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The Doctor

"These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them." - Rumi

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A Whale of a Tale

The writers picked an interesting classic literary character to introduce and add to the mystery of this fairy tale mash-up.

It's a good thing no one reads my notes because even when I re-read them I think I'm going crazy with seeing connections to the "Island".  I owe the writers of ONCE a heartfelt apology for my insanity with thinking that their story has some sort of a connection to LOST; especially when their intention is simply to give us their own beautiful and unique fairy tale- which they are and I truly love very much! Plus I respect and I'm always inspired by the wonderful creative works they constantly give us. I really do feel stupid making these connections, and I really hope the writers wouldn't be insulted by my delving into the LOSTness facet of their story. I don't know... maybe I am going crazy and I need some professional help with this. Perhaps a trip to Storybrooke or a trip back the "Island" is the prescription I need.  Nonetheless, ONCE is so amazing on so many levels. I truly love every second of it and long for more.

As these people play their roles in these fantastical environments, they find that this wonderful adventurous journey serves a purpose- to transform them. They are the cause of their own suffering and solely responsible for their own happiness, but they don't realize they have the capacity and the power within them to achieve wondrous things. This journey is a bit like therapy, enabling them to utilize the lessons learned from challenges and take steps in retraining their minds, building confidence and healing their hearts.  The reward is that the path will lead them home.

The Wizarding Doctor: As I watched the episode unfold I noted many obvious Wizard of Oz overtones and couldn't help but wonder how the world of Frankenstein fits into our fairy tale- but it does. Reanimation- breathing new life into someone is the key to that.  But as far as fantasy lands go, Dr. Whale told us he wasn't from their world. Okay, I get that; and I get that everything is connected. We know there are many worlds, lands and realms.  But if you've read the book Frankenstein (aka, The Modern Prometheus), a novel written by Mary Shelley, we know her story was conceived in a dream. She had a friendly competition with her fiancée and a couple of friends to see who could write the best horror story.  Mary's story is about a creature created by an eccentric medical-scientific experiment of piecing together body parts of miscellaneous deceased people and reanimating the dead.  Although this fiction as well as the actual "science" of the tale is born from fantasy, this story itself doesn't take place in a fairy tale or fantasy environment, it takes place in Geneva.  In addition, the characters are regular people and scientists; except for frenzied Dr. Frankenstein, whom is a bit obsessed with his vision and god-like complex.

Of course Frankenstein is a term that relates to the monstrous creature that was created. But I must note that in the story, when speaking to Victor Frankenstein, the monster refers to himself as "the Adam of your labors."
Welcome Back to the Land of the Living

We find Dr. Whale/Victor take the LOST sentiment "See you in another life, brotha" to a whole other level.  He goes to great lengths to breathe new life into the dead.  His motives were to help Regina with her "Daniel" issue as a means to help him get home to his brother.
Note: We see him in a lab declare "It's alive" and not "He's alive", when seeing his shocking experiment through.

There are many things in ONCE that are under the same umbrella as LOST.  Charlotte declared "This place is death" and she's right. The "Island" is the place you go to die so you can experience a rebirth.
Immobilized, frozen, stuck and paralyzed. John Locke was metaphorically paralyzed, as were his fellow Castaways. Frozen and unable to move forward- just like the "Island" itself.  They learned that until you can un-stick it/yourself, you're not going anywhere. You must find the power within you, as painful as it may be to accomplish this.  But there are guides to help you along the way and offer a little push when you need. In the end you'll be the better for it.

Rumple already has knowledge of some "power" and is willing to share it.  He's very clear to his apprentice, Regina that how she wields this "power" will be determined only by her own hearts will and desire. The choice is hers.  Of course, Rumple has his own motives as well.  Everyone has a motive.  Rumple had made his monster and Whale created/reanimated his. But guess what? We all have monsters, dragons and ogres to defeat.

Whatever Happened Happened

Magic is like a drug for Regina, an addiction. We're seeing that these people have vices, bad habits and they need to change that behavior.

Regina hasn't been able to let certain things in her past go and this fueled her anger and control issues. The result is Regina became her mother.

Metaphorically Regina has been emotionally preserving Daniel in such a state of importance and "holding on" that it only feeds her pain. Regina had to literally come face to face with Daniel to "let him go so" she can be free to love again. Although Dr. Whale reanimates the tool (Daniel), it is really Regina's pain  we see manifested in this challenging exchange with Daniel. She finally says goodbye to him, letting him go... but can she really let her anger go as well?
Connect Four

While all of this digging down deeper to find and uncover the real "person", they also seem to be learning to connect.

Locke connected with the "Island" and here in Storybrooke we're seeing that Henry must learn to connect with the horse. It's a matter of learning to be being "in tune."

Higher collective consciousness- Enlightenment: I kind of feel like everyone's asleep and dreaming- transcending realms and crossing over into each other's consciousness. Can this be accomplished via some transcendence, transport or "travel" mechanism?  Maybe the possibility exists that there's some science connected to all of that magic. Now, that doesn't mean they're all on the same plane, but maybe they're getting there.  Go ahead mock the shit out of me. I can take it, as I've done many, many times before.  I do feel like ONCE Upon A Time connects to LOST.  I'm just gonna ask it already... Could we be privy to some input via Mittelos Bioscience, the Hanso Foundation and the DHARMA Initiative?  It could be. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?!

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

๑ "An island full of corpses."   Death
๑ Island- tropical plants
๑ Coma. Unconscious. Sleep. Dream- Wake up.
๑ Black. White. Red
๑ Rumple teaches the "ripping out of hearts" bit
๑ I guess Rumple was looking for the ruby red/silver "slippers" to get to that land- Kansas
๑ An interesting version of Jefferson.
๑ Who is Whale's brother? What if Dr. Whale's brother is a twin? Why bring back Daniel, is that just for Regina's sake?
Time issue: Hook arrived at Mulan's camp a few months ago, he admits he's Cora's plant, yet the ladies just came upon him.
๑ Did Dr. Whale sleep with Kathryn too?
๑ Hook is missing a hand (via Rumple). Dr. Whale loses an arm. Daniel.
๑ Compass
๑ Smoke and Mirrors. Con. Lies. Tricks {palm}. Charlatan. Wizard
๑ I love the color and black and white visuals
Dead is Dead
๑ School. Learning. Experiments. Coach. Teach. Training.
๑ Vault
๑ Regina's father Henry's "grave" is in Storybrooke and on the "Island" Jack's father's coffin is there.
๑ Free reign- Royal passport
๑ Science. Lab. Experiments.
๑ Karma

Vocabulary and Research...

๑ 1931's Frankenstein and 1935's The Bride of Frankenstein films were both directed by James Whale.
"The Whale" is an instrumental by the Electric Light Orchestra. The song is track 15 from their 1977 double LP Out of the Blue. The song was the B-side of their United States single "It's Over" in 1978 and on a remastered version on their box set compilation Flashback.
Pink Protea Plant/flower: was named in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will; because proteas have such a wide variety of forms. Versions of this plant are found in southern Africa, and in Australia and South America and the other smaller segments of Gondwana that are now part of eastern Asia.
๑ A Wizard is someone who is an accomplished magician.
Knight: A game piece in Chess.  Knight's Tour is a mathematical problem involving a Knight on a chess board.
- Crainte et tremblement- The book in the Temple is "Fear and Trembling" (original title: Frygt og Bæven), a philosophical work by Danish philosopher, theologian, and psychologist Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, published in 1843 under the pseudonym Johannes de silentio (John the Silent). In the book Kierkegaard introduces the “Knight of Faith” and contrasts him with the "knight of infinite resignation". The latter gives up everything in return for the infinite, that which he may receive after this life, and continuously dwells with the pain of his loss. The former, however, not only relinquishes everything, but also trusts that he will receive it all back, his trust based on the "strength of the absurd".
Crystals: The history of talismans and amulets, made by alchemists, priests, magicians, magi, shamans, and witches, goes back as far as there are records. Can be used in meditation for contacting higher self, relaxation, creative visualization, allowing out flow, healing, opening energy centers,grounding and connecting with guides.  
White (Hope)  
Silver (Introspection)  
Black (Protection)  
Brown (Grounding)
- Black Crystal- Black crystals are very protective and offer you a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies. Use the as protective amulets. Carry them when you are concerned with your personal safety. Keep one near your front door. They also have water energy. 
- Black is not a color, but rather the lack of color. In nature, black is the color of night when the moon is not in the sky to illuminate the landscape. Dark night is a time of unease in which the familiar world is obscured. Black often associated with death
Unicorn:  First mentioned by the ancient Greeks, it became the most important imaginary animal of the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was commonly described as an extremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin.
- Narwhal, an Arctic species of Whale which, with a tusk attached to their head
- Unicorn (spider), a genus of Oonopidae
- Unicorn. Album by T-Rex:
1. "Chariots of Silk"
2. "Pon a Hill"
3. "The Seal of Seasons"
4. "The Throat of Winter"
5. "Cat Black (The Wizard's Hat)"
6. "Stones for Avalon"
7. "She Was Born to Be My Unicorn"
8. "Like a White Star, Tangled and Far, Tulip That's What You Are"
Side Two
1. "Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles"
2. "Evenings of Damask"
3. "The Sea Beasts"
4. "Iscariot"
5. "Nijinsky Hind"
6. "The Pilgrim's Tale"
7. "The Misty Coast of Albany"
8. "Romany Soup"

 ✔ Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

✈ Experiment. The DHARMA Initiative
✈ Karma
✈ Life, death, rebirth.
✈ Immobilized. Frozen. Paralyzed.
✈ 8
✈ Flash- Flashback
Dead is Dead
✈ Let go
✈ Guard. Sentry. Watch.
✈ School.  Learning. Experiments. Coach. Teach. Training.
✈ Time
✈ Protect
✈ Hidden
✈ Vault- The Orchid Station
✈ Con. Tricks. Smoke and mirrors
✈ (Radio) tower. Communication.
✈ Limbs. Organs
✈ Whispers
✈ Psychology
✈ Science. Lab. Experiments.
✈ Carte Blanche
✈ Tied to a tree: Sawyer, Sayid and Ben
✈ Ash
✈ Risk
✈ Has work to do
✈ Puzzle. Game
✈ Montand lost his arm, so did Ray Mullen
Cabin Fever 
Across the Sea
Pilot P2- Recorded on a loop that ran for over 16 years, Danielle is heard (translated) saying in French, "...It killed them. It killed them all." And in Solitary the hearing of said translated loop "...He killed them. He killed them all."

Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!
The ladies come upon the usually guarded by sentries tower and find their people have been slain. Just before this discovery, Snow is encouraging Aurora to "leave the particulars" of the honorable Lancelot death and Cora escaping events to them. Aurora sees this as lying.

Mulan feels this can't be because their land there was protected- hidden. "How did the Ogre's find us?"  Snow realizes by evidence of the slain hearts being ripped out, that Cora did this.  "This is her magic. Twisted and evil. We have to stop her."
Mulan- "Too late. She killed them. She killed them all."
Emma notices movement under some debris. {Well} There's someone under there! A man- Hook.  He begs for their help. Snow assures him he's safe now.
Acting sheriff, Charming/David, is met by Dr. Whale, who needs to talk to him. David punches the doctor for sleeping with his wife. Dr. Whale questions "Kathryn?" David confirms "Snow."  Of course the Dr. didn't know because he was cursed. Whale goes on to ask David if its true what people are saying; "That you're trying to find a way to build a portal back to your land because that's where you think Emma and Mary Margaret are? That they're alive."  David says (Well) the whispers can stop, as he has no secrets from this town- that's exactly what he's doing. Whale informs him that the land is gone; destroyed by the curse.  David tells him it's not, but isn't having any luck accomplishing this yet. Whale wonders if this means all the lands still exist.  David looks at him with curiosity and a bit of suspicion. "Possibly."  Whale knows the Queen lied to them again and asks if David's sure.
David- "Remember who we're talking about."
Regina shows up at Archie's to see him for a chat. She admits she's been trying to keep her promise to Henry, but it's been difficult.  It's been two days since she used magic. Archie commends her on an excellent start.
Regina admits that magic is the way she's always gotten everything.
Archie- "Sounds like its also the way you've lost everything. Regina, this is your chance to start over. To earn Henry."  Just then Dr. Whale walks right in to confront Regina, demanding she send him back- to his land and to his brother.  Regina looks confused and tells him to check the "Missing" board like everyone else.  Whale states that her curse only brought the "living."
Regina- "Well, then, I'm sorry for your loss."  She can't send anyone anywhere. Archie orders Dr. Whale to "Go!"  Regina seems surprised that Archie was so assertive.  Archie asks if what she said wasn't entirely true; about the curse only taking the living. "The grave of your father's here, right?"
Regina makes it clear she doesn't care about Whale or his brother, as she brought who she wanted.
Archie- "Anyone else?"  He wants Regina to trust him- so she can open up and be honest. "Stopping magic is a lot harder than starting."
Rumpelstiltskin is working with his apprentice, Regina, on enchanting a black Unicorn.  He instructs her to immobilize it.  Once the Unicorn is frozen on its hind legs, Rumple gives her one last tiny detail- to take its heart.
Regina- "Like what my mother did to ..."
Rumple-"Ah, you're true love, indeed. Then you already know how it's done."
Rumple coaches her as she approaches the Unicorn. "Gentle. If you do it right, no harm will befall it. Unless of course- you will it." Looking into the Unicorn's eyes Regina backs off, unable to do it to this innocent creature.
Rumple- "Nothing is innocent." He plunges his hand into the Unicorn and removes its heart. The Unicorn is unfrozen, but belonging to Rumple. "You see, you take a heart it becomes enchanted. Stronger than a normal heart. You're not hurting the beast- you're controlling it. Now, show me you know what you can do with that power. (tosses her the heart) Kill it."  He wants her to prove she can take the next step in her training. "Crush it."   Regina begins to squeeze the heart but stops when she sees it's taking down the Unicorn. She can't do it; she didn't sign up to kill Unicorns.  Rumple had high hopes for her. "Magic is power! Until you can take power- you're not learning anything. Do you want me to teach you or not?"
Regina- "Yes!"
Rumple- "Then there's one simple question for you to ponder."
Regina- "I'll tell you anything."
Rumple giggles "I don't need the answer- you do. ... What's holding you back?"
Regina pays a visit to Daniel; laying "dead" in is see through/glass coffin (hands in Mudra mediation/balance position) and places an enchantment spell over him.

Regina shares with Archie "His name was Daniel. I preserved his body with an enchantment spell. He's dead, but frozen. And I've kept him in my family mausoleum."  Because she can't let go of him. Archie encourages if she can't let go of the past, its doomed to haunt her.  Regina gets teary, she's had enough. She also doubts Archie can help her.
Regina's driving in the rain and sees Daniel standing near the library- and then he disappears.
David and Henry arrive at the stable. Henry yawns and David jokes that this isn't school and it should be fun.  Henry admits he couldn't sleep. David bends down eye level to the boy and tells him "I miss 'em too."   He tells the boy Emma and Snow will be when they come home to find Henry's become a proper Knight.   David tells the boy to say hello to your steed. But Henry approaches the wrong horse and is introduced to the correct horse; stall number 8.  He also tells him that he's not riding today, as there's much the boy must learn before he hops in the saddle. The boy will learn everything from the basics onward- twice a day. Henry doesn't feel that's riding, he feels that's babysitting. David corrects him "Horse-sitting. It builds an essential bond. The trust between Knight and steed."  Henry's only interested in "When will I ride him?"
David- "When the horse tells you."  He's going to check on the Dwarfs to  see how the mining is going. He'll pick the kid up later.
Henry asks the horse "So, anything you wanna tell me?"  The horse literally shakes his head "no."
Regina visits her tomb (ring of skeleton keys and wearing a crystal). She makes her way down below to find Daniel's see through/glass coffin is empty.
Rumple sits quiet spinning at his wheel.  Student Regina asks him if he's ready to being- to which he's been ready. He asks her "Are you?"  Regina's ready.
The teacher asks "Tell me why you're really here."
Regina- "For power, for..."
Rumple- "Stop wasting my time! What is it you want? Come on. You've done all your soul searching. Now tell me."
Regina- "Can you teach me how to use magic to bring back the dead?"
Rumple- "That's what this is about? The stable boy?"  Regina claims to want true happiness.
Rumple- "Then find it elsewhere, Dearie! Magic can do much, but not that. Dead is dead."
Regina is dejected and claims "Then I am lost."
Rumple- "And I've had my time wasted.  I'm sorry but, uh, transcending death is beyond even my reach."
Appearing out of the blue is Jefferson. "I thought nothing was beyond your reach."  Rumple ignores Regina, advising Jefferson to do the same.  Jefferson brought Rumple the item he wanted, a crystal ball- sans the slippers.
Jefferson- "Uh, couldn't find 'em. Heard talk they've already been moved to another land."
Rumple- "That's what I needed to get to that other land."  (Regina knocks something over) Jefferson tells Rumple to "Well, come with me in my hat, I'm sure we can work something out."
Rumple says no, as his hat only transports between magical realms. "I need to get to a land without magic."  Jefferson finds this strange. "Why would anyone want that?"  But this is Rumple's business. Rumple will still take the ball and pays Jefferson with gold he's spun; trusting him to help himself to take only what he deems appropriate.   Rumple tells Regina to let herself out; their work  is done. He won't teach while she's harboring foolish notions of bringing back the dead. "So long as you live in the past, you'll never find your future. Teaching you is a waste of time." Rumple walks away.
Silly eavesdropping Jefferson thinks Regina needs to look elsewhere for assistance. He hears things. "Jefferson's the name, and I'm a man who travels and sees much. And I know the man who can do what you want- bring back the dead. He's, um, you might say- a Wizard. I can bring him to you."  His price is a Royal Passport. He's made many enemies and would like free reign to traverse her Kingdom. He figures this naive woman is the Queen, "Aren't you?"  Regina is. She asks if this Wizard really can bring someone back from the dead.
Jefferson- "Well, if he can't... then no one can."

Mulan tells Emma that this man arrived at their camp a few months ago; he's is a blacksmith who lost his hand in an Ogre attack. Emma wonders why Cora would leave a survivor. She's cautious over this little mess and knows Cora's tricked them before and doesn't want that to happen again.
Emma asks the blacksmith, "An island full of corpses. You're the only one to escape. How exactly did that happen?"  The blacksmith informs the ladies that "She attacked at night. Slaughtered everyone in one fell swoop. When she started ripping out people's hearts I hid under the bodies of those who had already been killed. Pretended to be dead myself. Mercifully the ruse worked."  It was all he could do to survive. Emma gets down to his eye level to let him in on her superpower secret; she's pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to her. The man says he's telling her the truth. Mulan suggests they leave there in case Cora decides to go back. Snow says they should start searching for a new portal back to Storybrooke; she only got about 5 minutes with her husband- not to mention her grandson.  With that, the blacksmith offers to guide them, as he knows this land well. Emma pulls a knife on him (throat) "You're not gonna guide us anywhere until you tell us who you really are."

Regina enters the secret dark deserted lower level mental ward where she looks around for Dr. Whale. "...Where are you?"
"Where is he, this Wizard?" Regina asks Jefferson, as they walk the long hall of the castle. Jefferson warns her to be cautious. He's not dangerous to them- "But bear in mind he's never been to a world like this before. He's unfamiliar with our ways... with our magic." Regina only cares about what she wants from this Wizard.
In dramatic fashion Jefferson introduces the mysterious man. "Now, may I present to you... your salvation."
The man sits sketching/drawing the tropical flower that is in front of him.
Regina asks "You're the Wizard?"  The man prefers "Doctor. But you're welcome to call me whatever makes you comfortable."   Regina calls him doctor. The Doctor understands why he was brought there and asks to see the patient.

The Doctor finds Daniel's state remarkable; as if his last breathe was drawn moments ago. That's due to Regina's preservation spell. Do determine if this Doctor can bring him back, he cuts into Daniel's hand, drawing blood, and indeed does determine "His condition is ideal- apart from being dead, that is."  Cautious Regina asks him how many times he's done this before. The Doctor reveals the procedure is experimental; success is yet to occur. But, if certain conditions are met, he's optimistic. Regina wonders what kind of charlatan he is.  The Doctor claims to be no such thing. "I was told the last piece of the crucial puzzle exists in this land."  He also needs a strong heart; a fragile organ. "I've searched the far reaches of my realm for one with the fortitude to withstand the shock of my procedure- none have survived. But they say in your land there are hearts transformed by magic. Hearts made so powerful they glow."  He needs this for his work. The Doctor asks Regina how she changes these hearts. "How do you enchant them?"
Jefferson answers. "Those who practice the dark arts do it by ripping the organ out of the living while it still beats."  Regina claims she can't do that act. The Doctor was assured this Queen was some powerful sorceress.
Regina- "I will not use magic for evil."
Apparently if she wants her fiancée back then she's going to have to find someone who will.  The Doctor asks if he's wasted his time there. Nope, Regina knows exactly who can help them. "I know where to get a heart."
Regina enters a medical procedure room with flickering electricity and the room is in shambles.  She uncovers a table with body/severed limbs/hand and in a fright knocks into a glowing florescent light. She discovers Dr. Whale laying on the ground. "I know you took Daniel's body and  you took one of my hearts. Why? Why?! Did you bring him back?"
The Doctor claims "I did it."
Regina- "He's alive?"
Whale- "Yes. I brought him back but... he's not Daniel. He's... He's a monster."

Regina stands in front of a roaring fire in the castle fireplace. This was her mother's . The men aren't impressed. Regina tells them to "Just listen."  The sound of a beating heart is heard. It's coming from her/Cora's vault. Regina magically transforms the fireplace and opens a doorway and they make their way down the steps to the vault of red glowing beating hearts claimed by heart collector, Cora. Regina doesn't know whose hearts these are, as Cora took so many and caused so much pain- it was impossible to keep track. "She was a monster."  The Doctor opens a box with a glowing red beating heart. "Finally. After all this time. It's perfect."

Regina observes Dr. Whale from behind the glass wall of his hospital room. We hear the heart monitor beeping.  David arrives asking what happened; he heard Whale was attacked. Regina tells David to ask Whale's Doctors. Regina shares (the truth) that she came there to talk to Whale and discovered he was hurt. She was to talk to him about someone from her past. "I believe he's come back. Daniel. Daniel's his name."  David knows this as the man she was to marry; Snow told him how it was her fault the man died.
Regina- "Yes. He did."
David wonders "Then how can he be back?"
Regina- "Whale. He believed he could bring him back from the grave, and I don't know how, but he has."  She tells David he practices something more powerful than magic- or so she was told. All he needed was a heart and he took one of hers. David is stunned! "You have hearts here?" Regina admits "In my vault- from our land."  David asks whose heart Whale took, but Regina has no idea. "I took so many it was impossible to keep track."  Regina must leave to go find Daniel, but David won't let her go, giving her two choices "Tell me where he is or jail." Regina feels Daniel won't hurt anyone else and also feels "I think it's like when you awoke from your coma. He's following his final thoughts to where he last met me. The Stables."  David freaks out because Henry's at the stables.

Henry brushes and chats with his horse about being anxious to ride, but all the horses start reacting to something. Henry gets knocked down and his horse runs out and Daniel appears.
Mulan ties the blacksmith to the tree because Emma doesn't believe him. She threatens him that the Ogres can get to the truth by ripping him limb from limb. The Ogres can be heard in the distance.  The ladies walk away from the scared man. Aurora wonders if he's telling the truth, but Emma knows he's not.  The man calls out from the tree "Good for you! You bested me. I can count on one hand the amount of people who've done that on one hand."
Emma asks him "Who are you?"   This is Killian Jones. "But most people have taken to call me by my more colorful moniker- Hook."  The ladies verify this by checking his satchel.  Emma's heard of Captain Hook. Emma hurries the man to talking as the Ogres are getting closer.  He reveals Cora wanted him to gain their trust so he could learn everything about Storybrooke; she didn't want any surprises when she finally got over there.  He also admits that even though the ladies destroyed the wardrobe the enchantment remains. Cora gathered the ashes and will use them to open up a portal. He wants to be cut loose, as he's not responsible for the lives taken there; that was Cora. The ladies walk away but Hook yells that they need him alive. "Because we both want the same thing. To get back to your land."  Emma knows he would say anything to save himself so why should they believe him now. Hook arranged for transport with Cora, but since Emma is also resourceful he offers her the same deal. "I'll help you if... you promise to take me along."
Snow asks "How are you going to help us get home?"  Hook reveals that the ashes will open a portal, but to find your land she needs more. There's an enchanted compass, Cora seeks it. I'll help you obtain it before she does.
Emma- "So Cora won't make it to Storybrooke and we'll get one step closer to getting home." Emma looks over at Snow for her take, but Snow feels it sounds too good to be true.  With the Ogres approaching Emma (whispers) to Hook demanding he tell her this one thing (and whatever he says she better believe it) "Why does Captain Hook wanna go to Storybrooke?"
Hook- "To exact revenge on the man who took my hand. Rumpelstiltskin."

Henry is trying to communicate with the man (Daniel- bloody left hand) standing in front of him. The horses are scared. Henry asks "Are you hurt? Can I help you?"  Henry holds up his hand to offer him help, but this causes Daniel to have a Flash of when Cora ripped out his heart. Now enraged, Daniel chokes Henry and is stopped by Regina. David makes Henry run off.
Regina sees it's true, Daniel's really here.  Daniel looks confused. As her runs to attack her, David slams the door on him but the lock won't hold for long! David asks her if she can cast a spell to subdue him, but she won't use magic on him. {WTF?! You already have.}  David readies his gun. "He's a monster, Regina! If you won't put him down then I will!"  Emotional Regina pleads to talk to her fiancée Daniel.
Regina gives the Wizard Doctor the box containing a heart so he can perform the procedure- alone. {Thunder and lightning.} Regina asks Jefferson "What's he doing back there, magic?"
Jefferson- "He says he wields power greater than magic."  They watch the Doctor's performance behind the curtain (tent).  Curious Regina wonders "Why won't he let us see?"
Jefferson- "In his land there's much we don't understand- or can't. If he can't achieve what you seek, Rumpelstiltskin was right, it can't be done."   We (somewhat) see the Wizard Doctor "plunge the heart downward, into the patient, Daniel with a wonderfully timed lightning strike.
Regina is hopeful when the Wizard Doctor comes out with news. But the Wizard Doctor has failed. "The heart wasn't strong enough. It couldn't withstand the procedure."  Regina visits with lifeless Daniel. She lays her head on his chest/heart.

Regina unlocks the stable door to visit with reanimated Daniel. She is happy to see him, but he only chokes her. She begs him to stop and he does only when she whispers "It's me. I love you."  This snaps him out of his "rage" and they hug.  {PLAY THE SCENE I POSTED AT THE TOP OF THIS POST} Daniel is reacting physically to the pain and wants it to stop. "Just stop the pain."
Regina- "How?"
Daniel- "Just let me go.
Regina- "No. No, I won't lose you again. Without you I'm lost."  Daniel's pain continues.  Regina begs him to come back to her, but he can't.
Regina- "But I love you."
Daniel looks in her eyes and tenderly says "Then love again." He pulls away from her and again becomes enraged. As her goes after her their hands meet and a magical forcefield radiates in Daniel. Regina cries and with the wave of her hand Daniel magically disappears. "Goodbye, Daniel."
On their walk through the forest, Hook informs them up head; they'll find the compass just over the ridge. Snow tells Emma she feels as if he's leading them into a trap for Cora. Emma feels its definitely a trap, but as long as we know they're trying to play them they can stay one step ahead.
They come upon the sky-scraping stalk that looks eerily similar to one Wizard of Oz cyclone. The compass is up there. Prisoner Hook tells her it's not the climb she needs to worry about- it's the giant at the top.
We see upset Regina drive her little Mercedes into Storybrooke town and pull over.
In the forest Regina, dressed in black, approaches Rumple who is in the middle of a training session with Regina's more dedicated replacement. Insulted and motivated Regina plunges her hand into the young woman and rips out her heart and crushes it. Rumple is pleased. They'll pick up where they left off. {He has the spell book.}

Upset and remorseful/guilty Regina goes back to Archie and confesses she used magic.
Jefferson leads the Wizard Doctor through the forest. The Wizard feels this is enough; he needs to be taken home. "I have work to do and I believe our deal here is done."  But the deal isn't done until he, Rumple, says its done. Rumple tells him to have patience, as their transaction is nearly complete. The three were in a con spearheaded by Rumple to trick Regina. The ruse proved her heartbroken. Rumple has seen the aftermath of this. The Wizard Doctor gets his property back; a box containing a beating heart. He feels it was a pleasure doing business with them. Rumple thanks him, for its the Wizard's efforts Rumple was able to make his monster. "Now, I do hope you'll be able to make yours."
The Wizard claims he is not making a monster.
Rumple- "Sure, you're not. Good luck."
The Wizard- "If these hearts are as strong as you say I won't need luck."  What he's going to accomplish goes far beyond magic.
Rumple- "And yet you need a magical heart to do it."
The Wizard- "So small minded. I need my powers to transcend the power of limitations of your magic.
Rumple- "This must be quite a land you hail from- if you think your abilities are more... powerful."
The Wizard- "They are."
Rumple- "Care to wager? I suspect someday... you'll see it my way."
The confident Wizard doubts it.  Jefferson readies his hat portal to get the Wizard back to his land.
Rumple warns the Wizard to be careful "Whatever it is you traffic in... it comes with a price."
The Wizard- "We'll see."  He jumps into the portal with Jefferson.
One armed Dr. Whale carries a cooler containing an/his arm, and pays a visit to Mr. Gold's/Rumpelstiltskin shop.
 Mr. Gold/Rumple will reattach his arm, but first he wants Whale to tell him why.  Whale says "Because I want to use it again."  Rumple meant "Why bring that stable boy back from the dead? Why now?"  Whale thought that if he helped her, she would return him back to his world. "I want to see my brother. To try to bring him back again." He explains "The first time ended badly. I need to return and try it once more."
Rumple feels that's beyond her abilities. "My condolences."  About Whale's arm- there's a difference between can and will.  Rumple's price is to hear Whale "say it."
Whale- "I need magic."
Rumple- "That's all I needed to hear." With the wave of his hand he magically reattached the Doctor's arm. "Always a pleasure doing business with you, uh, Victor."  They shake hands.

In shades of dark and light: the only color is presented with the glowing red heart.
In an old castle laboratory on a dark stormy night, the Doctor {with his heart in a box} returns to meet with his lab assistant. His assistant asks "Did you find what you were looking for?"
The doctor has, and presents the remarkable heart. He believes it's the final piece to the puzzle.
The Doctor uses the already churning electricity to help power the components of his lab and send shock waves into the sheet covered body on the table. "It's alive."  A {left" hand reaches out from under the sheet. Victor believes he's done it. "Welcome back, brother."  The impressed assistant feels it's magic.
Victor Frankenstein- "No. Not magic. Science."

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  1. I might as well be frank. If Regina continues to believe that magic is an addiction, she is one day going to be unpleasantly surprised. Regarding magic as addictive or a corrupting factor is not going to help her.

    Magic is neutral. What Regina needs to do is overcome her negative emotions of Snow White and let go of her grief for Daniel. Once she achieves these goals, she could learn to control her emotions and not let them corrupt her magical abilities.


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