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What Happened to Frederick

"There are properties on this island that exist nowhere else on earth. Our mission is to study these properties for the betterment of mankind and advancement of world peace." - Pierre Chang, The DHARMA Initiative
Two words: magical properties. Magical properties that return to you what you have lost.  Is it possible that is the same idea as, let's say, the healing properties of the "Island"?  Both play a part in restoring things in a lost and broken person. That's something to think about.

OK, two more words- Gordian knot. This is an exceedingly complicated and intricate problem; one that seems deadlocked, with no answer, yet is solved fearlessly in a quick, decisive and dramatic manor.  In other words, just cut right through to get to the heart of the problem.  This concept was present in this episode.

What happened to Frederick is he was afflicted and literally changed by something- a "spell".  Keep in mind his being turned to gold happened after he was able to see what no one else could see and unselfishly sacrificed himself for another.  And when the magic spell was broken he woke up in Abigail's arms.  My question is now that Abigail and Frederick are together in Fairy Tale Land how will their future be.  Will they live happily ever after? How will Kathryn's disappearing act in Storybrooke play into things there? 

The book smart stranger, August, doesn't seem to be much of a stranger to Storybrooke. As for the book, he lovingly cares for it.  I have many questions about August. What is he up to?  Who really authored the book?  I wonder how he acquired the book.  In the episode Regina tells Henry "I really didn't mean to destroy your book."  So, did August find it and put the book back together again?  Did he edit the story or add something or someone new to it?  Did he add himself into the story or is he always in it?  Is there more than one book?  Could he be trying to rewrite or recreate the lost book; I ask this because the covers show different wear on them.  Hell, I'll ask...did he write the plaque on the well?

August brings Emma to the special well to drink the water of the special underground Lake; the Lake that returns something you lost. The important thing here is that its Emma hands the book finds its way back to; as if she's the one who lost it. I find that important. Sure, the book could have been planted in the puddle of water at Emma's car, by August. If so, why is it so important to him that Emma have the book and return it to Henry?  Is August trying to lure Emma at the special well with its magical power of the underground Lake, by giving her false hope or with trickery or illusion; by making it seem the magic of the well returned the book?  Or are his intentions completely honorable? Could he be guiding her?  Maybe the book return has nothing to do with the special well and we just have to wait for Emma to find what she really lost.
Keep in mind that the Siren of the Lake is only an illusion, therefore its ability to walk on water and transform into other images is a magic trick. It's not real. We also have the question of what else is real or not. Another thing that was brought up here is the perception of things being physically realistic and life-like and craftsmanship to things.
And of course, there's the reality and truth of deep feelings that also must be dealt with. 

This doesn't matter. None of this matters. All that matters is that we felt it.

Prince Charming felt "it".
Confused and chicken John Doe/David can't commit to a decision.  Although he says he wants to be with Mary Margaret he seems somewhat comfortable living two lives.  He can't seem to come clean about things and move forward.  Why is he so attached to Kathryn?  He doesn't appear to be motivated enough to be truthful and in Storybrooke he's not brave, whereas his Fairy Tale counterpart is. Is he afraid of change or afraid to change?  It's important to remember that David wasn't the one to decide to tell Kathryn anything; that push came from Mary Margaret.  And what David did and how he chose to handle it, he did for himself.  Maybe John Doe/David just isn't ready yet and maybe, just maybe he has to clean up his own mess first.
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil

It is important to not only observe and listen, but to keep an open mind and open heart while on this journey. There is much to learn. One goal is to get to the place of pure love. It is going to mean letting go of some things, people, places, old feelings and ideas and move forward.

Certainly my perception in the details with ONCE is inspired by my passion for LOST and the many wonderful things I learned from it. I don't want to mislead you in anyway and I don't want to screw up this beautiful story written by Team ONCE, by making more of the LOST connections than they may have intended. And I sure as hell don't want to make you believe the things I am seeing in this story and I won't tell you what to think.  I understand that I may be wrong, but for me there's no denying so much of what we see right out in the open and subliminally connects us to the "Island".  I noticed there are many LOST fans feeling that just because an Apollo Bar or MacCutcheon Whiskey isn't shown in an episode then there are no nods to LOST.  I feel that's not true. The LOST thread indeed runs through Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land even without those iconic items showing up. Connect the dots. Maybe the "Island" isn't done with us yet.

** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ Fantasy-Reality- Magic. What is real and what is not?
๑ a legend is a made up tale, a story that is not true; and is sometimes used for teaching some sort of lesson.
๑ Did the vehicle Mary Margaret and David use look similar to Jack's Bronco?
๑ Compassion. Sacrifice. Knowing. Karma. Law = Dharma
๑ Wishing - Well
8 {August is the 8th month and its birthstone is the peridot- a ring Mary Margaret wears)
๑ Gold Frederick isn't dead- just under a spell 
๑ Regina claims to have buried the incriminating photos yet they are on her desk
๑ August Wayne Booth- I found a Wayne C Booth: his most-recognized book is The Rhetoric of Fiction The cause of his death in 2005 was complications of dementia
๑ Gold- King Midas turns things/people into gold.  Mr. Gold as Rumpelstiltskin makes gold
๑ Games
๑ Time

Vocabulary and Research...
Nostos is the Greek word for homecoming. There are many instances in The Odyssey in which Odysseus is longing to return home to Penelope
Sirens: Noisemakers
- In Greek mythology, Sirens were dangerous creatures, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island
According to Ovid (Metamorphoses V, 551), the Sirens were the companions of young Persephone and were given wings by Demeter to search for Persephone when she was abducted. 
- Persephone also called Kore (the maiden) is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest-goddess Demeter, and queen of the underworld
-Persephone- a fictional character in the Matrix film trilogy
-Persephone- Rachel Blake from The Lost Experience
* The Lady of the Lake is the name of several related characters who play parts in the Arthurian legend. These characters' roles include giving King Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father
TRON- Nods to TRON with the video game and dialogue. Also important- computers, programs and people literally caught inside a virtual/computer generated world where they play gladiatorial games and the only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program
๑  Tulips: is a poem by American poet Sylvia Plath about her experiences in a mental hospital. The poem was written in 1961 and included in the collection Ariel published in 1965
  - TULIP: Calvinism is a theological system to Christian life; sometimes identified with the five points  called the doctrines of grace
  - Tulip: is an information visualization framework dedicated to the analysis and visualization of relational data
Water: needed for life. Often a sign/symbol of life; Higher consciousness, cleansing, baptism, purity, flow, flood, calm, rough
Walk on water- A magic trick
    - In the bible the believer is given the authority to tread over all the power of the enemy
๑  Well: "Well-to-wheel", or Life cycle assessment
  - WELL: The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, normally shortened to The WELL, is one of the oldest virtual communities in continuous operation
 - A potential well is the region surrounding a local minimum of potential energy.  Energy captured in a potential well is unable to convert to another type of energy (kinetic energy in the case of a gravitational potential well) because it is captured in the local minimum of a potential well. Therefore, a body may not proceed to the global minimum of potential energy, as it would naturally tend to due to entropy
 - Well of Knowledge- In Norse mythology, Mímisbrunnr (Old Norse "Mímir's well") is a well associated with the being Mímir, located beneath the world tree Yggdrasil

And for fun I want to share this with you...
 ๑ Ludwig II of Bavaria (Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm; was King of Bavaria from 1864 until shortly before his death. He is sometimes called the Swan King (English) and der Märchenkönig, the Fairy tale King (German)
✔  Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale 
★ Fantasy-Reality, Magic. What is real and what is not?
★ Games. Video Game. Computer/laptop
★ Connection. Connecting
★ Time
★ Charles Widmore
★ Chicken
★ Well
★ Tree
★ Bags thrown over their heads: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sun
★ Head. Mind. Illusion/Hallucination
★ "Leap of Faith"
★ Trapped in a bloody snow globe
★ Learning. School
★ Law. Court. Dharma. Karma
★ Heart. Core.  Love
★ "a top button kind of girl" - Sun was a top button kind of girl
★ August is the 8th month and Walt's birth month.
★ Wayne was Kate's father's name
★ If August is responsible for putting the book in Emma's hands to return to Henry- It kind of brings me back to Locke finding Vincent and giving the dog to Michael to return to Walt
★ Episode connections: Homecoming, Fire + Water,  The Candidate {-Tulips}
★ Young Ben gets a gift from Annie with a blue ribbon/bow in The Man Behind the Curtain.
★ Sawyer refers to Jack as the hero
★ "I hope you find what you're looking for" is mentioned in The Last Recruit and Lighthouse
★ Charlie Pace talks to Desmond Hume about real love "I'm talking about spectacular consciousness altering love.  Do you know what that looks like?" in Happily Ever After.  Charlie is also underwater and we see Desmond connected with a box where he feels his experiences aren't real.

Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
In Fairy Tale Land
Princess Abigail meets up with King George in the forest. {White horse drawn carriage with heart shape rear window} The King compliments her growing beauty and is honored to welcome her to his family. There seems to be some chaos to which the King tells Abigail its due to the excitement of the upcoming royal wedding and the insurance of the safety of their guests.  The annoyed and apparently two faced King excuses himself to tell one of his soldiers to "Find him."

Hooded and caped Princely impostor Charming/James/the shepherd hurries on horseback through the forest to outrun the soldiers hot on his tail. The soldiers fire arrows at him but are shitty archers and miss hitting him. The impostor Prince jumps over a fallen tree limb, but the soldiers stop their pursuit at that line and the Prince rides away.

The Prince, thinking he got away from the soldiers (who are told to split up) has a bag thrown over his head.
In Storybrooke
John Doe/David sits quietly eating with wife Kathryn.  He tells her "The chicken's delicious."  {Candles}
Kathryn tells him she applied to law school.  David seems genuinely happy for her.  Then she reveals she got into and that the school is in Boston.  Kathryn thinks a fresh start may be what they need. "Maybe we've been fighting too hard to recapture old memories, when we should've been making new ones instead."

The brave prisoner Prince doesn't fear his purple cloaked and hooded captors.  One captor frees the bound hands of the Prince with his dagger.  These men were sent by Princess Abigail to capture the Prince. She wanted to get her hands on him before his father ripped him to shreds.  She knew about his goings on because she has ears in the King's court and despite everyone's best efforts to shield her from it she knows the truth.  "You love Snow White... and you have no intention of marrying me."  The Prince won't marry someone he doesn't love or give that despot the satisfaction that I helped him. If that means suffering the consequences, so be it.  Abigail finds his preparation to lay down his own life, charming.  She didn't go there to see him die; she came to help him escape.  She doesn't want to marry him either.

Mary shuts the passenger side door of a vehicle. {Is that a Bronco? If so, Jack on LOST drove one too}  John Doe/David tells Mary Margaret he told Kathryn that he was going for a walk to clear his head and think about it.  And of course, David didn't tell his wife that the walk was with Mary Margaret.  This troubles Mary Margaret as it seems like lying is their default.  They're not being honest. Mary Margaret decides it's time that Kathryn knows the truth about everything, including them.  David doesn't know if he can. Mary Margaret tries to reason with him about being honest. David wonders if its really the best plan. {WTF?!} Mary ask "What's your plan?"
David seems clueless; and doesn't seem interested in moving to Boston.
Mary Margaret- "The only way no one gets hurt here... is if we don't want to be together."
That's not what David wants.  Mary Margaret feels they have to stop hiding and do something. It's better she hears it from you than someone else. "You have to make a choice."
David chooses Mary Margaret.  Mary Margaret decides "Then it's time to tell Kathryn"  David timidly nods his head yes and Mary Margaret walks away.

Emma notes the Stranger's motorcycle parked outside of Granny's Diner {Cafe}.  The Stranger tells Emma he was meaning to bump into her. "Matter of fact I was hoping we might grab that drink you promised."
Emma wonders "Is that you asking me out?"
Stranger- "Well, if putting a label on it makes you more comfortable,  Sure. Let's call it a date."
Emma thought he came there to write, find inspiration.  The Stranger is optimistic about their date.  Emma has a policy; she won't go out with guys who don't tell her their name.  It could mean they're keeping secrets; it helps weed out the ones who might be married or store body parts in a freezer.  She fluffs him off and walks away.
The Stranger- "It's August. August W. Booth."  Now there goes Emma's reason for not meeting him there after work.  August leaves.

Emma sits opposite Mary Margaret at the table.  Mary Margaret whispers  "Who was that?"   Emma doesn't know, yet, but she'll find out.  Mary Margaret called Emma there to talk about Mary Margaret. But troubled Mary Margaret feels talking about Emma is easier right now.  Mary Margaret whispers "Remember when you told  me to stay away from David and I agreed?"  But Emma knows all about it; because she's sheriff and Mary Margaret is a lovesick schoolteacher. "Covering your tracks in not exactly your strong suit."  Mary Margaret feels she's been discreet.  But Emma recalls "Two teacups in the sink, new perfume, late nights, plunging necklines, it was not hard to connect the dots."  When Emma met Mary Margaret she was a top button kind of girl.  Mary Margaret wonders why Emma didn't say anything.  Emma kids  "I'm not your mother."  Mary Margaret knows that according to Henry she's Emma's mother. Emma just figured Mary Margaret would let her know when it was time; its time. Mary Margaret shares the news that David is telling Kathryn everything.

Kathryn is working on her laptop when David enters. She wants David to come take a look as she's found a whole bunch of apartment options. She doesn't know which neighborhoods to look at. She asks him if he's ever been to Boston. David says no.  Kathryn suggests they ask the sheriff for help, as she's from Boston.
David apologizes and informs her he can't go to Boston with her.  She wants the truth from him. "David, is there something going on that I don't know about?"   David lies and says, no.  "Something happened. I don't know what it is. There is something that's preventing me... from connecting.  And it's not fair to you to let that screw up your life. You're right you need a fresh start. It's just not with me."

Abigail, the Prince and her men have reached her father's realm in the forest. They should be safe there. Abigail has provisions waiting for the Prince.  He feels he can't take any of it; not until she tells him what's really going on and yells "Stop playing games! If you have no feelings for me, as you've said. Why show me any kindness at all. What haven't you told me?"
Abigail- "This isn't about you. It's about me. I don't want to marry you because my heart also belongs to another. A man I was once to wed. A man named Frederick."
The Prince asks "What happened?
Abigail feels we all have our own tragedies and lost love being the worst. She thought reuniting James with his might grant her some consolation.  James is unable to help her as his "love" told him in no uncertain terms that she doesn't feel the same way about him as he does for her. "You can't fight for something that doesn't exist. So, there's my tragedy."   Abigail scoffs and tells him "That's no tragedy. Come. Follow me."  She takes his hand and leads the way.
Abigail led him to a guarded gazebo that houses a gold figure of a brave man in armor. This is where Abigail's beloved Frederick sacrificed his life.  She explains they were traveling with King Midas when their caravan was ambushed, Frederick bravely defended them; he was cut down saving her father's life.
The Prince compliments this fitting tribute, the craftsmanship and how life-like the figures details are. But that's not what that is; it is not a statue. That is literally Frederick.  He saw the attack when no one else did. He threw himself in front of her father, knocking him to safety and was turned to gold because of her father's curse.  The Prince declares "All curses can be broken. Have you tried true loves kiss?"   She had, until her lips bled.
The Prince- "The gold got in the way. There must be something else to do."
Abigail tells about a legend of a lake, Lake Nostos.  "Its waters are said to have magical properties that can return to you something that was once lost."  Of course she's tried it. "But the lake is guarded by a ghastly creature that drowns its victims. No one whose ever faced it has lived to return."  The Prince doesn't want her to give up hope  just yet, as he will face this guardian and return with the water that will undo this wretched curse.  Abigail warns that none have succeeded. But the proud Prince knows none has his fearless bravery.  Abigail feels "Or fearless regard for their own safety".  The Prince feels either way one off them (Us) should have their happiness.  Abigail thinks if he dies neither of them will have that, but the Prince knows that not to be true, for if he succeeds  she'll be reunited with Frederick and her misery ends and if he fails the misery that ends will be his.
In a dark workroom/shed or garage, August is carefully working on the fairy tale book. {Art and text}  He preps its pages in the water/solution and hangs them to dry. He is quite the craftsman, as he takes the dry and ready section of story with gold Frederick and puts it in a place in the book. He carefully sews, binding the book together.
Regina and Henry sit in her office. Regina encourages Henry to open a silver box with a royal blue bow on it. The occasion for the gift to show him she loves him.  She knows he misses his book, but the gift of a hand held video game is where he can save the Princesses and he can be the hero.  He doesn't seem impressed with the game.  Regina wants him to believe her that she tore the playground down for his safety.  "I really didn't mean to destroy your book."  Henry's not just troubled about the book, he wants to see Emma.  Regina looks sad.  There's a knock at the door and upset Kathryn lets herself in; interrupting the mother and son moment.  Regina has Henry go home and start his homework; she'll be there in a bit and they can have dinner.

Crying Kathryn tells her friend, Regina, about David's leaving her. Regina assumes it's because of the affair he's having with Mary Margaret; an affair Kathryn wasn't privy to.  Regina knows this she's seen and has proof.  "I Sidney was always looking for scandal, it sells papers, he showed me. I buried them, of course."   Kathryn demands "Show me!"
Regina presents the not-buried photos.  Kathryn cries over the pictures of David and Mary Margaret connecting, kissing and sharing tender moments. She's upset Regina didn't tell her.  Regina thought the two were working it out. "Believe me, I want you two together."   She claims to care about this because she's Kathryn's friend. Kathryn doesn't agree and feels everyone is lying to her. She walks away.
Abigail leads the Prince to a candle lit offering shrine to the guardian of the lake. Every man who faces it leaves an offering here first, asking for the creature's mercy.  This seems to amuse the Prince. "I go the rest of the way alone."
Abigail wants to go along, as its for her. The Prince won't allow it "The only life I want in my hands is my own".  Abigail wishes him luck and reminds him to leave an offering.  The Prince won't do it. "Lotta good it did them."  He throws the Gladiator helmet he was holding at the Icon and heads onward.

John Doe/David sits at home, looking through photos of him and Kathryn.  He calls Mary Margaret, who happens to be descending the stairs inside of her busy school with kids all about.  She asks him if he did it.  David says yeah and that its really bad.  Mary is excited he told the truth, so  now they can pick up the pieces and start over from a real place.  Although David seems hesitant he says he wants to see her.  Mary Margaret- "And David, you did the right thing."    Just then Kathryn plows her way through the school halls, bumps into a soccer ball carrying man.  Mary  Margaret apologizes to her, but Kathryn slaps her face in front of everyone. "Screw you, you're sorry."   Mary Margaret assumes by her conversation with David that "We didn't lie" but David didn't do the honorable thing and never told her.  Evidently he lied to Mary Margaret too.  Kathryn wishes her luck "making it work. You two deserve each other".

The Prince approaches the dark lake and retrieves water from it.  Sounds are heard.
David calls out "Where are you? Make yourself known to me!  Beast! Show yourself."  {We hear bird wings flapping}   A rapturously beautiful blond rises up from the water "Here I am".

August rides up to Granny's to pick up Emma. Emma assumed they'd go inside for the drink. He does want the drink, but didn't say "here".   He tells her to "hop on".   Emma offers to go somewhere and she drives, but August says "How 'bout you stop having to control everything and take a leap of faith. You owe me a drink- hop on. I know a good watering hole."   Granny says if Emma won't, she will.   Emma hops on the bike.
Emma- "A watering hole. Literally?"
August- "Say what you want about me, but I always tell the truth."
Emma assumes a drink means wine or whiskey.  August asks if she wants him to get her drunk. Emma says no.  August says "Next time".   Emma feels he's optimistic.
August brings two mugs "They say there's something special about this well. There's even a legend. They say that the water from the well is feed by an underground lake and that lake has magical properties."
Emma- "Magic? You sound like Henry."
August- "Smart kid. So, this Legend it says that if you drink the water from the well something lost will be returned to you."
Emma- "You know an awful lot about this town for being a stranger."
August- "And you know very little for being the sheriff."
Emma- "How do you know all this? Have you been here before?"
August- "I know all this for one very simple reason. I read the plaque."
Emma- "You actually believe that?"
August- "I'm a writer. I have to have an open mind."
Emma- "Yeah, but magic?"
August- "Water is a very powerful thing. Cultures as old as time have worshiped it.  It flows throughout all lands connecting the entire world- If anything had mystical properties, if anything had magic, well I'd say it'd be water."
Emma- "That's asking a lot to believe on faith."
August- "If you need evidence for everything, Emma, you're gonna find yourself stuck in one place for a long time."
Emma- "Maybe. Or maybe I'll just find the truth before anyone else.
August- "Well, Miss Skeptic, there's one thing I can tell you for sure that requires no leap of faith and I know you'll agree with me..."
Emma- "What's that?"
August- "It's good water."  They toast and drink {I love that the wheel is right by his head while he talks.}

Mary Margaret walks down the street, past the clock store, where she gets dirty judging looks from passersby.  One woman whispers to her friend "Did you hear what happened?"  Other people walk by whispering gossip and warnings about Mary Margaret; this upsets her.  Granny and Mary Margaret bump into each other; neither one was looking. Granny tells her she should be ashamed of herself.

At the Lake the Lady walks on water and asks the Prince "What's your name? Would you like to know mine? Because I can be anyone you want me to be."   The Prince armed with his sword, tells her to stop "I know what you are. You're a Siren. You're deceitful words are a spell meant to lure me to my death."  The Siren claims she could never hurt a brave and powerful man like him; not when there's other things they could do.
He will not fall prey to her deceptions.
The Siren- "Really? You're immune to me."   She pours water over her head and magically transforms into Snow White.  She tries to seduce the Prince, claiming she is indeed the real thing. The Prince knows it's an illusion "I know it's not real."
The Illusion claims "Sometimes illusions are better than truth."  Everything that he wants and can't have, the illusion can give him; all he has to do is kiss it/her.   The illusion is very tempting to the Prince.  He lets his sword drop into the water as he kisses the illusion.  The illusion gently pulls him further into the lake, but the Prince snaps out of it. "No. I don't want an illusion, I want reality or nothing."  To prove the real "feeling" the illusion kisses him again. This time he must have felt something because he calls the illusion, Snow.   The kissing Illusion tells him "I love you."  Again the Prince pulls away knowing this is not real,  "It's not you!"  But the Snow illusion persists.
The Prince- "This is not real love. I've felt it and this isn't it! I know the difference."
The cunning illusion congratulated Prince Charming for being the first. She tackles him and pulls him down into the depths of the lake.  She beckons him to follow her further down but the Prince sees the skeletons of others before him and tries to swim back up.  He is trapped under the water when a seaweed vine grabs on to his leg.  Luckily a left over dagger is near him. When the illusion is mouth to mouth with him again, he stabs the illusion and cuts himself free. The Siren floats away transforming back to the blond.

David is cleaning up the mess; the word TRAMP is written on the side of the vehicle. Mary Margaret asks him who did this, but of course he doesn't know. He doesn't even know how any of this happened.
Mary responds with "Really?!"  David feels he can't control what other people do.  Upset Mary calls him out on lying. "And now everyone is calling me TRAMP.  David asks "Who told her?"  Mary Margaret feels that is exactly the wrong question. "The real question is why didn't you do what we discussed? Why didn't you tell her?"   David thought they could spare Kathryn's feelings. Mary again calls him out on only doing what he wanted to do; not what both of them discussed.  David claims he didn't want anyone to get hurt. Mary Margaret- "Now everyone is hurt."  And even though they had an understanding and agreement, he not only lied to Kathryn, he lied to her.
David begs her to listen to him "If we want to see if this- if what we have is love... we have to do what you said. We have to pick up the pieces and we gotta move on.  Crying Mary Margaret feels this isn't love. What they have is something entirely different and destructive and it has to stop.  "We shouldn't be together."  David sort of nods his head "OK".
Emma brushes fallen leaves off of her VW beetle. She finds a fairy tale book inside of a red toolbox in a puddle of  water, settled by the rear tire of her car. {Her license plate date is Dec 11. The book covers are worn and old.} August watches her discovery from across the street.

Regina is in her office watering flowers/Orchids when Kathryn compliments the beauty. She had no idea Regina was good with plants.  Regina is better with them than with people.  After thinking about it, Kathryn realized she owed Regina an apology.  She knows Regina would never do anything to hurt her; she was just so angry and confused and she snapped. She's finding it so hard to hold on to David that she never stopped to ask herself why.  Regina feels its because they're a loving married couple and relationships take work.  Kathryn disagrees and presents the evidence; the photos Regina gave her of David and Mary Margaret.  Kathryn points out their obvious connection, they way David looks at Mary. David's never looked at Kathryn like that; not even before the accident.  Regina admits to being in love- once. Kathryn considers her lucky because she's beginning to understand is she hasn't.  She sees that what David and Mary have is real and true and that her marriage to David was like an illusion; she doesn't know how it happened but it was never real.  She wants a man to look at her like David looks at Mary Margaret. She's going to go out and find it.  Kathryn is sticking to her plan and moving to Boston- alone.  If she stays there, she'll never be happy. Since its too painful to see him now, Kathryn wrote David a letter giving the lovebirds her blessing to be together.  This stuns Regina.  Kathryn hugs her good friend; as she'll miss her. Kathryn admits to having an irrational fear of leaving Storybrooke- like something's holding her back.  It's not crazy.  Regina tells her "Change is always frightening. But you know what, Kathryn...this just may be what you need. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for."

The Prince returns to Golden Frederick and Abigail with the water from Lake Nostos. Abigail wonders how he managed to slay the beast. Since the fate of her true love was at stake so it was a battle he couldn't afford to lose.  Abigail pours the magic water over her love and dissolves the spell.  Frederick automatically wakes and kisses his Abigail.  Abigail explains to him that he was trapped and now he's free and James is the one who freed him.  Frederick is the soccer ball carrying man Kathryn bumped into at the school in Storybrooke.  Forever indebted to James, he will pay him back by walking down the aisle with someone he truly belongs with; and a horse and supplies for a journey as well.  He will go find Snow White. "True love isn't easy, but it must be fought for.  Because once you find can never be replaced."  A bird helped him find her once and hopefully it can again.  Abigail warns James to make haste, for when the King George discovers that the union of the Kingdoms has been ruined he will go after him. "Some people will stop at nothing to destroy the happiness of others."
Regina lets herself into Kathryn and David's house with her special keys and steals the letter left for David.

The school bells rings.  Henry sits on a bench outside of the junior building playing his new video gameSpace Paranoids.  Emma sits next to him; she used to play that game all the time when she was a kid.  "Relax- It's all in the wrist!"  Henry warns her his mom is picking him up in like five minutes, so Emma will be quick.  She presents the fairy tale book. "I found it in a gutter. It must have fallen off the dump truck on the way to the junkyard and got tossed around in the rain and somehow it made its way back to me."
Henry thinks that's crazy.
Emma- "Well, what other explanation could there be? Well, whatever happened- it came back to me."
Henry- "Maybe it means our luck is changing. Operation Cobra is back on.  It's a sign. Things are gonna be better."
Emma hopes the kid is right and leaves.  Henry opens the book to the page where the Prince is looking for Snow White...
...The Prince comes across Red Riding Hood to informs him Snow is gone. She never came back after she went to find him.  The Prince will find her and will convince her that they belong together. "I will always fight for her no matter what comes between us."
Red tells him it won't be much of a fight because when Snow left to find him it was because she wants to be with him more than anything.  The Prince thinks Red is mocking him.  But Red assures him Snow left to break up his wedding because she loves him. "Unless something changed her mind along the way."
The Prince- "Not some-thing. Some-one."  That 'Not Some-One', King George is yelling from the field for his soldiers to "Bring me his head!"    The Prince and Red make a quick getaway on horseback. {Again the launched arrows never hit him}
Heartbroken Mary Margaret is crying in her bed.  Emma shows her support, but Mary doesn't feel like talking about it yet and she doesn't want to be alone. So, Emma lays beside her keeping her company.

Regina opens a drawer containing a can of red spray paint and David's letter. She lights the envelope and throws it into the fire.
Motivated Kathryn drives off on her way out of Storybrooke toward her new adventure.  Also driving toward the exit of Storybrooke is the soccer ball carrying guy/Frederick. At the sign he comes upon Kathryn's empty crashed car, off the side of the road.

Regina watches the letter burn.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skin Deep

“Pride, anger, gluttony, and idleness are sometimes conquered, but the conversion of a malicious and envious mind is a kind of miracle.” - Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont

** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

"The Revolution has begun, man. Lay low. When the time is right, we fly."

This is a deep and moving episode.  Don't judge this fairy tale by its cover.  People and things may not be what you think they are.  Of course appearances can be deceptive.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder while true beauty lives in the heart.  A lesson we all must learn is to look beyond the superficial, the smoke and mirrors and razzle freakin' dazzle to see the truth- the heart.  But there are times it is the broken person who purposely makes their skin so thick, wearing it as a sort of armor.  They have become jaded and hide their own beautiful heart for protection from any future emotional suffering.  They're shut off, self imprisoned.  They have denied their own freedom with a sort of inadvertent punishment.

Is the Ogre War the war between Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen? That's right, I said the Evil Queen. Their puerile battle is about who has more power.  Were these two always at odds with each other or has this just become old hat?  And now that things are out in the open in Storybrooke between them I wonder how this will change the game.

I must find out what is going on with this mysterious code protected, cloaked in secrecy, underground facility!  What is its true purpose?  Who else is privy to this clandestine operation?

Missing Pieces

Two halves need to come together to become whole- complete. There are missing pieces inside of these broken and lost people. They need to make conscious changes to their lives, for they are not living a full life. They are oblivious and feel emotionally incomplete and separated from love and home.

Make no mistake about it, Belle was bringing some clarity to Rumpelstiltskin so he can free himself; regardless of how he is under the spell.  There are times within the episode that Rumpelstiltskin and Belle seem to have a subconscious unobstructed view of the truth, providing each with a little bit of hope. There was a glimmer for a potential new beginning for Rumpelstiltskin via Belle's lovely gesture to let in some light in preparation of the coming spring.

Is it only the Evil Queen/Regina who robs Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold of Belle? Did Rumpelstiltskin toss Belle away strictly out of his wanting to beat the Evil Queen in this war game or was it due to cowardice in taking a leap of faith and embracing love?  Although Rumpelstiltskin tells Belle his power means more to him than she does, Belle seems to be able to see clearly and knows the words he uttered is not the truth. 

Rumpelstiltskin seems to be the keeper of the items that people are attached or connected to. He also has attachments of his own. We see he kept the Grail in a place of importance until the time came for its replacement. When Rumpelstiltskin first brings Belle into his estate he sees the teacup as just a cup until he gives it meaning after having deep feeling for her. What item would be of importance to Belle? Would it be the long stem red rose or maybe the chipped cup works for her too.

"What Are You?"

What constitutes a beast or a monster? Is it appearance, behavior, ideas or thoughts?  Is it possible we could be misunderstanding a few things we're seeing in this story, just as we experienced many times while watching LOST?  Rumpelstiltskin is under a spell that now makes him assume a "beastly" role.  He believes he is a bad and ugly being, yet there is good in him.  In many ways he is shut off from the world and is in pain, but he also has a sense of humor and shows kindness.  He is lonely and does have room for caring and companionship.  Rumpelstiltskin unselfishly gives Belle an honest chance at freedom and love. We've also seen Mr. Gold guide a couple of the Storybrooke residents on their path. 

I am brought back to season six of LOST and the perception of the "Smoke Thing" {a few of the Castaways called him "monster". Note we also learned in season one it is a security system}.  He is a man who had been trapped for so long that he couldn't even remember what it felt like to be free.  He knew what it's like to feel joy, to feel pain, anger, fear and to experience betrayal; and he knew what it's like to lose someone he loves. This account comes from our beloved John Locke; a lost yet caring man, who also guided Castaways' on their journey.  It makes me wonder if the good hearted "beastly monsters" in both stories, in some strange way, really aren't that far apart. 

Nothing is permanent therefore spells can be broken and ills can be cured.  Killing "the beast or monster" isn't really such a terrible thing to do, especially if that "death" frees and reveals the real man who was trapped inside the "beast" and now can live life anew.

It's not the biggest castle or having the most gold that could make anyone truly happy.  It is feeling and giving true love that does that.  So many things in this episode bring me back to our time on the "Island", where the journey of self discovery and enlightenment leads you home.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ Dark Star Pharmacy- Dark Star is a song by The Grateful Dead
๑ Blurring of the "realms"
๑ What is real and what is not real
๑ What's with all of the deal making?
๑ Does Rumpelstiltskin cover up the mirrors so the Evil Queen can't see his goings on or simply because he can't stand to look at himself?
๑ Alice in Wonderland
๑ Battery
๑ Time
๑ Mr. Gold buys his duck tape and rope from the pharmacy and not Storybrooke Hardware
๑ David's Valentine card designs are very telling
๑ The Evil Queen used Belle in an attempt to break Rumpelstiltskin's spell but why? 
๑ Why is Belle kept secret in a secret underground facility? Who is benefiting from that? Is her room always a "dungeon"?
 ๑ Confused John Doe/David can't decide between the two women and seems a bit of a coward in making a choice 
๑ A few items in Rumpelstiltskin and Mr. Gold's possession: Sorcerer's Apprentice hat- Magic hat, Unicorn, Geppetto's shrunken parents/puppets, small clock/Cogsworth, Candle stick/Lumiere, Chipped teacup/Chip, Genie lamp, etc.

 Vocabulary and Research...
๑  Belle: a French name meaning "Beauty"
  Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale about a wealthy merchant who lived in a mansion with his three daughters, all of whom were very beautiful; but only the youngest, at fourteen, is named Belle for being lovely and pure of heart. Her sisters, in contrast, are wicked and selfish.
Belle uses the special mirror to watch Beast at the castle. Belle weeps over the dying Beast saying that she loves him and when her tears strike him the Beast is transformed into a handsome prince.  The Prince informs Belle that long ago a fairy turned him into a hideous beast after he refused to let her in from the rain, and that only by finding true love, despite his ugliness, could the curse be broken
Orge: imaginary beings. The term ogre is often used as metaphor to illustrate a person who behaves hostile, exploits, harms, torment or bully others. Trolls are often seen in a similar sense.
Its earliest attestation of the French word Ogre is in Chrétien de Troyes' late 12th century verse romance Perceval, the Story of the Grail
Anna Karenina: by Leo Tolstoy, published in serial installments from 1873 to 1877 in the periodical The Russian Messenger. The novel is divided into eight parts
Avonlea: a fictional community located on Prince Edward Island, Canada; It's the setting of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel Anne of Green Gable
The Sorcerer's Apprentice is the English name of a 1797 poem by Goethe
     -Animated dialogue-free 1940 Disney film Fantasia
     -Sorcerer's Apprentice Syndrome, a computer network protocol flaw
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest- It is also known that cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds nests, as they do not have nests of their own
- The book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is set in an Oregon asylum where patients face electroshock therapy.  The story involves volunteers and committed mental patients; Therapeutic Community/Therapy, Pills/Medications, Dreams and hallucinations and Revolution/Freedom. The events take place in wards 23-A, 23-B and 23-C.
The title of the book is a line from a nursery rhyme
✔  Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
★  Blurring of the Flashes
★  What is real and what is not real 
★  Claire
★  Rose
★  Possible Portland connection
★  Clean up messes
★  Game. Rules, War
★  Time
★  Map
★  Pearl. Swan. Station
★  8, 23
★  Alice in Wonderland
★  Mental Health- Therapy. Locked away. Imprisoned. Santa Rosa Mental Institute
★  Being watched. Eyes
★  Noble. Sacrifice. Brave. Good heart
★  Change. Transform
★  Hear/heard. See/look
★  Spring
★  Light
★  The French, French maps
★  Karma. Namaste
★  Michael lost Waaaalt.
★ Walt's book with Cuckoo birds (Bronze Cuckoo) in Special
★  Sean/Prince Thomas: Besides Thomas being the "father" of Claire's Aaron plus the examples of Doubting Thomas in the story, Locke was in St. Thomas Hospital when Anthony Cooper stole his kidney in Deus Ex Machina
★  "something evil has taken root in him" is similar to what we heard about Sayid and Claire in Season 6
★  Dave,  Recon  and The Substitute
★  Claire: Her name means bright, clarity/clear, famous. She was the unmarried pregnant girl who ended up birthing the same baby more than once. Something to note about Claire and her being Jack's sister/Christian's illegitimate daughter, was in So It Begins, Christian sends Vincent to wake up his son and never mentions a word about "his daughter".

Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
In Fairy Tale Land
There's news from the battlefield that "Avonlea has fallen".  Gaston feels "If only he had come".  Sir Maurice is annoyed "But he didn't."  This castle is worn.
"Ogre's are not men!" The King feels they are unstoppable. Belle tries to encourage her wearied father telling him that maybe he's on his way right now. But the obviously weaken Sir Maurice feels it's too late.
There is a bang on the door which concerns and excites the group. They wonder how he could get past the walls. They open the doors only to find Rumpelstiltskin has magically appeared sitting in the worn out throne.
Rumpelstiltskin- "You sent me a message. Something about um- 'Help, Help. We're dying. Can you save us? Well, the answer is...Yes. I can. Yes, I can protect your little town...for a price."
Sir Maurice sent Rumpelstiltskin a promise of gold- which of course he doesn't need; as he makes gold. Rumpelstiltskin wants something more special and precious; his price is Belle or no deal.  Gaston reveals he and the young lady are engaged.  Rumpelstiltskin isn't looking for love, he is looking for a caretaker for his rather large estate.  Sir Maurice demands Rumpelstiltskin leave.  As he is leaving Belle stops him claiming she will go with him. "No one decides my fate but me".
Belle- "My family, my friends, they will all live?"
Rumpelstiltskin gives his word and she gives hers; She agrees to the terms that this deal is "forever". This makes Rumpelstiltskin giddy! Sir Maurice begs Belle not to go with the "beast" but the deal is struck.
Rumpelstiltskin- "Oh. Congratulations on your little war! (He giggles)"
Moe French is unloading roses from the van in preparation of Valentine's Day.  Mr. Gold has been looking for Mr. French; his terms of the loan were fairly specific. He instructs his giant goon to take the van. Mr. French says he'll have the money next week and with Valentine's Day being the biggest day,  "I've got a grand of roses in the back! Stop! You've got to let me sell em!"   Gold walks away as upset French is trying to stop the van.  Mr. French yells that Mr. Gold is the lowest "People ain't gonna put up with this!"  The van screeches away.
Mr. Gold walks right into waiting Regina.  Regina thinks he put on quite a show back there.  Mr. Gold claims that Mr. French was just having a bad day. "It happens to the best of us."  Regina's been meaning to discuss something with Mr. Gold, but he won't discuss anything with her until he has something he wants to discuss. Regina is insistent.
Mr. Gold- "Is there something eating at you, Dear? Something you need to get out in the open? 'Cause its gonna have to wait. (whispers) Please."  He walks away.
At Granny's Diner
Mary Margaret and John Doe/David, are sitting at separate tables; they whisper to each other.  She's happy he's reading the book.  David just started it and thinks it's great; he can't wait to see how it ends. Ruby watches the two love birds and offers to push their tables together, but the two claim they are not togetherHat wearing Emma joins Mary Margaret and asks how her day is going.  Mary Margaret blurts out "Henry's fine" and she's sure he's his normal self.  "Regina won't keep you separated forever. People are supposed to be together...they find a way."  Mary looks over at David.
Emma- "So, he's his normal self, he's fine- he's happy?"
Mary Margaret says yes and then changes her answer to "no" when she sees Emma's disappointment.  Mary Margaret adds "He misses you, a lot. Trust me. I'm with him like six hours a day."
Ashley enters carrying her newborn and hands it over to Granny.  She asks Mary Margaret if she takes newborns' because she'd love six hours off.
Mary Margaret didn't even recognize Ashley.  Ashley wonders "Baby on the outside?"  Exhausted Ashley feels the baby's great but she and Sean haven't done the whole getting married thing: he's been working double shifts at the cannery- and on Valentine's Day.  Ruby overhears the girl's woes and feels they all should go out for a girls night.  Emma declines but says the rest should go and have fun.  Emma's phone buzzes "It's the station. Somethings' up."  She walks out.

Mr. Gold approaches his large home to find the front door already open. Sheriff Swan is armed and ready. It appears Mr. Gold has been robbed. Emma remarks that it's funny that keeps happening to him. Mr. Gold feels it's because he's a difficult man to love.

Rumpelstiltskin leads Belle through the grand dining room of his magnificent dark estate. Belle asks "Where are you taking me?"   Rumpelstiltskin replies, "Let's call it your room".   He opens the creaky door and throws her in the Dungeon where he locks her in.  He's amused.
Belle- "You can't just leave me in here! Hello!"  She knocks on the door.
Rumpelstiltskin gives Belle instructions on her duties.  "You will serve me my meals and you will clean the dark castle...You will dust my collection and launder my clothing...You will fetch me fresh straw when I am spinning at the wheel."  Belle, serving tea,  understands and agrees to everything.
Rumpelstiltskin- "Oh! And you will skin the children I hunt for their pelts."
That remark shocks her and she drops a teacup.  Rumpelstiltskin says that last remark was a quip. "Not serious."
Belle- "Right."   Nervous and feeling very bad about chipping the teacup, apologizes for it. "You can hardly see it."
Rumpelstiltskin doesn't care as its only a cup.
Mr. Gold seems troubled by the robbery and tells Sheriff Swan that she can go.  He knows exactly what was taken and who did it. "I've got it from here."  Emma says it is a robbery, a public menace, and if he doesn't tell her what he knows she'll arrest him for obstruction of justice. She has a feeling he doesn't want to be behind bars; that is true.  Mr. Gold reveals "His name is Moe French, he sells flowers. He recently defaulted on a loan.  A short time ago we had a little disagreement over collateral."  Emma will get him; check him out.  Assuming Mr. Gold doesn't find him first.  "Let's just say, bad things tend to happen to bad people."
Emma- "Is that a threat?"
Gold- "Observation."  As Emma leaves he wishes her good luck.

Rumpelstiltskin spins on his wheel while Belle {on a tall ladder} tugs at the heavy tapestry drapes/curtains covering the large windows.  She asks Rumpelstiltskin why he spins so much. She's noticed he's spun more gold than he could ever spend.
Rumpelstiltskin is being honest in his reply. "I like to watch the wheel. Helps me forget."
Belle- "Forget what?"
As he tries to recall he playfully remarks "I guess it worked!" and giggles.  Amused Belle laughs too.
Rumpelstiltskin asks her what she's doing.  Belle is trying to take down the nailed up drapes to let in some light; as it's almost springShe falls into his arms when she tugged very hard on the drape, finally letting in lightThey each seem to have a subconscious unobstructed view of something; for just a moment. Rumpelstiltskin puts her down {He seems confused and a tad off balance for a moment}.  Belle offers to put the curtains back up.  Rumpelstiltskin tells her there's no need "I'll get used to it".  He actually seems genuinely hopeful with the newly illuminated room; as opposed to just tolerating it.  Belle also looks hopeful and happy.

Emma literally reveals Mr. Gold's stolen goods by pulling a white blanket/sheet off the desktop.  Mr. Gold was right; it was all at Moe's/his place.  Emma's closing in on the man/himself.
Mr. Gold- "So, job well half- done, then."  Emma's pleased that in less than a day she got everything back but asks "Is something wrong?"
Mr. Gold is annoyed. "You've uncovered nothing. There's something missing ."  Emma claims she'll get it when she finds him.
Mr. Gold- "Not if I find him first."  Motivated, he walks out.

Rumpelstiltskin drinks from his chipped teacup while Belle, in a bit of a flirt fashion, takes a seat on top of the dining table. She asks why he wanted her there.
Rumpelstiltskin-" The place was filthy." 
Belle- "I think you were lonely. I mean, any man would be lonely."
Rumpelstiltskin- "I'm not a man."  He sits next to her and appears sad.
Belle's had a couple of months to look around and mentions she's seen small clothing, upstairs. "As if for a child? Was it yours or ...or was there a son?"
Rumpelstiltskin looks sad and distant for a moment and confesses there was a son. "I lost him...As I did his mother."
Compassionate Belle feels sorry. "So, you were a man- once. An ordinary man. If I'm never going to know another person in my whole life, can't I at least know you?"
Rumpelstiltskin seeming open to the idea replies in a playful manor, "Perhaps... Perhaps you just want to learn the monster's weaknesses".
Belle- "You're not a monster. You think you're uglier than you are. That's why you cover all the mirrors up, isn't it? Hmm?"
There is banging at the door. The doors magically open to reveal sword wielding Sir Gaston, claiming the beast has taken... With that, Rumpelstiltskin snaps his fingers transforming Gaston into purple smoke and then a long stem red rose.
He returns to Belle who wonders "Who was that?"
Rump- "Just an old woman selling flowers."
He presents the beautiful rose to her. "Here... If you'll have it." Happy Belle thanks him.  They both bow to each other.
Belle retrieves a vase from an old box to house the rose and place it on the center of the table.
Rumpelstiltskin- "You had a life, Belle, before this. {Motioning his hand in a circle}  What made you choose to come here with me?"
Belle explains as she preps the rose. "Heroism. Sacrifice. You know, there aren't a lot of opportunities for women in this land to show what they can do. To see the world, to be heroes. So, when you arrived that was my chance. I always wanted to be brave. I figured... do the brave thing and... bravery would follow.
Rumpelstiltskin- "And is it everything you hoped?"
Belle- "Well, uh...I did want to see the world. That part didn't really work out. But uh- I did save my village."
Rumpelstiltskin- "And what about your uh... betroth?"
Belle- "It was an arranged marriage. Honestly I never really cared much for Gaston. To me love is... love is layered. Love is a mystery to be uncovered. Yeah. I could never truly give my heart to someone as superficial as he.  But uh, you were going to tell me about your son." {Rumpelstiltskin's wheels are spinning in his head}
Rumpelstiltskin- "I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal. Go to town and fetch me some straw. When you return...I'll share my tale."
Belle- "But...You...Town? You trust me to come back?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "Oh no. I except I'll never see you again."   Belle is confused.

The ladies are doing shots in an actual bar and not Granny's Diner.  Mary tells Ashely to pace herself.  Ashley, although since its the first night out since she had the baby, is making up for lost time.  Ruby tells Ashley to check out the guys across the bar, but unmarried Ashley is still with workaholic Sean.  Ruby tells them to have fun moping and heads over to the guys.  Ashely feels Ruby is right and she also thought love would be different- So did Mary Margaret.
John Doe/David is in Dark Star Pharmacy shopping for two Valentines Day cards. {Note there are Mother's Day cards available} Mr. Gold notes this and remarks that it sounds like a complicated life.  David insists he just couldn't decide.  Mr. Gold inquires "These are both for the same woman?"  David feels both cards are "just so us".   Sentimental Mr. Gold feels David is fortunate he has someone who loves him. "Love. It's like a delicate flame. And once its gone...its gone forever. Best of luck to you."  He purchases his duck tape and rope from Sneezy/Mr. Clark.   Mr. Clark sneezes and David says "Bless you".
 Mr. Gold has bound and duck taped the mouth of his prisoner, Moe.  He drives him in Moe's van to the cabin.  {It's raining} Upon arrival, armed Gold opens the back doors of the van and demand Moe "Walk!"
 Mr. Gold pulls a gun telling Moe "You see, here's the thing- I don't normally let people get away".

On her walk into town, Belle is met by the tired Evil Queen who decides to stretch her legs and walk with Belle for a spell. The Queen notes Belle carries very little.
Belle-"I don't want to be slowed down."
The Queen feels Belle is running from someone; master or lover?  Belle doesn't answer so the Queen feels its master and lover.  Belle wants to take a rest and suggests the Evil Queen go on ahead.
The Evil Queen- "So, if I'm right you love your employer. But you're leaving him."
Belle- "I might love him. I mean, I could, except...something evil has taken root in him."
The Evil Queen- "Sounds like a curse to me. And all curses can be broken. A kiss born of true love would do it."   She's not suggesting a young woman to kiss a man who held her captive; what kind of message is that?  "Besides if he loves you, he would have let you go. And if he doesn't love you well, then, the kiss won't even work."
Belle- "Well, he did let me go."
Without the kiss nothing happens. But with the kiss, its enough to turn him into an ordinary man.  True loves kiss will break any curse.

Belle returns to Rumpelstiltskin, who pretends as if he wasn't just secretly looking out his window and hoping she would return.  He sits at his wheel claiming he's nearly out of straw.  Belle is on to him and calls him out on it. "You're happy that I'm back."   Rumpelstiltskin replies, "I'm not unhappy."   Belle reminds him she's owed a story. "Tell me about your son."
Rumpelstiltskin is sad.  "I lost him. There's nothing more to tell, really."
Belle- "And since've loved no one and no one has loved you." 
Rumpelstiltskin looks deep into her eyes and asks why she came back.  Belle confesses she wasn't going to but something changed her mind.  They kiss. The kiss is transforming Rumpelstiltskin and he wonders what is happening. Belle is happy its working and reveals that any curse can be broken.  This angers Rumpelstiltskin. "Who told you that?! Who knows that?!"  He realized who "she" is.
He removes the heavy covering off of the full length mirror any yells at it {Himself}. "You...Evil...Soul! This was you! You turned her against me!  You think you can make me weak? You think you can defeat me?!"
Belle asks "Who are you talking to?"  Rumpelstiltskin is talking to Belle's friend, the Queen. "How did she get to you?"  It's almost as if confused Belle didn't realize she was talking to "the Queen".
Rumpelstiltskin- "I knew this was a trick. I knew you could never care for me. Oh yeah, you're working for her. Or is this all you? Is this you being the hero and killing the beast?"
Belle is happy that the spell is being broken, as it means its true love! She asks why wont he believe her.
But the very angry Rumpelstiltskin wont believe her "Because no one, no one, could ever, ever love me!"
Rumpelstiltskin throws Belle in the dungeon! {Her room}

Moe wants to explain things to Mr. Gold.  Mr. Gold chokes {cuts off Moe's airway} with this walking stick/cane. "I'm gonna let you breathe in a second. And you're gonna say two sentences. The first, is gonna tell me where it is. The second, is gonna tell me who told you to take it. Do you understand the rules? (Yes) Good. Let's begin."   Moe begins by saying he needed that van, to which Gold repeatedly hits him with his walking stick only wanting the answers to the questions he's asked.  Moe feels it wasn't his fault.
Mr. Gold- "What do you talking about, 'my fault'. You shut her out. You had her love and you shut her out! She's gone! She's gone forever. She's not coming back... and its your fault! Not Mine! You are her father!"
Mr. Gold tortures/beats Moe while simultaneously Rumpelstiltskin destroys his curio cabinet in his castle.
Emma stops Mr. Gold's smack down on Moe, while we see Rumpelstiltskin breaking the teacups. He stops and places the chipped teacup on the table and walks away.
Ashley tells Mary Margaret that she thought girls night out would have made her feel better, but the truth is she needs a "be with my guy night".  Her man  is never around and she's home with the baby all day; what's the point of being together, if you're not together.  Mary Margaret gets it! "Loving someone you can't be with is a terrible, terrible burden."   Ashley realizes this was a bad idea and turns to go home.  Sean is there bearing red roses for her. It's his 20 minute break and he needed to see her and to ask her something.  He gets down on one knee and presents a diamond ring to her. "Will you marry me?"  After a long pause she says yes. They'll take a ride in his truck before he heads back to work.  Ashley thinks its the best date.
Sean- "Then you carriage awaits."
All alone Mary Margaret heads out too.

As Mary Margaret watches Sean and Ashley by the hardware store, David shows up, knowing Mary would be there to give her the Valentine's Day card.  Mary Margaret playfully wonders "Check up on me?"  David doesn't want her to find somebody else.  Mary Margaret opens the doggie card meant for Kathryn. He meant to give Mary Margaret the card with the two girls on it.  Mary Margaret's always felt that if two people were supposed to be together they'd find a way, but if this is their way "I think we should find another one".  She thinks he should go home to Kathryn.  David knows she's right, but still won't give up on them. "We'll find that way."   Mary Margaret hopes so. They walk away in opposite directions.

Emma asks Mr. Gold what Moe really did.
Mr. Gold- "He stole."
Emma knows Gold's reaction was about more than the theft of some trinkets.  Emma overheard the men mentioning how he "hurt her".  Emma feels maybe she can help someone else who needs help.
Mr. Gold- "No, sorry sheriff. I think you heard that wrong."
Since Mr. Gold doesn't want to cooperate Emma arrests him. {She cuffs him}

Angry Rumpelstiltskin magically opens the door to the dungeon and tells Belle to go; he doesn't want her anymore.  Before Belle leaves she confronts him. "You were freeing yourself! You could've had happiness if you just believed that someone could want you! But you couldn't take the chance."
Rumpelstiltskin- "That's a lie."
Belle- "You're a coward, Rumpelstiltskin. And no matter how thick you make your skin, that doesn't change."
Rumpelstiltskin-"I'm not a coward, Dearie. Its quite simple really. My power means more to me than you."
Belle- "No. No it doesn't. You just don't think I can love you. Now you've made your choice. And you're gonna regret it...forever. And all you'll an empty heart...and a chipped cup."  Belle leaves and we see that Rumpelstiltskin just may have already begun to feel regret.

Mr. Gold sits imprisoned behind bars. Emma offers him half of her fatty pastrami sandwich.  She reminds him she still owes him a favor and maybe half the sandwich would clear the books.  Mr. Gold doesn't need reminders; when the day comes that he'll make his request it will be for more than half a sandwich.

Mayor Regina enters with pawn Henry. She tells Emma she can have 30 minutes {half an hour} to spend with Henry and buy him ice cream.
Happy Henry looks up- "Hi Emma."   Mr. Gold tells Emma to bring him back a cone.
Emma- "Just this once."   Emma and the kid head out.
Apparently this is the only way Regina could have her little chat with Mr. Gold. 
Mr. Gold- "Now, when two people both want something the other has, a deal can always be struck. Do you have what I want?"
Regina smiles- "Yes."
Relieved Mr. Gold- "So, you did put him up to it then."
Regina merely suggested that strong men take what they need. Gold is pissed knowing Regina told Moe what to take.
Regina- "We used to know each other so well Mr. Gold.  Has it really come down to this?"
It seems it has. Mr. Gold asks what Regina wants.  Regina wants him to answer one question; and answer it simply- "What's your name?"  His real name.
Mr. Gold- "Every moment I've spent on this Earth that's been my name."
Regina- "But what about moments spent elsewhere?"  If he wants her to return what is his she demands his name in return.
Mr. Gold softly laughs. "Rumpelstiltskin. Now give me what I want."  Regina notes his hostility over the chipped teacup; a sentimental little keepsake. Rumpelstiltskin takes the teacup and thanks "Your Majesty".
He also suggests that now they're being honest with each other, to remember how things used to be. "And don't let these bars fool you, Dear. I'm the one with the power around here. I'm gonna be out of here in no time. And nothing between us will change!"  Undaunted Regina replies "We shall see."

Rumpelstiltskin works at his wheel. The Evil Queen lets herself in. {Flimsy locks}.  She has a deal to discuss. "A certain...mermaid."   Unenthusiastic Rumpelstiltskin isn't dealing today. The Queen wonders if he's angry with her. "What is it this time?"  Rumpelstiltskin mentions her little deception failed. "You'll never be more powerful than me. You can keep trying, Dearie. You're never gonna beat me."   The Evil Queen taunts him "Is this about that girl I met on the road? Hm. What was her name? Margie? Verna?"
He reveals her name; Belle. The Evil Queen assures him this has nothing to do with that tragedy; the one Rumpelstiltskin doesn't know anything about. The Evil Queen tells the tale. "After she got home, her fiancée had gone missing.  And after her stay here, her... association with you... no one would want her, of course. Her father shunned her. Cut her off, shut her out."
Rumpelstiltskin seems hopeful when asking "So, she needs... a home?"
The Evil Queen- "He was cruel to her. He locked her in a tower and sent in clerics to cleanse her soul with scourges and flaying. After a while she threw herself off the tower.  She died."
Rumpelstiltskin- "You're lying."
The Evil Queen- "Am I?"
The obviously moved Rumpelstiltskin informs the Queen that they're done. The Queen is fine with that as she has other calls to make; she notes the place is looking dusty. "You should get a new girl."
Rumpelstiltskin retrieves the chipped teacup from intact curio cabinet {The one he previously destroyed} and replaces the important Grail with the more important chipped teacup.  He cries.
Regina walks past injured Moe sitting in this wheelchair in the hospital.   She enters a code on the keypad on an EXIT door.  She descends down to a secret "facility" and presents a single red rose to the hard working nurse. Regina asks if anyone has been to see "her".  The Nurse says no, not today- not ever.
Regina makes her way past a sign for the Furnace Rm and past a man cleaning the floors in front of room #8.
Regina is seen through the peephole. She lifts up a small hatch door to look in on the patient. There is Belle, locked away in a padded room, all alone- in solitary.