillside because she's focused on finding the flock; David went there to get her before she got hurt. 
David- "We have to go! Doing this on foot is not the best plan!" The rain is coming down.  David saw that the gate was closed and it's too late, "We have to go."  Mary Margaret's priority is the bird but David feels it's not safe. They run off.

The three escapees make their way through the mine.  Stealthy thinks the best way out is the courtyard, while Snow thinks it's the stairs and safer if they climb over the curtain wall. "Trust me. Hiding from Royals is my life."  But stealthy knows the courtyard is clear now and won't be for much longer. Grumpy decides to head off with Stealthy where in the courtyard they are caught by a guard and King George. Stealthy is shot in the heart with a Light and Dark feathered arrow.  As they're about to execute Grumpy the King asks where the girl is. Grumpy simply says "What girl?"
Snow shows up with a torch. "Looking for me?"  She demands they let Grumpy go or this place'll burn.  The angry King sends the dwarf away and tells his prisoner that they need to talk.
The rain is pouring down on Mary Margaret, John Doe/David and the caged bird when David points them in the direction of a cabin. The drenched trio break into the cabin.  Jon Doe/David starts a fire so Mary can get dry.
Mary Margaret- "Whose cabin is this?"  {I know, I can't resist! JACOB'S!}  David thinks that because she's room-mates with the sheriff it's OK for them to be in there. {Well, they fuckin' broke in!}  He tries to cover her shoulders with a blanket but she pushes it away.  He asks "What's going on with you today?"
Mary Margaret confesses she still has feelings for him and that's why she goes to Granny's every morning at 7:15. "It's To see you. And I don't know why because it just makes me miserable because every time I see you it just reminds me that you chose Kathryn instead of me. And that's why I didn't want you to come to the woods with me. Because being around you is's too painful."
David gives a little chuckle and reveals that is why he goes to Granny's at 7:15 "To see you."  David goes in for a kiss but Mary stops him. She wonders how he can do this; she knows about Kathryn thinking she's pregnant. This is a surprise to him.

Emma enters Granny's diner from the cold pouring rain. She notes the stranger sitting in a booth with one lit white candle and a cup of coffee.  As she approaches him from behind she tells him "I/We need to talk."  And without even turning around to see her he asks "Why?" {He seems like he was expecting her.}
Emma- "Because...You're suspicious."
Stranger- "Sitting here? Out in the open, drinking coffee? I wonder what kind of hell I'd raised had I ordered a doughnut?
Emma- "You were talking to Henry."
Stranger- "You mean the little kid who came up to me asking me questions? Is that unusual for him being curious and precocious?"
Emma- "What were you doing outside his house?"
Stranger- "My bike broke down...It happens."
Emma- "Your mysterious box, what's  in it?"
Stranger- "It's awfully frustrating not knowing isn't it?"
Emma- "Just tell me."
Stranger- Why? Is it illegal to carry around a box in these parts?"
Emma- "No. Of course it's not."
Stranger- "You really wanna know what's inside it, don't you?"
Emma- "No. Well, maybe."  {Uh, yeah, you just asked him!} Emma sits in the booth with him.
Stranger- "I'm gonna make you wait. You're gonna have to wait a long time, and watch me carry it around hauling it to strange and mysterious places. ..and with each passing moment the mystery will become more tantalizing. Your imagination will inflame,  but so will your frustration. Never knowing- Only guessing... what could possibly be inside that box?! could let me buy you a drink sometime and I'll tell you right now."
Emma- "You wanna buy me a drink?"
Stranger- "Yes."
Emma- "OK. A drink it is."
The stranger places the case on the table and opens its latches revealing an old typewriter.
Emma- "Really?
Stranger- "I'm a writer.
Emma- "That's why you're here.
Stranger- "I find this place provides...inspiration. Don't you?"  He closes up the box
Emma- "Wait. Have you been here before?"
Stranger- "I didn't say that." He throws cash on the table and walks away. Emma asks "What about that drink?"
Stranger- "I said- 'Sometime'."  He walks out a back way.

Back at the cabin Mary Margaret realizes David didn't know. "And you two aren't trying?"
David- "Not as far as I know. Mary Margaret, you have to believe me, I..."
Mary- "Shhhh"   She notices the rain stopped "I have to get her out!"
David keeps following after her so they can talk but Mary keeps on Shhhh-ing him.  "Listen"- The flock didn't leave; they must have been waiting for the storm to clear. Mary holds the bird telling her "Time to join your friends. You can do it".  The bird flies away and joins the flock. The duo is happy. David reaches to hold her hand but Mary tells him no, it's too painful. He tells her it doesn't have to be. Mary feels it doesn't matter if Kathryn's pregnant; he chose her. David confesses he still has feelings for Mary Margaret.
Mary - "You can't have both.
David- "But I do have both. I mean, I know, I know it doesn't make sense. It's like I have these two conflicting lives. Memories of feelings for her... and real feelings for you."
Mary- "Who's to say which is real?"
David- "I can't get you out of my head."
Mary- "Me too. But, we're going to have to, We're just going to have to forget each other."  Mary walks away.

King George is touching Snow White's face. He know she's the one; he knows everything. "You poisoned his heart, now his marriage. And with that, the entire Kingdom all because of your feelings."
Snow wishes feeling could be helped, but they can't.
The King feels they can. "Love is a disease. And like all diseases it can be vanquished in one of two ways...A cure or death."  He shares that her beloved is down the hall packing for his new life and he's going to make sure the Prince knows she's here. "You're gonna sneak in, and tell him you received his letter. You're gonna tell him why you're here- because you don't love him. It will break his heart. And that will cure him."
Snow- "Or you'll kill me."
King George- "Oh, no. I'll Kill him! Killing you would just make him love you more. And the marriage and the Kingdom would ultimately crumble. But if he were to die at an assassin's hand, he would die a martyr.  Midas would forgive- even laud the death and the merger would be complete."
Snow- "You would do that to your own son."
King George- "He is not my son."

Snow goes in to see Prince James and says she got his letter. The Prince feels he got his answer because she came to see him; as per the instructions of his letter.  They hug each other tightly. She stops him from attempting to kiss her, telling him to wait. " can't happen."  James feels it can; after all she showed up there! He knows there are costs, but he's planned for everything and they can't hurt them. "And now that I know you love me too"  Snow interjects with "I don't."  She apologizes. "You said I would always be in your heart and that is too cruel a fate. Go live your life. Live it without me, because there is no place for us together. Fill your heart with love for someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have- the way I never will."  Both are crying. Snow hands him back the note and leaves, broken hearted.
Kathryn shares with John Doe/David that she feels since he's come home "You're here, but you're not... here. I know you say you're trying, and I know you've been through a lot but..."   She knows it's been hard on him but it's been hard on her as well. She wants a family with him someday; she wants children. "I'll be honest. I thought I was pregnant. And when the test came back negative at first I was upset but then... I was relieved. We're not ready. If I was pregnant now it would be a disaster. I wanna fix this, I wanna fix us!"  David agrees with everything she's saying.  Kathryn suggests they seek help from Dr. Hopper as it will give them their best shot.  David also agrees to that.
David- "Look, you and I... I know we're supp... I know we should be in love...and I wanna make that work."
Kathryn- "It's 7:10." He should get going if he wants his coffee before work. David suggests they go downstairs and have breakfast instead. He kisses her on the cheek, but isn't enthused about it.
Sad Snow White is crying as she walks through the forest, leaving the castle and James behind her.  Grumpy and the dwarfs meet up with her. Snow confesses she's not even close to being OK. She's experiencing something worse than finding her love- "I lost him".  Grumpy, who isn't so grumpy, takes her hand, "Come on".
Snow- "Where are you taking me?"
Grumpy-"Home. We all lost someone today."  They were 8, now they're Seven.
Grumpy says he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for her, so they're taking her home and they're going to protect her.  Snow feels the only thing that needed protecting is destroyed... her heart.  Encouraging Grumpy tells her it will get better. Snow agrees and takes out the potion she got from Rumpelstiltskin. "This will take all of my feelings, all of my pain and destroy them."  Grumpy stops her.  She doesn't understand that because he, as one who lost love, should understand how she feels.
Snow- "What if your pain could be erased?"
Grumpy-  "I don't want my pain erased! As wretched as it is...I need my pain. It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy. Look around, Snow, you're not alone anymore. I promise you that's all the cure you need. If the pain's too much you can always drink it. But for today- put it away."
Snow doesn't drink it and walks home with her new family/flock.
Emma drinks her orange juice and sits down for her cereal while Mary sits spinning her ring round and round while staring at the time on the clock- 7:15Compassionate Emma takes her hand.
Prince James rides on horseback through the forest calling out for Snow White. {Note the cabin} Red tells him that Snow's gone; she never came back after she went to find him.
Prince James- "Then I'll find her. I will always find her."
This pleases Red.

Excited Grumpy hurries into the Dwarf dwelling to tell Snow the buzz! The Royal Wedding is off! He left her!  "You're Prince Charming isn't gettin' married."
Spaced out Snow White responds with "Who?"  The potion bottle is empty!

The clock in Granny's diner shows 7:45. Mary Margaret is getting her coffee from Ruby when in walks John Doe/David. He is stunned to see her, panics and runs out. Mary Margaret runs after him "What are you doing?!" They're both trying not to see each other. Apparently they can't stop trying to see each other! David reveals Kathryn isn't pregnant. They kiss!  Of course this is witnessed by Regina, watching from her car. {Stalking perhaps}