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Desperate Souls

“Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use.” - Carlos Castaneda

The Path
It's true that the choices we make along the path makes us who we are.  What is Mr. Gold's role with the children of Storybrooke?   Is he trying to save all the children of all the lands?  We have to reflect on timid and apparently cowardly Rumpelstiltskin.  He is a loving, caring and over protective father.  But he is also a broken man who is desperate to hold on to his son; the only thing he feels he has left.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, so, desperate Rumpelstiltskin acquires power; in this case from the Dark One's dagger, in order to help spare his son fighting in the Ogre war. Don't ignore that fact that Bae was perfectly willing to go and fight, but it is his father that won't 'let him go'.
With his new bravery and power Rumpelstiltskin's behavior frightens his son causing him not to feel safe.  Although Rumpelstiltskin wanted to use the power for good and to keep all of the children safe, you have to ask did he wield the power wisely.  He didn't choose to control the power, he chose to take it.  Since then Mr. Gold has learned how to read the fine print of a contract and also work in his own loopholes too.
Regina abuses her power. 

Be warned of a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is when one plays a role contrary to their real character and with whom contact is very dangerous.  One's basic nature eventually betrays itself.

We also see the dichotomy of two sides, two realms, good V evil, and how decision making tips the scale. How does one restore or gain balance? We all have two sides and traits we feed unnecessarily.  We have to find a way to beat or rid the 'bad' so that 'good' can win out.  We can't believe that good won't ever win- that would be wrong!

I wonder what Henry is so scarred from.  Is he an abused child? He's obviously a depressed boy.

I find it very interesting that Storybrooke has no problem hiring non trained police and ex cons in the role of sheriff.  Not only that, Mr. Gold gives away the Town's two walkie talkies. But of course, he knew they'd end up in the new sheriff's hands because he's intuitive; has a sense of knowing.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ Names. Moniker. Identity. No Identity.
๑ Names/words spelled wrong. {I believe this is the proper way to spell Rumpelstiltskin. But WTF do I know.} Plus dates not adding up.
๑ MacCutcheon
๑ Alchemy
๑ Power/power source
๑ Red- Fires
๑ Communication. Walkie Talkie
๑ Teach. Learn
๑ Sleep. Wake up
๑ Law can also mean Dharma
๑ Intuitive
๑ Reflection. Mirror
๑ Competition. Beat. Win. Race
๑ Being Watched
๑ Theater. Staged. Act
๑ Children are taken away from their parents i.e. Henry
๑ Karma
๑ Emma keeps a photo of Henry on her desk at the sheriff's office.
๑ Rumpelstiltskin was chosen by The Dark One- Emma chosen by Mr. Gold.
๑ Mr. Gold claims to be doing some waterproofing yet is accused of setting the Town Hall fire.

* When names, words or time or dates are wrong, it's usually the sign of lucid dreaming.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Balefire, in the world of the "Wheel of Time", is a weapon created with the One Power or the True Power (both being magic available in the Wheel of Time), described as a blindingly bright beam of "liquid light" immediately annihilating (almost) everything it touches.
* ZOSO- Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin inspired the band members to choose symbols to represent their names on the album cover of Led Zeppelin 4.  Page stated that the symbols were taken from common reference texts. Three of the symbols were easily identified, but Jimmy Page's own "Zoso" symbol was harder to identify.
The Zoso symbol is a Sigil; which may be found in a book of Grimoires (magick).
* Sigil - a symbol used in magic and is used in computer programming.

* Titles of tunes on Led Zeppelin 4:
Black Dog
Rock and Roll
The Battle of Evermore
Stairway to Heaven
Misty Mountain Hop
Four Sticks
Going to California
When the Levee Breaks

Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale
★  Karma
★  MacCutcheon
★  Sydney. Glass
★  Eloise Hawking had an antique shop
★  The mind/head. Lucid Dreams. Consciousness.
★  Sleep. Wake up
★  Loophole
★ Candidate
★ Being watched
★ A few people accused of setting fires in LOST: Charlie, Rousseau, Walt and Kate. Kate's fire was due to exploding the house using gas. Locke tends to blow things up. There's an episode titled Fire + Water.
★ Dr. Bae delivered Ji Yeon
Expose. Cobra

**All photos posted here are chosen for a reason.**

Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!
Rumpelstiltskin is focused on spinning his thread/wool on his spinning wheel when his son enters upset that they have come for Morraine.  Outside they witness Hordor on horseback take the 14 year old girl by orders of  The Duke, while her distraught parents plead and beg for them not to take her.
The Ogre Wars have taken their tolls and more troops will turn the tideBaelfire is worried because they lowered the age again.  As the hysterical mother whips out a dagger to attack the child-napping soldier, a vibration wave is send from the fist of the Dark One who is on horseback in the distance watching and temporarily disabling the girl's parents.
Baelfire and his father (Rumpelstiltskin) are scared because they know the boy faces the same fate in three days.  But Rumpelstiltskin assures his son "We'll find a way".
In the distance you can see the red glow of the war.

In Storybrooke
Emma enters Mr. Gold's shop looking for him.  Gold is in the back room waterproofing something with Lanolin.  Emma comments on the horrible smell of his "livestock" ointment.  Gold called upon her to express his condolences for Graham; whom he considers a "good man".  Graham's been gone two weeks.  Gold believes that after two weeks of acting as sheriff and since Emma is still wearing the Deputy badge, that its only right the job becomes hers and she have to wear the real badge. Emma's not really in a hurry.
Gold wants to offer Emma a keepsake from Graham Humbert's things. He just happens to have possession of Graham's things; because the good man rented an apartment Mr. Gold owned. Emma feels she doesn't need anything.  With that Mr. Gold mentions he'll give the items to Mayor Mills; as she was the closest Graham had to family.  Fearing the boxed items will be heading directly for the trash bin so he offers her Graham's jacket, to which she declines. And then he offers her the set of walkie-talkies.
Mr. Gold seems caring and says to Emma- "Oh look. Your boy might like these, don't ya think? You could play together. No, please...they grow up so fast. {Emma takes them and thanks him} You enjoy these with your boy. Your time together is precious, you know? That's the thing about children...before you know lose them."
Emma looks like she's realizing something is weighing on Mr. Gold's heart.
Emma meets up with Henry whom is sitting solo in his seaside wood frame castle playhouse.  He looks very sad.  Emma offers him one of the walkie talkies so they can use them in Operation Cobra.  The boy has been ducking Emma for weeks. {For weeks?! Huh?}   Sad Henry thinks they should stop Cobra stuff for a while. "You don't play with the curse. Look what happened to Graham."  Emma assures Henry that the autopsy claimed Graham dies of natural causes. {Really?!}
Henry is pleased that Emma doesn't believe and that should keep her from messing with it and getting killed.  The boy feels "She killed Graham because he was good...and you're good.  Good loses. Good always loses- 'cause good has to play fair. Evil doesn't. She's evil. This is probably best. Don't wanna upset her anymore."  Henry walks away, handing her back the walkie talkie
Emma decides to put on Graham's sheriff badge when she is interrupted by Regina telling her "That's not for you."   Emma assumes she's received the automatic "two week" promotion to sheriff.  Regina informs her that after due reflection she chose newspaper man Sydney Glass to be the sheriff.  Evidently Sydney's covered the sheriff's office for as long as anyone can remember; and he'll do whatever Regina wants him to do.  Emma remarks that Regina can't stand the fact that things are getting better around there. Regina starts to get upset "Are you referring to Graham's death as better?!"
Emma- "No."
Regina- "He was a good man, Miss Swan. He made this town safe and forgive me for saying it- but you have not earned the right to wear his badge."
Emma reminds her that Graham picked her to be deputy, to which Regina notes that he was wrong.  Emma feels Graham knew what he was doing and freed that office from Regina's leash.  Regina fires Miss Swan and takes the badge with her.
Emma is drinking MacCutcheon {with her glass half full} and cranking up Sonic Youth's "Kool Thing" on her ipod, while she attempts to fix a toaster she broke.  Mary Margaret enters and Emma shares the news of Regina firing her and putting in one of her puppets as sheriff; although Emma insists its her job and she wants it back.  Emma feels she just wants to beat Regina.
Mr. Gold shows up to chat with Emma about the injustice he just heard about.  Emma feels "Yeah well, What's done is done".
Mr. Gold- "Spoken like a true fighter."
Emma doesn't know what kind of a chance she has- "She's Mayor and I'"
Mr. Gold- "Miss Swan, two people with a common goal can accomplish many things. Two people with a common enemy... can accomplish even more."
He offers to be her benefactor and shares with her the Town Charter.  The comprehensive Town Charter indicates that Regina may not have as much power as she seems.

In the Dark Forest
Rumpelstiltskin wakes up his son Bae {Baelfire} and hurries him, "We're going now! Come on! Come on!" {The boy had a lovely sheepskin blanket}
On their walk into the woods Baelfire tells his father that it feels wrong to run away. But the protective father feels it's worse to die and he won't have him taken away to the Ogre war.  There just happens to be an old beggar who stops them and begs; to which the good and poor Rumpelstiltskin gives to the old beggar.
Rumpelstiltskin assures Bae there's no other way to keep him safe. Bae is all he's got left. He goes on to say that the boy doesn't understand what war is like and what they do to you. They hear approaching horses so Rumpelstiltskin wants the boy hide in the ditch, but he doesn't.  They are stopped by the army and asked what they are doing on the King's Road.  Rumpelstiltskin says they have some wool to sell at the fair Longbourne.  Hordor thinks he knows the timid father and recalls some shitty names he's made up. "Spindleshanks? Threadwhistle? Hobblefoot?"   Brave Bea steps up "His name's Rumpelstiltskin!"  Scared Rumpelstiltskin urges his boy to hush.
Hordor- "Rumple...Ah, the man who ran. Is this your boy? How old is he? What's your name?"

Bae- "I'm Baelfire and I'm 13."  The brave kid admits his birthday is in two days time. Hordor decides he's going to share how Rumpelstiltskin ran and the Ogre's turned the tide of the battle, and the others were killed and he returned home to a wife who could not bear the sight of him. "You see- women do not like to be married to cowards."
Rumpelstiltskin is getting emotional and whispers- "Please don't speak to my boy like that."
Hordor informs them it's treason to avoid service and commands his army to take the boy now. Rumpelstiltskin- "No. No. No. What do you want?"
Hordor- "What do I want?  You have no money. No influence, no land. No title, no power. The truth is all you have is fealty. Kiss my boot."  That is Hordor's price.  Rumpelstiltskin obliges and Hordor kicks him away.  The army leaves and the old beggar arrives to help him home.  Frightened Rumpelstiltskin admits he doesn't have any money to pay him, but of course the beggar can think of another way. "You just feed me whatever you can spare and I'll find a way to be your benefactor."

In Storybrooke
In Regina's office the flashbulbs flash as the newspaper people takes their photos for the ceremony.
Regina- "Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own homes. That's why Sydney Glass is my choice for post of sheriff.  This man has put the needs of Storybrooke above his own for as long as any of us can remember- as chief editor of the Storybrooke Daily Mirror.  Please welcome your new sheriff."
Emma enters to put the kibosh on Regina's power to appoint Sydney; indicating that the Town Charter says she can only appoint a candidate; and then requires an election/a vote.  Regina feels the term candidate is applied loosely.  Emma reveals she's running!  Well, so is surprised Sydney; with Regina's full support.
Regina- "I guess we'll learn a little something about the will of the people."
Bae sleeps as Rumpelstiltskin feeds the old beggar.  Helpless Rumpelstiltskin realizes another day is gone; they'll be no fleeing now.
The Old Beggar- "No. You need to find another way. You need to choose a different path."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Choose? What choice do I have?
The Old Beggar- "Everyone has a choice."
Rumpelstiltskin- "I'm the town coward. The only choice I which corner to hide in. {he cries} I'm lame...friendless. The only thing I've got is my boy...and they're gonna take him away from me. If they take him away...I will truly...truly...become dust."
The Old Beggar- "Not if you have power."
Rumpelstiltskin- "You may as well say diamonds.
The Old Beggar- "Get a hold of yourself. Think. Why do you think someone as powerful as the Dark One would work for a useless fool like the Duke of the Frontlands?  The Duke has the Dark One in Thrall. He's enslaved  him with the power of a mystical dagger and on the blade is written a name. The true name of the Dark One.  If you were to steal the dagger- then you would control the Dark One yourself and then no one...would be able to take your son away from you."
Rumpelstiltskin- "To keep a man like the Dark One as a slave...No, I can't. I'd be terrified."
The Old Beggar- "Then perhaps...instead of controlling the need to take it."

In Storybrooke
Mr. Gold looks deeply into the flame on his lighter. Regina enters his shop, locks the door and turns the OPEN sign around.  Mr. Gold offers to move some things and make a bit of space "for her rage".
Regina- "You found that loophole in the Town Charter."
Gold- "Legal documents. Contracts, if you like. Always been a fascination of mine."
Regina- "Yes, you love to trifle with technicalities."
Mr. Gold likes small weapons; the needle, the pen, the fine point of a deal. He knows subtlety is not Regina's style. {He's near the a glass case housing a dagger.}  Gold feels grief is getting the better of her.  "Shame what happened to Graham."  Regina gets defensive and doesn't want Gold talking about him "You know nothing."
Gold- "What is it to know? He died."
Regina- "Are you really going up against me?"  {They both stand on opposite sides of the counter while they claim their sides. Note the scale}
Gold- "Not directly. We are, after all both invested in the common good. We're just picking different sides."
Regina thinks he picked a really slow horse this time; a loser.  Gold disagrees, "Never underestimate someone who acting for their child."   Of course now it's Regina who trifles with technicality, as Henry's not Emma's child-legally.
At the diner Emma plops down next to Henry who is obviously distant from her.  He's reading the newspaper. She asks him how school is. He shows her the paper that Sydney wrote and asks if its a lie.  Shocked Emma says "No". 
Henry- "I was born in jail?"
Emma admits it and also reveals these records were supposed to be sealed. "Tell me you're not scarred for life."
Henry- "I'm not. Well, not by this."  {Well then, by what?}
Emma suggests they throw the paper out and get their news from something more reliable, like the Internet.  Henry's been trying to tell her that good can't be evil, because good doesn't do this kind of thing. "My mom plays dirty. That's why you can't beat her...ever."
Emma reveals she has Mr. Gold on her side, but smart Henry warns her not to do this. "Mr. Gold is even worse than she is. You already owe him one favor, you don't wanna owe him anymore."

Emma storms into Regina's office complaining about her publishing her sealed by court order "juvie" record. She doesn't know how Regina got it, but feels its abuse of power and illegal. All Emma cares about is that this hurts Henry.
Regina- "He would have learned eventually. We all lose our heroes at some point."
Emma pleads- "He doesn't need to lose anything more. He's depressed, madam Mayor. He doesn't have any hope. Don't you see that?"
Totally unaffected Regina feels Henry's fine. Emma feels the smear campaign is upsetting to the boy. All Regina did was expose him to the truth and feels as for the legality, she did nothing wrong. Emma and Sydney will have a chance to get into all of that at the debate.  As they descend down the stairs to exit the building Regina warns Emma about getting into bed with the snake Mr. Gold.  Emma is just fighting fire with...
A huge explosion and fire rages on the other side of the open door! Regina is trapped and wants Emma to help get her out.

Rumpelstiltskin's House
Motivated Rumpelstiltskin instructs Bae to keep the fire good and stoked; the sheep's fat needs to be liquid and get that wool good and soaked.  Bae asks why they're doing this with the good wool they can spin and sell.  Rumpelstiltskin feels these are their keys to the castle. "And once I'm inside, there's something I have to take."  He shares the fine tale the old beggar told him about The Duke and his magical dagger. If Rumpelstiltskin owns that dagger he controls the Dark One and if he kills the Dark One with the dagger he takes his power.  Bae is stunned while excited Rumpelstiltskin imagines himself with the powers. "I could get to redeem myself.  I could turn it towards good. I'll save all the children of the Frontlands. Not just you my boy."
Although Bae would love to see that, he feels the law says he must fight, and he can fight.  Rumpelstiltskin tells the boy that the law doesn't want him to fight, the law wants him to die. "That's not battle, that's...a sacrifice, son.  You look at the red in the sky- that's not the fires of the battlefields, that's the blood of our people, son. It's the blood of children. Of children like you. I mean, what sane person would want to get involved with that?"
Bae realizes the truth in his father's previous running away story. Rumpelstiltskin tells him he had no choice. Bae asks if mother left him like the Knight said "You told me she was dead".
Rumpelstiltskin whispers- "She is dead."
Bae thinks and asks "So, what do we need to do?"  Rumpelstiltskin tells him The Duke's castle is made of stone but the floors and the rafters are made of wood."  This matters because wood burns.

In Storybrooke
The fire rages on.  Regina asks Emma "You're gonna leave me, aren't you?"   Emma doesn't answer, she runs through the flames and returns with a fire extinguisher, putting out flames. She also helps Regina out.
As they exit the flaming building a photographer snaps a photo of Emma saving Regina.  But Regina makes it look like Emma didn't set her down gently enough and she hurt her ankle. Since Regina is so ungrateful about Emma saving her life Emma threatens that next time she'll...well, next time she'll do the same thing...and the time after that, because that's what descent good human beings do.  We can hear excited Henry ask a fireman "Did Emma really save my mom?!"

Regina takes in some oxygen from the oxygen tank and claims she's fine.  Sydney hurries over with his camera in hand and takes a nice shot of the victim/Regina.  Regina's nervous that would hand the election over to the competition, Emma.  But Sydney feels this is news. Regina pushes him away.
The town's people are excited about their new hero, Emma.  Granny suggests they make campaign posters for the election with the news photo of the rescue.  Emma tells Henry "This is how good wins. You do something good and people see it and then they wanna help you."   Henry feels maybe she's right.  Something catches Emma's eye in the rubble- She believes it belongs to Mr. Gold.
Emma storms into Mr. Gold's shop as he's wiping his nails/hands clean.  He claims he's been right there. She accuses him of setting the fire as she tells him to take a whiff of the cloth that smells like his flammable sheep crap oil.  He suggests that's from the flammable solvents used in the construction work going on over at City Hall.  Emma doesn't waver and asks why he did it.
Mr. Gold- "If I did it...If I did it that would be cannot win without something big. Something like, uh...Oh, I don't know...being the hero in a fire."
Emma wonders how he'd know she'd be there at the right time.  Mr. Gold implies Regina isn't the only one with eyes and ears in this town or "maybe I'm just intuitive...were I involved"   He also knows Emma's not the type who would have just left Regina there.  Evidently Emma inadvertently went along with his plan.  He feels this is just the price of election, but it's a price Emma isn't willing to pay. She tells him to find another sucker.  Mr. Gold lets her know that by exposing him, she'd be exposing a lot more and she'd be walking away from something important and who she might be disappointing.

Rumpelstiltskin and Bae work together setting the fires at the castle.  Rumpelstiltskin enters the burning castle and takes the dagger that is hidden behind a huge tapestry. {Looks like fish on the tapestry} ZOSO is revealed on the dagger.
Mary Margaret is putting up "Emma" election posters on the town bulletin board. On the other side of the board is John Doe/David putting up posters for "Sydney".  John Doe/David got a job at the animal shelter.  He's supporting "Sidney" because his wife is friends with Regina.  Since his wife Kathryn will there soon, annoyed Mary Margaret makes a quick exit to get more posters.
Archie is having a bit of a hard time reciting the dialogue for his role as mediator for the debate, even though his notes are written out on index cards.  Sydney is primping in the mirror.   Emma peeks at Henry from behind the curtain; he smiles at her.   Mary Margaret brings Emma her notes on index cards and a bottle of water.  Emma feels she's not going to win.  Even though everyone's talking about what Emma did in the fire, Emma still feels Henry's right that she can't beat Regina since she fights dirty.  Emma wants to show Henry (and herself) that good can actually win and that a hero can actually win. "And if I'm not...a hero and I'm not the savior then what part do I have in his life?"  There it is!
As Emma peeks through the curtain again, she shots Mr. Gold entering; they make eye contact.

In the Dark Forest
Baelfire awaits his father's return. The boy was worried and asks "Are you burned? The castle..."  Rumpelstiltskin wants the boy to go home and wait for him there.  Bae pleads with his father "Please, I have a bad feeling."  But this is something Rumpelstiltskin must do on his own.  Bae seems frightened and unsure as he backs away from his father to head home.
Rumpelstiltskin calls out- "ZOSO. ZOSO. I summon thee."  Thinking ZOSO hasn't appeared, the does cloaked Dark One appear. "You were asking for me?"   Frightened Rumpelstiltskin commands him to submit "I control you!"   The Dark One agrees and tells him to wield the power wisely.  Rumpelstiltskin seems frozen in fear, so the Dark One encourages him to "You can wield it at any time now. It's almost dawn.  That means it's your son's birthday. I bet Hordor and his men are already on their way to your house."
Rumpelstiltskin- "No, they can't take him."
The Dark One- "You don't control them- You control me.  Have you ever wondered...was he really your child at all?  Unlike you he's not a coward and yearns to fight and die in glory.   What a poor bargain that would be, to lay down your soul to save your bastard son. So, I ask you...what would you have me do?
Rumpelstiltskin- "Die!"  He plunges the dagger in to the Dark One's heart. As the Dark One appears to be dying it is revealed that it is really the old beggar man; he's laughing. "Looks like you made a deal you didn't understand. I don't think you're gonna do that again."
Rumpelstiltskin- "You told me to kill you."  {When? He literally told Rump to kill him?}
The Old Beggar/Dark One- "My life was such a burden. You'll see. Magic always comes with a price and now it's yours to pay."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Why me? Why me?"
The Old Beggar/Dark One- "I know how to recognize a desperate soul."  As the old beggar seems to die Rumpelstiltskin begs him to stay and tell him what to do.  He pulls the dagger out of the man and sees the name inscribed upon it.
In Storybrooke
"Tragedy has brought us here, but we are faced with  this decision and we only ask that you listen with an open mind and please vote your conscience."   Archie introduces the candidates.
GLASS  SWAN.  He makes a joke to which no one laughs "Wow. Crickets. OK, um..."  He introduces Mr. Glass for his opening statement.  Mr. Glass's statement is short. "...If elected, I wanna serve as a reflection of the best qualities of Storybrooke.  Honesty, neighborliness and strength. Thank you."  Apparently Regina knows every one of his words.
And Emma Swan- She starts off acknowledging her troubled past but they've been able to overlook it because of the "hero thing".  She admits the fire was a setup by her supporter in the race, Mr. Gold.  She was unaware of his intentions.  She doesn't have evidence, but she's sure. The worst part is "I let you all think it was real. And I can't win that way. I'm sorry."   Mr. Gold just gets up and walks out. Regina is very happy.

Emma sits having a drink at Granny's diner bar. Henry enters the bar, uh, I mean diner and gives Emma a walkie talkie. {Umm...I thought he left Emma with both walkies at the playground.}  He thought her standing up to Mr. Gold was pretty amazing.  He feels that's what heroes do "They expose stuff like that." He whispers "I should have never given up on Operation Cobra."   Regina enters "I thought I might find you here...with a drink...and my son."   Sydney may join Emma for a drink.  Emma Swan is now the victor! Sheriff Swan.  Regina reveals it was a very close vote but people seem to like the idea the sheriff brave enough to stand up to Mr. Gold.
Emma- "Are you joking?    Sydney knows she doesn't joke.
Regina- "You didn't pick a great friend in Mr. Gold, Miss Swan. But he does make a superlative enemy. Enjoy that."

At Rumpelstiltskin's House
Hordor- "Everyone's watching from behind their curtains today."  They have Bae with them.
The new Rumpelstiltskin kills one of the soldiers.  Hordor automatically notes this action as being done by the Dark One, but Rumpelstiltskin isn't dressed in a dark cloak; he bows and then realizes "No. Who are you?"
Rumpelstiltskin- "Have you forgotten me already. What was it you used to call me again? Spindleshanks? Hobblefoot."
Bae- "Papa?"
Hordor- "Rumpelstiltskin."
Rumpelstiltskin- "And now you shall know me as the new Dark One. How about a little fealty? Kiss...My...Boot."  And he proceeds to kill all of the men.
The boy is confused and scared. "Papa...what has happened to you?"
Rumpelstiltskin walks toward his son with the dagger still in his hand. "You're safe, Bae. Do you feel safe, son?"
Bae- "No. I'm frightened."
Rumpelstiltskin- "I'm not. I protected what belongs to me. And I'm NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING." He laughs a sinister laugh as the frightened boy backs away.
In Storybrooke
Emma sets herself up in the sheriff's office. Graham's jacket hangs in the corner.  Mr. Gold startles her; thought she might like the jacket after all. 
Mr. Gold- "It's all part of the act, my dear. Political theater, in an actual theater. I knew no one was gonna vote for you unless we gave you some kind of extraordinary quality.  And I'm afraid saving ol Regina's ass from the fire just wasn't gonna do that. We had to give you a higher form of bravery. They had to see you defy me- and they did."  
Emma- "There's no way you planned that."
Mr. Gold- "Everyone's afraid of Regina...But they're more afraid of me. By standing up to me you won them over. It's the only way."
Emma- "You knew I'd agree."
Mr. Gold- "Oh yeah. I know how to recognize a desperate soul."
He did this because Emma made a deal with him sometime back, establishing she'd owe him a favor. He understands it could be a bad feeling 'owing someone', and now that she's sheriff he's sure they'll find some way for her to pay back what she owe him.  He congratulates her.


  1. Rumplestilskin was the first disney movie I saw with my Mother, at age 3. Saw this written on her calendar where she kept her appointment book & teaching schedule along with visiting family, & events with trinkets filed in each month.

    Still continuing my process of discovery, reading

    I'll check in after I digest 108 (tehehe)

  2. That is awesome! Thanks for the clip- I loved it.
    My mother took us to all the Disney movies during my childhood. There's nothing like enjoying the experience in the theater.

  3. Anonymous6/09/2014

    FYI :
    The name of the dark one can be written, both ways, Rumplestiltskin or Rumpelstiltskin !!!

  4. Thank you :)
    I am aware that the name can be written both ways.
    These are the types of things I just note when taking my notes for future reference; should the name show up written differently (spelling or style) within the show for any reason.


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