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"If you can dream it, you can do it"- Walt Disney

Dreams and the Dreamer
FLASHBACK: to my childhood, where I'd literally sit for hours on end dreaming about a wonderful life somewhere else, imagining a future where the dreams I dreamed would come true.  Even as a young child I knew there was more to the world than what I was experiencing in our tiny city apartment.  Here I am, an adult, still dreaming. The heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe I suffer from a lifelong bout of Wishful Thinking. We're very protective of the things and ideas that belong to us.  So, how and when does one know it's time to let a dream go?

From a distance one can look at the beauty and wonder the world has to offer and long to be a part of it, or one can stop being a bystander and go out and truly live life and make things happen and dreams a reality.  Yet again, therein lies the Fate and Destiny debate.  Do things really transpire strictly due to hard work and determination and money, or is it that some things are just meant to be.  Of course this would also mean that some things aren't meant to be, or simply seem like a hopeless situation.  In any event, should we believe the Universe plays a role in our lives too; putting everything in order making it seem like miracles and magic are involved.

On the surface this week's episode is an inspiring tale of being a dreamer and having dreams you feel you're born with and meant to fulfill.  But look deeper and we see much more.  Leroy and Astrid's paths cross in Storybrooke.  They both have their own paths to walk and individual dreams and goals, but it may be that their paths were meant to cross only for a short time (or a long time), to show each other the light and to act as a conduit to help themselves and others find their way.  Their "connecting" serves a purpose- to give each other hope and encouragement, show love and compassion, and give each other motivation that anything is possible.  Leroy and Astrid and all the people of Storybrooke and Fairy Tale land, including Dwarfs, are capable of love and achieving dreams. They just have to wake up and find their light and in turn light the way for others.

Initially I was sad to hear that the happy and productive Dwarfs don't fall in love, marry, have children, etc. But that didn't mean they really can't.  By evidence of Dreamy all it took was a little magic. The Dwarfs are told and believe they're built a certain way and hatched for a specific purpose; to live a happy but perpetual and familiar life deep down in the mines working with each other.  They may have a wonderful purpose but they are sheltered.  Yet they are contributors to giving light and making magic; they bring joy to themselves and to everyone, that's what makes them happy.  There is more to life.  Shouldn't they have all of life's experiences too? We know the Dwarfs feel sad and loss when Snow White is cursed and the Dwarfs assume she is dead and put her in the glass coffin, so they do feel emotions and empathy.

Everything in the universe is connected. The people we meet and connect with, whether it's for a moment or a lifetime play a role in the story our own life is writing. In a sense, our stories write themselves. Even though there are "spells and curses" on ONCE and in real life, I'd like to believe that there are also many stars to be wished upon. We have a choice in which to put our belief in.

Which came first...the chicken or the egg?
I must address the issue of hatching dwarf, Dreamy, knowing he saw a beautiful woman before he hatched from the egg in the mine.  Sure, it was the fairy dust that "accidentally" spilled from Nova's bag and fell "specifically" upon his egg, but how and when did he see her?  Another line of dialogue that I can't ignore is the remark by Astrid when she comments about Leroy's great boat- "I can't even remember the last time I was on it".  

"Whoever you think I am, I'm not"
Bossy tells Dreamy "The ax never lies".  When Dreamy wanted Doc to take a look at him when he wasn't feeling like himself, Bossy tells him "You gonna trust a dwarf that got his medical degree from a pickax?"  So, apparently the name or title you are given isn't a true representation of the real you- the whole you. No one is one dimensional, we are multi faceted. Keep in mind that one goes through many changes and/or rebirths on the journey.  

There is evidence of guiding, teaching and learning going on, not only in Storybrooke, but also in Fairy Tale Land.  Again, this makes it seem as if the realms are not really disconnected.  I get many of the same feelings about ONCE as I did while watching LOST -that the journey we see them on is an adventurous journey to enlightenment; awakening, birth, death and rebirth.  We witness the "ready to be born Dreamy" hatch- well, literally punch his way out of the egg and appear filled with wonder and a knowing about beauty, love and dreams.  He asks questions and wants more out of life.  He learns many things over "a year's time".  This special Dwarf in some ways has more clarity than his Dwarf brethren.  Then there's a transformation as the deep painful "Grumpy" emotion is brought to the surface of Dreamy's being, and also the changes Leroy goes through in Storybrooke. All of those changes are a necessary part of the journey.

In this episode Mary Margaret and Leroy do good deeds to help others.  Granted, Leroy took drastic measures to sell the candles, but it was for the greater good.  Doing good deeds is an important step, as it helps cleans their own Karma.  We also see them punishing themselves, which of course they have the power to stop doing.

By the way, Mary Margaret has always reminded me of a Nun; with her short hair and the way she dresses.  Are we sure she's not really Sister Mary Margaret?  Nonetheless, the role she has right now and the things she must experience are there to help her face her true north and find who she truly is.  I do believe all of the things they experience in both realms, the tests and trials are there to help them grow and find their way.

Emma's ridiculous superpower of knowing when people are lying is for the fuckin' birds!  Does she know Sidney and Regina are lying to her and she's just not saying anything about it?  Is Emma lying to herself? She needs to gain some real clarity about things. She has a lot to learn and a lot to face.

Dreams Are Made in the Atmosphere
Re-imagining your world- it's still just a, is it literally a dream?  I'm going to ask the same question I asked during my time on the "Island" - how is this adventure actually happening?  What is real and what isn't?  I've made no secret about my notes for ONCE being seen from the perspective of (not only a LOST fan) but also a student of LOST.  There is a relationship between both stories.  I also feel as I did with LOST that there is an altered state of consciousness - altered reality involved with this current colorful adventure.  And with all of the visuals to the "celestial" it seems just as in LOST there is a Cosmic-collective consciousness aspect to this journey.  Also LOST-like: Realms and Flashes blur and crossover, there are "time and space" issues, and of course we have unequivocal connections to the "Island and DHARMA.

LOST was very metaphoric in its storytelling and so is ONCE.
Let's think about this-
When Leroy tells Mary Margaret "...You got your reasons for being here, I got mine!"  It feels like they choose to be "there",  like there's an option not to be "there".   Of course they chose to volunteer selling the candles, but could they be people who volunteered to join in on this learning adventure or is Leroy's comment about being in an "emotional place".  Could these people have paid to go on a Destiny Destination adventure without even leaving their homes, or is it via the same technique the DHARMA Initiative uses- or all of the above?

This beautiful fairy tale shares a goal with LOST- find who you truly are, to leave, and to go home.
** All photos posted here are chosen for a reason **

Things to Note...Questions to Ask...
๑ Dream. Dreaming. Mind. Head.
๑ Awakening. Birth/Beginning. Late/death. Rebirth/New beginning. Karma
๑ Candle booth- August W. Booth
๑ Purpose in life- Destiny
๑ ID. Identity- No identity
๑ All of the Numbers were represented in this episode
๑ Dreamy/Grumpy is part of a team of 8 brothers; first to be hatched 
๑ Mr. Gold doesn't like Nuns/teachers.  I guess Rumpelstiltskin doesn't like fairies
๑ Well: AKA Mine
๑ Mine: something that belongs to me 
๑ Miner - Minor
๑ Transform- Coal into diamonds- diamonds into fairy dust
๑ Diamonds
๑ Polaroid pictures 
๑ This world. Your world.
๑ Game. Team
๑ A Nun (aka Sister) is a woman who has taken vows committing her to live a spiritual life
๑ Nun- Teacher. Learn. School
๑ The conveyor belt machine has familiar sounding {"Island"} sounds.

Vocabulary and Research....
Dreamy is a 1960 album by Sarah Vaughn
- Hope, belief in a positive outcome
- Wish, hope or desire for something
- Goal, something one wishes to accomplish
Dreams- An experience during sleep. Successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams have been seen as a connection to the unconscious. The events in dreams are generally outside the control of the dreamer, with the exception of lucid dreaming, where the dreamer is self-aware. Dreams can make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration
- Gilgamesh reported his recurring dreams to his goddess-mother Ninsun
Dreaming- a term used in indigenous Australian cosmology and spirituality
Cosmic consciousness is the idea that the universe exists as an interconnected network of consciousness, with each conscious being linked to every other. Sometimes this is conceived as forming a collective consciousness. The idea bears similarity to the ancient Buddhist concept of Indra's net, Teilhard de Chardin's conception of the noosphere, Hegel's Absolute idealism, Satori in Zen. The use psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms have asserted that they have had direct experience of the cosmic consciousness.
Firefly- They are winged beetles, and commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs for their conspicuous crepuscular use of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey.   These larvae emit light and are often called "glowworms".  In America, "glow worm" also refers to the related Phengodidae. In many species, both male and female fireflies have the ability to fly, but in some species, females are flightless. Firefly systematics, as with many insects, are in a constant state of flux.
๑"100,000 Fireflies" is a song and the debut single by American Indie pop band The Magnetic Fields, featuring on their 1991 debut studio album Distant Plastic Trees.
✔  Golden LOST Thread Woven into the Tapestry of this Tale 
★ Dream. Dreaming.
★ Awakening. Birth/Beginning. Late/death. Rebirth/New beginning. Karma
★ ID. Identity- No Identity
★ 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42
★ Being watched
★ Scale-Balance
★ Swan. Hatch. Arrow. Station. Wheel. Sydney
★ Well
★ Ax
★ Nuns. Sister.
★ Candle. Light. Lantern. Lighthouse
★ Time. Pace- Charlie Pace
★ Egg- yolk
★ Chicken- Chicken Coop- Sayid: He's our You
★ Watch
★ Diamonds
★ Volunteers
★ Game. Team
★ Brothers
★ Custodial services- janitor-work man
★ School. Learning. Teach/teacher
★ Hero
★ Star- Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket 
★ Polaroid pictures
★ "Don't tell me what I can't do"
★ "Whatever you think I am, I'm not." 
★ "It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are."- A Tale of Two Cities
The Substitute- Locke was a gym teacher. Dave: game in the Santa Rosa gym.
The Beginning of the End: Hurley and Jack play HORSE in the Santa Rosa gym
★ Special
★ Mr. Eko- Nuns. Woman selling Virgin Mary Statues filled with heroin stashed inside of them in Nigeria
★ The Black Rock was a slave ship filled with slaves and mining equipment; Magnus Hanso was the Captain
★ Desmond- boat, sailing.  Kelvin fix up Desmond's crashed boat
The Candidate- Locke tells Jack about his father (Anthony Cooper) being his first official passenger when he got his private pilot's license.  This episode is also about punishing yourself.
The Long Con- Sawyer to Charlie "Man, I thought these people hated me, but I gotta hand it to you... Stealing a baby, trying to drown it, now that's a new low."
White Rabbit- Sawyer to Boone- "Taking my place at the top of everyone's most hated list. Sucks, don't it?"

Enough of my rambling...Here is your episode recap! Enjoy!

Up in the atmosphere in the white puffy clouds sits the Blue Fairy.  Nova clumsily flies over carrying a sack of fairy dust. The Blue Fairy warns her to be careful as fairy dust is the most precious substance in all the land. "Its magic is what powers the world. This is the year's supply. We must be cautious- because next year you'll be doing this alone."   Nova didn't think she'd be still picking up dust next year; she thought she'd be a fairy godmother by then.  This amuses the Blue Fairy. "Oh, really are a dreamer."  She tells Nova that her journey is just beginning and asks her if she can make it home from the mines with all the dust safe.  Looking a little panicked Nova nods 'yes'.  They both take flight, but Nova doesn't realize she's spilling fairy dust from her bag onto the Earth below.
The fairy dust makes its way down deep into the mines and lands on a specific egg. Dwarf eggs are awaiting their birth; literally to hatch from an eggWatchy listens in on the early (but ready) hatching egg with his stethoscope.  Bossy notes that this unit isn't scheduled to hatch until sundown.  Nonetheless he must be eager to get out before the rest of his brothers.  A smiling bald and bearded dwarf punches his way out of the egg and is welcomed into the world.  The happy new dwarf looks around in wonder and awe.
At Granny's
Leroy cracks open his egg and eats.  Walter/Sleepy and  Mr. Clark/Sneezy ask Leroy to scoot over a seat so they can sit together, but Leroy doesn't move; he rudely tells them if they want that seat they'd need to drag their sorry asses out of bed a little earlier.   Leroy loses his appetite when Mr. Clark sneezes in the direction of the egg/food whilst telling Leroy he's a real ray of sunshine- as usual. Disgusted Leroy gives them the seat.

Mary Margaret enters the diner, clears her throat to get everyone's attention and makes her announcement/speech.  "I'm sorry to interrupt your morning, but I just wanted to remind everyone that a very special occasion is upon us... Miners Day.  As always the nuns of Storybrooke are hoping that everyone will get involved and will help sell their exquisite candles.  All we need are a few energetic volunteers. So, who wants to join me?"
Everyone ignores her and goes back to their breakfast; whispering to each other.  Mary Margaret asks approaching Leroy if he wants to volunteer, but he tells "sister" he wants to leave and she's blocking the door.  Mary tries to get him to volunteer but Leroy feels "Oh, yeah, right.  Quite a team we'd make. Town Harlot. Town Drunk. The one person in this town that people like less me... is you. If you're coming to me- you're screwed."  Mary is hurt, but knows there's some truth to that.
Emma joins  Mary Margaret on her walk from Granny's.  Emma inquires about Miners Day and wonders why Mary is beating herself up over it.  Mary explains its an annual holiday celebrating an old tradition. "The Nuns used to make candles and trade them with the miners for coal."  They used it as a fund-raiser. Emma's puzzled by the use of coal as opposed to lobster; as they're in Maine.  The obviously dejected Mary Margaret tells Emma its an amazing party and everyone loves it.  She also reveals she had 10 volunteers last week and they all dropped out; because of the thing with her and David- a few told her so.  Mary Margaret has never been a home wrecker before.  {They walk by a shop window decorated with Christmas season North Pole} Emma feels it will blow over; Mary Margaret made a mistake with David but feels she doesn't have to do charity to try to win people's heart's back.  Desperate Mary feels she has to do something and this is the best she can do. "Love ruined my life."
Duty calls, so Emma heads down to take care of things; she encourages Mary Margaret to "Hang in there. And if there's anything I can do to help- I will."  Mary knows and thanks her.

Astrid (Nova) is sparkling up the MINERS DAY sign with fake snowy flakes.  Some slips out of her hand and lands on passerby Leroy.  Leroy looks up to see where it came from and smiles when he sees Astrid atop of the ladder.  She apologizes. "I was so busy trying to get the lights to work that I didn't realize I was about to knock it off the ladder."
Leroy takes a look at the lights for her and sees the problem is she is overloading the transformers.  He warns her if she kept messing around with these lights the whole thing could have blown up on her.  He fixes the problem and Astrid considers him her hero.
Leroy- "I'm nobody's hero, sister."
Astrid- "Oh, you can just call me Astrid."
Leroy- "I call everybody 'sister'. I'm Leroy"  He lights the lights.  Astrid asks if he's an electrician.  Leroy admits to being in the custodial services game."   He feels it's not wonderful.  He really wanted to do was sail; he even bought a boat, a real clunker. He was going to fix it up and sail around the world and say goodbye to this hellhole. He apologizes to the sister for that comment.
Astrid- "It's okay. You know, someone once told me... you can do anything as long as you can dream it."
Leroy- "You really think so?"
Astrid- "Sure! Look how easily you fixed those lights. I bet you can do anything."   She dusts some more of the flakes off of his face and heads back to the volunteer center.  They both are happy.
Emma takes Polaroid pictures of Kathryn Nolan's abandoned car; found on the side of the road with the engine running, no one around, by a gym teacher.
Sidney comes by with his camera to take a look and do some freelance reporting.  Kathryn Nolan is M.I.A.
Sidney- "Kathryn Nolan- Whose husband very publicly left her?  I mean, the story writes itself.  If I get a scoop like that, the Daily Mirror would have no choice than to take me back."
Emma tells Tiger to calm down, as he doesn't work for Regina anymore.  Emma runs down that Kathryn got accepted into law school in Boston.  Maybe after David dumped her she decided to leave town- car broke down and she hitched the rest of the way.  That's what she'd do if she decided to run away from her problems.  They open the trunk and discover Kathryn's suitcase. {Note box with arrow point up.}  Emma feels it's time to pull Kathryn's phone records to find out who she spoke to last.   Sidney suggests Emma not go through the sheriff's office because it would take days; instead he has a contact at the phone company and can get it in a couple of hours.  David drives up and Emma has to break the news to him. Sidney asks, "You think he doesn't know?"   Emma's about to find out.
The playful and happy Dwarf's are being fitted and prepared for their purpose. Bossy trims the early hatched dwarf's beard and informs him that he's getting cleaned up.  The early hatched dwarf is very inquisitive.
The early hatched dwarf- "What am I?"
Bossy- "You're a Dwarf."
The early hatched dwarf- "What am I doing?"
Bossy- "Being cleaned."
The early hatched dwarf- "Who is the woman I saw?"
Bossy is taken aback- "What woman?
The early hatched dwarf- "The one I saw before I hatched. She was beautiful, I wanna see her again."
Bossy- "Ha! You must be dreaming. There are no female dwarfs.  Dwarfs don't fall in love.  Dwarfs don't get married. And Dwarfs don't have children. Why do you think you were hatched from an egg?"
The early hatched dwarf- "Then what do we do?"
Bossy- "We work."
The early hatched dwarf- "And we like it?"
Bossy- "We love it! We even whistle while we do it. We mine the diamonds that get crushed into dust that give light to the world.  You and your seven brethren will bring joy to yourselves and to everyone. Come on- this is your team. These are your brothers.  Everyone grab an ax,  it will give you your Dwarf name"
Stealthy is the first to be named; then Happy, Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful and Dopey. 
The early hatched dwarf grabs his ax and the name Dreamy appears on it.  Bossy tells Dreamy that the ax never lies.
Bossy-"Okay, folks, grab a lantern and move out. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. Welcome to the mines!"
All of the Dwarfs whistle Heigh-Ho and head out.

Whistling Heigh-Ho while entering the classroom is Leroy.  He asks Mary Margaret where to sign up because he wants to volunteer to sell candles.  Mary reminds him that he made it very clear this morning at Granny's that he didn't want to.
Leroy- "Well...Maybe I saw the light. I mean, maybe somebody showed it to me.  What difference does it make, sister, it looks like you can use all the help you can get."
Mary Margaret admits to needing help manning the candle booth so she runs down some rules for him:
No swearing, No drinking- and I get to call all the shots."
Leroy overhears Astrid's conversation with another teacher/Sister about her ordering the wrong amount of Helium. She ordered 12 dozen instead of just 12; there are no refunds. This is a concern as they needed that money for the rent and they know "how he feels about us".  The teacher/Sister tells Sister Astrid to fix this.

Leroy asks Astrid what's the problem. Astrid feels she's an idiot because they get a stipend that she spent on Helium and now they can't pay the rent that is due next week. They won't get another stipend until next month. The only income they'll have until then is from the candles.
Astrid says they'd have to sell 1,000 candles; but last year only sold 42.  Leroy suggests she ask the landlord to cut her a break.  Astrid reveals Mr. Gold doesn't offer much leeway and if they miss a payment, they're out and would be reassigned and have to leave StorybrookeMotivated Leroy tells her she won't. "You know why  you only sold 42 candles last year?  Because you didn't have me. This year we're gonna sell all of them."  Mary Margaret overhears him.  Astrid is relieved and again calls Leroy her hero.
David closes the driver side door of Kathryn's car and asks, "She's just gone?"   Emma feels he doesn't really know anything; and she's trying to find out.  David mentions the last time he spoke to Kathryn was yesterday afternoon.
Emma- "Okay, look, I know there has been lies and deceit and I'm really not judging you, but... Is that the truth?"
David- "Yes, I haven't spoken to her since we... I ended things. Then I came home yesterday and all her things were gone and I assumed she was going to Boston that's what she told me. Am I a suspect or something?"
Since Emma knows when people are telling the truth and she feels David is, he's not a suspect. Kathryn hasn't been gone 24 hours and isn't even technically missing. But if she is, "Trust me. I will find her."
Regina prints out Kathryn's phone records and calls Sidney to let him know she has the records he wanted; she thinks he'll find them quite helpful.
Dreamy shovels coal and diamond chunks onto the conveyor belt as we watch it go through the familiar sounding {"Island"} machine, with its metal gears grinding and metal wheels turning- and is finally transformed into fairy dust.  Nova is standing next to her bag waiting for it to be filled.  Once her bag is filled she tried to close the spigot but it's stuck and she calls out for help.  Dreamy comes to her rescue!
Dreamy recognizes her! "It's you!"
Nova- "Do we know each other?"
Dreamy-"You're the woman I saw in my dreams... right before I hatched last year."
Nova- "You're one?!"
Dreamy-"I know, I look young for my age."
Nova inadvertently placed the bag on a dumbwaiter; the watch it get lifted up and carried away- headed for the furnace. In truly heroic form, Dreamy uses his pickax to grab hold of the bag-o-dust and saves it from the fire!  Nova feels she's an idiot. "All I ever wanted was to be a fairy godmother. That was my dream, but I can't even pick up fairy dust alone. I'm so clumsy."
Dreamy doesn't think that and feels she would make a great fairy godmother. "I believe you can do anything you want- as long as you can dream it."
They Introduce themselves as Nova and Dreamy.  Nova shares that as fairies, "We get to spend very little time in your world. I was thinking about making a stop on my way back.  Have you ever been to see the fireflies?"
Dreamy barely ever gets out of the mines.  Nova heard it's beautiful; they come out just after sunset on Firefly Hill.  She hints to going to see them tonight, but Dreamy just tells her to have a good time and walks away.  Nova thanks her hero and leaves. They're both smiling.

In Storybrooke
Mary Margaret is barking for people to buy their MINERS DAY CANDLES HERE; handmade by Storybrooke's very own nuns!  "Light your way to a good cause."   It's not working, so Leroy suggests they should pack it up; if the customers won't go to them, then they'll go to the customers, door to door. {Note all of the wires and the boxes labeled THIS END UP with an arrow pointing up}  Mary's concerned "If they hate us here, what makes you think they'll like us in their homes?"  That's Leroy's angle, "Exactly. They'll pay us just to leave."
Sidney is having fun playing ring toss onto the bottles when Emma heads over to ask him what the hell he's doing.  Registration was this morning at Kathryn's school in Boston and she didn't show up.  It looks like something did happen.  Frantic Mary Margaret asks Emma her fashion opinion regarding what looks more sympathetic; scarf on or no scarf.  Emma suggests scarf and Leroy hurries Mary Margaret because they're on a schedule.
Sidney wonders why Emma didn't say anything. "You're looking for a suspect, someone with a motive,  pixie cut over there's got one a mile high."  Emma feels Mary Margaret didn't do anything; trust her, she knows her. "Just get me those phone records."  {Note Honey cart- Winnie the Pooh}
Leroy and Mary Margaret have doors of every color closed on them. Sadly no candles are sold.
In the tavern the dwarfs are laughing, goofing off and enjoying each other's company while Dreamy sits alone.  Bossy asks distant Dreamy what's the matter "You barely touched your food."
Dreamy- "I don't know.  I can't eat. I can't sleep. I don't feel at all like myself. Maybe I should have Doc take a look at me."
Bossy- "You gonna trust a dwarf that got his medical degree from a pick ax? I wouldn't worry about it. Dwarf's don't get sick. Must be in your head."
Belle- "It's not in his head it's in his heart. You're in love."
Bossy- "That's impossible. Dwarf's can't fall in love."
Belle- "Trust me. I know love and... you're in it."
Dreamy- "What's it like?!"
Belle- "It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world.  Love is hope, it fuels our dreams. And if you're in need to enjoy it. Because love doesn't always last forever."
Dreamy- "But if love's so great then why do I feel so bad right now?"
Belle- "You need to be with the person you love."
Dreamy- "Yeah, but, how do I know she feels the same way?  All she talked about was going to see some fireflies not loving me."
Belle- "But, what did she tell you about these fireflies?"
Dreamy- "That she was going to see them up on the hilltop tonight- that she heard they were the most beautiful sight in all the land."
Belle- "(giggle) She wasn't telling you about the fireflies. She was inviting you go be with her."
Dreamy- "You think so?"
Belle- "I had my heart broken enough... to know someone is reaching out.  Now go find your love! Find your hope. Find your dreams."

Back in the classroom Mary Marget urges Leroy to give the bad news to clumsy Sister Astrid about not selling the candles.  But Leroy doesn't want to disappoint her. "You Nuns are gonna be real busy making candles.  'Cause me and Mary Margaret just sold them all.  You're not losing the convent. You're not going anywhere!"   Excited Astrid hugs Leroy and Mary Margaret is stunned.
Mary Margaret is freaking out that they don't have $5,000 for the candles Leroy claimed to have sold.
Leroy assures her he has a plan. "Just give me till the end of the day. I'll figure something out."  Mary Margaret asks why this is so important to him.  Leroy looks over at happy Astrid and informs Mary Margaret that the Nuns are gonna have to leave. Mary is shocked and understands that Leroy likes Astrid the Nun. "Could you possibly pick anyone less available?"
Leroy- "Says the girl who went after a married guy! At the end of the day you're no better than I am. You got your reasons for being here- I got mine, and when I say I'm gonna get that $5,000, I'm gonna get that $5,000!"  He heads out.

Dreamy runs through the dark forest to the hilltop. Nova was afraid he wasn't going to show up and he thought he was too late.
Nova- "Well, you did cut it pretty close."
They look out to the village and naive but curious Dreamy comments "Wow! Look at all those lights! Are those the fireflies?"  These are the light of the village and beyond that are the lights of the Kingdom.  Dreamy thinks Nova's seen a lot of this world, but Nova sadly has only observed from a distance. "Flying over the world and being a part of it aren't exactly the same thing." 
Dreamy- "Well, at least you've seen the world. Me, I live in the mines underground. All I ever see is diamonds and dirt and dwarfs. You know, we could see it together.   Get a boat- sail all over, explore everything the world has to offer."
Just then the fireflies appear.  Nova kisses Dreamy and decides they should do it. Tomorrow night after she drops off the dust they'll meet back there and run off together and see the world.  Dreamy reaches out for her hand, "Sounds like a dream come true".
Leroy is trying to persuade Mr. Gold to purchase his fixer-up boat for $5,000.  Mr. Gold thinks 3,000.  Leroy specifically needs five to help out a friend.  He offers Mr. Gold the boat in exchange for forgiving the Nuns one month's rent.  Gold would get the boat and the Nuns would pay him eventually; it's a good deal, he gets everything. Leroy thinks this rich guy could afford to give them time to make up one month's.  Mr. Gold agrees that he can- but he won't, as they have a "fairly specific rental agreement. If they miss a payment I'm within my rights to evict.... And quite honestly, it's gonna be a great relief to be rid of such distasteful tenants."   Leroy is shocked Mr. Gold doesn't like Nuns. "Who doesn't like Nuns?"  Mr. Gold has his reasons, "And they're mine. Let's just say I have a long complicated history with them and leave it at that."   Mr. Gold walks away leaving Leroy frustrated.  Leroy heads below deck.

Astrid shows up with a pie to thank Leroy for all his help. Mary Margaret told her she might find him down there.  Excited Astrid loves the boat, "I can't even remember the last time I was on it."  {Wait...What?!}   Leroy tries to hide all the unsold candles, but are seen by Astrid.  He comes clean and also admits he lied because he didn't want to let her down.  "I'm sorry, Astrid. I guess you believed in the wrong guy."   Disappointed Astrid walks away.
Emma's investigating Kathryn's disappearing act when Sidney gives her the phone records.  The records include an 8 minute call she made to David within an hour of the accident.  Emma feels that's not possible. Sidney suggests David is lying. Emma, "No. I know when someone is lying and David..."
Sidney- "It's right here on paper, Emma. Phone records don't lie, people do.  And our friends David does it better than most. Don't beat yourself up over this, You're not the only person David fooled."
Mary Margaret is drowning her sorrows at Granny's when Leroy sits next to her and orders whatever she's having.  Mary Margaret asks "Well...Did you get it?"
Leroy removes his hat and replies "What do you think?"   Upset Mary Margaret says he's right, "I was dreaming if I thought that the town harlot and the town drunk can accomplish anything."
Leroy- "Yeah. Just dreamin'"

Dreamy takes his bag and sneaks away from his sleeping dwarf friends.  He is stopped by Stealthy. "You know if you wanted to sneak out you should have come to me."  The rest of the dwarfs wake up.  They ask where he's going and question his leaving without even saying goodbye.  Dreamy reveals he's going to be with Nova because they're in love and they're going to see the world together.   Stealthy doesn't understand as they all thought they were supposed to live their lives in the mines.  Dreamy thought so too. "But things change when you fall in love. Suddenly anything seems possible."  Sneezy suggests he take his pickax with him; it might come in handy.  But Dreamy doesn't need it anymore.  All the dwarfs except for Stealthy hug Dreamy goodbye.

Bossy catches up to Dreaming in the forest telling him he can't do this. "You can't go to her."  He explains Dreamy has a responsibility to mine the diamonds they make into fairy dust.
Dreamy- "But I love her."
Bossy-"You're a dwarf, Dreamy. We're not capable of love. It's not how we're made."
Dreamy- "What if I'm different? What if you're wrong?"
The Blue Fairy appears "Bossy's not wrong, young one. What you's just a dream."  
Dreamy- "Who are you?"
The Blue Fairy- "I'm Nova's teacher. And if the two of you run away together it will not end well. Nova will lose her wings. But if you return to the mines and if you allow Nova to become the fairy that she was meant to be, the two of you will bring untold joy to the whole world.  Nova can be a great fairy- if you let her. The choice is yours."
Dreamy closes his eyes for a moment; thinking.

Mary Margaret is looking kinda buzzed {4 glasses}. She hopes Leroy understands that a relationship with Sister Astrid could never happen.
Leroy- "Yeah. Yeah. My whole life people made it their business to tell me what I can't do. She was the first person that said I could so anything... who believed in me. I didn't want to disappoint her."
Mary Margaret "But there are consequences to following through when the world tells you not to. I mean, look at me. I am a pariah in this town"
Leroy asks about her good memories. "Didn't you have moments with him that you love? Do you regret them?"  Mary Margaret doesn't regret them.
Leroy- "Isn't that what life's about? Holding on to your good memories. All I wanted was a moment with Astrid. One moment to give me hope that any dream's possible. You've had all that Mary Margaret, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy it.  Because I haven't."
Mary Margaret- "Well, if I had the dream I' sorry to say it wasn't worth it."
Leroy has a revelation "And sitting here drinking won't end this pain."
Mary Margaret- "What will?
Leroy- "I can only think of one thing."  He downs his drink and heads out.
Back at the Miners Day celebration Leroy is atop of a building with a pickax.  Panicked Mary Margaret emerges from the roof hatch and tells him not to jump.  Leroy's not gonna jump; he could hit someone and do a lot of damage; he's solidly built.  He's up there to get his moment!  He advises Mary Margaret to duck and takes a swing at the electrical box, knocking out all of the power.  "I'm selling candles, sister."
Nova waits on the hilltop for Dreamy. {Note the light of a lighthouse in the distance.}  He arrives to find Nova very excited; she has to show him something.  But Dreamy needs to talk. Nova shhh's him and magically makes a looking glass/telescope appear out of fairy dust in the palm of her hand. "Take a look."   Dreamy sees the amazing sailboat in the harbor. It has everything they need to explore- supplies, maps of all the Kingdoms and a sturdy sail.  Sad Dreamy tells Nova that he can't go with her.  Nova asks about their life together- their dream.  But Dreamy shares he is a Dwarf that belongs in the mines and she belongs with the other fairies- and that's never gonna change.
Nova- "Dreamy, you control what changes in your life. Never let yourself forget... your special."
Dreamy wonders why; what makes them different than any other dwarf or fairy out there. Nova feels it's their love that does that.  Dreamy doesn't think its love, he thinks it's a dream that they need to put away. Nova doesn't want to put it away.
Dreamy- "I'm not your dream, Nova.  Your dream is to be a fairy godmother and you could still be that."
Nova realizes he talked to the Blue Fairy.  He tells her it doesn't matter. What matters is he can't stand in the way of her happiness.  Nova insists he is her happiness and she loves him.  "Don't you love me?"  Dreamy cries "I'm a dwarf. I can't love".

Bossy tells the dwarfs to pick up the pace. "We're making magic here!"   Dreamy returns and asks for his ax. Bossy hands him the ax and the boys welcome him back. Dreamy claims there's no place he'd rather be. "Hi-Ho"   He swings his ax 10 times into the rock but it doesn't work; and the ax breaks. Bossy hands him another ax and the name GRUMPY appears on it.

Leroy and Mary Margaret sell out every candle and raise the $5,000.  Mary Margaret encourages Leroy to go over and tell Astrid the good news and have his moment.
Astrid is thrilled "You made it happen".   They look around at how beautiful the gathering is with everyone and their lit candles; looking very much like fireflies.
Leroy- "Listen, that boat of mine, I'm gonna fix it up... and, well...maybe you can be my first passenger.
Astrid would like that.  So, that's what they'll do.
Emma is looking through Kathryn's phone records when Regina comes in asking about her missing friend, Kathryn and not the black out. {Emma's office has electricity.}  Emma admits to finding something but not yet knowing what it means.  She won't divulge the information at this point of the investigation.  Regina "If you're covering for someone, if you're not doing your job, Sheriff Swan, I'll find someone who will."
Mary Margaret makes a SOLD OUT! sign and blows out her candle and heads out.  The word TRAMP is still quite visible on her vehicle. She and her unlit candle head back into the celebration where she is met by Granny who graciously lights her candle from her own candle.
David sees teary eyed Mary Margaret from a distance.
Emma needs to talk to David. She informs him she didn't get a hold of Kathryn and that she needs him to go to the Sheriff's Station with her.  Everyone, including Mary Margaret, watch as David is put in the backseat of the Sheriff car.

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  1. aha! see, now I can appreciate this episode! Honestly, when I first watched it, I was, dare I say bored? Maybe I was tired when I watched, but I wasn't pleased at all.
    After reading all your insight, I can now better appreciate the message and thereby, the episode itself :)
    I laughed at your "WHY?" above whatever the hell that was in Emma's office! hilarious!
    Another great job Karen!


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