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The Crockodile

I don’t know if you have ever seen a map of a person’s mind. Doctors sometimes draw maps of other parts of you, and your own map can become intensely interesting, but catch them trying to draw a map of a child’s mind, which is not only confused, but keeps going round all the time. There are zigzag lines on it, just like your temperature on a card, and these are probably roads in the island; for the Neverland is always more or less an island, with astonishing splashes of color here and there, and coral reefs and rakish-looking craft in the offing, and savages and lonely lairs, and gnomes who are mostly tailors, and caves through which a river runs, and princes with six elder brothers, and a hut fast going to decay, and one very small old lady with a hooked nose.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
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"White ones and red ones and some you can't disguise"

Magic is presented in many ways. Killian took Sleight of Hand to a whole other level, man.  Manipulating the object wasn't enough he had to manipulate Rumpelstiltskin too. The player got played.  Be warned- there are still many lies swirling around.

  • Killian is lying to himself if he considers himself an honorable man.
  • Moe lies about Belle's whereabouts and safety. Did he remove her from Rumple because of his love and want and need to protect her? He'd rather have her forget everyone and everything as to be disassociated with Rump and get to start her life over again somewhere else with a blank slate.
  • We can't forget that Charming/David is in a way still living a lie. He wasn't really a Prince to begin with he was only a substitute, a proxy for the former "Prince"; his twin brother, James, who wasn't a Prince either. Is his official Princely title coming from his marriage to Snow White? David seems to assume roles as he now assumes the role of sheriff. 
"Change it had to come- We knew it all along"

Rumpelstiltskin is changing. People are changing. Rumple isn't the only one in Storybrooke who is emotionally "closed" off.  A clenched fist, a physical manifestation of anger and an indication one is willing to fight- one can breathe and relax and gently open the hand. It was beautiful to hear Rumple admit to his inability to walk strongly without the use of a crutch.  He is emotionally crippling himself, similar to John Locke's crippling weakness to walk on LOST. Rumple finds power hiding his guilt, pain and loneliness behind the mask and magic of another persona. But deep down he does feel love and compassion.

Digging out the memories will get really messy because digging gets one closer to the core- the truth. It's part of the course and a necessary step toward killing the demons, dragons and monsters that dwell deep inside of those feeding them.  When the darkness is channeled properly the heart can fill with love- you just have to find the key.

“I shall really be very unhappy unless you give me the sort of courage that makes one forget he is afraid.” 

Rumple may be taking baby steps on his way to letting go of his cowardice. The Cowardly Lion found courage... it was there inside him all along.

Rumple's connection to Milah and Killian and his Storybrooke experiences seem to be his deep seeded emotions rising to the surface and are being lived out via these fairy tale characters and enchanted surroundings.  Some of the dialogue I heard in this episode could even relate directly to Emma and the emotions she's been dealing with and her need to heal from them.

Needful Things

The fact that Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold is the keeper of  items belonging to residents of Storybrooke is important. His shop holds wants and needs and the items have even acted as an emotional trigger for some. For some residents the items anchor them to their home, but for a few others the items is a reminder of the baggage they need to overcome or let go of.

We don't always get the life we wanted, but we are the one's responsible for making the best out of what it is. Somehow we'll always get what we need.

Wants - Needs:
  • People aren't objects to be possessed and controlled. Moe's protection of his daughter, while is admirable and understandable, is extreme. He isn't allowing Belle to make her own choices. 
  • Taking people's hearts by force and either keeping it locked away in a vault or outright crushing it.
  •  Milah ends up getting hold of a magic bean and it's a magic bean that Bae gets from the Blue Fairy to leave that place with his father. Killian knows and uses the magic bean to open a portal in the water to get to Neverland.

There is no doubt they are LOST; Pun intended.

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...

Island. Bar. Haven. Refuge. Retreat. Sanctuary. Shelter. Key.
    - as a verb- Insulate. Protect. Cocoon. Cut off. Disconnect. Sever. Divide. Divorce. Keep apart. Line. Separate. Shield. Quarantine.
๑ Library. Stories. Tale. Literal- Booth
๑ Milah and Belle are women who wanted to see the world
๑ Hook- eyeliner
๑ Dream
๑ Death
๑ Awaken. To become alert, rise, conscious- Enlightenment
๑ Substitute. Proxy.
๑ Bean is a seed- and the last name of the actor who played Daniel, Noah Bean
Killian Jones isn't the name of the Captain Hook we read about in Peter Pan
๑ Child-like and simple drawings/art: Is Rump an artist or is someone else in his house one?
๑ The fuckin' 1980's called Ruby wanting their fashions back.
๑ "Mr. Gold" - David gets gold dust/dirt on his hands while working in the mines and Moe has it too.
๑ Sheriff's station
๑ Guiding
๑ Henry doesn't call Mary Margaret "Grandma" he refers to her as Mary Margaret
๑ Duel. Duality. Dualism (Philosophy of mind). Physics: Mirror Symmetry (String theory) Holographic. Reflection Symmetry
๑ I will ride the new Fantasyland Forest (Enchanted Forest) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride when it opens.
๑ Game
๑ Ship
๑ Gotta find my Geronimo Jackson album. I'm missing Keith Strutter.
๑ Lost

Vocabulary and Research...

The Crocodile Dilemma is a paradox in logic in the same family of paradoxes as the liar paradox. The premise states that a crocodile who has stolen a child promises the father that his son will be returned if and only if he can correctly predict whether or not the crocodile will return the child. 

- The Crocodile: a poem by Lewis Carroll The Crocodile:
- The Crocodile: a short story written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky that was first published in 1865 in his magazine Epoch.
  Captain Hook: Captain James Hook (his name sometimes shortened to 'Jas') is the main antagonist of J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and its various adaptations. The character is a villainous pirate captain of the Jolly Roger brig, and lord of the pirate village/harbor in Neverland, where he is widely feared. Most importantly, he is the archenemy of Peter Pan. Hook wears a big iron hook in place of his right hand, which was cut off by Peter Pan and eaten by a saltwater crocodile. Luckily for Hook, the crocodile also swallowed a clock, so Hook can tell from the ticking when he is near
- The Sorcerer of the White Lotus Lodge is a Chinese Folktale
๑ The name Killian an Anglicized version of the Irish name Cillian. One possible meaning for the name is "Church of John". In Irish means Bright-headed, war/strife and in Latin means Blind.
 ๑ A duel generally signifies an arranged engagement in combat between two individuals, with matched weapons in accordance with agreed-upon rules.
๑ Liar's dice or Liar dice: can be played as gambling or drinking games. Playing them well requires the ability to deceive and detect an opponent's deception.
 ✔ Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale

Island. Bar. Haven. Refuge. Retreat. Sanctuary. Shelter. Key.
     - as a verb- Insulate. Protect. Cocoon. Cut off. Disconnect.  Sever. Divide. Divorce.  Keep apart. Line. Separate. Shield. Quarantine.
Par Avion: We see the light and dark side of Claire. She also makes use of a sea bird to deliver a message.
Ab Aeterno Ricardo/Ricardus/Richard asks Jacob (as payment for the job Jacob offered him) to enable him to live forever.
✈ Clean up your own mess
✈ Swan
✈ Charlie's father was a butcher.  Fire + Water.
✈ Ben stores Locke's body/coffin at the butcher shop.  The Lie
✈ Jack retrieves Locke's body from a butcher.  316.
✈ Helen gave Locke a key in a gift box to her place. Orientation 
✈ Guys with "eyeliner"  and People wishing they could live forever- Richard Alpert
✈ Dream
✈ Substitute. Proxy.
✈ Diamond. Jewels.
✈ Code
✈ Swan - Station 
✈ Sheriff
✈ Honor
✈ Karma
✈ Game
✈ Ship
✈ Awaken. To become alert, rise, conscious- Enlightenment
✈ Locke "brought" Anthony Cooper to the "Island"
✈ A song track titled Crocodile Locke on the season 1 soundtrack

Enough of my rambling... Here's your episode recap! Enjoy!
Belle and Rumple are in his shop where he presents her with an exquisite diamond necklace. The occasion is to celebrate "Us." They haven't gotten out much since Storybrooke awakened and he thought they should see it together.  Belle kisses and thanks him. Rump warns her not to get her hopes up as the nightlife is extremely limited.  But Belle clarifies that she meant "Thank you for ...what you're doing, how you're changing."  Just then Grumpy enters the CLOSED shop demanding his ax from 'Stiltskin. "It's mine. Give it to me... Just 'cause you posses somethin' doesn't mean it's yours. Nothing in this shop belongs to you. And you, how can you be with such a monster? Or maybe you're just another possession too."
Rumple attacks the Dwarf telling him he can have his ax "Buried in your chest!"  Belle is yelling for Rumple to stop as he's choking Grumpy.  "Stop! This isn't you anymore."
But Rumple turns his head and Belle sees that the man before her isn't fully in the form of the man- he's part golden vengeful Rumpelstiltskin. "Oh it's me, Dearie. Always has been! Always will be."
Belle bolts up from her dream.
She quietly heads outside and spies on Rump in the basement as he sits at his wheel spinning gold. Then he cuts a piece of the golden rope and drops it in a potion bottle.
In Fairy Tale Land Rumple enters his home carrying a basket filled with (looks like wool or something) calling out for Milah but finds young Bae just sitting there alone- mom's not around. He fluffs it off for the boy's sake. "Well, she probably just... lost track of time. Grab your cloak... we'll find her."
Rumple enters the bar to find his wife drinking and playing {Liar's/Pirate's} Dice with a bunch of Pirates wearing eyeliner.  Rump tells her it's time to go, but she isn't interested in having anything to do with him. She even insults, degrades and embarrasses Rumple in front of the Pirates- even claiming he's no one; just my husband.  Rump begs her, as she has responsibilities. But Milah only brings up the fact that he's not a man, as he didn't fight in the Ogre Wars. "Other wives became Honored widows, while I became lashed to the village coward. I need a break. Run home, Rumple. It's what you're good at."   Just then a meek voice says "Mama."  It's Bae that motivates Milah to go with them.
Milah lays awake in bed just starring distant. Rump asks her "You don't really wish I died during the Ogre Wars, do ya?"   Milah wishes he'd fought. "Don't you?"
Rump- "Well, I'm alive, and I'm here with you... with Bae."
Milah feels this isn't a life for her. She wonders why they just can't leave.  He doesn't have to be the village coward. "We could start again. Go somewhere no one knows us, see the whole world beyond this village."  Rump knows this isn't the life she wanted but it can be good "here." He wants her to try, if not for him then for Bae. She kind of half-heartedly agrees.
Rumple enters his house to upset Belle asking him what he was doing in the basement; she saw him practicing magic.  He assures her it was just a couple of spells, nothing for her to be concerned about. Belle wants him to be honest and asks why he brought magic there.  Rumple feels magic is power. Belle wants him to open up to her, tell her why he needs magic, but he won't. She feels he doesn't need power; he needs courage "To let me in."

A knock on the door reveals a woman with news that he needs to get to the docs now. "The men who came into port last week, they've taken Milah. They're setting sail, you must hurry."

Limping Rumple {with his walking stick} falls as he boards the Pirate ship. He is laughed at and then is commanded and helped to his feet before the Captain. {Dressed in black, w/eyeliner} Rumple remembers the man from the bar with his wife.  The Captain formally introduces himself as Killian Jones. "Now, what are you doing aboard my ship?"  Nervous Rumple tells him "Well, you have my wife."  Apparently Killian has had many men's wives.
Rumple- "No. You see, we have a son... and he needs his mother."
Killian- "And see, I have a ship full of men who need... companionship."
Rumple- "I'm begging you, please let her go."
Killian isn't much for bartering, but that said, he does consider himself an honorable man; a man with a code. He feels if Rump truly wants his wife back then he should take her- fight for her. Scared Rump has never been in a duel before and refuses to pick up the sword Killian threw down for him.
Killian- "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants... deserves what he gets."
Fraidy-cat Rumple pleads with Killian, wondering what he's going to tell his boy.
Killian- "Try the truth. His father is a coward."

Grumpy tells the Dwarfs to keep swinging, as they chip away at the mine walls. Charming is swinging away too, with Henry standing closely by watching.  Red arrives with a basket filled with rolls, breads and a giant muffin (for Henry). Henry shares that they haven't found any fairy dust yet, but they will and when they do they'll figure out a way to get Mary Margaret and his mom back.  Red will be back later with lunch.
Charming stops working and wipes away mine dust from his left hand- claiming that he hates mine dust. He tells Leroy that if they find anything he'll be at the sheriff's station because he's stepping in that role until Emma gets back. Charming and Henry leave.
Rumple heads upstairs to look for Belle in her rose colored room, feeling she should come and eat something.  She's not there. He notes an open window.
Rumple enters the Game of Thorns flower shop owned by Moe/Belle's father. He shows him the flier and wonders if Moe's heard from his daughter.  Moe grabs the flier from Rumple asking if this is some kind of cruel joke. "Would I have made this flier if I knew where she was? The only reason she's missing is because of the deal I made with you. But I held out hope that she would have survived such a wicked trade."  Rumple informs him that she has, and she went looking for Moe; she even made the flier like this one.  Moe guesses Rumple threw it in the trash.  Rump's feathers are getting ruffled. He doesn't expect Moe to help him; he just wants to know she's safe.  Moe feels its thanks to Rumple that neither one of the knows where she is. "You're a monster, Rumplestitskin."
Rump looks emotionally effected by all of this.

Smee meets with the Dark One, Rumplestitskin, in the flesh to discuss an important matter. {Bread on the table} Sneed whispers that he heard he was looking for something for quite some time and as luck would have it he's a man who trades in hard to find objects; like a bean... a magic bean that can transport you between worlds. Rumple shares that he's "...been told they no longer exist in this land."  Smee agrees, "But with the ships that dock here often return from far off lands with treasures they don't always understand."  It's his job to understand as is knowing the rumors of who may pay the highest price for said treasures."  The rumor he's referring is that Rump was once a great coward and became the Dark One to overcome that and protect the son he lost.
Rumple puts the ol' Darth Vader choke hold on him, warning that it's not nice to spread rumors. He wants to know where the bean is.  Sneed doesn't have it but he can get it.  Rump releases the choke hold.
Smee- "You haven't heard my price."  This doesn't worry Rumple because he spins straw into gold "Price shouldn't be a problem."  In lieu of money, Smee wants eternal life. The Dark One laughs, as it's only the Dark One who has life eternal. He makes Smee the offer of Youth- spin the clock back "til you're a little boy again."  Smee feels that's close enough, "Deal."  Rump reminds him "If you fail to deliver I spin the clock forward... and turn you into dust." Smee thanks him and leaves.
Rump sees Killian Jones meet up with his scurvy crew. Rump suddenly finds himself quite thirsty. He watches the men drink.

At Granny's Belle is served her third iced tea this morning by Ruby/Red; who comments she wouldn't want to have to call her a cab.  It's just that Belle is excited as she's never had it iced before and it's delicious.  Ruby hasn't seen Belle in there before and Belle gives the excuse that she's been a kept woman until recently. She thinks she may be headed toward a bad breakup and she's on her own. Ruby can ask Granny about a room there. Hopeful Belle thanks her, adding what she really needs now is a life- a job. Ruby asks her "What do you like to do?"
Belle- "I do love books."
Ruby tells her how the library's been closed forever, but things are changing now and maybe they need a librarian.
Belle walks over to the closed up library and tries to open the doors she already knows are locked, and then walks around the corner and gets a peek inside via an opening in a board.  Smee walks over to her asking if she has any spare change; she doesn't. He verifies that she's not meeting a friend and then kidnaps her.

The merry band of drunken pirates walks the dark streets of the port village. Killian is knocked into by a small cloaked figure carrying a mug {w/coins or something in it}.  Killian reprimands the manner-less gutter rat. The cloaked person turns and apologizes and Killian remarks "Ah, I was wrong. Not a rat at all- more... like a crocodile."  He knocks the mug from the cloaked crocodile's hands and as the man crocodile bends down to pick it up Killian kicks him over. Killian asks the crocodile's name. The amused crocodile reveals himself to be Rumpelstiltskin- The Dark One. Killian remembers him. The Dark One tosses a coin at Killian and properly introduces himself as Rumpelstiltskin. "Or as others know me, The Dark One."  Killian's men recede as it appears  Rumpelstiltskin's reputation precedes him. This pleases The Dark One as it will save them some time during the Question and Answer portion of our game. He wants to know how Milah is.
Killian replies "Who?"  Rumpelstiltskin is only too happy to dig out the memoryKillian claims she's dead; died a long time ago. "What is it you want?"  Rumple is taken aback. "We didn't get a chance to finish our duel. "Tomorrow at dawn! I am not a cruel man, get your affairs in order. Also, you can spend tonight knowing- It'll be your last. (He giggles his impish laugh.) Maybe I am cruel. And don't think about trying to escape because I will find you and I will gut your entire crew (uses Italian accent) Like a da fish."
Rumpelstiltskin shows up with the flier of Belle at Mary Margaret's apartment to have a word with David, the acting sheriff; he's wearing the badge.  David claims to be really busy with cleaning up the mess Rumple made. Rumpelstiltskin apologizes for that moment of poor judgment. "And it's not lost on me that I'm now here to ask for your help."
David- "Well, then it shouldn't be lost on you when I say no."
Rumpelstiltskin- "Hear me out first.  I'm here to report a missing person. She left my home early this morning, her name is Belle."  He gives David the flier.
David- "Back in our land you mentioned you loved someone once, is ... {Rump says yes} You also said she died."
Rump thought she had. David wonders why he just doesn't use the tracking spell he gave him to find Jefferson.  But Rumple can't because it only works if you have something the person owned and he doesn't.  He's also not sure she's gone missing or runaway.  Rump tries to get David's help as David would understand Rumpelstiltskin current plight as they have that in common. He again asks for David's help.
Killian arrives for the duel; a sword is dropped in front of him while Rumple/Dark One sits high above on the passage archway.  Rump tells him to pick it up "And let's begin."  Killian reaches for his own sword that is in his left side holder and when he reaches for it is gone.
Rumple- "Sorry. But killing a man with his own sword is just too delicious to pass up." Killian picks up the sword from the ground while Rump uses Killian's sword. They fight.
Rumple- "Ships that pass in the night. Well, at least one ship."  He knocks Killian's sword away and corners him. Killian says he's ready for the sword. Rump holds his/Killian's sword up to Killian's throat. "No. Do you know what's its like to have your wife stolen from you- to feel powerless to stop it? It feels like having your heart ripped from your chest. Actually, let me show you."  The Dark One plunges his hand into Killian's chest! Just then, Milah, in the flesh, and yells "Stop!"
"Who are you? What do you want from me?" asks Belle to her kidnapper as he seats her in an empty chair. But Snee is just a man who procures hard to find objects and in this case the object is Belle.  Belle's father Moe put him up to this. They hurry to each other's arms and hug tightly; they've missed each other. Moe's sorry they had to be reunited this way; he had no choice.
Belle- "But to kidnap me?"
Moe explains that after the curse broke he searched all over for her and discovered the Dark One was still holding her captive. Belle smiles and shares that he wasn't holding her captive; she chose to be with him. Father is surprised. "Are you saying you fell in love with him?"  Belle admits she fears it may be over now.  Father demands it must be and wants Belle to promise she no longer loves him. But Belle won't be treated like a child and told what to do.
Moe- "You don't understand what that man will do to you- what he's already done!" Belle feels father doesn't understand- it's her life!  Without a choice, Moe apologies and Snee take Belle away. "Goodbye, Belle. I love you!"

David/Charming (with the flier) is talking to a young guy who confirms "Yeah , that's him alright."
David walks back over to Rumple and asks if he remembers turning a butcher into a pig. Rump doesn't remember.  Apparently it was that guy's father; and he's afraid he hasn't seen Belle. David understands why no one wants to help Rumple. Next step- Granny's, to see who else Rumple terrorized there.  Rumple wants to ask David a serious and sincere question about him and Mary Margaret. "How does that work?"   David wonders "Are you asking dating advice?"  Of course he's not- but he is asking about 'love and relationship'.
David- "Honesty. That's how we did it. Hard work and being honest with one another."
Rumple- "Well, I don't lie."
David- "There's a difference between... literal truth and honesty of the heart. Nothing taught me that more than this curse."

The stunned Dark One still has his hand deep into Killian's chest and finally removes it to acknowledge Milah.  Killian tells her she has to run but she won't leave without Killian.  Rumple finds that sweet. "It appears there's more to this tale than I know. Tell it to me Milah!"   Milah doesn't want Killian hurt; she can explain.
Rumple grows agitated "TICK-TOCK, Dearie. TICK-TOCK!"
Apparently Milah was mesmerized by the stories Killian shared on the night she met him in the Tavern; about the places he'd been and she fell in love with him. "I didn't mean for it to turn out this way. I didn't know how to tell you the truth. I'm sorry."
Rumple- "And so here we are... You've come to save the life of your true love- the pirate! I didn't realize the power to true love before. It is impressive. I'd hate to break it up. Actually, no... I'd love to."
Milah barters with Rumple, as she has something he wants. She produces the red hat she took from Snee. "I may not know what the Dark One wants with a magic bean... but I have it."  Rumple feels a proposal coming on. Milah will give him the magic bean in exchange for their lives. "Deal?"
Rumple wants to see it first.
David shows Ruby the flier, but Ruby says Belle doesn't ring a bell. But David wants Ruby to listen "if you've come across her you gotta tell me. I'll make sure nothing bad happens."  Ruby's concern is about Rumpelstiltskin, but David assures her he's got him. "Trust me."   Ruby confesses Belle was in there earlier, she looking for a job and Ruby pointed her in the direction of the library. Rump asks if she thinks she went there but Ruby's not sure. Ruby gives them a sweater she left in her booth to give her when they find her. It really belongs to Rumple, who gave it to her because she didn't have anything for the cold. They may have a hint to Rumple having a caring side and feelings for Belle. Ruby confirms with David that he'll watch out for Belle, and offers to help find her.  "Lately, since things changed, I've been a... a little more sensitive to odors."
Rumple- "What, you can smell her?"
Ruby- "I guess its 'cause of the wolf thing."
Ruby is on the Belle trail, with David and Rumple in tow.  Something's wrong- she had and now lost her trail.  She sneezes, blaming the flowers in front of the Game of Thorns shop.  "I can't track her anymore, sorry."  Rumple tells her not to be, as they're in front of Belle's father's flower shop. They enter.

Moe demands Rumple (and friends) leave his private establishment. {WTF? It's a store!} But the trio is worried and wants to know where Belle is; David won't let anything happen to Belle and they want to be sure she's safe. Moe claims she's safe so they can stop looking for her.
Rump realizes Moe's sending Belle across the town line so she can "forget"- he'll stop at nothing to keep her away from Rumple, even if it means forgetting her own father.

They group walks out with Moe to his delivery truck. They have patrols on the Storybrooke line to make sure no one crosses accidentally. David asks Moe how he's planning to pull it off.  Moe doesn't answer so Rumple snaps and pushes him up against the truck demanding an answer and David stops him from killing Moe. David notices Moe has gold dust/dirt on his hands and determines he's been down in the mines. "The Tunnels! They lead out of town. So the gang takes Moe and commandeers his truck to get to the mines.
"Move it out!.." is heard at the docks. Milah returns injured Killian to his ship; she asks a deckhand to fetch some water and the prisoner up from below deck; along with the booty he carried. Rumple is on board and remarks "Well, well, seems like you've finally found a family... you could never have with me." Gagged Snee is brought up. Milah displays the magic bean to the Dark One but doesn't let him get it. She tosses it over to Killian to catch.
Killian has his left hand clenched in a fist. "You asked to see it, now you have."
Milah- "Do we have a deal. Can we go our separate ways?"
Rumple- "Do you mean... do I forgive you? Can I... move on? Perhaps. Perhaps. I can see you are truly in love." 
Milah thanks him.
Rumple- "Just one question... How could you leave Bae? {This conjures up some chaos on the ship} Do you know what's it's like walking home that night knowing I had to tell our son... his mother was dead."
Milah- "I was wrong to lie to you, I was the coward. I know that..."
Rump cuts her off "You left him! You abandoned him!"   Milah claims there's not a day that goes by that she doesn't feel sorry for that.
Rump- "Sorry isn't enough! You let him go."
Milah- "I let my misery cloud my judgment."
Rump- "Why were you so miserable?"
Milah- "Because I never loved you."   Rumple is stunned and then plunges his hand into Milah's chest to remove her heart and he magically traps Killian to a post with rope. Killian frees himself and runs to dying Milah's side where she tells him "I love you."
Rump crushes the heart into dust.
Sad Killian feels Rump, the demon, may be more powerful but is no less a coward. Rumple will have what he came for, but Killian feels he'll have to kill him first. Unfortunately that isn't in the cards for him- Rumple chops off Killian's clenched left hand.  "I want you alive. Because I want you to suffer like I did."
Killian stabs Rumple in the chest with a hook, but this makes Rumple giggle. "Killing me's gonna take a lot more than that, Dearie."  Killian feels even demons can be killed and he will find a way.
Rumple- "Well, good luck living long enough." He magically disappears into a black/red smoke; leaving the hook to fall to the floor.
Snee cuffs Belle to the mine cart. He's sending her on a little ride under the town line. "Once you cross you'll forget who you were in the other realm and who you loved."  He gives her a flashlight "This should help you find the key. I left it at the bottom of the cart. Good luck."  He releases the lever and the cart takes off down the track like a train.  The ride is bumpy, but Belle shines the flashlight at the bottom of the shaky cart to search for the key. She retrieves it, and while trying to unlock her handcuff she drops the key.
The cart comes to an abrupt stop and is magically pulls in reverse! She arrives at her stop to find Rumple is the one who saved her and released her from her cuff.
David helps her out of the cart. Rumple asks "Do you remember who I am?"
Belle's alright- "I do, Rumpelstiltskin, I remember."   Rumple hugs her. Moe's annoyed, of course. Belle pushes away from Rumple. He asks her what's wrong. Belle thanks him for what he just did but that doesn't change that he's too cowardly to be honest with her.  Rumple tries to speak but Moe jumps in. "I tried to tell him that, Belle. Come with me, Darling."
Belle- "After what you just tried to do to me? You're no better, father. You don't get to decide what I do or how I feel. I do. If either of you cared about me... you would have listened. I don't want to see either of you again. Ever."
Ruby serves Belle a classic breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes; she literally tells her the syrup goes on pancakes- the round things.  Belle thanks her for everything. Ruby welcomes her to stay there until she gets on her feet; Granny will be fine with it.
Ruby almost forgot- someone dropped a box off for Belle at the front desk. Wrapped as a gift, it is the key to the library.
Belle enters the library and is met by Rumple. "We may sit in our library... and yet be in all quarters of the Earth."  He heard of her interests and made some inquiries; he gave her the key. "There's an apartment for the caretaker, if you want it?"  Belle's suspicious this is his way to win her back, but he assures her it's not. He's there because she's right about him. He speaks quite sincerely. "I am a coward. I have been my entire life. I tried to make up for it by collecting power, and the power became so important... that I couldn't let go. Not even... when that meant losing the most important person in my life."
Belle- "Your son."
Rump- "Baelfire... is his name. After he left I dedicated myself to finding him. I went down many, many paths... until I found a curse that could take me to the land where he'd escaped."
Belle- "Here."
Rump- "Now, I find myself in this little town... with only one thing left to do... wait for the curse to be that I could leave... and find him."
Belle- "But instead of looking for him, you, you brought magic."
Rump- "Because I'm still a coward.  Magic has become a crutch... that I can't walk without. And even if I could, I now know I could never leave this place."
Belle- "Because anyone who leaves forgets the people they love. So, when you go to look for Baelfire... you won't know him."
Sad Rumple tells her "Magic comes with a price. Belle, I have to break this new curse. That's why I was using magic... that night you saw me down in the basement. I have lost so much that I loved. I didn't wanna lose you again, without you knowing...everything."  He tenderly touches her face, "Goodbye, Belle." He walks away from Belle starting to tear up.
She stops him by asking if he's ever had a hamburger; He has but she hasn't. She heard Granny's makes a great one and maybe they can try it sometime.  Rumple smiles, "I would like that."
Rumple/Dark One seems to be preparing a spell. He literally unclench-es the severed fist from Killian to retrieve the magic bean and finds the hand empty! "No! He tricked me!" 
On board his ship Killian has the magic bean. They slide the white shrouded body overboard.
Killian allows gagged Snee to speak- he wants his bean. Killian tells him how it works on his ship. "I make the demands, you follow them. The bean's now mine."
Snee- "You have to give me something for it."
Killian will. "Your life. A chance to join my crew."
Snee- "So instead of the promise of eternal life, I get to scrub blood off your decks? How is that right?"
Killian- "What if I told you I was about to set sail to a land where none of us will ever grow old? Where I can discover how to get my revenge on Rumpelstiltskin."
William Snee can live with that. Killian welcomes him aboard and throws the magic bean overboard where it opens a swirling portal in the water. Hooked Killian warns the crew of bumpy seas- they're headed to Neverland!
Rumple heads down to his dark basement where he's keeping Snee tied up. "You're probably wondering why I brought you here. (shows him Snee's red hat) I found this, in the mines, Mr. Smee."  He's not interested in apologies, he's interested in information about the man he works for, Snee will tell Rumple anything he wants to know about Moe. But it's not about Moe.
Rumple- "Your Captain. Where is he?"
Snee is nervous. "I've never seen him in Storybrooke, I swear. For some reason when the curse hit, it, it, it didn't take him!"
Rumple- "Then where is he?"
From a beach Hook is spying on a land with a lighthouse in the distance through his looking glass. He's met by Cora who shows him what he perceives as a jar of sparkly dirt. Cora explains its remains of a magical wardrobe that can travel between worlds.  Hook asks if it's enough to get them where they need to go. Cora says not quite, but it's a start. Hook informs her they're almost ready to set sail. "Where's our port of destination?"
Cora- "Storybrooke."
Hook finds it a curious name. Cora says that's where "She is... and so is he." Cora will be able to see her daughter and he will skin himself a crocodile.

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