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"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting." - J.M. Barrie!
 ** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

Purple haze all through my brain

A great start to season two and the arrival of magic is to immerse everyone in a glorious purple haze. Broken started very LOST-like, in that the story doesn't continue in a familiar setting we became accustomed to. This also brought the introduction of the (Manhattan Island) "stranger" and not knowing his true identity or place in the story as of yet.  Perhaps it's my own flashback to Desmond. Who the hell is this stranger? Well, he could be Bae, grown up and all alone, living in his own private Idaho on Manhattan Island. Perchance Henry's father or maybe, this stranger is connected to the Mad Hatter. I won't count out someone or something else altogether.

And then our fairy tale picks up right where it left off- in Storybrooke, that is. I found it very interesting that the events in Fairy Tale Land weren't flashbacks, as they ran simultaneously- alongside of Storybrooke events and seem to be heading to some criss-cross. It was GREAT!  A big X connecting realms. Dare I say it? Could we have ourselves a little LOST-type Sideways? Alright, I'll stop doing that- maybe. Nonetheless, upon hearing the Wraith roars and it seeming as if the Wraith can travel to and fro, it appears Storybrooke and this other land experiences are literally side by side of each other.

While watching events unfold in the realms I couldn't help but go down my metaphoric path of relating to things. Now, I'm not saying by any means this is the intention of the writers. I'm merely referencing the fact that I tend to associate certain things in stories (literary and/or visual) in this manner. It's fucking weird, I know. Maybe it's my stupid curse. Sure, Broken gives us insight to things and people being broken (and lost), in ruins, literally and emotionally. A rebuilding must begin so new life can thrive.

The events we saw in Fairy Tale Land had me feeling like it was a part of our own heart and/or mind- the parts that one could let get taken over by darkness caused by all the emotional hurt and pain we've had to live through. One can get stuck or frozen there.  And while one allows this darkness to take over these parts, we could be left with a tiny portion that isn't completely in the dark- that little bit of desolate and fruitless real estate that isn't completely dead- the one where Hope lives.  When healing happens and good seeds are planted it can receive light, be nurtured and love again. We learn that to the Wraith, light is its adversary- it wants to feed and claim more and more of one's soul. If light is present it can't get in to claim a soul. Again, in life we're marked- scarred by things that happen to us and how we might let it affect us. We trap or imprison parts of ourselves (heart and/or mind) as a means of protection and self-preservation; there is a section that is our "someplace safe."  But by staying stuck in the dark also keeps out the great experiences too. It seems to reason that if one can find a way to sweep away that pesky Wraith and kill the evil or simply let it go, then peace and freedom can be attained. It's all about the Love.

Keeping the evil alive 

What is the point in keeping the evil alive? That would only give permission for the evil to continue to cause more pain. Unless the point to keeping it alive one hopes to transform the evil into something good. Storybrooke residents and Henry see Regina as evil, but let's not forget that Regina sees Snow White as evil, and Rumpelstiltskin sees himself as a monster. They all have two sides. We all have two sides. We all live trying to find and keep balance between them. Maybe these people are trying to do the same.

Regina's turn to the dark side reminds me of Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader).  His turn to the dark side was also one that came later in his life; born out of fear, hate and loss. It is a darkness that was allowed in by the emotionally ailing person and given permission to gain power.  And again, that darkness can be doused by shedding light or simply allowing light in.

What's going on with August/Pinocchio? We can't forget that this usually tall-tale telling game player wanted to summon the dark one.  How did the purple haze of magic affect him? Did he return to human form or is he trapped in his wooden state?

A tale of two curses

Although Mary Margaret is pushing Emma to bridge the gap and truly unite their little reunited family, Emma is still somewhat distant. Emma feels her life was also "cursed" because she had to grow up knowing her parents sent her away and she's been alone and without her family. Although she is learning the reason her parents made this great sacrifice of love, it doesn't yet ease her own pain of abandonment. Snow might have to push a little harder to help Emma heal. A change will do her good.
Family is everything- it is home and home is where the heart is.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

๑ Three went through the hat- The Wraith, Emma and Snow White.  In Hat Trick Jefferson claims the "hat's rule" is the same amount of people who go through- the same amount have to come back.
๑ In the recap episode the "Narrator/Magic Mirror/Sidney" referred to Charming as "James" and not David.
๑ Manhattan is an Island. Storybrooke- Island.
๑ Another Stranger. 
๑ Storybrooke postcard has no postage and no addresses to or from.
๑ Why did Regina respond to Emma with "Who's Jefferson?"
*  Technically, in the episode Hat Trick, Jefferson never admits to actually being the Mad Hatter - He hates Wonderland and he only wants the "hat" to work and is seen going nutty trying to make a hat to work. It's Emma who says to him "You think you're the mad hatter".  Before you get mad at me, I'm not saying he's not- I'm just cautiously letting things play out.
๑ Everyone should know who they really are and know each other now. This would mean children should remember who their real parents are. {Example- Jefferson and Grace}
๑ Two faces
Mark: Scar, bruise, cut- X (marks the spot)
Pigeon is in 7:15 and Red Handed. Homing pigeon, carrier/messenger pigeon.
Dream. Dreamcatcher. Sleep.
๑ Wake up. Awaken
๑ Life. Death (Late. Grief). Rebirth (Regenerate. Rebuild)
๑ Right. Wrong.
๑ Time
๑ Why is Dr. Whale's true identity still unknown to the residents of Storybrooke and he ain't confessing who he is? And why is he the one spearheading the hang Regina brigade?
๑ I'm just wondering what is up with The Blue Fairy.
๑ Regina, Jefferson and Emma's names are those names in Storybrooke and in Fairy Tale Land.
๑ Mid town and Lower Manhattan. Subway train.
๑ Henry asks Emma to "protect" Regina and Phillip asks Mulan to protect Aurora.
๑ Phillip seems to always want Aurora to  rest and go to sleep.
๑ When asked "What was that thing?" Phillip replies- "Something bad."  In A Land Without Magic  Henry gives the same answer to Emma when she asks "What is that?" (purple smoke).
๑ Mulan indicates that she may come from a different land when mentioning "in your land you would call it a Wraith."  She knows it as Qui Shen.
๑ When Rump/Gold summons the Wraith with his own medallion, the Wraith wears one as well. When the Wraith goes to the jail to suck Regina's soul it isn't wearing the medallion. Just sayin'.
๑ Regina doesn't have the power to make the hat work- but energy from Emma through Regina gives it power.

Vocabulary and Research...
Aurora- from the Latin word meaning "dawn" is a natural light display.
   - In Roman mythology, goddess of the dawn. She has two siblings, a brother (Sol, the sun) and a sister (Luna, the moon).
  - Sleeping Beauty
Hua Mulan- takes her aged father's place in the army.
   -Molon/Mulan Khan- was the Mongol Khan of the Northern Yuan Dynasty in Mongolia.
Dreamcatcher- In Native American culture, a dreamcatcher (the inanimate form of the word for "spider" or Ojibwe: bawaajige nagwaagan meaning "dream snare") is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web. The dreamcatcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads. It catches and entangles bad dream and good
dreams slip on by.
 ๑ Wraith -Ghost/spirit
  - Wraith: The Oblivion- a role playing game.
  - Wraith: The Cobra Organization is the fictional nemesis of the G.I. Joe Team. is the code name of Charles Halifax, a Cobra mercenary who doesn't work for the money- he simply wants to fight, foster chaos and kill.
  - Wraith (Dungeons & Dragons), a type of un-dead in the Dungeons & Dragons game.
For you Muggles- "Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself...soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life." - One can use the Patronus Charm as defense against the Dementors.
The Three Broomsticks: Harry Potter- Quidditch (a game). The Tale of the Three Brothers.
-  The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The Three Pigs.
- Broomstick- a tool and mode of transportation for witches.
- Broomstick- a great American race horse
- Islands in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke
Broom in Jainism- an Indian philosophy that prescribes a path of nonviolence toward all living beings.
๑ The Shepherd King is a 1923 American silent film.
David (name): Hebrew origin and the meaning of David is "beloved".  Biblical: one of the most remarkable personalities in the Scriptures. David was a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king.
๑ The Crystal Ball is a German fairy tale- about three sons. Two are turned into animals but can return to human form for 2 hrs a day (1 as eagle and 1 as a whale). The third escapes the witch mother's curse, seeks the king's daughter and is bewitched and held prisoner in the Castle of the Golden Sun.

Music clues or just nods:
Charley's girl: Coney Island Baby is the sixth solo album by Lou Reed, released in December 1975.
  •  "Crazy Feeling"
  • "Charley's Girl"
  •  "She's My Best Friend"
  • "Kicks"
  •  "A Gift" "Ooohhh Baby"
  •  "Nobody's Business"
  •  "Coney Island Baby"
  •  *  30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition bonus tracks
  •  "Nowhere at All"
  • "Downtown Dirt"
  •  "Leave Me Alone"
  •  "Crazy Feeling"
  • "She's My Best Friend"
  •  "Coney Island Baby"
- The song mentions "punching someone in the face" - Emma threatens Gold with that.

๑ NoMeansNo- A band formed by the Wright brothers - Wrong records label
The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed (1988)
1. The Day Everything Became Nothing
2. Dead Souls
3. Forget Your Life
4. Beauty And The Beast
5. Brother Rat/What Slayde Says
6. Dark Ages 7. Junk
8. And That's Sad
9. Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed
10. Victory
11. Teresa, Give Me That Knife
12. Real Love
13. Lonely Possible

๑ John Guliak - 7 Stories and 13 Songs nod.

Purple Haze- A song by Jimi Hendrix on the album A You Experienced. Genre considered psychedelic rock and acid rock. The term "purple haze" is known to refer to LSD (trip).

-  "Purple haze" is mentioned in a passage in the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectation; chapter 54

Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

✈ 8:15, 108
✈ Island
✈ Subway train
✈ MacCutcheon Whiskey
✈ Bagua. Protection
✈ Swan
✈ Black smoke
✈ FATE. Faith
✈ Destiny
✈ Push
✈ Drugs- trip
✈ Banish. Castaway
✈ Head. Heart- Hearts and Minds
✈ Ruins (Temple- some place safe)
✈ Late. Gone. Dead.
✈ Life. Death. Rebirth (Regenerate. Rebuild)
✈ Wheel. Well. Wine.
✈ Searching- SEARCHER Penny's boat
✈ In the LOST Universe Charlie's girl is Claire
✈ In Stranger in a Strange Land  Jack and Juliet were marked.
✈ Son of a Shephard- Jack and then David Shephard
✈  In Further Instructions John Locke uses aerosol can and his torch to fight the polar bear- Snow uses aerosol can and lighter on the Wraith.  In the jungle Hurley says "Who's there?" before coming upon naked Desmond.  Regina asks "Who's there" before the Wraith arrives at the jail.
✈ In Not in Portland Jack told Kate not to come back for him. And in The Man from Tallahassee that is brought up.
✈ In What Kate Did Mr. Eko tells Locke a story about the temple in ruins.
✈ In All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues John Locke asks Boone "Don't you feel it?"
✈ In The Economist Elsa's boss is old fashioned (technologically).

Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!
A horse with a red plume and silver horseshoe medallion; this horse belongs to a top hatted Hansom cab driver.  A man in a dark suit and tie, carrying a dark backpack, listens to his mp3/ipod music (left ear-bud only) as he crosses a NYC 1-way street- making his way to his apartment.  He passes many horse drawn Hansom cabs/carriages, rides a subway train (Via 5 Ave. And I assume it's at 59th St. the Broadway line).  He gets in an old fashioned gated elevator and pushes the button.
He enters his one room (Manhattan Island) apartment. His decor looks to be acquired old goodies and keepsakes; a stereo, a rotary phone; collections include records, books, microphones, clocks/radios, cameras and monocles. A rainstorm starts up when he opens his door, to which the frustrated man to close the window that has been left open.  He drops his mp3/ipod out the window and watches it crash through the levels of fire escape; this disappoints him greatly.  A light colored pigeon with a card stuck/attached to its foot flies right to the man's desk.  The rain stops and the sun comes out.
It is a postcard with a message...
Two people on horseback are riding across the dry land. They arrive at the overgrown dead vine ridden alter that houses the literal resting place of Aurora. She has been sleeping on a cushion and pillow for 28 years.  Prince Phillip uses his sword to cut through the dry vines to get to her. {Note Bagua type insignia and spinning wheel. There are stars in the design on the ground/tile.}
The Prince tells his armored and veiled riding companion "If this works, we don't tell her everything- not right away." The companion nods in agreement.  Phillip kisses the sleeping beauty and a ripple wave flows through everything.  The sleeping beauty takes a deep breath and awakens and says "I told you not to come after me."  The share a giggle and kiss some more, while the companion turns away from them.
Aurora looking around seeing the devastation asks how long she's been asleep and wonders what happened. Phillip assures her it doesn't matter and the worst of it is over. "Now that we're together we'll restore this castle and our Kingdom, and as we dreamt, we'll be here always."

Aurora- "Where is everyone? Why does it need to be rebuilt?"
Phillip- "It's a long story and you my love need rest."  {WTF?! She just fuckin' woke up!}
Aurora has had her fill. Phillip informs her that their people have gathered in a new safe haven and they must join them.  Aurora wonders if this safe haven is from Maleficent.
Phillip- "No. Worry not. She can no longer harm us."
Aurora- "First she goes after my mother then me, Forgive me if I'm still a bit weary."
Phillip assures her not to be, as there is new dangers now- but nothing they can't handle. The happy reunited couple kiss.
Purple haze... I mean magic "smoke" makes its way through Storybrooke.  Reunited Snow and Charming wonder what's happening- they'll go and find out. They are reunited with the now aware Granny and Red and the Seven Dwarfs, who bow before their Queen.  They all have many questions including "What was that smoke?"
Mother Superior joins in with an answer "Magic. It's here. I can feel it."   Little Henry enters the picture and wonders "Magic, in Storybrooke? You're the Blue Fairy, do something magical."  But the Blue Fairy informs Henry and the rest that it's not quite that simple. "No wand. No fairy dust. Matters are complicated now."   Leroy suggests they go to the person responsible for bringing it "The Queen."  Emma tells them to wait, as it wasn't Regina.
Mr. Gold and Belle are still at the well where we left them last season.  Belle tells him she was abducted by (Regina) who "locked me away until her curse and I've been in the asylum ever since."
Mr. Gold is troubled- "For 28 years. All these years you've been here, alive."
Belle sees his growing anger and asks if that's why he did this- wanted magic- for revenge.  Gold assures her "No. No. But it might come in handy."  Belle is very concerned. Gold insists "I cannot let this stand, Belle! I will not let this stand!"
Belle- "Look... Promise me. Promise me you won't give into your hate. Promise me you won't kill her." Gold looks sort of dejected. Belle continues, "Promise me, and we can be together."  That's what Gold wants and you can see how moved he is. Tenderly he touches her face. "Oh. Sweetheart... I promise." They kiss- but we see Gold 'thinking'.

The (re) united Storybrooke residents march down the middle of the street together. Snow tries to open dialogue with her daughter, Emma. "Is there anything you want to ask us? You must have questions." Focused, Emma's only questions are for Mr. Gold. "Why did he double cross me and what did he do to this town?" 
Snow is concerned- "Shouldn't we talk about it first?"
Nonchalant Emma asks "What?"
Snow- "Us. Your life? Everything?"
Emma suggests they do "everything" maybe later- like, with a glass of wine- several bottles.  Charming knows it's a lot to take in, "for all of us."  Snow doesn't want to push, but they've waited for this moment for a long time, and so has Emma.
Emma- "I've thought about this moment my entire life. I've imagined who you might be. But of all the scenarios that I concocted, my parents being... I, I just need a little time, that's all."   Just then, a loud group of residents run through the streets on  a mission.  Archie runs up to inform Emma "There you are! Come with me. I need your help. Dr. Whale's whipped everyone into a frenzy. They're going to Regina's house- they're going to kill her."
Leroy- "Great. Let's watch."
Archie feels they can't do that. "We cannot stoop to her level. No matter who she is or what's she's done, killing her is wrong."
Panicked Henry feels he's right "Please. She's still my mom."  Emma knows they have to stop them. Charming notes that if the Blue Fairy is right and magic is here, Regina could have her powers back. "They could be marching into a slaughter."  He looks Snow right in the eyes and without a word they seem to acknowledge the same idea.  The group all run off to Regina's together.
The time on the clock tower-
While Phillip and Aurora chat, his armored and veiled associate investigates a "sensation" they're tuned into. All of a sudden the ground brakes open and the Wraith bursts up through it, knocking the armored/veiled person down. Phillip tries to fight off the wraith with his sword and inadvertently cuts off the Wraith's gold medallion/amulet and the upset Wraith flies away.  Phillip picks up the medallion. Aurora asks "What was that thing?"
Phillip- "Something bad."  He picks up the medallion.
Rumpelstiltskin and Belle arrive at his shop.
He's going to find her something to wear, as she's been in those rags long enough.  Alone, he makes his way to the back office, passing by a rack of women's clothes, unlocks an ornate armoire, puts on black gloves and removes a (gold) box from it. He has possession of a Wraith medallion.
Dr. Whale pounds on Regina's door demanding she come out or they're going in.
Smiling and calm Regina opens the door. "Can I help you?"  Whale threatens that her smirk isn't going to last forever. "You took everything from us, Regina, and now..."  Regina asks "Now you're gonna kill me?"
Whale- "Eventually. But first you need to suffer."
Regina pushes Whale away from her stoop. "Listening to you has been enough suffering for all of us. That's right. You wanted to see your Queen. Well, my Dears. Here. She. Is." With grandness she gestures her 'cast a spell' hands out to the crowd- but nothing happens- no magic. She's powerless! The crowd wants to take advantage and not let her get away.  But Emma, who is still the sheriff, makes them let her go. After all, she saved them- all of them.  Emma tells Whale "We are not murders here."
Dr. Whale- "Well, we're not from this world."
Emma- "Yeah, well,  you're in it now."
Charming steps in "Okay, Whale. We're done."
Whale- "Back off! You're not my Prince." {Check out Regina's look}
Charming- "Who are you, Whale?"
Whale- "That's my business."
Charming- "Well, my business is making sure this town doesn't go to hell. So whether or not I'm your Prince isn't the issue. We have a lot to figure out, and this isn't the way to do it."
Snow steps up- "And Regina's death won't provide any answers. She needs to be locked up... {Regina smirks) for her safety. And more importantly for ours."

Charming is the one who closes the jail cell door on the now prisoner, Regina.  He asks "If the curse is broken why didn't we go back?"  Regina informs him and Snow it's because there is nothing to go back to. "That land is gone."  Snow tells Charming they should get to Gold. {Why didn't she call him Rumpelstiltskin?} Snow, Charming, Emma and Henry leave. Regina tries her hand at magic on the lock, but to no avail.  Rumpelstiltskin/Gold appears to her. "Magic is different here...Dearie."  Regina noticed. "I assume this is all your doing."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Most things are."
Regina wants to know what he wants. "You here to finish the job?"  He assures her, "You're safe from me."  He made a promise to someone that he wouldn't kill her. Regina wonders who could elicit that from him.  Rumple comes right out with it. "Belle."   Regina looks surprised and asks "She's alive?"
Growing angry, he tells Regina "You are... a dreadful liar."  Regina could have killed Belle, but she didn't. Rumple feels she did something much worse than that- "You kept her alive so you could kill her when it suited you. A fate worse than death. Which, incidentally, is exactly what I've got in store for you."   With his gloved hands he pulls her left hand through the bars and puts the medallion in her hand, and as it's marking her he tells her "Yes, Dearie. The one thing no one can escape... Destiny. And I promise... yours is particularly unpleasant." {Regina seems to know what this medallion is all about.} He enjoyed that.
The veiled/armored person tells the duo "Qui Shen, In your land you would call it a Wraith."
Aurora- "I'm sorry. Who is this?"
The Veiled one- "A friend" and removes her head gear to reveal a pretty Asian girl, who corrects Aurora by clarifying she's a woman. Phillip shares that in Aurora's absence, Mulan has helped him like no other; they fought many battles together. And now they have another to wage.
Mulan- "The Qui Shen, the Wraith, is one of the most dangerous creatures in all the known lands. A soul sucker. According to legend it marks its victims and removes their souls damning them for all eternity."   They hear the (sounds) howling moans and screams of it's trapped souls- trying to escape. "But fortune favored us as we all avoided the mark. We need to begin our journey."
Phillip assures Aurora they'll be safe with their people. He hugs and kisses her, and sees his left hand has indeed been marked. He hides this discovery from Aurora.
In the forest the Dark One/Mr. Gold/Rump uses his powerful dagger as a tool to summon the Wraith; alongside of the medallion he put down on a spot on the ground. We see Regina bolt up in her cell when the Dark One puts out the call for the Wraith.  The Wraith literally manifests out from the medallion as black smoke and into it's soul sucking form; complete with his own medallion. The Wraith takes off in pursuit of imprisoned and marked Regina.

Emma sees Henry and Ruby off. {In Ruby's car} She tells Ruby to keep him safe.  Charming sees that Snow is troubled and really wants to talk with Emma, but he tells her not to push it. Snow says she won't, yet as soon as Emma walks over asking them if they're ready, Snow doesn't miss a beat and says "We need to talk" to Emma.  But Emma, hems and haws, not wanting to talk.
Snow- "I do. Gold can wait. I can't. And you're my daughter... and... I want to talk to you. I know that we have talked. But, we didn't know that we were talking. And we talked about things we shouldn't have even talked about- One night stands and alike."
Charming- "One night stands?"
Snow- "Whale."
Charming- Whale?!"
Snow- "We were cursed! That is neither here nor there. The point is we did not know that we were mother and daughter... and now we do... and... so, please let's talk."
Emma says okay. "What do you wanna talk about?"
Snow- "We're together- finally. And I can't help but think you're not happy about it."
Emma- "Oh, I am. But... see... here's the thing- no matter what the circumstances for 28 years I only knew one thing... that my parents sent me away. "
Snow assures her that was so she had her best chance.
Emma- "You did it for everyone. Because that's who you are. Leaders. Heroes. Princes and Princesses and that's great and amazing and... wonderful. It doesn't change the fact that for my entire life... I've been alone.
Snow- "But if we hadn't sent you away... you would have been cursed too."
Emma- "But we would have been together. Which curse is worse? Come one- Let's, let's... go find Gold."  She walks ahead. Charming grabs hold of Snow's hand.

In the forest the three travelers ride on horseback.  Mulan suggests "We should camp here tonight night. The Wraith only appears when light is absent that's why it ran when it first appeared. Light is its adversary."  Aurora remarks "And you want to stop, now?"   Mulan explains it's looking for a mark- something alive. Our best bet is to be still until night passes."  Although obviously uneasy, Phillip says she's right. "We have to rest here."
Phillip prepares a tent and tells Aurora she should sleep. Aurora says she can't. Phillip tries to encourage her to relax, it'll come.
Aurora- "No. I mean, I won't sleep. Not after what I just went through. (She sees he's troubled) What's wrong?"
Phillip looks her in the eyes. "I just miss you so much."  Aurora smiles and tells him "And now you don't have to."  Phillip, still obviously afflicted, tells her he's going to find wood to build them a fire and will be back in five minutes. He kisses her passionately yet desperately and Aurora notices. Phillip insists he's making up for lost time.  The say "I love you" to each other. Aurora is smiling and seemingly full of hope, while handsome Phillip walks away with tears in his eyes, never turning back to look at her again.
In his shop (it's dark outside/night) Gold/Rump pours boiling water from a silver tea kettle into an ornate silver teapot, when in enters Emma, Snow and Charming. "What can I do for you?"
Emma demands "What you can do is tell us what did you do."  Gold feels she needs to be more specific.  Snow jumps in "You double crossed Emma, you took your potion from her..."
Charming- "And did who knows what to this town."
Emma- "Worst of all you risked Henry's life."
Gold- "Well, that is quite a litany of grievances, now isn't it?"
Emma- "Maybe I don't need answers, maybe I just need to punch you in the face."
Gold is amused by this. "Really, Dearie? Allow me to answer your questions with some of my own, alright? Did your dear boy Henry survive? {Yeah} Is the curse broken? And let's see, uh, Miss Swan... How long have you been searching for your parents? Looks like you're reunited. Seems like rather a punch in the face, I deserve a 'thank you'."
Emma- "Twist my words all you want. What was the purple haze that you brought?"
Gold- "You know... Magic."
Snow- "Why?"
Gold- "Not Telling."
Just then a huge and loud disruption hit the dark street outside the shop, shaking the ground and causing car alarms to go off, glass to break and the street lights to explode. A loud roaring is heard as the electricity outside the shop is going crazy, snapping and sparking angrily.  Emma asks "What the hell was that?" Gold tells them "That is my gift to you. That is gonna take care of Regina."  But Charming and Snow tell Emma to "Come on", that they need to take care of this. {Why not listen to Gold and just let this thing take care of Regina?!}  Emma whispers to Gold "We're not done."  He knows, as she still owes him a favor.  The trio heads out.
Disappointed Belle comes out from behind the two curtains {the doorway to the back}. "You lied to me."
Gold- "No. I, I kept my word. I will not kill her."
Belle is getting teary. "You know, you toy with words... like you do people. You're still a man who makes wrong choices. I thought you'd changed."
Gold- "What? In the hour you've known me?"
Belle is stunned at his remark, and as Gold is apologizing she storms out into the electrical storm outside.

Aurora sits alone in her tent while Mulan tries to cause a spark to make a fire. The Wraith roars in the distance. Aurora wonders where Phillip is. Mulan thought he was in Aurora's tent.
Aurora is concerned. "He said he was making a fire."  But here is Mulan trying to make one. Mulan looks around and determines "He left. The horses are gone."   Nervous Aurora asks why he would leave. Mulan informs her "Because he was marked." She's going after him. Apparently Phillip is sacrificing himself for Aurora. But Aurora corrects Mulan, stating his sacrificed "for both of us." Aurora is going with her, although Mulan doesn't want her to slow her down. Mulan takes off and Aurora runs after her a few seconds later.

Aurora immediately finds herself alone in the forest with the roaring/howling sounds in the distance. Frightened, she calls out for Mulan.
The Wraith makes its way down the dark streets of Storybrooke.
The light flicker in the jail housing nervous imprisoned and marked Regina. "Hello. Who's there?"  The Wraith {Minus the medallion} arrives to suck Regina's soul, when Charming, Snow and Emma arrive to intervene. Charming fights the Wraith, but it fights back, tossing Charming and furniture around until it goes back to its soul sucking task.
Snow uses an aerosol can and a lighter as a torch weapon at the Wraith and this causes the Wraith to retreat out through a window. Regina gasps for air as she explains that was a Wraith- a soul sucker. Snow wonders if she killed it, but Regina says no; it's just regenerating. "It'll be back. It doesn't stop until it devours its prey... Me."  {She holds up her left hand, I guess to show them her mark- but I'm not too sure anyone saw anything there- who knows? Maybe it was just a mudra gesture.}  Emma asks "How do we kill it?"  Regina informs them "There's no way. Can't kill something that's already dead."  Emma feels they have a problem. Annoyed Charming interjects with "No, we don't. Regina does."
Snow- "David?"  {Why did she call him David?}
Emma- "You wanna let her die?"
Charming- "Why not? Then it goes away. Then we're safe."
Regina- "It's quite the example you're setting for your daughter there."
Charming- "No! You don't get to judge us!"
Regina- "Let me ask you something- where do you think that thing came from? Gold."  {Don't they already know that? Gold just told them that!}
Emma tells Charming that she made a promise to Henry. "She's not dying."  Snow asks Regina "If it can't be killed what do you suggest?"  Regina feels it's best to send it somewhere it can't hurt anyone."

In Regina's office she breaks out the hat box portal. Regina asks Emma "Did Henry really ask you to protect me?"  Emma says yes and this makes Regina happy.  Emma sees the top hat and declares "The hat. You had it all along."
Regina- "What do you mean?"
Emma- "That's Jefferson's hat."
Regina- "Who's Jefferson?"
On cue, Snow and Charming enter with three straw brooms {all different color poles} to use as torches- for when it comes back. This is Charming's old fashioned touch, because he's old fashioned.
They all enter the room with the giant golden (Storybrooke) Tree medallion and Regina explains how it works. "The hat will open a portal to our land. All we have to do is send the Wraith in there."
Suspicious Snow doesn't understand "I thought our land was gone."  Charming lights the brooms. {Note the hat shows signs of wear and tear.}
Regina - "It is. But sending it to a place that no longer exists... well, that's banishing it into oblivion." She tries to get the hat to spin to create the portal as the Wraith nears. The electricity goes haywire. The Wraith roars and blows open the doors!

Mulan {With her lit torch} feels the ground. Aurora comes up behind her on one of the horses she found. "I'm coming with you."  Mulan tells her she needs to stay here, it's too dangerous. But Aurora wasn't asking permission. {Another LOST phrase we heard a few times.}
Mulan- "That thing out there is dangerous, and Phillip asked me to protect you, so even if I don't believe in his methods I'm going to honor his wishes. I'm gonna keep you safe."
Although Aurora never asked him to, Mulan informs her she never had to. Because everything he does he does because he loves Aurora. "And now he's gonna die for you. Love is sacrifice. Something you clearly don't understand."   Aurora won't let him face that alone.  Mulan feels Phillip's best chance is her/Mulan.   Aurora realizes Mulan loves Phillip.  Mulan feels she owes Phillip much, as they fought many battles together side by side- nothing more.   Although Mulan can deny it all she wants Aurora knows love when she sees it. Mulan claims Aurora is wrong.  A roar is heard in the distance; as well as sorrowful moans. They fear for Phillip.

The roaring Wraith is face to face with Regina, Charming, Snow and Emma. They're armed with their lit torches.  Regina is still spinning the hat to try to get it to work- she knows the Wraith is right there and there's no time.  Charming swats his flaming broom at the Wraith, while partner Snow pours MacCutcheon's Whiskey on the gate railing. Charming closes the gate and lights it on fire.
While he continues to fight the Wraith, Regina still can't make the hat work.

Phillip swats his flaming torch. "Come on you bastard!"  But he is alone in the dark forest.  Mulan and Aurora approach him on horseback and he demands they stay back.  Aurora insists they can help him fight.  Phillip tells the girls "It will find me. I've been marked. It's too late for me. Go! There's no other way!"  Mulan says there is. She wants the talisman so she can mark herself and he can live.  But it is Phillip's choice to save her- both of them.   Crying Aurora doesn't want to live without him and neither does Phillip.  As the Wraith approaches, Phillip tells the girls "You two keep each other safe. He looks back slightly over his right shoulder (not making eye contact with either girl) and says "I love you. He tosses his torch (still holds the medallion in his left hand) and allows the Wraith to take him. The girls scream.  The Wraith sucks his soul and then Phillip drops the medallion, enabling the Wraith to disappear into it. Phillip is motionless on the ground.
Regina claims "It's not working!"  She tells Emma the problem is magic works different here. Charming yells over to her "Now would be the time!"  Once Emma touches Regina's arm, {Regina's hands on the hat} the hat gets to spinning. David yells "It's coming!"  The Wraith heads towards Regina, but Emma pushes her out of the way. The Wraith is sucked into the hat- the Wraith's sucking light ray grabs Emma's leg and drags her in. Snow jumps in after them! "I'm not losing her again!" Neither is Charming. He jumps, but the portal is closed!
Phillip lays in Aurora's old resting place. Aurora shares with Mulan that the palace was to be their home; they would spend eternity there. Mulan wonders how she ended up here, in her cursed state. Apparently it had something to do with sacrifice.  Mulan puts the medallion in a light/gold pouch. She thinks Aurora should have it.

Charming is devastated and crying as he holds the tattered hat. "Where are they?!" Regina claims to have no idea. He asks "Are they dead?"  Regina claims the curse destroyed all the lands.
Charming- "ARE THEY DEAD?!"
Regina- "I don't know."
Charming is very angry. "I should have killed you myself!"
Regina asks what's stopping him. Angry Regina all of a sudden has some power. She pushes Charming up against the wall and summons the bark of the tree wallpaper to trap him; it's choking him. "You think you're some heroic Prince? Please. You're nothing but the son of a shepherd. I should have killed you when I could. And now... now I can."
Henry enters with Ruby witnessing this.  Regina makes all innocent. Henry asks what she's doing. Regina feels it's okay. "You're safe now."  Charming is released from the trees. WHile Ruby tends to him, Henry asks "Where's my mom? Where's...."
Regina (teary eyed)- "They're gone. The fell through a portal, they're... Henry, I'm sorry."
Henry (crying)- "No you're not. You really are the Evil Queen. I don't want to see you again.
Regina- "No- don't say that. I love you." {She tenderly touches his face.}
Henry- "Then prove it. Get Emma and Mary Margaret back. And until then leave me- leave everyone alone."
Regina- "Where will you go?'
Charming- "With me." The two men and Ruby walk out.

In the back room of his shop Rumpelstiltskin spins at his wheel; I image to get his mind off of things. Belle enters after a long walk.
Rumpelstiltskin- "I thought you didn't want to see me."
Belle didn't, but was worried.  Rumpelstiltskin states "Well, the beast is gone- Regina... lives."
Belle- "So, uh... you didn't get what you wanted."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Well, that remains to be seen."
Belle notices that Rumpelstiltskin still has her chipped cup.
Rumpelstiltskin is very sweet. "There are many, many things in this shop... but this... this is the only thing  I truly cherish. And now you must leave. {What?} You must leave because despite what you hope... I'm still a monster."
Belle smiles at him. "Don't you see... that's exactly the reason I have to stay."

Charming and Henry enter the apartment.  Henry looks at a photo of Emma and Snow is a light color frame.  Charming assure Henry that the two girls are alive, as he knows this because he has faith. "I will find them. I will always find them."
Aurora rests her weepy head on {Sleeping} Phillips chest/heart.  Mulan suggests "We should leave this place. It's not safe here."
Aurora- "But the Wraith is gone."
Mulan- "There's more. You need to know everything. Much has changed in our land since you've been asleep."
Aurora- "It was less than a year."
Mulan- "In a manner of speaking. You see, as you slept and Phillip and I searched for you... something worse happened. {What?} Are you familiar with Regina the Queen? {Yes.} She cast a curse on this land- a terrible, terrible curse. It ripped everyone away to another world."
Aurora- "But we're still here."
Mulan- "This corner of the land was untouched. No one knows why, but something saved us. And for 28 years we were frozen- and then time started again. The terrible curse's power was weakened and Phillip and I were able to resume our search. We found you. But the land is ravaged with dangers more fearsome than you can image. For those of us who remain... we found a safe haven. We must go there now."
They hear a crackling noise. Mulan readies with her sword. Something is in there {a pile of rubble}.
Aurora- "What did it bring? What is it? What do you see?"
Mulan moves a piece of debris and Aurora asks her what that is.
Mulan- "That. That is what brought the Wraith here. That's what killed our Prince."
Guess who...