Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oncers Holiday and Character Illustrations

Happy New Year, Oncers!

I trust your holidays were wonderful and that your 2013 is off to a great start. I mean... we all managed to escape another assumed "Apocalypse"- That's pretty friggin' awesome! 

I know how much we're all looking forward to our return to Storybrooke this Sunday.  The break was painfully long; for on a daily basis I wish to be magically whisked away to that far off land.

I've been taking advantage of the long break to catch up on my detailed episode post for Queen of Hearts, and although I made headway, disappointedly I'm not yet at the finish line. But I will do my damnedest to post it before Sunday.  There wasn't much time for me to write over the break albeit the hiatus in our ONCE Upon A Time story, my break was filled with many crazy things including busy work preparing for the holidays and welcoming many missed friends and family. I feel terrible for the delay and hate to disappoint you as well as myself, but time escaped me.

Over the break a little birdie (Adam Horowitz- @AdamHorowitzLA) tweeted titles of upcoming episodes. Although I don't want to be exposed to spoilers, I'm always thrilled to see episode titles!

Here's the latest:
2.10  The Cricket Game
2.11  The Outsider
2.12  In the Name of the Brother
2.13  Tiny
2.14  Manhattan
2.15  The Queen is Dead

I did receive a wonderful gift for Christmas- (for my love of fairy tales and Storybrooke) a perfect addition to our castle is a beautiful large decorative Snow White/Evil Queen red glass platter with bewitching apples on it. I also received a special Tinker Bell pin.
Hmm... Interesting... Could Regina own one as well?
You may already be familiar with the beautiful artwork by my very talented friend, Paul Burrows; he designed my ONCE Upon A Time banner and my personal one of a kind ONCE/LOST DHARMA Initiative Bagua image. Paul's fantastic works have been seen and acquired by many LOST fans over the years.

Paul created a few more enchanting pieces of fairy tale art for my site (which I will add into the design), but I wanted you to see them as well.  The first is our beloved Snow White- Mary Margaret Blanchard. The second isn't part of ONCE, but maybe one day Little Bo Peep will show up looking for her sheep in Storybrooke.

Now let's get back to the magic!

To Contact Paul:
Paul Burrows Concept/Character Designer, Illustrator
(805) 908-5132

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