Sunday, November 27, 2011

That Still Small Voice

"What are conscience! I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today..."- Jiminy Cricket, Disney's Pinocchio

Shed Some Light on It
Conscience is known as the "voice within" you,  but is also known as the "inner light".  We all have both, yet most of us become puppets on strings and just go through the redundant motions of life without really learning how to live in our own "happy place".   We are products of our upbringing, environment and circumstances, and sometimes one can lose their clear decision making skills between what is right and wrong, or just lose ourselves while not wanting to disappoint others and their expectations of you. And although we adapt to surviving with some of those learned behaviors or habits there is still someone and something else deep inside of us that desires to be free.  We all want to be free to be who we really want to be.
It is true we should always let our conscience be our guide, to find our true north, but sadly somewhere along our lives some lose touch and drown out their own small voice.

Everything's Going to Change
Emma's presence in Storybrooke is changing things; she's weakening the curse.  We seem to be witnessing the transformation of Emma and the residents of Storybrooke. 

As life goes on many people lock up things, feeling and emotions or bury them deep down inside, causing them to lose their happy place.  But at some point one desires to get back to where they know they are supposed to be.  They can get so lost that they wonder "How did I get to 'this place'?"  and desperately try to remember their happy place.  One must slay the fearsome dragon or monster or try turning the wheel- each of these types of actions lead to progress and eventual victory.

People end up wearing a mask.  Jiminy knows he's an honest man, but alas is an inadvertent victim of his loyalty to his unmoral parents.  Even though he was adamant about going down into the mine with Henry, it is the challenge he faces with Henry in the mine that enables him to realize the thing he is missing and where his issue and insecurity may stem from.  He isn't the man he wants to be, but now remembers and realizes he does indeed have the power to become the man he knows he should and can be.
Jiminy/Archie are inching their way to being free.  But this may not have happened without the help of little Henry.

Real- Not Real
A few times during this episode we're given a hint to people wondering the "realness" of where they are in their lives.   Everyone feels Henry is delusional, yet in a way...they all are.
At this moment David/Prince Charming likes the unreal environment better than reality. That is true escapism!  Is this really a world constructed by Henry's imagination or by someone else? Something feels familiar to me here with wondering what is real and what isn't.
I asked the following question while watching LOST over the years... Are these people in some sort of therapy/rehabilitation situation?

Things Don't Stay Buried For Long
Pave over the mine to cover it up, never to reveal what may be deep down inside.  To LOST fans- This reminds me when Sayid and Jack explore under the Swan station in Everybody Hates Hugo and when Locke says it to Paulo in Expose
Archie has to uncover the person he wants to be.  Regina is hiding something that she has hidden away; Buried deep underground- Snow White's glass coffin.

We  know the residents have forgotten- but who among them is remembering?

Things to note...Questions to ask...
  • Jiminy Cricket is the Walt Disney version of "The Talking Cricket"- a fictional character created by Carlo Collodi for his children's book Pinocchio
  • Crickets are not grasshoppers. Crickets are nocturnal, cold blooded and only male crickets chirp.  Both crickets and grasshoppers have antenna
  • Who is Graham? The Big Bad Wolf? The Queen's Huntsmen? The damn Sheriff of Nottingham? Who?!
  • There are children living in stuck Storybrooke
  • They have rotary phones in Storybrooke
  • The Sheriff badge illustrates a tree in the center of the star
  • Jiminy's con artist parents conned him and pulled the ol' switch-a-roo- Some parents, huh?!
  • The parents claim to be "helping" their child
  • Plague could require quarantine
  • In Storybrooke it is Regina who suggests the idea of being a tiny shrunken little creature (to Archie) - Yet in The Enchanted Forest it's a spell brought by Rumpelstiltskin and Martin and Myrna.
  • I feel that the LOST quote/line "Whatever you think I am, I'm not" fits very well with this episode. 
  • Wake up 
  • Test
  • Wheel 
  • Puppets/Marionettes
  • Game
  • Down/Below. Dig deep
  • Cobra {Which is mentioned in LOST- Expose}
  • They sure do love their sweets in Storybrooke!
  • I see some affinity for imbibing in this story as well 
  • Rumpelstiltskin seems to holding/collecting the "treasures" of the residents; maybe the items that can trigger memory 
By the way, on a personal note- I cried the entire time while watching this episode.
    Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

    Again I'll state that this beautiful fairy tale mash-up stands completely on its own and I am absorbed into this world created by the gifted writers, yet I can't help but feel it is a relative of LOST.
    I feel as if we're waking up in this adventurous heartfelt journey in the "strange land" fairy tale environment/universe instead of the "Island" Adventure, Excavation Ruins, Australian Walkabout, Polar Adventures, or Swimming with the Sharks.  Would I be surprised if an Oceanic or even an Ajira Airlines advertisement popped up in an episode indicating we can take an adventure in The Enchanted Forest/Storybrooke? No, I would not be. 
    Even if ONCE is not a direct relative of LOST, the story is indicating that everything in the universe is connected- and that's an important point in of itself.

    Addition to some things mentioned above:
    ★  Apollo bars were shown three times.  That is not an easter egg- that is a connection that is put right out there for you to pay attention to.  If you're a long time reader of my Karen's LOST Notebook you know my idea on what role the Apollo Bar may have; it may act as an aid to keep it's consumer in an altered state of consciousness or a dream state.  So ask yourself if the "things" we see in ONCE are coincidence or FATE.
    I expected to see Charlie's hand come out of the ground like in The Moth or Desmond to be looking up to the top of the hatch/air shaft.
    The mine shaft gives us connections to the Hatch/Hatches/DHARMA Stations and also reminds me of the drilling going on at the Swan site and blowing up a bomb there.
    Vincent-like looking dog, Ajax
    Plague- Infection- Quarantine 
    "What's done is done" - "Whatever happened, happened"
    ★  Magic-Tricks-Illusion-Delusion-Fantasy- Imagination
    ★  Down/Below. Dig deep
    Puppets/Marionettes- We get this hint in connection with The DHARMA Initiative in Mysteries of the Universe  
    ★  Remember- Hurley and Ben shared an Apollo Bar in Cabin Fever.

    **All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
    Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap!  Enjoy!
    "I wish, I wish, but nothing changes. I wish I was better at wishing" says the girl marionette.  There is a fair in the village and a puppet show is being performed.  A red haired young boy is robbing from the oblivious audience as they are engrossed in the show.  The marionette is asking who will slay this fearsome dragon and win her heart.  A knight in shining armor marionette claims he will; or die trying.  The girl marionette- "Goodbye dear Prince! It was nice knowing you."  She exits and the dragon marionette enters.
    "Who dares disturb my sleep?!" says the fearsome dragon marionette. {Voiced by Mother Myrna}
    The Prince- "He went that way" and points to his left.
    The Dragon- "...I'll go that way!" he points to his right.
    After the show the redhead boy/Jiminy and his trickster illusionist parents count the stolen golden coins. Jiminy pulls out a small wood birdcage containing a live cricket.  Mother feels they are troublesome noisy little bugs.  Jiminy envy's their freedom.
    Mother- "You're free."
    Martin- "To do what we want."
    Mother-"To be who you are."
    Father-"And you are who you are."
    Jiminy- "Well maybe I wanna be something else. Maybe I don't wanna steal. Maybe I wanna be good"
    He got all that from a cricket.
    Father feels "Good is another word for weak"
    Mother- "Let us do the thinking for you"
    Father- "That's what parents are for."
    Mother- "To help you."
    Father- "You are who you are and there's no changing it, Jiminy."
    Jiminy reluctantly agrees with his father.  Father makes the cricket disappear with his slide of hand magic. "Problem solved."

    In Storybrooke
    Archie is writing in a book in his office.  Henry's been looking at Archie and says "You weren't always a cricket"  Archie asks why Henry thinks that.  Henry feels it is who he is. {I love the glass half full-empty on the table}
    Archie-"And who am I?"
    Henry informs him he's a conscience "You help people see right from wrong."  Archie wonders if all the crickets in Storybrooke were once people too.  Henry goes to the window to listen and prove to Archie there are no crickets; as there are no crickets chirping.  Archie thinks it's because it isn't light enough. {Crickets chirp at dusk/night}
    Henry thinks that is helping his case about there being a curse; but he's looking for more.  Archie revisits a question he's asked Henry previously, "Why do you think it's so important that this is real?"
    Henry- "'s just is."
    Archie tells him to keep on thinking about that answer because he thinks there's something buried there.
    Emma refuses to wear the deputy uniform (with the tie).  She feels the sheriff doesn't need to dress a woman as a man to get authority; so she'll continue to wear her red coat.  Graham tells her she has to wear the badge and make it official if she wants to be part of the community.  The moment she places the badge on her hip the Earth shakes. The phones ring off the hook in the office- something big has happened!

    The town people gather round a crater in the ground.  Apparently an old mine has opened up.  The Mayor arrives demanding a perimeter be set up as she informs Miss Swan that this is official town business and she is free to go.  The sheriff reveals that Miss Swan is his new deputy; it's in his budget.
    Regina- "They say the Mayor's always the last to know." {Really?! I never heard that before.} Regina wants the deputy to make herself useful with crowd control.
    Regina makes a statement to the crowd- "People of Storybrooke don't be alarmed. We've always known this area is honeycombed with old mining tunnels. But fear not- I'm going to undertake a project to make this area safe, to rehabilitate it.  We will bulldoze it, collapse it, pave it..."
    Henry emerges from the crowd, "Pave it?! What if there's something down there?"  Henry whispers to her "What's down there?"  
    Regina- "Nothing"  She demands he and everyone step back.  Regina picks up something she seems to recognize off the ground and pockets it.  Henry's see this and asks Emma "What was that?"
    Regina pulls him to the side informing him this is a safety issue and has him wait in the car.  Emma and Graham are instructed to cordon off the area.
    Henry covertly calls over Archie and Emma behind the black and white sheriff car. "This requires all of Operation Cobra- Both of you."   Archie didn't realize he was in Operation Cobra.
    Henry- "Of course you are, you know everything. We can't let her do this. What if there's something down there?"   He feels the tunnels collapsing right after Emma got there isn't a coincidence. "You're changing things. You're weakening the curse."   He believes this to be true and asks her if she did anything different today; something made this happen.  Emma touches her badge.  Agitated Regina sends Henry back to the car, Emma to do her job and chats with Dr. Hopper.  She wants a new treatment plan for Henry; everything she does Henry thinks is part of some horrible plot. "I can't cover up a safety hazard without him thinking I'm hiding somethingHow am I hiding something terrible in an old mine?! How is any of this logical to him?!"
    Archie- "He's got an amazing imagination."
    Regina- "Yes! That you let run ramped!"
    Archie- "Why- I think would be wrong to rip away the world he's constructed- or rather use it to try..."
    Regina- "Sometimes I think you've forgotten! You work for me! You're an employee... and I can fire you. This is my town.  You will lose your office, lose your house- I can cut you down to size until you're a tiny shrunken little creature- and this (his umbrella) will be the only roof over your damn head!"
    Archie- "What would you have me do?"
    Regina- "You take that delusion out of my son's head and you crush it."
    Regina storms off and Archie is left to think about things.

    The Enchanted Forest
    Grown Jiminy and his parents arrive in a village to set up for the fair.  Jiminy seems happy that the sun is coming out from behind the clouds.
    Myrna remembers this place, "Looks like it's been a good year."  Martin says you can tell that by all the fat people.  Myrna whispers to Martin that they really need to run the Elf Tonic Scam.  Tired of their shenanigans Archie asks "Can't we just put on the show? We make enough money from the ticket sales. Do we have to steal too?"
    Martin feels they don't have too, but it's nice.  As he make a coin appear and disappear he says "We steal from them and they steal from someone else. It's called an economy.  Jiminy wants to quit!  His parents manipulate him into staying with them until they die; using the excuse that they're getting old.
    Martin-"Be a good boy and set up."   Thunder rolls overhead and unenthusiastic Jiminy gets to work.

    Obedient Jiminy continues the set up for the show in the rain.  A young boy is impressed by Jiminy's puppet job; although Jiminy is not because it's the same redundant show, same fairs, every year.
    The clever boy asks "Then why don't you do something else?"
    Caged Jiminy replies- "This is just who I am."
    The boy didn't come out there to watch them set up, he's there to listen to the crickets.  Jiminy admits to not listening to the crickets for a while.
    Compassionate Jiminy suggests the boy go home as to not catch a cold, but the kind hearted young boy gives Jiminy his umbrella to protect him from the rain; as he doesn't live far.  The happy boy can't wait to see the show.

    In Storybrooke
    Archie sits in thought in his office.  Marco/Geppetto enters to meet Archie as they had a lunch date; which Archie forgot.  He's got another patient so they'll do lunch another time.  Henry arrives for his session.   Henry wonders if Archie is recruiting Marco/Geppetto for Operation Cobra.  After all Geppetto is Jiminy Cricket's best friend and Marco is Archies'.
    Henry tells Archie he knows where he can get proof.  In Henry's backpack: flashlight and candy bars. But not just any candy bar...they're Apollo Bars.
    Realizing what he's up to; he doesn't want Henry to go down there.  Henry feels since Emma is there stuff is happening and he has go look at it.  Archie gets wound up telling delusional Henry to stop; that there's no proof.  "All of this! All of a delusion! Do you know what a delusion is? {Henry thinks so} It's something that's not real..and...and not healthy.  And I thought that you'd out grow this but Henry you know- now it's turned into a psychosis.  Do you know what psychosis is? That's when you can no longer tell what is real, and if that continues...then I have to lock you away.  Henry, look, this has to stop for your own good, you gotta wake up! This nonsense must end."
    This upsets Henry and he leaves without a word.  Archie is left teary eyed.
    In the hospital room Mary Margaret and David/Prince play hangman- where the answer is her name.  Mary didn't even realize the puzzle was her name.  {Mary Margaret wears the ring we saw Prince have in the last episode.}  David assures her he wouldn't let her hang.  He doesn't remember if this is a game he played a lot before losing his memory/or in his other life.
    Mary assures him "It'll come back. They're sending you home in a week, they have to think you're progressing, don't they?"   He feels he is progressing physically.
    Mary- "Well, you're making new memories just fine."
    David- "Maybe I'll like these better."  They share a moment. Mary asks if he wants to play again
    Just then Mrs. Nolan enters bearing a box of old photos she hopes will jog his memory.  Since it's noon, Mary excuses herself.  David watches Mary leave.
    Mrs. Nolan presents David with a photo of their old dog Ajax {hmm...gotta clean up a mess with Ajax? lol} She asks if he remembers and he says "Yeah...Ajax"   Mary is listening from outside the room.
    Mary Margaret is making Smores.  She's telling Emma she feels like she's the worst person in the world; as for her feeling for nice Katherine Nolan.  Emma advises smart Mary Margaret not to get involved with a married guy; it's not worth the heartache.  A knock on the door reveals crying Henry.

    Archie is having a stiff drink in his office. Pongo is by his side. The pounding on the door is Emma.  She barges in "What did you do?! You told me not to take the fantasy away from him. You told me it would devastate him!"   He feels if the therapy stops working you just adjust it.   Emma assumes this has something to do with a threat from Regina. "What can be strong enough to drown out your own conscience?!"    He feels he doesn't need to defend his professional decisions to her.  On cue Emma's phone rings; it's Regina.  Regina asks if Emma's with Henry, not Dr. Hopper- Emma tells her she left her fingerprints all over him.... But it's not Dr. Hopper she's looking for, it's Henry.  Emma dropped Henry at Regina's office an hour ago.  Well, he's not at Regina's black and white office.
    Archie knows where he is.

    Determined Henry crosses the yellow taped Sheriff's Line Do No Cross into the mine.
    In his dark room Rumpelstiltskin spins his wheel; turning thread into gold.  Jiminy enters; this pleases Rumpelstiltskin who thanks him; He is awaiting "the names. To whom did these treasures belong?"
    Rumpelstiltskin cuts a section of gold thread and gives it to Jiminy for his thievery and dismisses him... but the all knowing imp knows Jiminy wants something else.  He swirls a gold thread into a silver bowl and pours a liquid over it which transforms it.  He knows Jiminy wants something with magic. Jiminy confesses his years stuck in the damn wagon and that he wants to be free. "I want to be somebody else. Something keeps holding me back."
    Rumpelstiltskin- "Some 'thing' or someone?"   The transformed potion is now transformed into a bottle with the potion.
    Jiminy-"It's my parents."
    Rumpelstiltskin has exactly what he needs. He insists that potion will set him free.  Of course he also knows Jiminy has nothing more to give to him. He decides his fee will be: all Jiminy has to do is let the magic do its work and he'll go and collect them.  Jiminy wonders what will become of them.
    Rumpelstiltskin assures him not to worry, "They'll be in safe hands. And you'll be free."   Jiminy takes the tiny bottle with him.
    Emma and Archie call out for Henry at the mine site. Pongo finds the Apollo Bar on the ground; indicating Henry is indeed there.

    In the mine, Henry uses his flashlight to look around. {There's a track} He discovers a piece of glass.
    All of a sudden the rumbling starts and the mine starts to collapse again.  Above on the rumbling ground Archie and his umbrella run in to help Henry.
    Archie is trapped inside!
    He only has the light of a match to light his way.  He calls out for Henry and excited Henry appears shining the light right into Archie's eye; causing him to shield his eyes.  Henry thinks Archie is there to help him, but Archie just wants them to get out of there.  Henry feels Archie is against him.  Archie knows there's no time for that, so Henry runs away claiming "You don't believe me?! You'll see! You'll see!"

    The Enchanted Forest
    Jiminy and his parents approach the house of their next con.  Jiminy pleads with them to skip it tonight as they don't need the money.  Mother and father feel it's not about the money, it's about the principle and a commitment to excellence. {Uh, wait...they have no principles!} Dad presents a tiny bottle to enhance the impending con, "Now go ahead and take the Elf Tonic, Jiminy."
    They knock on the door and the con begins...
    Jiminy says to the young couple "Pardon me. Do you have a place at your hearth for an honest man and his...elderly parents?"
    Of course the kind hearted couple invites them in.  Myrna and Martin make no secret they envy the couples belonging.  The couple is drawn in to the story created by the con-family about a "plague" that they are immune from. They just so happen to have a Elf Tonic in a tiny bottle that will save them from dying. The generous couple is willing to pay/trade for the tonic.   Myrna and Martin take the grateful couple for just about all of their belongings as Jiminy gives them the tiny bottle of tonic.

    Outside Jiminy is upset at what they did to those good people.  Mom and Dad feel it's better to be the kind of people that "take" instead of those who get taken from.  Jiminy takes his little potion bottle out and apologizes to his parents for leaving him no other choice- he throws the contents of the bottle on them.  Nothing happens!
    Myrna- "How frail do you think we are son?"
    Dad's great at slide of hand- he changed the bottles around; theirs is filled with rainwater.   Jiminy realizes if this is the Elf Tonic then the couple has the "other bottle".  Jiminy runs back into the house to discover the good people have now been turned into...
    Jiminy is horrified!  Myrna and Martin enter amused at the "new puppets" for the act.
    A little boy enters looking for his mama and papa, "Who are you?" and sees what has happened.  This is the kind little boy who gave Jiminy the umbrella.  He turns right to Jiminy and asks "What did you do to them?!"

    Archie and his umbrella continue his search for Henry in the dark mine.  He comes upon Henry, whom is looking through a small open at something shiny.
    Archie- "You gotta slow down!"
    Archie is visibly frightened for Henry's safety.  Henry is focused on the distant shiny object, he asks "Because you think I'm crazy?"
    Archie- "No! No. Because we are trapped underground in an abandoned mine, Henry. And there is no way out."

    Above ground Pongo is barking (while being held on the leash by Ruby).  Marco knows smart Archie will keep the boy safe until they get to them.
    The ground rumbles and shakes again.  Regina yells "Stop! Stop! You're making it worse!"
    Emma claims she's trying to make it better.  She goes on to tell Regina Henry went in there because Regina made him feel like he had something to prove.  Regina wants to know who's encouraging him with this task; implying Emma.
    Regina-"Oh please! Lecture me until his oxygen runs out!"

    As they walk the inside of the mine Archie hears Pongo's barking so they follow the noise.

    Above ground Emma tells Regina they need to stop the arguing; it won't accomplishing anything. Regina agrees.
    Emma-"What do you want me to do?"
    Regina-"Help me."

    Archie follows the noise and discovers an old elevator.

    Emotional Regina tells Emma they need to find a way to punch through the ground; something big like...
    Marco-"Explosives."  {Call John Locke- he seems to always find some. lol}

    In the mine- Archie and Henry decide to give the ol' elevator the workers used to get to the top, a shot.

    Above ground the explosives are ready to go.

    In the mine- Archie and Henry work hard together to turn the wheel and get it lifted off the ground.
    Above ground the explosives are blown! This causes Archie and Henry's elevator to crash back down as more of the mine caves in.

    Above ground Regina and the rest see the explosives didn't work; it didn't open.
    Graham asks "Then what did it do?"

    David runs into Mary Margaret in the hospital rec-room.  She's on her way home.  David isn't resting; as a matter of fact Dr. Whale wants him to start physical therapy. "I'm supposed to walk 30 minutes a day on a treadmill or outside with an escort.  But they're kind a short on personal 'cause of that thing that happened at the mine."   So, volunteer Mary Margaret is willing to help.

    Outside of the hospital door {which looks very, very Enchanted Forest-like}
    David- "I'm trying to remember this place. It's like...It's like  I woke up in some strange land."
    Mary- "Is there anything coming back?"   Nope. Nothing.  Even when David was with Katherine he lied about remembering the dog, Ajax.  The Mrs. is just so loving and he didn't want to disappoint her.
    David- "But none of it feels right. You know, a dog named Ajax. Who'd name a dog that? None of it make sense. None of it...none of it feels real."   Mary feels that sounds lonely.  David knows it's crazy but the only thing that feels real and right in this whole place to David is Mary.  As they connect Katherine appears; even though it's outside of visiting hours.  She needed to see him; she made him some cranberry muffins. "They used to be your favorite."
    As Mary excuses herself James makes sure he'll see her tomorrow.

    Above ground Regina is freaking out. Marco suggests that if they knew where they were they could drill down to them.  Pongo gets Emma's attention and she lets him out of the fire truck to track Archie. Pongo finds a hatch...uh, I mean air shaft. This is where they must be.
    In the elevator Henry shines his flashlight straight up; while rubble rains down.  Henry tells Archie (now sporting a cut on the right side of his forehead) that he's really, really, really sorry; he just wanted to find proof.  Archie feels it's really alright and he's sorry too.  He doesn't think Henry is crazy "...I just think that you've got a very strong mother...whose got a...clear idea of a path that she wants you to be on and when you step off that she...she gets scared.  And you know, it's natural.'s also natural for you to be free to... think the things that you wanna think..So...anyway I didn't mean those things I said and I never should have said them."
    Archie feels he said those things because he's not a very good person. "I'm not the man I wanna be."  The elevator shakes!

    Above ground Emma directs the removal of the grate.  They look down into the grate and Regina asks "So. What's next?"
    In the mine- Confident Henry says to Archie- "I think you can be him. I think you can be a good person. I're Jiminy Cricket."
    Archie explains that Jiminy was a cricket and a conscience and he hardly thinks that's him.
    Henry- "But before that he was a guy who took a long time to figure out... the right thing to do. (Archie thinks it sounds like him) Now it's harder for you... because of the curse...To hear the voice inside of you- to be...who you wanna be."
    The elevator shakes!  Archie's wheels are turning.

    Marco tells the little group they need to lower someone straight down.  Graham and Regina step up, but it's Emma who is more fit to do this task.
    Regina- "He's my son."
    Emma- "He's my son too. You've been sitting behind a desk for 10 years-I can do this."
    Teary Regina inches closer to Emma, looks deep into her eyes and begs Emma to bring him to her.
    Archie again asks Henry why he thinks his fairy tale theory is true.  As Henry hands Archie and Apollo bar from his backpack he replies "Because...this can't be all there is."   Archie understands.
    Henry thought he could find proof...but feels he didn't find anything.   Archie tells him that's not true.  They share the Apollo Bar.  {Remember Hurley and Ben did this in Cabin Fever.}
    "I was lost and you found me."  Henry gets excited hoping Archie "remembers", but he doesn't.  He does however remember the kind of person he wants to be "...I just gotta listen harder."   Rubble rains down and they see something in the light above.  Archie knows it's rescue; it's Emma.
    Emma makes her way on the line down into the air shaft and rescues Henry.  The rickety elevator crashes down with Archie still inside- leaving Archie to have to save himself!  Miraculously he used his umbrella to catch hold of the harness hook while the elevator fell down around him.
    Everybody is happy when the trapped victims are liberated from the mine!

    Relieved Regina rips Henry away from Regina. Archie and Marco hug.  When Emma goes to Henry to see if he's OK, Regina pushes her away and tells her to clear the crowd.
    Grateful Regina thanks Dr. Hopper, but he has something to say to her.  "I'm gonna continue to treat Henry...and I'm gonna do it my way."
    Regina tells the Dr. that her relief at Henry's safety hasn't changed a thing. "You will do as I say or you will be..."
    Archie- "Or what? You'll ruin my life? You'll do your worst? Because I will always do my best."
    Regina- "Don't test me."
    Archie doesn't need to because he knows she will now leave him alone to do his work in peace, "Because someday, Madam Mayor, you may find yourself in a custody battle. And you know how the court determines who is a fit parent?  They consult an expert...Particularly one who has treated the child. So- I suggest that you think about that...and you allow me to do my work.  And let me do it the way my conscience tells me to."
    Regina is left standing there.

    In The Enchanted Forest
    Jiminy closes his eyes and wishes on a bright star. "I wish...(he turns around-eyes still closed) I wish..."
    Just then the Blue Fairy appears. "I hear your wish. You don't need to wish it so loudly. But it is not possible. I cannot bring back the boy's parents."
    Jiminy feels it's his fault and he has to make it right and would trade his life to make it happen.
    Blue Fairy- "What's done is done. There may be another way."   She explains the little boy will grow up to face may challenges, "Do you want to help him?"
    Jiminy feels "I can't get away from these people. They're my parents...they're who I am."
    Blue Fairy- "But if you didn't want to be that...what would you like to be?"
    Jiminy thinks about it and without saying a word the Blue Fairy tells him "I hear your wish".   And with her magic wand she turns Jiminy into a chirping cricket.
    He feels FREE!
    She tells him to find the boy "You will live as many years as you need to help him. Just find him!"  Jiminy asks how will he know- he doesn't even know his name.
    Blue Fairy- "His name is Geppetto."

    In Storybrooke
    At the mine Henry and Emma watch as Archie tells his Marco about his adventurous day. Emma wonders if that's Archie's father; Henry tells her they're just old friends.
    Emma takes Henry's hand "You really scared me."  Henry's sorry.
    Henry tells his friends to listen...Archie hears the crickets!
    Henry- "They're back. Things are changing."  {Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Day!}

    We see the two puppet people in Mr. Gold's shop as he exits. Not for nothing- but he kind of looks perturbed.

    Mary Margaret leaves an envelope containing her letter of resignation in a mail cubby- from volunteering at Storybrooke General Hospital.

    The gang is still at the mine site drinking in celebration.  Regina takes the glass piece she found earlier and throws it back down into the air shaft- where it lands on Snow White's Enchanted Forest glass coffin.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    The Price of Gold

    "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep."- Disney's Cinderella

    If you want your life changed- "Then change it!" -Rumpelstiltskin

    Is that statement easier said than done?  We all have thoughts of experiencing a "Cinderella moment" in our lives.  The moment that transforms us from a life of unfortunate circumstances and/or poverty, anonymity or even loneliness- and then with the wave of a wand, or a winning lotto ticket, or opportunity knocking on your door, or even a magic phone call, one's life is positively and forever changed. 

    I am a believer in people having the power to change most anything, yet somewhere deep down inside I also hold on to the hope that a little dose of magic exists.  But in reality sometimes personal "will" isn't enough and a little magic may be needed to change one's circumstances.  Sort of like the bullshit many of us are experiencing right now with those of us who are scared about our uncertain futures, without jobs, without money, losing our homes, wondering how we're going to take care of our families, failing at achieving a dream, letting ourselves/family down, or fearing that life is going to throw us back into a life of wretchedness- all desperately needing some sort of magic to help us out of a huge mess and give us hope that will lead us back to our happy place.

    For some, the idea of magic once lived, now it has been tossed away as a foolish childish notion because reality proves no magic exists.  As much as I hate to face it the bottom line is...there is no such thing as magic, and I know that I, a grown woman, shouldn't believe in magic- and that makes me sad.
    It's all an illusion and believing in the power of magic is what gives it its power to begin with.

    Rumpelstiltskin actually says some positive things and warnings to Cinderella about what she desires,  but she is so smitten with the magic of magic and desperation to change her life that she ignores his advice and is more willing to make a deal than believe in her own positive and magical power.  Ultimately Rumpelstiltskin does the only thing he can do with such an easy mark- he uses her; But why?  Was it a test?

    Maybe it was destiny and not a magic spell that played a role in Cinderella's good fortune.  After all she claims she wasn't really interested in "riches".   Life isn't about the things we have.  It's about being part of a family, the giving and receiving unconditional love, having a place to call home, having a positive purpose and becoming an inspiration to others...even if and when you have to go back to an undesirable set of circumstances.

    Is it possible that in this beautiful fairy tale some genuine magic really does exist?  How much would you be willing to sacrifice for such magic?

    Rumpelstiltskin is usually the trickster. Is he easily tricked by the altered contract? Or does he really know there's no such thing as magic, only the people who believe they believe in magic?

    The characters are boxed in by fear. They have to start deciding which people, things and situations, if any, are worth fearing.  Fear is another thing that is brought to life or given power to, only when you believe it to be true.  Rumpelstiltskin and Regina have won power over the characters in this adventure.  

    Take a good look at yourself.  Change and transformation are always possible!  But one must be warned that putting painful emotions away in a metaphoric box or hiding them away in a deep dark corner cell of your mind or heart will only delay your growth. 

    In ONCE the identity and/or lack of identity issue is paramount.  Again the characters' don't know who they are and this journey may prove their way to discovering their truth.  Emma doesn't know who she is or where she really belongs.  She will be learning more about herself and how the choices she's made and makes contributes to her own personal growth.  Growth on all levels needs to be nurtured.
    In this episode I felt as if the characters and Emma are talking directly to Emma; as if the story and its characters are telling Emma her own story so she can actually see it from another/outsider perspective and face it head on. But what the hell do I know?!

    Watch the clock: 
    Stop wasting precious time. Time is a very important theme in this fairy tale.  The time on the clock tower basically shows us the same hours.  And note that Henry's room {and a few other rooms} contain more than one/many clocks.

    The circle motif was all over the episode.  All of the people in the ONCE universe are connected.  We also see them in a redundant cycle; they even make many of the same mistakes.
    Emma makes a deal with Mr. Gold to give Ashley her baby- Is this a sacrifice on Emma's part so she can help the little family, or is it just a vicious cycle of deal making and mistake making with no end in sight?
    The characters may have to go around in circles a few times before they can find their way back home. 

    Things to note...Questions to ask...
    • Why is Emma the only one who can leave Storybrooke?  Plus she can do what she wants...Umm...Is she a Candidate?!   Maybe it's just about free will and choice. Or something very different
    • Henry constantly defies Regina and breaks rules; he doesn't even listen to instruction when it comes from Emma.  So I guess nobody is going to tell him what he can't do!
    • An important note- Henry is the one who loses his shoe on the steps and not Cinderella.
    • Emma's boxes of personal stuff- where did it come from?  Was it shipped there?  Did she go and pick it up?  Did she just wish for it to be there and "POOF" there it is?! 
    • Why can't Henry figure out who Mr. Gold is?
    • Henry is the one who informs Emma that if anyone leaves Storybrooke bad things would happen. Hmm...that brings me back to a special time in LOST when Jack is told and believes that bad things happened on the "Island" when he left. 
    ✔  Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
         All you have to do is read through my recaps and look at the photos to see that the golden thread is right there.
    Side Note: word is that Damon Lindelof served as a consultant on the pilot.   Eddy Kitsis described Damon Lindelof as his and Horowitz's godfather. Adam Horowitz said that Lindelof's name "isn't on the show, but his DNA is in it," and that he will continue to advise the two.
    With that said, here is a few of the many connections to note...
    ★  Damon Lindelof makes an appearance via his Comic Book
      I feel that in ONCE we have "Realms" and in LOST we have "Planes"
    ★  What is real and what is not
    ★  "Don't tell me what I can't do"
      In The End Hurley has similar dialogue with Sayid about "You can't let other people tell you what you are, Dude. You have to decide that for yourself"
    ★  Ashley was offered a lot of money to give up the child to a good family, just as Claire was in Raised by Another
    ★  No one thinks Ashley knows what she's doing or will do 
    ★  Cinderella/Ella/Ashley's man's name is Thomas; as was Aaron's father/Claire's lover; Raised by Another
    ★  Tallahassee
    ★  Geronimo Jackson sticker
    ★  Cobra- Expose
    ★  The (unborn) child's name is Alexandra
    ★  Glass - Looking Glass- (Slippers, wolf, unicorns)
    ★  Code 
      Deals and Cons
    ★  Black and white
    ★  Roots
    ★  Boon-Boone
    Bloody Snow Globe
    4, 8

    ★  Seven: Sevens, like Threes, deal with magical forces.  Seven deals with esoteric, scholarly aspects of magic.  Representative of scholarly activities, mystery, and the focused search for esoteric meanings. Seven deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness.  Ruled by Saturn, Seven can represent impractical dreaming, but with a deeper understanding of the aspects of Seven, you can quite deftly utilize its magical vibration to your own benefit.
    ★  7 Chakras are in the basic model used in various eastern traditions and philosophies.

    **All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
    Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap!  Enjoy!
    The Enchanted Forest
    Cinderella's stepmother and two stepsisters leave for a big event in a horse drawn carriage. Sad servant Cinderella sweeps the path as she watches the beautiful fireworks display over a grand castle in the distance. Her fairy godmother appears and tells her not to despair as she will attend that ball.
    Cinderella- "Who are you?"
    Fairy godmother- "I'm your fairy godmother.  I'm here to change your life."
    Cinderella reveals that she was forbidden to attend by her stepmother. The Fairy godmother shows Cinderella a powerful magic wand; one that will take her to her ball and to her "Prince and to..." In one moment she is turned into black smoke and Rumpelstiltskin appears in her place.
    Cinderella- "What did you do?!"
    He tells her there's no need to be frightened; as he picks up the wand he says "I got what I wanted". Cinderella tells him fairy godmother was there to help her, but he questions "Was she?"   In a sing-song manor he asks her "Do you know what this is?"
    Cinderella looks at it in awe and claims it to be "Pure magic".
    Rumpelstiltskin corrects her "It's pure evil. Trust me...I've done you a favorAll magic comes with a price. Go on 'bout your life.  And thank your lucky stars you still get something to go back to."
    Cinderella only sees the negative in her current life situation, so Rumpelstiltskin gives her simple advice "Then change it. You can't handle this {the wand}".
    Cinderella stops him from walking away, claiming she can handle it and pleads that she will do "anything to get out of this".   She asks him if he knows how to handle that thing.  Insulted Rumpelstiltskin introduces himself, bows before her and replies "Of course I do".  Cinderella wants his help.  Rumpelstiltskin can help her.   He asks if she can shoulder the consequences; then she'll owe him a favor.  He wants something precious; with this wish will come riches more than she'll know.  Cinderella doesn't care anything about riches, she just wants out of here.  Rumpelstiltskin again tells her to fear not, and assures her that his needs are small and all she has to do is sign on the dotted line.  Overzealous Cinderella doesn't even read the document, but signs it anyway.  They have a deal.  Rumpelstiltskin waves the magic wand and turns Cinderella into a clean, pretty gown wearing woman.  The glass slippers are there waiting to be worn. 
    Rumpelstiltskin- "Every story needs a memorable detail. Let's see how they fit, shall we? Now, you have a good time... but be sure to watch the clock!"

    In Storybrooke
    The bell tolls 8:00 on the clock tower.
    Emma and Henry walk past the library. {The windows are all covered on the inside with newspaper.}  Henry wonders if it's OK for them to be out in the open like that.  Emma, walking Henry to a bus stop, is totally cool with it all; including how Regina may feel about it.  Henry calls her brave; especially for their mission- Operation Cobra.  He wonders if they should have code names to call each other. Emma wants to just be called "Emma".  {So, is that her 'code name'?}  Henry boards the small Storybrooke Elementary school bus.

    The siren on the black and white sheriff's car driven by Graham is sounded.  He needed to get her attention (as it seems a hard thing to do) to offer her a job; even though Emma notes there doesn't seem to be a lot of Sherff-ing going on around there.  He is giving her a chance to see it all up close; even informs her there's dental.  He gives her his card and tells her to think about it, "Stay a while".
    At Granny's, pig-tale, short-short wearing Ruby delivers a mug of hot cocoa to Emma, who is reading the newspaper. {Headline is- COMA PATIENT WAKES UP}   Regina enters and asks Emma how her walk with Henry went.  Confident Regina knows everything and she's not worried by Miss Swan any longer.  She did a little digging into who she is and what she found out was quite soothing. "It all comes down to the number 7."    Apparently that's the number of addresses Emma's had in the last decade; her longest stint anywhere was 2 years.  "Really, what did you enjoy so much about Tallahassee?"
    Emma informs Regina she found a place; but Regina already knows about her lease-less stay with Miss Blanchard.  "In order for something to grow, Miss Swan, it needs roots. And you...don't have any. People don't change, they only fool themselves into believing they can."   Regina insists she knows Emma; all she asks is that as Emma carries on her transient life that she thinks of Henry. "Perhaps consider a clean break. It's gonna happen anyway. Enjoy your cocoa."  Regina walks right out.  When Emma stands up she spills the cocoa on herself.  Ruby has a laundry room Emma can use. { up your own mess or washing away of things.}

    In the laundry room annoyed Emma throws her stuff in the washer and takes a blue button down shirt off the drying rack to wear.
    Ashley/Cinderella is upset that the sheets are pink.  Emma asks if she's tried bleach to which Ashley reveals she's pregnant.   Ashley shares that last night she felt contractions; the doctor said the baby could come any day now.  She tears up explaining that when the baby comes "No one thinks that I can do this. No one thinks I can do anything. Maybe they're right."
    This strikes a chord with Emma and she advises Ashley to "Screw them!"   She tells 19 year old Ashley that she was 18 when she too had a kid.  "I know what it's like. Everyone loves to tell you what you can and can't do, especially with a kid. But ultimately whatever you're considering doing or giving up- the choice is yours."
    Ashley- "Its not exactly what you might think it is."
    Emma- "It never is.  People are going to tell you who you are your whole life.  You just gotta punch back and say 'No, this is who I am'.  You want people to look at you differently- make them! You wanna change things you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself because there are no fairy godmothers in this world."

    Mr. Gold is the neighborhood Pawnbroker.  He locks up for the night and looks as if he hears something as he walks away. {Sign shows OPEN - return 10:00}
    Ashley breaks the glass door with a white brick and opens the locks by reaching inside the door.
    We're shown hanging glass unicorns and two ugly petrified looking dolls {or marionettes}, and keys hang on the wall near the paintings.  As she's about to break into the combination wall safe that is hidden behind a painting, Mr. Gold says her name and asks her what she's doing.
    Ashley- "Changing my life."    She sprays him with spray; as he backs away grabbing for his eyes, he falls over knocking over gold chess pieces and he falls to the floor he hits his head.  He's left bleeding from the left side of his forehead. As he lays unconscious on the floor Ashley steals his keys. {That's curious- she steals the keys yet looks like a combination lock.}

    While primping herself in her mirror Regina gives Henry the rules for his sequestered stay at home.    
    She claims to not enjoy these unavoidable Saturday City Council meetings; she thinks Henry thinks otherwise.  Henry listens while he reads his {Damon Lindelof’s} Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk comic book and agrees to her rules/terms.  "Yes on homework, no on TV and stay inside." 
    She again reminds the good boy "Under no circumstance do you leave this house."
    Henry- "You mean don't see my mom."
    Frustrated Regina replies  "She's not your mother! She's just a woman passing through. Now do as I say or there will be consequences. I'll be back at five sharp."
    Henry listens to her exit and watches her leave via the window, grabs his backpack and leaves.
    At Mary Margaret's place Mary hands Emma a plate of breakfast.  Emma is on the floor unpacking her handful of possessions from cardboard boxes. {See, John Locke was right- everybody needs boxes. lol}  Mary wonders if the rest of her stuff is in storage, but this is the entirety of Emma's things. She's not sentimental.  Apparently it makes things easier when she has to move.  A knock at the door announces Mr. Gold's arrival. He's there because he needs help from Miss Swan.  "I'm looking for someone."
    Mary excuses herself to take a bath and give the two time to chat privately.  Mr. Gold shows her a photo. "Her name is Ashley Boyd. And she's taken something quite valuable of mine."  He didn't go to the police because "she's a confused young woman. She's pregnant. Alone and scaredI don't want to ruin this young girl's life.  But I just want my property returned."   One of the advantages of Emma not being the police is discretion.
    Mr. Gold- "Let's just say it's a precious object and leave it at that."
    Mr. Gold shares the last time he saw her was last night; that's where he got that head injury.  "It's so unlike her.  She was quite wound-up rambling on and on about changing her life. I've no idea what got into her.  Miss Swan, please help me find her."   He doesn't want to go to the police as nobody wants to see the child born in jail.
    Emma realizes she is the reason for Ashley's motivation and offers to help "her".
    Henry barges in and makes eye contact with Mr. Gold; Henry looks at bit uncomfortable. Mr. Gold wishes Miss Swan "good luck" and leaves.
    Henry is nervous- "Do you know who that is?"
    Emma- "Yeah, 'course I do."
    Henry- "Who? 'Cause I'm still trying to figure that out."
    Emma- "Ah! I meant in reality."
    Henry questions her belongings "Is that all you brought?"  Henry wants to hang out with her, and although Emma wishes she could, she's got stuff to do.
    As they hurry to Emma's car Henry begs to help with Emma's new search for the dangerous pregnant lady.  Emma notes "She assaulted Mr. Gold."   Since Emma won't let Henry go with her Henry will look for her himself.  Emma's trying to be responsible; if Henry tags along she will have to bring him back, hence, she wouldn't be looking for the maid.  Henry goal is he's trying to spend time with Emma.
    Henry-"The maid...what's her story?"

    The Magical Wedding
    Cinderella happily watches the fireworks she once admired from afar. She knew what they meant something special was happening at the palace, "Now they're for me. For our wedding."  Prince Thomas and Cinderella kiss. 

    The happy couple descend the stairs into the ballroom. Cinderella wears her glass slippers.  In attendance is The King and Prince James Charming and Snow White.  The King dances with Ella, as he is thrilled she joined their family and he hopes their family will soon grow.  Cinderella dances in her fragile glass slippers.  James congratulated Ella as he knows they will be very happy.  Snow cuts in on Ella's dance as Snow informs her "Do you know what an inspiration you are to everyone?"  Ella claims all she did was get married.
    Snow- "All you did...was show that anyone can change her life. I'm proud of you."
    They two twirl around in circles as they drift farther away from each other.  Ella twirls right into the path of Rumpelstiltskin.  He's proud of her too.  He leads in their dance.  He's there to be sure she's still OK with her end of the bargain. "You know- true love, riches, happy endings. Did you get everything you desired?"
    Ella did get everything she desired and wonders what price Rumpelstiltskin is requiring for this boon.  Rumpelstiltskin wants something she doesn't yet possess; it's something he knows is coming. "Your first born."  Rumpelstiltskin twirls her away from him.

    Thunder and lightning disturb the sky. Ella is packing her belongings as she knows she must run away.  The weather wasn't agreeing with her hunting hubby so he returned early.   She tells him she's pregnant. This makes her prince happy as it is what they wanted.
    Upset Ella tells him that it wasn't her fairy godmother who sent her into the magic of that life, it was Rumpelstiltskin.  She stupidly and not understanding the price of magic, made a deal with him for that life.   She promised the tricky imp something...their baby.   Ella realized she's going to lose it all.  The Prince doesn't care what the imp said "Magic may have brought us together but it didn't create this love."
    Ella can't break the deal she made with the powerful Rumpelstiltskin, so the Prince suggests they simply make another deal.
    Emma and Henry question Ruby about Ashley's out of  the picture boyfriend.  Billy is towing Ruby's car.  As her car drops to the ground she warns Billy to be careful of shattering her good luck glass wolf-thing that hangs from the rear view mirror.
    It is revealed that maid Ashley has a stepmother and two step sisters that she doesn't talk to. Henry pegs her for Cinderella.  Ruby thinks whatever Emma's heard is wrong.  Everyone knows that Ashley isn't ready for this kid, but she's been bettering herself and trying to get her life together by taking night classes.  "Can you understand that?"   Emma does.
    Ruby advises Emma to stay out of it {Ashley/Sean's business}, but Emma, having been through it, insists she can help Ashley.  Ruby points Emma in the direction of Ashley's ex{X}, who lives with his dad.

    Emma pays a visit to Sean Herman to reveal she's looking for Ashley Boyd; who is in trouble.  She thought Ashley may have come to see him.  Mr. Herman approaches informing Emma that his son doesn't have anything to do with that girl anymore.  He's sorry for any trouble she's in, but there isn't anything they can do to help Emma.  Mr. Herman condones Sean breaking up with Ashley; as he's not going to let his son throw away his entire life over a mistake. "Well what are they going to do, raise a child in the backseat of a car?"
    Emma- "Some people only have the backseat of a car."   Mr. Herman isn't going to let that happen to his son.   Henry may be overhearing the conversation from the car.
    Sean suggests they help her look.  Emma whispers to Sean "If you want to come-come", and he should stop letting someone else make decisions him. If Ashley runs away with this baby she's going to be in some serious trouble.  Mr. Herman demands Sean "Inside. Now."  Sean walks away.  Mr. Herman confides that if he knew where she was he'd help; but he went to a lot of trouble to get her that deal. Ashley is being paid very well to give up the child. He found someone who's going to find that child a good and proper home; someone who is going to see to it that everyone is happy.  Emma wonders who Mr. Herman is to judge whether Ashley is capable of providing that.
    Mr. Herman- "Look at her. She's a teenager! She's never shown any evidence of being responsible. How could she possibly know how to be a mother?"
    Emma feels that maybe she's changing her life, but Mr. Herman feels everybody says that.
    Emma realizes the mystery person is Mr. Gold.
    Mr. Herman- "Well isn't that why you were bring him the baby?"

    Continuing their drive, Henry advises Emma not to make Ashley double cross Gold; no one has ever broken a deal with him. Emma is happy to be the first.  She feels that anyone who wants to be a mother should be allowed to be one.

    Back at Granny's Emma asks Ruby why she failed to mention that Ashley sold the baby.  Ruby didn't feel it was important; Ashley's her friend and she doesn't like the idea of people judging her.   Emma picks up Ruby's glass wolf-thingy off the counter realizing Ashley has Ruby's car and she got a head start.  Emma informs Ruby that Ashley's in more trouble than she knows.  "Where is she? Don't make her deal with Gold without me."
    Ruby can't talk in front of the Mayor's kid, although Henry claims to be on her side.
    Emma- "Henry. I need to find this woman. And in order to do that I need you to go home. So please listen to me. Seriously. She's not going to tell me anything if you're around."
    Henry agrees and leaves.
    Ruby- "She left town. Said she was gonna try Boston. Thought she could disappear there."  She left about a half hour ago.

    Emma takes off in her car  to chase after Ashley.   Henry pops up as he was hiding in the backseat of the car. Nosy Henry wants to know what Ruby told Emma.  Emma's going to Boston and he can't go with her.
    Henry is upset!  "She can't go to Boston! She can't leave! Bad things happen to anyone who does."
    Emma doesn't have time to argue with him over the curse; she's got to get him home.
    Henry feels they have to stop her before she gets hurtStop wasting time!  If Emma drops him off she'll never catch up to her and Mr. Gold will call the police and have her sent to jail.  Emma tells Henry to buckle up.  "Ashley...what did you get yourself in to?"

    The Enchanted Forest
    Grumpy leads Cinderella, Prince Thomas and Prince James Charming down into a cold dark mine they converted to hold their special prisoner.   Rumpelstiltskin is the most dangerous man in all the realms.   Ella wonders how they'll get him there.
    Grumpy- "His strength is also his weakness.  His deals- he can't resist making them and we already know who he wants to deal with next. You."
    Prince James shares they sent word with one of Snow's birds; he's accepted a meeting with Ella "You're going to tell him Doc heard something with his stethoscope; two heartbeats."
    She's to tell him it's twins.  And if he wants both (which he will) she's to propose a new deal.
    Grumpy opens the wood box to reveal a red quill that the Blue Fairy cast a spell on.  Whoever signs with the quill will be frozen and their magic made impotent.  All she has to do is get him to sign the contract.  Ella questions the use of magic yet again. "Isn't that what is causing these problems to begin with? What if this magic also has a price?"   If that is the case Prince Thomas will pay it as he will do whatever is necessary to save them and their child.
    They lead Ella to the cell that will house Rumpelstiltskin; once he's in there he'll never get out. Ella agrees to the new deal.

    As they speed toward the exit {border limits} of Storybrooke Henry points out Ashley's/Ruby's crashed car on the side of the road.  Ashley sits in the woods and announces that her baby is coming
    In pain/labor Ashley wants to keep on to Boston, but Emma knows they don't have four hours.  Emma drives to the hospital and assures her she won't let Gold take the baby.   Emma asks Ashley if she's really ready for this baby; because she sure wasn't ready.  "If you wanna give this kid its best chance it's going to be with someone who's ready so know what that means! Your whole life is gonna change- once you decide that it's yours- cause running away can't happen.  You have to grow up- You can't ever leave! Understand?!"   Ashley understands "I want my baby"

    The Enchanted Forest
    Cinderella waits in the dark for Rumpelstiltskin.
    "Well, well, well...You're starting to show" says imbibing Rumpelstiltskin.  A little bird told him she wanted to speak.  Cinderella informs him she'd like to alter the bargain although that's not what Rumpelstiltskin does.  Ella thinks he'll want to, as she's having twins.  Rumpelstiltskin touches her pregnant belly for a better look.  Ella claims she is willing to give up both as their Kingdom is poor, they're losing money, the crops are dying, they can't support themselves or their people.
    Suspicious Rumpelstiltskin wonders "And you would trade your other child for...comfort?"   Ella feels she can always have more children but she can't make crops grow where the soil is dead.  In exchange for their other child Rumpelstiltskin will see to it that their land is once again fertile.  He immediately agrees to the new deal and feels it's more than fair "If what you're saying is true."
    She says it is and all he has to do is sign on the dotted line.
    Rumpelstiltskin peruses the newly written contract.  Ella presents him with the red quill. Rumpelstiltskin is curious about her lovely red quill and asks where she got it.  Ella says it came from her Castle.
    Rumpelstiltskin- "You know the only way to stop through magic."
    Nervous Ella says she's not trying to stop him.
    Rumpelstiltskin- "Of course you're not. Because as we all know...All magic comes with a price! And if you were to use it to say...imprison me...then your debt to me would only grow....and we wouldn't want that now would we?"
    Impatient Ella just wants him to sign the contract.
    Rumpelstiltskin- "Are you sure you're happy with this new arrangement?"
    Ella simply hands him the contract and he signs it.  Once signed, a magical force field freezes Rumpelstiltskin; but he's sure to threaten "No one breaks deals with me, Deary. No one. No matter where you are, no matter what land you find yourself in...I assure you...I will have your baby "

    At Storybrooke Hospital
    Emma nervously paces the floor.  Henry tells Emma she's different; she's the only one who can do it.  
    Emma- "Break the curse? Yes, I know, you keep telling me that."
    Henry- "No. Leave. You're the only who can leave Storybrooke."
    Emma acknowledges that Henry left to find her in Boston
    Henry- "But I came back.  I'm 10- I had no choice.  But if anyone else tried to go...bad things would happen. {Anyone expect Emma} You're the savior. You can do whatever you want. You can go."  Emma looks longingly at Henry.
    The Doctor tells Emma the baby is a healthy 6lb girl and the mother is fine.  Mr Gold is there to hear the lovely news.  "Excellent work, Miss Swan. Thank you for bringing me my merchandise."

    In The Enchanted Forest
    Grumpy and Prince James toss Rumpelstiltskin into the Kingdom's paddy wagon.  Ella asks Thomas "Did we really win?"   He feels they did.  Ella was so afraid that they failed and that she'd have to go back to that terrible life. "But nothing would have changed."

    Noble Thomas tells her as long as he's alive she'll never go back to that life.  They kiss.  Thomas touches her belly and asks "How is our little Alexandra?"  He picked out a name that Ella feels is more like a prison sentence.
    Ella gets a pain, claiming it's the baby. Concerned Thomas feels it's too soon; maybe it's due to stress and excitement.  Ella is dizzy.  Thomas leaves to get her water from the well.
    At the well, Thomas hears a rustling noise in the woods.
    Ella's pain passes and she calls out for him. A rustling noise is heard in the woods.  She goes to the well but only finds his cloak.

    A lock is being secured on the paddy wagon gate.  Upset Highness Ella asks Rumpelstiltskin what he did to her Thomas.  Rumpelstiltskin sits calmly and says he hasn't done anything as he's been otherwise engaged.  But he did warn her "All magic comes at a price. Looks like someone has just paid."
    Prince James doesn't want Ella to listen to Rumpelstiltskin. 
    Rumpelstiltskin- "No you won't. Until that debt is paid. Until that baby is mine! You're never gonna see him again. In this world or the next, Cinderella! I will have that baby!"

    At Storybrooke Hospital
    Mr. Gold has to bang on the coffee vending machine to retrieve his beverage. It must be his lucky day; he offers Miss Swan a cup.  Mr. Gold didn't reveal to her that his "merchandise" was a baby, because at the time she didn't need to know.  He thought it would be more effective if she found out herself. "After seeing Ashley's hard life, I thought it'd make you. I mean, if anyone could understand the reasons behind giving up a baby I assumed it would be you."
    Henry looks nervous.
    Emma adamantly tells Gold- "You're not gettin' that kid."
    Mr. Gold has an agreement and  his agreements are always honored; if not he'll have to involve the police and that baby is gonna end up in the system. "And that would be a pity. You didn't enjoy your time in the system, did you, Emma?"
    Mr. Gold likes Emma's confidence. "Charming. But all I have to do is press charges. She did after all break into my shop."
    Emma guesses to steal a contract.
    Mr. Gold- "Who knows what she was after."
    Emma feels no jury would put a woman in jail whose only reason for breaking and entering was to keep her child.  She's willing to roll the dice that contract doesn't stand up.  She wonders what would come out about Mr. Gold in the process. "Somehow I suspect there is more to you than a simple pawnbroker. You really wanna start that fight?"
    Mr. Gold smiles, "I like you Miss Swan. You're not afraid of me and that's either cocky or presumptuous, either way I'd rather have you on my side."
    He isn't willing to give up the baby because he only deals in "deals/agreements".   He doesn't just tear up agreements. "You see they're the very foundation of all civilized existence. So I put it to you now...If you want Ashley to have that baby...are you willing to make a deal with me?"  He doesn't know what he wants just yet, but Emma will owe him a favor. 
    Emma- "Deal."

    Henry and Emma visit Ashley and Alexandra in her hospital room.
    Ashley thanks Emma "for getting me here."  Emma tells her Mr. Gold was outside and she took care of it; the baby is hers because she made a deal with him.
    Emma notices the time; it's almost five and she has to get Henry home.
    Regina zips up her dress as she readies to leave from her rendezvous.  Her secret lover is showering.  She will see him again at the next Council Meeting and reminds him not to forget the socks he left under the bed.

    On her drive to bring Henry home Emma blurts out "Pumpkin" as her code name; in honor of Cinderella.  Henry has another name in mind but isn't sure she's ready yet.
    Emma drops him off and tells him even though they know she is able to leave that she will see him tomorrow. 
    Henry runs into the house and in true Cinderella fashion while running up the stairs to his room he loses one (left) of his shoes.
    Regina calls out for Henry, as she's told him not to leave his shoes lying around on the stairs; someone could get hurt.

    Sean visits Ashley and Alexandra at the hospital.  He apologizes for leaving her, but now he's back. Sean brought a present for his girl; a pair of fancy shoes. "I don't know if they're gonna fit."
    Emma phones Graham to ask if the Deputy job is still open. "Maybe some roots wouldn't be so bad."
    He doesn't even care if Regina is OK with it; it's his department.  Emma watches Henry pace through his upstairs window

    Evidently Graham socks reveal he's been having a roll in the hay with the Mayor.

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Snow Falls

    "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale." - Unknown author
    This week our beautiful tale focuses on matters of the heart.  The Queen wants Snow White's heart.  While in one version of the literary fairy tale we may perceive this as a violent and vicious act of vanity and jealousy, metaphorically the jealous Queen wants Snow's heart.  The Queen may have many possessions but she lacks something of true value.
    Please note that there are a few versions of Snow White. The Grimm Brother's Snow White should not be confused with the story of "Snow White and Rose Red", another fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm.
    An important thing to keep in mind with the literary story of Snow White is that she goes through a few rounds of "dying", waking up, deep (unconscious) sleep, waking up and so on. 

    Pain, sadness and loneliness weighs heavy on Snow-Mary Margaret's heart.  We witness Snow admit to wanting to "leave this place, escape to another realm, somewhere isolated. Where I can never be hurt".   This is a protective survival mechanism, a self imposed isolation from the pain that life can and will bring.  The fear of getting hurt is so great; one would rather isolate themselves by choice and feel they are shielded from suffering instead of letting go of that old pain and move forward and grow from it.

    In life bad things happen, sometimes a lot of bad things happen. People have physical scars and emotional scars.  Our scars play a role in shaping us and contribute to our life story.  One acquires a scar from a deep and painful cut.  In time these cuts should heal, but some leave such a deep scar that one is reminded of the pain every time they confront the scar.  But again, it's all a matter of time healing wounds, letting go of the pain and having hope and faith that you've learned something from that pain to get you were you need to go along your path.  Something that happens when someone is this lost, when they are shut off from the good things life will bring- they lose perspective and precious time...time you can't get back.

    Snow White is attached to her pain and James is sentimentally attached to the ring that belonged to his mother.  Although the ring belonged to James' mother, it represents the item that bonds his merger together.  But to Snow the ring is a symbol of love everlasting.

    Ahh, the magic of true love and destiny and that two specific people are meant to be together forever- soul mates.  It is such a romantic idea, could it rein true?  Snow/Mary and Charming/James/David seem to share a very close connection, just as some of us LOST fans saw with Desmond and Penny or Sun and Jin.  They always found their way back to each other.
    Coincidence or Fate? Snow's dangerous fairy dust inadvertently ends up being good fairy dust; as it did take care of the Trolls, it also acted as a tool to help her connect with her special someone, James.  Even though Regina magically brings Kathryn into the picture, the connection was made between Charming/James/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret.

    Is life just as series of chance or can things be listed under the category of fate and destiny.  Are the people of Storybrooke so void of hope and believing in positive magical happenings that they can't see that they hold the power to believe that they can have another chance at life, love and happiness?

    The residents of Storybrooke lives are in flux.  Yes, they are stuck, but they can become unstuck with a little work and perhaps a little push.  Henry has taken on quite a role in all of this.  We've seen him move some of the pieces {People} around to move things along in hopes of helping return all to their happy place.

    In life we can forget or simply don't discover who we really are.  As beautiful as life is, with all of it's good and bad, it gets in the way and tends to cloud over the person we really are inside.  I am a real and levelheaded person who is continually learning how the universe works and growing as I try to find my place in it.  But as I look around my house at all the fairy tale mementos and art cleverly incorporated into our décor and in my car and even on my key chain, it is clear to me that I’ve always needed to be reminded that maybe, just maybe a little magic is possible. 

    So- believe in a little magic and some hard work, but more importantly it's important to keep hope alive.  After all, it's a terrible thing to lose.

    Things to note...Questions to ask...
    • There seems to be a blurring of realms going on here. 
    • QUESTION- "What's outside that door?"  ANSWER- "The woods."   It appears that these two "realms" really aren't that far away from each other
    • Perhaps the items that are showing up in both realms are or represent emotional "baggage" an/or "attachments" carried over to the other realm.
    • How does Mary Margaret wear the peridot ring in Storybrooke, the very one we saw James have in The Enchanted Forest. Peridot gem- {August (8th month) birthstone-symbolic of the sun and protects one from nightmares. In more recent beliefs, peridot is thought to strengthen life, bring about prosperity, growth, and increase openness. It is also believed to help one to understand relationships, and to alleviate depression, anger, fear, jealousy and anxiety. Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, and Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart.}  
    • Regina keeps the fancy wood box that usually contains hearts in it, the one we saw in The Enchanted Forest,  yet it is on her desk in Storybrooke 
    • Mary Margaret brings John Doe "back to life", just as Prince Charming does to Snow White.
    • The Troll Bridge- The TrOLL Bridge 
    • What is real and what is not
    • Imagination
    • Brain. Head
    • Coma. Unconscious. Sleeping. Wake up
    • Does Regina know the truth or some form of it?
    • Claimed
    • Monitors
    • Doctor. Hospital. I.V.
    • Transformation. Change
    • Solitary/ Alone
    • Ring. Circle. Loop. Band
    • Life- Death; come bring back to life
    • Being watched- from behind glass
    Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
    More than a few times this episode brought me back to moments, themes and lessons learned in LOST.  I don't know...maybe I shouldn't 'go there' with ONCE and maybe it's wrong of me to think such thoughts.  I don't want to mistake easter eggs and nods to LOST as more that  what it is; as opposed to direct connections to LOST.   But I seem to have a loving connection to both shows and their stories, so I guess I should just chalk my whole personal Flash Whooshing thing that happens while watching ONCE, as happening in my own head.  But make no mistake about it- I am thoroughly and wholeheartedly enjoying ONCE for all that it is giving me.  It is truly a wonderful and beautiful fairy tale that stands on its own!  I look forward to every magical episode.

    Again, please note that I am fully aware we are lovingly getting LOST easter eggs from the writers, but easter eggs are usually hidden images, messages and nods, but these are right there out in the open.
    Here are just a few examples- as there were many, many others:
    • James has no identity and must find who he really is
    • Items are showing up in both realms; there is a blurring of the realms
    • Real- Not Real
    • Brain. Head
    • The number 4 and 15
    • Sleeping. Unconscious. Waking up 
    • Imagination
    • Monitors
    • Cons and lies 
    • Doctor. Hospital
    • Read the book
    • Transformation. Change
    • Ring. Circle. Loop. Band
    • Life- Death; come bring back to life 
    • Being watched- from behind glass/Looking Glass
    • Solitary
    • Claimed- In Season 6 we hear a lot about being claimed
    • Drunks- Jack, Christian, Roger Linus, Kate's father, Wayne
    • Regina's office is Black, White and one dose of Red. Of course this is the color theme of the Snow White Story
    • Snow gets caught in a {Danielle Rousseau type} net in the woods- and of course, Kate and Jack get caught in a net, as does Henry Gale/Ben Linus
    • The children's artwork at the hospital brought me back to Santa Rosa Mental Institute- I can only wonder what that really says about me
    • Jack finds Kate's mugshot flier; as she's a wanted fugitive
    • We hear similar lines- "He's with me", "I'm with you", "Are you with me?", "I've always been with you"
    • Henry went into a room he shouldn't have been in- reminds me of John Locke going into a room/hatch. Mr. Friendly references "Opening the door to rooms you have no business opening" in The Hunting Party
    • Claire's mother was a librarian and in a coma- Par Avion
    • Jack admits to Claire that he spoke in his sleep in Raised by Another
    **All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**
      Here's your episode recap!

      The Enchanted Forest
      On a clear beautiful day Prince Charming rides inside of a white horse drawn carriage accompanied by his guards on horseback.  He also is accompanied by a blond woman with an attitude.  Charming asks her opinion on the view; but the disinterested woman feels she's seen better and it's taking far too long.   She would have rather taken the Troll Road as it would have been quicker and less bumpy.
      A fallen tree with cut markings blocks their path and when the men, including the Prince, move the obstacle, they are attacked- it's an ambush!  A hand reaches in the carriage and takes the dark pouch Charming left on his seat.  A cloaked figure rides off for a quick getaway.  The brave Prince takes off after the thief.  Upon catching up to the thief the Prince tackles the thief demanding the coward show their face.  The reveal is a girl-woman-Snow White.
      This Snow White is tough. She hits Charming in the face with a rock to make another getaway.
      "You can't hide from me! Wherever you are I will find you!"  Yells The Prince.  Snow looks back amused.

      Mary Margaret is on a date at Granny's diner.  Their conversation is distracted by her disinterested date, Dr. Whale, who is eye-ballin' waitress Ruby in her red short shorts.
      Dr.- "Where were we...something about you wanting 15 kids?"
      That's not what she said- she was talking about the kids in her class (where she teaches); they're involved in the volunteer outreach program at the hospital. Dr. Whale says that's a great program.

      Excited Mary Margaret shares that she wants it all; kids, marriage and true love.  Mary Margaret realizes this date is going nowhere so she asks Ruby for the check.

      On her lonely walk home Mary Margaret comes upon Emma reading the paper in her parked car.  The streets are nearly deserted; the time on the library clock is 9:40.
      Emma sits in her yellow beetle reading the classified ads by flashlight looking for a place to stay. In the world of tight spots she's been in, crashing her car doesn't even rank in the top 10.
      "You're sleeping here?" asks Mary Margaret. Interestingly Storybrooke doesn't have any vacancies- obviously it must be the curse.  Mary Margaret's happy Emma decided to stay- for Henry.  She also shares that she is out late because she had a date.
      Mary Margaret shares that the date went as well as they usually do- Dr. Whale didn't even pay.  "I guess if true love was easy- we'd all have it."
      Mary Margaret offers her a room to stay in, for if things get cramped, but Emma turns her down as she's not the roommate type; she does better on her own.  Mary Margaret bids her goodnight and good luck with Henry.
      Volunteer Mary Margaret makes her rounds at the hospital and sees Henry in coma patient John Doe's glass room.  The patient's in the ward are awake; one even keeps two prescription pill bottles out in the open on his bed tray while the children are around.
      Henry appears to be reaching for John Doe's oxygen tube.  Mary Margaret enters telling Henry she could use his help with the decorations, but Henry's more interested to find out if Mr. Doe is going to be OK.  Mary Margaret explains that the man's name really isn't John Doe; it's just what they call people when they don't know who they are.
      Henry slyly asks "Do you know who he is?"
      Mary Margaret does not know and adds that he's been like that ever since she's been volunteering.  No one (family/friends) has claimed him in all that time.  Sadly he's all alone.
      Again Henry slyly asks "You sure you don't know him?"   But of course Mary Margaret's sure she doesn't know him and escorts Henry out of the room he shouldn't be in.  Henry leaves with Mary Margaret; and takes a look back at Mr. Doe.

      At Henry's playground castle, Henry shows Emma a picture of her father, Prince Charming, in the book. He shares that he found him in the hospital; he also has the same scar, in the same place, shown in the book. Unimpressed Emma feels lots of people have scars. Henry feels the curse is keeping them apart with the coma; now they're stuck without each other. "We have to tell Miss Blanchard we found her Prince Charming."
      Emma feels that telling someone their soul mate is in a coma probably isn't helpful and not having a happy ending is painful enough, plus giving someone unrealistic hope is far worse. Since Henry and Emma know who they are all they have to do is remind John Doe who he is. So he suggests they get Mary Margaret to read their story to him in hopes that it helps John Doe remember who he is. Emma agrees, but they have to do it her way.

      Over cups of hot cocoa and cinnamon, Emma shares her idea of reading the book to coma patient John Doe, in an effort to "remember who he was".  She reveals Henry's very active imagination thinks John Doe was Prince Charming; hence making the duo a couple destined to be together.  But that's Emma's point "I can't talk him out of his beliefs- so we need to show him. Play along, do what he says, and then maybe...just maybe..."
      This way, just maybe, Henry will see that fairy tales are just that; that there's no such thing as love at first sight or a first kiss; he'll see reality.  Emma feels "Something like that."
      Mary feels that sadly the plan is rather genius and they can get him to the truth without hurting him. Emma gives Mary Margaret the book and concludes with scheduling a breakfast meeting at Granny's with Henry where Mary will give a full report.   Mary Margaret will get ready for her date. "I guess I will have to do all the talking."

      At the Hospital
      Mary Margaret sits on unconscious John Doe's bed to read him the story.  Her disclaimer to him is that she's doing this for a friend "So please just bear with me."  {We hear the beeping of his heart monitor for a moment}
       She reads-
      "As the Prince chased the thief on horseback through the treacherous forest Miss (P) crossed her arms and pouted- wondering how many dreadful boring minutes it took to resume their journey again.  The thief...
      ....They didn't need words to express what they felt in their hearts. For it was here in the shadow of the Troll Bridge that their love was born.  Where they knew no matter how they were separated they would always..."  Sleeping John Doe grabs Mary's hand.
      Happy Mary is sure Doe is waking up.  She asks Dr. Whale if there's any change, but he looks at the monitor and tells her every thing's steady "Same as it's always been".   He asks her what she was doing in there, and that perhaps she dosed off while reading to Doe and imagined it.  Mary assures him she didn't imagine anything.
      Dr Whale- "Miss Blanchard, I can only tell you what I see which is... nothing."   Sometimes there are minor fluctuations in readings- perhaps she heard the machine register something and misunderstood.  He suggests she goes home and gets some rest and he'll call her if anything changes.  Troubled Mary takes the book and leaves.
      Dr, Whale gets on the phone to call Regina and cue her in on the change in John Doe. He explains there seems to be a slight fluctuation in brain activity.  Regina is troubled when she finds out John Doe grabbed the hand of volunteer Mary.
      Mary sits in her bed reading the book.  Again we're shown the page with The Wizard of Oz first and then she turns the page to continue reading her story.
      The Enchanted Forest
      By lantern light Snow gathers up all her valuables and a special pendant filled with a gold dust that she puts around her neck.  All caped up she exits her underground dwelling, steps out into the woods and steps into a trap. She is caught in a net- one set by Charming. 
      "I told you I'd find you. No matter what you do I will always find you" proclaims Happy Charming.  Snow asks if this is the only was he can catch a woman "By entrapping her?"   He feels this is the only way to trap thieving scum.  This is where Snow dubs him a real "Prince Charming"; although he has a name, which he doesn't reveal.  Snow demands to be cut down, but Charming will release her when she returns the leather pouch of jewels she stole from him.  Snow informs him she sold his jewels. This upsets Charming as, although he may have a palace full of jewels, the jewels in question were special to him; especially a ring belonging to his mother. The ring he was about to give to his fiancé; Yeah, the nag with the bad attitude.   Snow wishes him luck with that.
      She accuses him of getting something impressive for him to agree to that union, after all she knows how this works- true love doesn't exist.  It's all arranged marriages and business transactions; there's no such thing as true love or a first kiss.
      Charming admits to the merger but says it's not a takeover or an avoidance of war.  He blackmails Snow into giving him back his leather bag with his ring and he won't tell anyone who she is.  Snow White is wanted for crimes against the Queen. If Snow complies Charming won't turn her over to the Queen's forces.
      Reluctantly Snow says "Well. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of you getting true love."   Charming cuts her down.
      At Granny's diner- Emma is wearing Regina's shirt-provided by Henry who 'took it' from his mother.  Mother Mayor thinks (lying) Henry's out playing Whack-a-Mole {an arcade redemption game}.  Emma wonders "And she bought that?"
      Henry- "She wants to believe it so she does."
      Emma- "Oh, imagine that."
      Mary Margaret arrives for the morning report on John Doe.  Emma doesn't want Henry to get his hopes up; as their just getting started.   Mary Margaret informs them "He woke up. I mean he didn't wake up, wake up, but...He grabbed my hand."
      Henry's excited that Doe is remembering.   She also shares that the Doctor thinks she imagined it. Mary Margaret insists she's not crazy; she knows it happened.
      Henry- "We have to go back! You have to read to him again."
      Mary doesn't need much prompting, so they head out.  Mary Margaret's excited that she got to him, made a connection, "Somehow, some way...I touched him".
      As they enter the hospital ward excited Henry proclaims "You're right! He's waking up!"   The sheriff gives them the news that John Doe is missing.  They all see that Regina is front and center in John Doe's glass hospital room.
      Regina comes out to ask "What the hell are you doing here. Then she grabs Henry by the arm "And you! I thought you were at the arcade! Now you're lying to me?"
      No one knows what happened to John Doe or if someone took him; his IV's were ripped out and there's no sign for sure of a struggle.
      Upset Henry asks Regina in an accusatory manor "What did you do?!"
      Regina happens to be his emergency contact.  She doesn't claim to know him; she only claims to have found him on the side of the road years ago, with no ID.  "I brought him here."
      Dr. Whale says that Regina saved his life.  He doesn't know if missing Doe will be OK as he's been on a feeding tube for years.
      Emma decides they should quit yappin' and start looking.  Regina is already on it.  Regina also feels that since she clearly can't keep Emma away from her son, she will keep her son away from Emma.
      Angry Regina walks right up to Emma and says "Enjoy my shirt, because that's all you're getting."
      Regina orders the sheriff to find John Doe "You heard Dr. Whale-Time is precious".  She leaves with backpack wearing Henry.

      Emma, Mary and the sheriff are with the hospital security guard (Sleepy) and {drunkard} janitor Leroy (Grumpy).  They're trying to see what occurred during a four hour window.  They watch a surveillance tape, but it's not the right tape.  Emma notes that tape doesn't show the decorations/banners the kids hung up in the ward.  Leroy notes the guard fell asleep again.   Without having to actually look for it, the real/correct tape is shown. 
      They see Doe walked out alone.
      Emma- "Four hours ago. Where does this door lead?"   Conveniently the door out of that hospital ward leads to the woods.
      The Enchanted Forest
      In the woods Snow and Charming make their trek to Troll Road to retrieve his jewels/ring.  At one point Charming lends her a handNervous Snow is twisting her gold dust filled pendant in her hands.  Charming wonders, that since Snow isn't the jewelry type what's that thing around her neck. {Maybe it's an albatross} She nonchalantly tells him "Don't worry about it", so he rips it from her neck.   Concerned Snow warns him its fairy dust- but it's a weapon.  He assumes fairy dust is a good thing.  Snow explains that's true when it comes from a good fairy, but this stuff is deadly.  "It transforms the most fearsome of adversaries into a form that's easily squashed."  
      She didn't use it on him because he's not worth it.  Charming is amused.  Snow shares that it's very hard to come by so she's saving it for a special someone. Charming- "Ah, the Queen. You got a lot of anger there, don't ya, Snow?"
      Snow- "The charges on her posters are lies.  Didn't stop her from sending her huntsmen to rip out my heart."  She also shares that not everyone is a soulless royal; he took pity on her and let her go.  Snow's been hiding in the forest ever since; trying to amass enough fortune so she can leave this place, escape to another realm, somewhere isolated "Where I can never be hurt".
      Charming - "Sounds lonely."
      Snow- "No lonelier than an arranged marriage."
      Snow admits to only stealing from the Queen.  It seems her meeting Charming on the path while she robbed him may not have been chance, but destiny.
      Snow- " All I'm doing, Charming,  is what it takes to survive. She wants me dead!"   Snow admits the Queen blames her for ruining her life.
      Charming grants thirsty Snow permission to drink from the stream.  Snow takes this opportunity to shove Charming into the water {He's struggling} and take a pouch out of the bag and runs off.  At the road Snow seems to question which direction to run and turns right into three of the Queen's men. "Huh, look who we found."
      Snow grabs for her deadly fairy dust necklace but of course it's not there.
      The guard tells her there's nowhere to run "The Queen wants your heart", he takes out his dagger approaching Snow, "And we're not going to disappoint her."

      The Woods Outside The Hospital Door
      The sheriff, Emma and Mary Margaret search and track the woods outside of the hospital door. The sheriff claims "This is my world", as to give him a moment trying to track.   Mary Margaret wonders what Graham meant by 'This is his world', and asks Emma, "Isn't finding people what you do too?" It is what Emma does, but people she finds usually hit places like Vegas and not the woods.  Mary Margaret inquires how Emma fell into the job of finding people.  This just happens to be what Emma's done ever since she can remember. Mary Margaret reveals that Henry told her Emma is from a similar situation as Emma and asks if she ever found her parents. Emma replies "Depends on who you ask".
      Excited {rule breaking} Henry shows up with his flashlight "Did you find him yet?"  Nope, not yet. Although helpful Henry knows he shouldn't be there he knows where John Doe is going. He tells Mary "He's looking for you".

      In The Forest
      The Queen's men trap Snow and are about to plunge the dagger into her chest the guard is brought down by a dagger thrown to his back.  As Charming is fighting one guard Snow tries to grab for another dagger she spots on the saddle of the rider-less horse.  But she is grabbed by the horse riding guard and carried away.  Charming rescues Snow by shooting an arrow into the escaping Snow kidnapping guard. Mind you, he shoots this arrow with precision through the trees.   With her hand over her heart, out of breath Snow says "You saved me"  Charming feels it was the honorable thing to do.  He keeps them on course to get to his jewels; as he has a wedding to get to.  He seems to not fear the Trolls as he thinks they're just little people.  Snow corrects him that Trolls are not Dwarfs.  Evidently Trolls are very violent.  They get to it as they both have places they need to be- Snow has her little corner of solitude and Charming has his ring-less finance to appease.

      In The Woods Outside The Hospital Door
      By flashlight the team continues looking for John Doe.  Henry explains to Mary Margaret "You're the one who woke him up! You're the last one he saw! He wants to find you."
      Mary feels it's not about her; John Doe's lost and confused, as he's been in a coma for a long time.  Henry insists John Doe loves her "You need to stop chasing him and let him find you!"
      Emma wants the kid to go home so they don't bear the wrath of his mother.  {Note that Emma's remarks indicate Regina would kill her, then Henry, then her again. Hmmm.}  The sheriff finds a clue; John Doe's (bloody) ID tag.

      In The Forest
      Snow and Charming arrive at the entrance to meet with the Trolls. {Note the design!}  Since Trolls don't like horses, Mary sends the horse away.  "We walk from here. Follow me and keep quiet."   As they get onto the decrepit Troll Bridge, Charming wonders where they are.  Snow places coins on the ledge as a means to entice the Trolls to come out.  Snow tells the weapon wielding grotesque Trolls that she wants to make another trade.  The head troll doesn't want to talk in front of Charming, but Snow assures him "He's with me" and insisting "He's no one".  All the Troll wants to know is "Who is he?!"
      Snow only wants to buy back the jewels by giving them back all of their money and stuff, she only wants the ring.  The Trolls agree but feels Charming is too eager to make the trade and feels they are being set up, "He's a Royal!"  A fight ensues and Snow is again captured. She pleads with the Troll that they can trust her but the Troll tells her the time for dealing is done.

      A Troll searches Charming and takes Snow's dust pendant from him and discarded. The Trolls discovers Snow's wanted poster with its reward and try to capture her again. Charming fights them off as Snow grabs for her dust filled pendant (and the pouch).  Charming manages to throw a Troll from the bridge but the others keep coming.  Snow assumes Charming is free, as she excitedly runs off she says "Follow me. They don't know the forest like I do!"   She looks back to see Charming fighting the Trolls alone, as she seems torn on what to do (continue to run or not).

      "Royal blood is the sweetest of all", says the head Troll as he's about to execute Charming, but all of a sudden he turns to black smoke and into a black bug.  Snow is uses her dangerous fairy dust to turn the rest of the Trolls into bugs.
      Charming- "You. You saved me."  Snow feels it was the honorable thing to do.  He realizes she used the fairy dust she was saving for her special someone; but Snow says she'll think of something else
      " could I let Prince Charming die?"
      Charming has a name, it's James.  Snow smiles "It's nice to meet you, James."   She suggests they hurry off as there may be more of them coming.  James gives the gold Snow left on the bridge for the Trolls back to her. He squashes one of the bugs as they leave.

      In The Woods Outside The Hospital Door
      The sheriff proclaims that the trail dies at the water line.   Mary searches with her flashlight and sees Doe lying unconscious across {half in} the stream.  The sheriff radios for an ambulance to be sent to the old Toll Bridge.  They gang moves not breathing Doe as Emma shields upset Henry's eyes, not wanting him to see.
      Mary- "No! No, no, no- I found you! Come back to us! {whispers} Come back to me."  She performs CPR {she turns her CPR mouth breathing into a kiss} and revives John Doe.  Doe takes a deep breath, looks into her eyes and says "You saved me".   Henry is excited that she did it "She woke him up".   Emma is stunned.
      John Doe thanks Mary Margaret and she asks "Who are you?"
      John Doe- "I don't know."

      Storybrooke Hospital
      The clock on the wall shows 8:00.
      Conscious John Doe is rushed back to his glass room at the hospital and again is connected to an IV, oxygen and monitors.  An upset blond woman hurries in "David! Is that you?!"   Dr. Whale tells her she can't be here now.  As Mary, Emma, Henry and the sheriff watch through the glass doors, they wonder who that is.  From behind them Regina answers "His wife".   They are stunned.

      In the Forest
      James returns the pouch with the gold to Snow and she returns the pouch with the ring and jewels. James takes the ring out to look at it "I know...not your style".   Snow grabs it and puts it on her right hand "There's only one way to find out".   As she longingly gazes at the (peridot) ring upon her finger and it appears as if something magical turned on in James.
      She gives the ring back claiming it isn't her (style) at all.  He offers her the rest of the loot as the ring is all he requires.  She declines seeming happy that they both got what they wanted.  James tells her to be careful "If you need anything..."
      "You'll find me" interjects Snow.
      James- "Always."
      Snow- "I almost believe that."  They bid each other goodbye. Even thought she knows his name is James, she likes Charming better. They both walk in separate directions.  James walks the path to his castle and Snow is on the path to...

      Storybrooke Hospital
      Regina reveals his name is David Nolan and that's his wife, Kathryn.  Regina is pleased with Kathryn's joy that she herself is in a forgiving mood.  But she will reprimand Henry for his insubordination; he's grounded.
      Kathryn thanks Mary for finding her David; who left her after issues stemming from her.  She assumed he left town and now she knows why she never heard from him.  She is thankful she gets to apologize to him and gets a second chance with him; as she's wanted to do this forever.  She only wears a diamond engagement ring.
      Dr. Whale feels David's a miracle, but he has no memory of anything.  Something just clicked in him to bring him back and go for a stroll; he woke up was delirious and his first instinct was to go find something.  Henry interjects "Someone."
      Regina's ready to leave with Henry. While Henry retrieves his backpack he whispers to Mary "Don't believe them. You're the one he was looking for."   He insists it's like the end of the story.  But Mary feels it was him just recalling the last thing she read to him.  Henry insists it is because they belong together.
      Of course Emma is suspicious of Regina and the appearance of Kathryn and the fact that after all the years no one made an effort to look for him.  Something's not right here!
      Sarcastic Regina wonders what would make sense to Emma- "Why would Miss Nolan lie? Do you think I cast a spell on her?"
      Emma finds it strange that Regina's been his emergency contact all these years and only found Kathryn now.
      Regina informs her "This town is bigger than you know. It's entirely possible to get lost here. It's entirely possible for bad things to happen."
      The suspicious mystery solving of Kathryn came to light after Regina thought Emma's genius idea of looking at the tapes for clues revealed that David spoke in his sleep- calling out for a Kathryn; after that it wasn't hard to put the pieces together.  Regina notes that Emma and Mary Margaret should have been pleased that true love won out.  She says that if it wasn't for them two, they would have lived their lives completely alone.  Regina also presses upon Emma that she is grateful she has Henry. "Because not having someone...well...that's the worst curse imaginable."

      Although Kathryn hugs David, he makes eye contact with Mary, confirming a connection.
      Mary is shown wearing the Period ring that James sought in The Enchanted Forest.
      Sitting on her apartment steps and lost in thought, Mary fiddles with the ring in her right hand.
      Emma arrives to ask Mary if her spare room is still available.