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"Poppies... Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleeeeep. Now they'll sleeeeep." - The Wicked Witch; The Wizard of Oz
** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

Somehow I must make plans to expand my postcard collection by paying a visit to Storybrooke and bordering Fantasy Land/the Enchanted Forest and all Royal, grand and glorious castles belonging to our beloved characters.

Gonna keep on tryin' til I reach the highest ground

A seed is an encased plant embryo; beans are seeds. The seeds are planted, watered, warmed by the sun and nurtured to grow. Well, there's a lot of that happening in our fairy tale. We're witnessing newly planted seeds being nurtured and grown. During this process Emma has a lot a lot to learn, but they're all learning some very important stuff.  Emotional fear has made Emma and a few other residents put up protective fences to keep out bad things, people and experiences.  But we do see a very brave Emma where Henry, family and home is concerned. She is willing to tackle obstacles for the greater good.

Magic cuffs will aid in the journey upward to the Giant's treasure and the much needed enchanted compass. Emma and her friends not only need the compass to help open the portal and get them back home to their families, but Emma also needs direction and help with her moral compass.  Emma is turning her life around and may be doing a bit of soul cleansing too.  The challenges and testing tasks she's enduring on this adventure are changing her on many levels; heart, mind and her higher consciousness included.

Only fools are enslaved by time and space
Consciousness connecting:

The "dreaming" clue comes up again in this episode. Now, of course we can chalk it up to the metaphor of the story, but we can also apply it to the literal with the sleeping curse. 
We see the characters are trying to use "magic portals" to travel, cross borders and boundaries, but could it be something a little bit deeper?  Last week I touched on the residents sleeping and perhaps dreaming the same dream; or at least reaching some level of dream/altered state together.  I believe we may be seeing some traveling to another world without really going far from home or even leaving home at all, just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Those girls' out of this world adventures happened via their consciousness; while asleep/altered state and their minds were free to go anywhere they can imagine.

In "this place", this free state of consciousness, we can create a wondrous world with interesting characters, we can replay real life events and face fears, we can learn and we can rewrite our story- and even become a hero.  So, these portals, rooms, doorways and pathways can be (consciousness) frequencies/vibrations rather than literal locations- nonetheless they are gateways to our higher consciousness, intelligence- self.

Just like LOST the goal is to go home.

Narnia is another world not very far from home.
This week we get some back "story" of Emma from 11 years ago in Portland, Oregon. She looks innocent; wears glasses, skirts and a black leather jacket, but is indeed a car thief and a con. She breaks into the already occupied yellow bug/beetle car we see her drive today.

I'd like to do a little Flash of my own...
Last season in the episode Desperate Souls we see Henry and Emma read an article about herself and her time of her incarceration and birth behind bars. Some of the details of that article are not the information we got in tonight's episode. So, now the question must be asked... which version, if any, is correct? The reason I ask is because in Desperate Souls, Henry asks her if the article is a lie and Emma says "No." But she also bizarrely tells him to throw the paper out and get their news from something more reliable, like the Internet. She also admits the records were supposed to be sealed.

We got another Storybrooke newspaper article where we learned of a version of Emma being found as an infant on the side of the road, but August presents a different version of those events. So, are the Storybrooke articles simply not the complete truth and written by Sydney and Regina just to tell tales of their own and keep control of everyone?  Can we bank on the Flashbacks we see as the truth finally revealed or are we being conned?

Whatever story you think you know is most certainly wrong   

Mentioning storytellers... The always dressed in black, August W. Booth appears out of nowhere claiming to be Emma's guardian angel (of sorts).  But I gotta tell ya, I don't know if we can believe everything we've heard from August since we met him; other than maybe he's Pinocchio and the puppet son of Geppetto.  August may have meant to be a good boy, brave, truthful and unselfish, but is he? He talks a hypnotically convincing game and really wants Emma, Neal and the people of Storybrooke to "believe."   Since we've met him we've seen him try to con Mr. Gold so he can gain access to the Dark One's dagger and we saw him fiddle with Henry's storybook.  August may be trying to be a good boy but something still feels like he may be using people for his own motives and gain. Remember, he even admits that he's weak to temptation.  August said to Neal that money's not what she needs, not for what's ahead. So, did he put the cash away for her or take the cash for himself?  No cash ended up in the envelope for Emma, plus, if August is the one who mailed her the car key why mail it all the way from fuckin' Phuket? Did he get that distracted that he got all the way there and remembered "Oh, yeah, I gotta mail this car key to little destiny bound Emma back in Phoenix."  Who knows, maybe he's working for someone.
Who is using and/or conning who?

Note that August, Neal and Emma go to great lengths to convince people of their grift- their story.

Snow tells Aurora that Charming would light a candle to capture the nightmares, while when Charming lights the candle for Henry and his nightmare he tells him it's to keep the nightmares away. 

Whatever you think I am, I'm not

Hook tells Emma a tale of how evil Giants grew the beans, but rather than using them for good they used them to plunder all the lands, and that Jack was a man who fought a terrible war, defeating all but one of the evil Giants. The beans were destroyed by the Giants as they died; if they couldn't have their magic then nobody could.  Sadly the caged in Giant has a different version of the events of how they/the humans massacred them and destroyed their beans. These events left him angry and all alone- without family.  This is what Emma has been dealing with in her own existence.

The bottom line is although we may spend our whole lives trying to outwardly find the treasure, who we really are and what our purpose is- but that treasure and the power we seek is already right inside of us.

Here's a little song I want to share.  It's the Swans performing "Can't Find My Way Home" written by Steve Winwood. Enjoy this little musical interlude.
Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

๑ Eye. Eyes
๑ 8, 23
๑ Life. Death. Birth/Rebirth
๑ August, Neal and Hook flirt with Emma
๑ Victor. Victors. Victory.
๑ The Giant wears red slippers
๑ Magic cuffs. Magic compass. Magic portal beans. Magic portal.
๑ Sleep. Drugs. Side effects
๑ TRAIN Station
๑ Caged. Cuffed. Imprisoned. Jail
๑ Compass
๑ Map
๑ Alice
๑ Neverland
๑ August and Neal have offered to take Emma for a "drink"
๑ Neal doesn't outright admit he stole the yellow beetle; he has keys for it.
๑ Dreamcatcher
๑ Watch. Guard
๑ Drunk. Rum/liquor
๑ Time. Sundial. Sundown
๑ Watch
๑ Tattoo. Marked 
๑ Pregnancy- birth
The Stranger
๑ Neal was born March 23 1977
๑ Aurora and Henry's recount of their shared dream states mostly the same details, except Aurora says she is trapped, Henry doesn't say that
๑ Mulan owns the most powerful blade in all the realms
๑ Neal was a janitor at a high-end jewelry place in Phoenix and Emma's in a minimum security place in Phoenix
๑ August said he'd send Neal a postcard when Emma was free- Neal gets a postcard from Storybrooke stating "Broken"
Vocabulary and Research...

๑ Rumor has it actor Michael Raymond-James Has the word 'Ohana' (which is Hawaiian for family) tattooed over his heart.   
๑ Neal Leon Cassady (February 8, 1926 – February 4, 1968) was a major figure of the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the psychedelic movement of the 1960s. He served as the model for the character Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road. Cassady lived briefly with The Grateful Dead and is immortalized in "The Other One" section of their song "That's it for the Other One" as the bus driver "Cowboy Neal."
  - A second Grateful Dead song, "Cassidy," by John Perry Barlow, might seem to be a misspelling of Cassady's name; in fact the song primarily celebrates the 1970 birth of baby girl Cassidy Law into the Grateful Dead family, though the lyrics also include references to Neal Cassady himself. A N.Y. City-based folk duo, Aztec Two Step, in their 1972 debut album memorialized Cassady in the song "The Persecution & Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)."
Eugene: A Greek name meaning Noble, well born.
Fence: a dealer in the purchase and sale of stolen property; a middleman between thief and buyer
- Slitherlink (also known as Fences, Takegaki, Loop the Loop, Loopy, Ouroboros, Suriza and Dotty Dilemma) is a logic puzzle
 - Fences:  a 1983 play by American playwright August Wilson. Set in the 1950s, it is the sixth in Wilson's ten-part Pittsburgh Cycle.
Poppies: in The Wizard of Oz the wicked witch puts a sleep spell on the poppy field so Dorothy and friends can fall asleep.
- Poppies have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death: sleep because of the opium extracted from them, and death because of the common blood-red color of the red poppy in particular. In Greek and Roman myths, poppies were used as offerings to the dead. Poppies used as emblems on tombstones symbolize eternal sleep. A second interpretation of poppies in Classical mythology is that the bright scarlet color signifies a promise of resurrection after death - Ancient Egyptian doctors would have their patients eat seeds from a poppy to relieve pain. Poppy seeds contain both morphine and codeine.
Jack and the Beanstalk is an English folktale. The tale is closely associated with the tale of Jack the Giant-Killer, and is known under a number of versions. Benjamin Tabart's moralized version of 1807 is the first appearance in print, but "Felix Summerly" (Henry Cole) popularized it in The Home Treasury (1842), and Joseph Jacobs rewrote it in English Fairy Tales (1890) In the classic version of the tale, the giant is unnamed, but many plays based on the story name him as Blunderbore; a giant of that name also appears in Jack the Giant Killer.
๑ "Sundial" a song Cosmic Egg is the second studio album by Australian rock band Wolfmother
The Terracotta Army or the "Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses" is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BC and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife. The three pits containing the Terracotta Army there were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority of which are still buried in the pits nearby Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum.
Neverland- Never Never Land: A place where its residents refuse to grow up. The novel explains that the Neverlands are found in the minds of children, and that although each is "always more or less an island" and they have a family resemblance, they are not the same from one child to the next. It also says that a map of a child's mind would resemble a map of Neverland, with no boundaries at all. In J.M. Barrie's play and novel, most of the adventures in the stories take place in the Neverwood, where the Lost Boys hunt and fight the pirates and redskins, and build the Wendy house. It is also the location of the Home Underground, where Peter and the Boys reside.
 - Tamil Nadu, a city in India
- A real algebraic integer
 - An indie Florida emo-punk rock band formed in Gainsville
Love it or Leave Me- EP 2003
  • "Smoke and Mirrors" 
  •  "Cancel the Sun"
  •  "Confession"
  •  "Aphrodite's Tears" 
  •  "Brighton by the Sea"
  •  "Amphetamine Crush"
 ✔ Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

✈  Tallahassee. Criminal/con Kate and Sawyer have been there. Locke's dad is the man from Tallahassee.
✈  Portland Oregon- Headquarters for Mittleos Bioscience Mittelos Laboratories: Science camp. Uses Herarat Aviation
✈  Phuket
✈ Canada: Ethan Rom and Nathan claim to be from there. In Tabula Rasa Kate tells Ray Mullen she's from there; we also get Kate's mug shot
✈  Eye
✈  4
✈ Jack
    - Jack always felt like he was going to fail
✈  Janitor
✈ Drunk
✈ Tattoo. Marked 
✈ Enter 7 7
✈ Case
✈ Cassidy
✈ Apollo Bars
✈ STATIONS: Swan. Lamp post- Train
✈ Time
✈ Jin has to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik.
✈ Sleep. Unconscious. Dreams.
✈ Side effects
✈ Cave
✈ Security system
✈ Camaro
✈ Game
✈ Mobisode number 1 is titled  The Watch
Not in Portland  
   - Juliet cares for sick sister Rachel in "Miami, Florida" where  "Everything's on the beach."
Further Instructions   Hitchhiker Eddy lies to the cop about Locke (the driver) being his uncle, as to avoid a ticket.  Locke has Charlie stand guard while he visits the sweat lodge. Eddy mentions granola.
-The DHARMA Initiative packages granola bars
- Walkabout Randy eats a granola bar.
✈ Pregnancy test
- I Do- pregnancy test
- The Whole Truth
Born to Run  -Kate commandeers a just vacated motel room
✈ In Greatest Hits Charlie says to Claire "So, first plane crash?" He can always spot the newbies.
Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!

Hook leads the ladies to the stalk they must climb and get past the Giant before they can retrieve the enchanted compass they need for their trip back to Storybrooke.  The stalk is a little freakier than Emma remembers from the story.  It reminds Mulan of death.
The student Emma asks "If these beans create... portals... why not just pick one and go home? Why the compass?"  Hook explains "Because there aren't any more beans. Whatever story you think you know, my dear, is most certainly wrong."   Emma recalls "There was a guy named Jack and a cow and something about evil Giants with a treasure and a golden goose- or harp."
Hook- "Sounds like a lovely tale. But the truth's a little more gruesome. The Giant's
grew the beans, but rather than using them for good they used them to plunder all the lands. Jack was a man who fought a terrible war, defeating all but one of the evil Giants. The beans were destroyed by the Giants as they died; if they couldn't have their magic then nobody could. It's really very bad form."
Emma wonders "Evil Giants, who made magic portal beans. Why someone just doesn't go up grow some more?"  Hook tells of one Giant that survived; the strongest and most terrible of them all, and that's who they have to get past to retrieve the magic compass from the rest of the treasure. The compass will guide them to their land. "Cora has the means to open the portal with the wardrobe ashes, but she can't find your land without the compass. Once we get it- steal the ashes from her and we're on our way."
Of course the ladies wonder if he's using them to get the compass for Cora. Hook assures the four that they're far safer company.  All he needs is a ride back and he'll swear allegiance to whomever gets him there first. He did fail to mention that the Giant enchanted the beanstalk to repel intruders. But conveniently he's come prepared with a counter-spell from Cora; a pair of magic cuffs. Cora was to accompany him. He playfully encourages the ladies to fight out who will take her place and wear the other cuff for the journey upward. 
In an alley:
Eyeglass, skirt and black leather jacket wearing Emma breaks into a yellow VW Beetle; using a screwdriver and (looks like) a rock to pop the ignition.
A green hooded passenger pops up in the backseat. "Impressive. But really, you could've just asked me for the keys."
The unconcerned passenger tells Emma its fine. "Just drive." He introduces himself as Neal Cassidy. Emma doesn't want to tell him her name.  Neal doesn't need it to have her arrested when the robbery is in progress.  Emma ends up revealing she is Emma Swan. Neal thinks that's a good name.
Emma- "So, do you just live in here or are you just waiting for the car to be stolen?"
Neal smiles "Why don't I tell you over drinks."  Emma takes her eyes of the road to question him, and he tells her "Hey, eyes on the road" as she blows by a STOP sign.  Emma isn't having drinks with him because he might be a pervert.
Neal- "I might be a pervert. But you're definitely a car thief."
Emma- "I said I was sorry."
Neal- "You didn't, actually."
A cop car pulls them over.  Flustered Neal feels "That's why I said eyes on the road."  From the back seat quick thinking Neal tells Emma "Screwdriver" which she promptly removes and he replaces with the key.
The officer asks Emma for the license and registration, but Neal interjects, defusing the situation before it even begins. He tells the officer that this is actually his car and he's teaching his girlfriend how to drive stick. The officer feels she's got a lot to learn.  Neal knows, but you know - women.
Officer- "All right, I hear you. It's a warning... this time." Neal thanks the officer and hops in the front seat. Emma wonders if Neal's a misogynist.
Neal- "You're welcome. Oh, go. We got lucky."
Confused Emma- "We? This isn't your car either, is it?"
Neal- "Hmm?"
Emma- "I stole a stolen car?"  Neal doesn't answer that remark, he only smiles slyly and flirts and says "Now, how 'bout that drink?"  They drive off.

Back at the beanstalk Mulan feels she should go up to retrieve the compass because she's best equipped to go; as she's been in many battles/wars. Each woman has a reason for going up, but it's Emma who is going "And I'm not gonna fail."   After all, this is about Emma and Snow getting back to their loved ones.
Snow- "You're new here."
Emma- "It's about getting back to Henry. I don't care what I have to face. You're not gonna argue with me?"  It wouldn't do any good anyway.  Emma asks Mulan if she's got anything in that bag that will help her with a Giant. Mulan replies "A hook?"
Privately, Mulan gives Emma a small white sack filled with powder made from poppies that he has to inhale. Emma also trusts Mulan with the task of cutting down the beanstalk with her "strongest blade in all the realms" sword if she's not back in 10 hours; and she's to keep going and get Snow  home.
Hook hurries the ladies along. "In this world we're a slave to time and ours is running out. In other words- Tick Tock."   Emma's going. Hook was hoping it would be her. He has her place her right hand on his right shoulder and place the magical cuff on her right wrist. This will enable her to climb, but warns her of other dangers. "Thankfully you've got me to protect you."
Hook is given his hook back because he can't climb one handed. {But he is climbing one handed.} Emma warns him "Don't think I'm taking my eyes off you for a second."
Hook- "I would despair if you did."
The duo begin their ascent.
High up in the atmosphere climbing up the stalk, Hook tries to get Emma to open up about her life. He jokes about never forgetting your first beanstalk. He finds Emma's silence a challenge. Emma says "I'm concentrating."
Hook- "No, you're afraid. Afraid to talk- to reveal yourself. Trust me. Things will run a lot smoother if you do."
Emma-"Used to people not trusting you."
Hook- "Ah, the pirate thing. Well, I don't need you to share. You're something of an open book."
Emma- "Am I?"
Hook- "Quite. Let's see, you volunteered to come up here because you were the most motivated. You need to get back to a child."
Emma- "That's not perception, that's eavesdropping."
Hook- "You don't want to abandon him the way you were abandoned."
Emma- "Was I?"
Hook- "Like I said... open book."
Emma- "How would you know that?"
Hook- "Spent many years in Neverland, home of the Lost Boys. They all share the same look in their eyes... The look you get when you've been left alone."
Emma- "Yeah, well, my land aint Neverland."
Hook- "But an orphan's an orphan. Love has been all too rare in your life, hasn't it? You ever even been in love?"
Emma- "No. I have never been in love."
Neal and "pregnant" Emma enter a convenience store where Neal tells his Sweetie to get whatever she wants while he gets directions.   The clerk asks Neal "How ya been?" Neal says "I've been better."  He opens up a map on the counter to get directions because he and his wife are really lost. "I'm trying to get to Eugene. I think we've been going the wrong way. Could you show me what's going on here? Where are we, first of all?"  The clerk will help after Neal buys the map. Neal puts cash down on the map. Meanwhile Emma checks out the Mexi-wrap and passes by some bottled orange/citrus drinks.
The clerk shows Neal his problem (on the map) is he's "waaay up here", while not paying attention Neal's focus is on stealing gift cards, two Apollo Bars and a key chain. The clerk says he has to take 5 all the way south towards Salem. A patron enters and instantly sees the duo is stealing from the store and tries to get the clerks attention, but to no avail.  Seeing this, on cue, Emma thinks it's time and gets "labor pains", claiming it hurts really bad!
Happy Neal "He's ready!"  Tells her/baby to "Breathe." And the duo hurry out of the store.  The patron tells the clerk they were stealing.

Running outside Neal states "The little guy saved us!" {Who are they talking about here, really?}
Emma- "He sure did! The miracle of birth!"  She removes the fake "pregnancy belly" and tosses the haul to Neal.  He got her a key chain. It a circle with a swan in the center. She likes it and they kiss.
They hang out in the parking lot of the motel waiting a family to vacate a room so that they commandeer it. They'll have 20 minutes until housekeeping.
In the room Neal asks if she wants to shower first.  Emma finds a Native American Dreamcatcher left by the Granola family. She knows it's supposed to keep all the nightmares out and only let the good dreams in to protect your home.
Neal- "It's flypaper for nightmares?"  Neal decides they should keep it, but Emma wonders where they'd be able to hang it- "in the car?"
Neal realizes that's not much of a home and maybe it's time they get a real place. They've been on the road long enough, maybe it's time to retire the Bonnie and Clyde act. He thinks it's time- together.  Silly Emma wonders "Like where, Neverland?"  Neal's serious, they can do this. He presents Emma with a map tray of the United States, tells her to close her eyes and point. Whatever spot she picks is their home.
The winner is Tallahassee. Emma wonders if Tallahassee is near a beach. Neal- "Yeah, it's Florida, everything's near a beach."   Neal makes it clear that he really wants Emma.
Mulan makes a sundial to keep the time and mark watches- take turns sleeping. They should try to rest because they'll most likely have to walk through the night again.  Snow offers to take first shift and Aurora will stay up with her, as she doesn't really sleep. Snow asks her when was the last time she slept.  The sleeping curse has fucked with Aurora. The one time she did sleep she had horrible nightmares.
Snow- "It's a side effect. The same thing happened to me."  She goes on to explain she had them for months. Then Charming (her husband) used to wake her when she cried out and light a candle. He said it would capture the nightmares. He'd watch over her as she fell back asleep.  It sounds like the Dude lives up to his name.  Snow encourages Aurora to sleep and she'll watch over her; she'll be safe. Aurora thanks her. Snow is obviously concerned about Emma and her current task.
Emma and Hook arrive at the Giant's residence high in the night starry sky. There are skeletons all around. This is where the final battle was.  Emma cut her left hand and Hook tenderly tends to it; using Rum to painfully sterilize the wound.  Emma assumes he's being a gentleman, which Hook is, but it's because Giants can smell blood.  Knowing they don't have time to wait for the Giant to fall asleep, they plan to use the poppy powder Mulan gave them.  They have to sneak past the sleeping Giant in his cave to where the treasures are- "Where the compass lies." Oh, and then they run like hell.
Emma notices Hook's "Milah" heart tattoo and surmises Gold/Rumple took her from Hook along with his hand. This is why he wants to kill him.  Hook feels "For someone who's never been in love, you're quite perceptive aren't you?"  Emma admits "Maybe I was... once."
Playfully hiding behind a tree, young Emma presents jelly doughnuts to troubled looking Neal. Neal found a wanted posted hanging on the wall at the Post Office.
He tells the story about when he was a janitor in Phoenix at a high end jewelry place. The manager was a drunk who'd forget to lock the case of expensive watches. Neal resisted twice, but the third time this guy was just asking to get took. So he grabbed a couple of cases of watches and hopped on a train to Portland. The store's got insurance.  He stashed them in a locker in the train station; they're still there. "That's hardly stealing."  He didn't get away clean. The manager may have been drunk but the security cameras are stone sober. The heat hasn't died down, so Tallahassee's out. Neal's gotta go to Canada alone. He doesn't want her to get caught with him. "You think crossing the border is easy?"  Emma suggests fake I.D.'s and Passports. Neal's concerned that costs money and they have a stolen car. Emma suggests they make it legit: take a VIN # off of another car. She also suggests she go get the watches out of the locker, as no one is looking for her. "We can fence them and then we can have the money..." They could do and go where ever they want. "We could change our identities and go to Tallahassee."
Neal- "You wanna steal the watches to help me get away with stealing the watches?"
Neal can't let her risk everything. But Emma says "I love you."  Neal replies, "I love you too."
Emma knows she can do it.
Emma is perched atop of one of the stone/terracotta Warriors outside the doorway of the Giant's dwelling.  The Giant comes out and Hook {the worst human around} grabs his attention so Emma can get the Giant to inhale the powder.  The Giant crashes to the ground- out cold- sound asleep.
Hook doesn't mean to upset her, but he feels they make quite the team.
Emma- "Let's go steal a compass."
Mulan looks troubled as she sees how much time has passed. Aurora is having a nightmare. Snow wakes her "It was just a dream."  Upset Aurora tells Snow "It was the same as last time. I was in this room- this, this red room... it was ...bright- blood red curtains, there were no windows and no doors, so it didn't make sense. I couldn't get in or out- I was trapped. The curtains, they were on fire... it was horrible. I was hunched in a corner and I looked over into the other corner... and the shadows, there was someone else there. I just see his eyes- he was looking right at me."
Snow- "It's over now. These nightmares... they will fade away. I promise." Although she didn't really look too sure about that. Snow will sit with her until she falls back asleep. "Who else do I have to take care of?"

Emma and Hook walk through a grand hall that houses countless treasures. Hook is interested in coins.  Emma rushes him along because they have no clue how long magic knockout powder lasts. Hook leads the way. "Come. Everything we need is right in front of us."
Emma is at the TRAIN STATION with the key to retrieve the stolen watches. {Train 643 with stops at Cleveland, D.C. and Seattle now boarding on track...} She notes two officers nearby, takes the bag from the locker and smiles as she walks out.
Emma asks Hook "(They) kill all the Giant housekeepers too? Where are we gonna find a compass in this mess?"
Hook- "By looking. Start searching."  He wonders how much treasure they can carry down the beanstalk; in addition to the compass of course.  They come upon the skeleton of Jack, the Giant killer.
Emma saves Hook from backing up into a trip wire (trap); quite a security system. Hook wants to flirt with her. Emma insists they just find the compass and go home.

Neal is excited when Emma returns to the yellow Beetle with the watches. Emma thought there would be more, but Neal informs her of the prices of $20,000.  Emma's excited for Tallahassee. Neal's gonna go meet the fence and he'll meet her with the money.  The parking structure near the tracks- 9 PM sharp. And just so there are no mix-ups, he gives her one of the watches. He gives her a kiss and says "Tallahassee, baby. We're almost home."
Emma- "Home."
As Neal walks down the dark street he is followed by a man. He runs into an alley being run down- He runs across the hood and top of a light color Camaro and tries to get away over a chain link fence, but is taken down by the man. Neal assumes he's someone else. "You got the wrong guy, officer! I wasn't even J-walking!"
August- "It's not like that. You wanna protect Emma? Come with me."
Neal yells "How do you know Emma?!"
August- "The name's August and it's a long story, but trust me, you wanna hear it."
Neal gives him two minutes to talk. "Who are you?"
August- "Think of me as Emma's guardian angel."
If that's the case then Neal feels August has been doing a pretty crap job.  August claims to have been looking for her for the past two years and has finally found her and she's robbing convenience stores with some deadbeat. "Tell me again who's doing the crap job."  Neal feels he's the best thing that ever happened to Emma. "Two years. Where were you the rest of her life?"
August- "I'm not perfect. This world (?) full of temptations. Turns out I'm not that great at saying no. I'm not built that way. But I'm here now."
Neal- "Who are you?"
August- "We were in the same home as kids, and I thought she'd be safe inside the system, but now that she's out... Back then I promised I would take care of her."
Neal- "Well, we promised to take care of each other."
August sees that Neal loves her, and that's good. "That means you have to do right by her."  That's what Neal is trying to do
August- "Then leave her."
Neal- "Never."
August- "She has a destiny. And you- this life, you're gonna keep her from it. Okay... You believe in magic?"
Neal- "I take it you do."
August- "So will you. Trust me. I'm gonna show you something. Something that's gonna make you look at everything differently. When you see what I have in here you're gonna listen. You're gonna believe every word I say"  They walk over to August's motorcycle where he has a wood case strapped to the back. {Note Tiki torches}
Neal- "Yeah, right."
August opens the lid of the case and lets Neal peek inside.  August has Neal's attention.
August- "There's a curse... and it needs to be broken. Emma... is the key. I was tasked with keeping her on track and you, my friend... just got caught in the crossfire. Now I'm gonna tell you a story and at the end of it you're gonna have to make a decision.  Will you do the right thing... or not. So... Are... You ready?"
Emma smiles as she leans with her back against the wall looking at the watch. She uses her flip phone to make a call. The number is out of service and she feels the message she hears is an error.  Unless he set her up. An officer pulls a gun on her "Possession of stolen goods."  He tells her that her boy left her holding. He's sorry to tell her but "Your boy took off. Probably in Canada by now. He called in a tip- told us to take a look at the surveillance footage at the Train Station. Gimme the watch. Now!"  Emma gives him the watch. He asks "You know your rights?"  Yeah, she does.
The officer- "Good girl. Turn around. Where's the rest of the watches?"
Shocked Emma- "Gone. They're not coming back."
Emma- "So, it's just in here somewhere."
Hook- "Allegedly."
Hook asks her for a boost and Emma assumes he's out to pocket something. He wants her/darling to try something new, "Its called trust."
Emma- "We do it side by side and fast. Who knows how long before the..."  Just then the place shakes and items rattle from the approaching awake Giant.
Hook- "Someone's up."  Hook advises Emma to get under something, but she doesn't.  The ceiling comes crashing down due to the intense anger and heavy footsteps of the Giant. Hook ends up under that debris.  The loud Giant scoops up Emma.

2 Months Later
Down by the water August meets up with Neal.
August- "It's been a while. Where'd ya go?"
Neal, still driving the yellow Beetle {Different license plate} tells him "Tried to lose myself... didn't work. I want to talk to you about Emma."
August- "I hope you're not trying to reach out."
Neal- "I just feel like, if I knew she was okay- I could move on. Is she?"
August- "She will be. She got 11 months."
This upsets Neal. "That should be me! I should be doing that time."
August- "No. We went over this. It's good."  It's a minimum security place in Phoenix, and no, he's not going to tell Neal which one. {How fucking many could there be?!} "She'll get out of there and she'll be fine. You keep your promise and steer clear and she can have a good life. She can do what she's supposed to do."
Neal feels if he can't be there for her he wants August to promise that he will be. August promises. Neal needs August to do something for him. He was able to fence the watches which gave him the huge wad of cash he hands over to August. "Don't judge, I'm giving it all to her and the car. I got a clean VIN number for it so it's legit. I just... I feel like I'm there with her, ya know?"
August- "Money's not what she needs- not for what's ahead."
Neal insists- "Can't ya see that she gets it?"
August- "Sure."  He takes the stack and suspiciously looks around.
Neal- "And one more thing... If anything changes and she does her job- this insanity ends... and she's free..."
August- "I'll send you a postcard."  August takes off right away.
The Giant holds Emma tightly in his fist. "You're a thief and you poisoned me. So yeah, I'm pretty sure you're exactly what I think."
Emma struggles. "No. Look, you have a compass- I need it!"
The Giant doesn't care what she needs. He squeezes harder and it shortens her breath.
Emma- "No, For my son! To save my son! Don't... don't you have a family?!"
The Giant- "No! Because humans killed them all."  He squeezes really, really hard and Emma bites him; she falls down onto his red slipper.  He takes off after her. Emma jumps over the trip wire and grabs Jack's sword to cut the wire and trapping the Giant under it.
With his one eye watching Emma, she threatens him with {Jack's} the sword she assumes has been dipped in poison.
Emma- " You have a compass. I need it."  It doesn't matter to the Giant as he assumes she's going to kill him anyway. "Go ahead. Kill me."
Emma- "You don't know me.
The Giant- "I know your kind. They massacred us and destroyed our beans."
Emma- "I heard it the other way.
The Giant- "It's because the victors get to tell the story."  Emma again threatens him with the sword.
The Giant tells her to stop and slips her the compass. "See. I'm not the bad guy."  Now with compass in hand she thinks that maybe he's telling the truth; but it doesn't really matter. "Are there any more of you?"
The Giant- "No. I'm alone."   Emma sees something and asks if it's a bean. "Can this make a portal."
The Giant- "Not anymore. It was destroyed like the rest of em. I wear it as a reminder- a reminder that you're all killers." Emma again taunts him with the sword and tells him "You're wrong." And she walks away.  The trapped Giant breaks out and shows Emma the way out; via a (mouse) hole in the wall. "Because you could've killed me... and you didn't. You get one favor now go before I change my mind."
Emma- "Actually, I get two favors. Well, the way I see it I could've killed you twice. The poison and when you were knocked out. I didn't."
The Giant- "What do you want?"
Emma rescues Hook. He wants to see the compass. It's more beautiful than he imaged. Emma is careful to not let him have it, so she pockets it.  Hook offers her his hand and she takes it. "Come let's go."  But Emma cuffs him with a golden cuff.  He's confused wondering why, "Have I told you a lie? I brought you here. I risked my own safety to help you. The compass is in your hand. Why do this to me now?"
Emma- "I can't take a chance that I'm wrong about you. I'm sorry."
Hook is pissed! "I got you here! I got you the compass!"
Emma- "I got the compass."
Hook- "You just gonna leave me here to die., Now that beast eat me- crush my bones."
Emma- "He's not a beast. And  you're not gonna die. I just need a head start- that's all." She leaves.
Hook calls out "SWAN!"
Mulan sees her sundial timer is just about up on time.  Aurora sleeps on Snow's lap. Mulan takes off to the stalk to being cutting it down; as per instructions of Emma. Snow and Aurora stop her; not wanting Emma to be left to die.  Mulan feels Emma may already be dead. Mulan strikes the stalk and it sends a vibration all the way up it. Snow literally tackles Mulan!  Mulan insists it was her daughter's wish. Snow doesn't care what she says "You do not put my daughter in danger!"
Emma jumps off the stalk "Stop!"  Snow runs to her. "You okay?"
Emma- "Two earth quakes and a jump from a beanstalk I think my brain's still rattling around a little."   Mulan was just carrying out her orders.
She shows the ladies she has the compass and lets them know Hook's detained; they have 10 hours before he starts following them. She has a friends looking after him until then.  Snow makes it clear to Emma "We go back together! That is the only way. Do you understand?!"  Emma understands and they hug. They head off to get the dust from Cora... and go home.

11 Years Ago

Emma sits quietly on her cot; eye glasses in her left hand.
"Swan, you got mail."  The corrections officer, Loretta, delivers her mail {yellow envelope} from Phuket. The rules indicate she has to open the mail in front of Emma. She shows Emma the Swan key chain and automatically knows they are car keys. "Hope you got the car it goes with." There's nothing else- no letter.
Loretta is sorry. "But good news. You get a car when you get out... And a baby. Congratulations."  Loretta locks her in.
Henry is sound asleep. He bolts awake from a nightmare.  Charming runs to his aid. "It's over."  He lights a candle to help; explaining the candle keeps away the nightmares.  Charming has Henry tell him about the dream.
Henry- "I, I was in this room... and ... and it was red. And there was no doors, no windows. And these curtains... and they were on fire.  And I was in this corner and, and, and it was looking out/up, there was someone else there.... she was staring at me through the flames, th, then I woke up."
Charming tells Henry not to worry "It was just a bad dream."

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  1. I loved this episode so much! I seem to say that about every episode but that's because it's true! Another great write up! You are so talented Karen! A theme here.. "Wake up!"


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