Friday, May 3, 2013


I can't believe we're approaching the season 2 finale of ONCE Upon A Time already.  Time really does fly when you're having fun!  

This Sunday's episode "Second Star to the Right" prepares us for our Mother's Day finale titled "And Straight on Till Morning," on May 12. I'm sure it's no coincidence that the finale airs on Mother's Day.

ONCE Upon A Time brings me so much joy and so much more. It passionately touches my heart and brings me back to so much of my own imaginative childhood. I am so thankful that we have this beautiful fairy tale in this day and age. It is full of heart. It reminds us of what it important in life- Home, family, love, balance, overcoming challenges and changes, to keep Hope alive, and that there is magic out there and in you- if you just believe. We all need a little faith, trust and pixie dust in our lives. I know I do!  There are plenty of days I wish I could be plucked out of my ordinary existence and dropped into a new beautiful adventure where I can soar and feel alive.

If you know me you know that I avoid spoilers. Over the years I have become quite versed in the skill of skirting spoilers. I mean, come on, who wants to skip ahead a few pages or jump to the ending of a great book?!  Not me. I want to enjoy every moment of the adventurous journey. But I do want to know more about the ONCE spin-off titled ONCE Upon A Time in Wonderland.  I am in awe of the writers ability to weave more into the tapestry, to shed light on the thread that connects people and places on a whole other level- Everyone and everything is connected.

Well, Oncers, enjoy what is left of this season and we'll all anxiously await the season 3 premiere. I can only imagine where the magical adventure will take us next.

The following spin-off information comes directly from TV Fanatic:
Spinoff Scoop: Kitsis is aware there’s been much speculation about this series, so he laid it out thusly: “Wonderland takes place post-curse so that the pilot of Wonderland actually starts when magic comes... then it runs concurrent so that we are in present day Wonderland/post-Queen Of Hearts and just like we saw in the Enchanted Forest, there were pockets that were saved."

Horowitz added that “Wonderland touches Once Upon A Time but also is intended to exist as its own thing.”

In other words, they said, you don’t need to have watched Once to follow Wonderland. Also, while they know Sebastian Stan is too busy with the Captain America sequel to play the Mad Hatter, they confirmed that the role will not be recast.

Wonderland/Once Crossovers: While the guys said having characters crossover between the two worlds in present day would be too complicated, crossovers in flashbacks are definitely in their sights. So we may see characters we thought were long gone show up again: “You cannot do Wonderland and not bring back Barbara [Hershey],” said Kitsis. “I still think there are many Cora stories to be told in both young Cora and old.”

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